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Winsted City Council Minutes

June 17, 2003

City Hall

7:00 PM

Present: Don Guggemos, Tom Ollig, Gerald Boldt, Tom Wiemiller, Bonnie Quast Staff: Betty Zachmann, Brent Mareck, Attorney Eggert

Deputy Mayor called the meeting to order.

Boldt motioned to accept the minutes as written, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Quast motioned to grant the following permits for the Summer Festival:

3.2 Malt On Sale Licenses for Aug. 9th & 10th:

American Legion, East side

Hainlin Park

Industrial Park


Aug 9th, Kiddie Parade

Aug. 10th, Sunday Parade

Truck Pull: Aug 9th, Ind, Pk

Children's Tractor Pull: Aug 10th, 1st St. No.

Dances and Music Aug. 9th & 10th, East of Am Legion

Water ball Tournament, McLeod Ave, Hainlin Park

Canoe Races, Winsted Lake, Aug 9th Fun Run, Lake Park Aug. 9th

Fireworks, Aug. 9th, Lake Park

Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

Queen Committees members were present with budget from 2002-2004, and requested the funding from the City for Promotion.

The proposed cuts of $105,000 were discussed, and after discussion, Boldt motioned to accept and amend the budget with the decreases as proposed, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried. Cuts were due to State decrease in funding of local government aid.

Sale of airplane hangars was discussed. The Airport Commission recommended to Council to either sell the hangars owned by the city or increase rent. Ollig motioned to direct staff to prepare bid specifications, with the Airport Commission to be involved, and come back with estimates of sales, to then be determined by council if sales should occur, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Attorney Eggert reviewed the T Mobile lease agreement for an antenna on the water tower, and was instructed to contact T Mobile with his recommendation requests to be inserted into the contract.

Ollig motioned to direct staff to provide more research of ordinances to restrict recreational vehicle on public streets and parks, Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Ollig motioned to adopt Resolution No. 412-06-17-03, Approving the Utilization of an Interfund Loan for Tax Increment Financing of District No. 6, not to exceed 25 years, and accrue an interest rate of return at 4.25%, Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Staff will bring recommendation of loan fund to next council meeting.

Mareck reported on updated By Laws of Cable Commission. Funding of the three communities was discussed, along with current cash balance. Ollig motioned to direct staff to contact Mediacom for information on operating and owning its community access, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Wiemiller motioned to accept the resignation of Kerri Jones, Boldt seconded, unanimously carried. Advertising to fill the position has begun.

Quast motioned to hire Judy Ide as temporary secretary, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Boldt motioned to place Damon Thompson as regular full time Public Works Supervisor, at $17.86 per hour Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

Waste Management requested to do recycling every two weeks, instead of the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. After discussion, Quast motioned to grant recycling every other week, adding $.15 per month to utility bills, effective with July billing to cover costs, Boldt seconded, unanimously carried.

Quast motioned to grant an Annual Dance permit to Blue of Winsted Ballroom, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Quast motioned to grant a 3.2 Malt License to the Winsted Baseball Club., Inc., Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

Complaints about late night park lights on were discussed. It was motioned by Ollig to place signs and enforced by the Police Dept. lights off at 10:00 PM at the Basketball Court, Boldt seconded, unanimously carried.

Wiemiller motioned to pay the following bills:

General Check Nos. 5048-5097


Chk Nos. 10709-10711 $5,564.62

Payroll Chk Nos. 5193-5205 $10,123.79

Fire Dept. Chk Nos. 3863-33870 $817.27

Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

Quast motioned to adjourn, Boldt seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann, City Clerk-Treas.

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