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Winsted City Council Minutes

May 18, 2004

City Hall

7:00 p.m.

Present: Don Guggemos, Tom Wiemiller, Gerald Boldt, Tom Ollig, Bonnie Quast

Staff: Brent Mareck, Betty Zachmann

Mayor called the meeting to order.

Ollig motioned to approve the minutes as written, Boldt seconded, unanimously carried.

Rob Beckfield, building inspector gave a quarterly report to council. New state building code regulations were presented to council, which are in effect since April, related to ventilation and bracing of garages.

Carol Stauter was present requesting a variance to requiring an airplane in her hangar, under the lease she has with the City. The Airport Commission and City had sent a letter, stating she was not meeting the lease agreement, and suggested she rent it out to meet the demand. She attended the meeting and was given additional time, requesting a letter from her Doctor in July, and council will reconsider at that time. She did not with to rent the hangar out.

Truck route map was tabled.

Quast motioned to adopt Resolution No. 427-05-18-04, Decertifying Tax Increment No. 4, (Westgate Housing) from the District, and certifying to the McLeod County Auditor, Wiemiller seconded and unanimously carried.

Wiemiller motioned to grant ATVs to be used from June 2nd through 8th for the Winstock activities, Boldt seconded, unanimously carried.

Ollig motioned to approve the application to conduct excluded raffle for Adult Training and Rehabilitation Center for June 25, 2004. Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Quast motioned to pay the following bills:

Gen. No. 10833-10837 $5,548.33

No. 006551-006732 $311,911.66

Payroll No. 5553-5567 $9,891.22

Fire Dept. No. 4167-4073 $1,643.92

Boldt seconded, unanimously carried.

Boldt motioned to adjourn, Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann

City Clerk-Treasurer

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