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Winsted City Council Minutes

City Council Budget Workshop

Council Chambers

August 10, 2004

7:00 P.M.

Present: Mayor Don Guggemos, Council Member Bonnie Quast, Council Member Tom Ollig, Council Member Tom Wiemiller

Absent: Council Member Gerald Boldt

Staff Present: Brent Mareck, City Administrator; Mike Henrich, Chief of Police; Jeff Jacobson, Administration; Dave Meyer, Maintenance Lead; Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer

I. Introduction to the Budget

Mareck explained changes to the amended draft budget. Council discussed Local Government Aid (LGA) and its effect on levy limits.

II. Budget Format

Boelter proposed a revision to the General Fund’s Chart of Accounts. The changes would be in compliance with the Minnesota Auditor’s Government Accounting Standards Board 34 (GASB 34) that is to be implemented by the year 2005. The council discussed the proposal and approved the requested changes.

III. Police Department

Ollig inquired about the need for a fourth police officer in 2005. Chief Henrich explained that the fourth officer would increase coverage time and eliminate most on-call.

Quast inquired about the expansion of office assistance so Henrich is not bogged down by increased reporting and other applicable paper work.

Ollig’s concern is that Henrich’s work load has prevented interaction with the youth in the community. Ollig feels this interaction is crucial in crime prevention and cooperation with the youth.

Guggemos asked Henrich to explain the State of Minnesota’s mandates on employing part-time licensed officers. Henrich clarified that staff requested permission from the State to employ part-time licensed officers and the State complied.

Guggemos asked Henrich to prepare a tentative schedule which includes the fourth officer for the next budget workshop.

Ollig asked if the Police Department will be requesting funds for any vehicles. Henrich stated a squad is proposed to be purchased in 2005.

Quast requested that staff and council consider employee contributions to Health and Dental insurance premiums. Council directed staff to contact other cities and survey what they offer their employees for insurance benefits.

IV. Public Works

Mareck explained that the Public Works budget covers the day to day operations.

Council inquired about the budgeted funds for the purchase of a wood chipper. Meyer explained that having a wood chipper would provide safety and time efficiency.

Quast asked what Holiday decorations staff was going to purchase.

Guggemos stated that Public Works could probably manufacturer holiday decorations with assistance from local businesses.

Guggemos asked the Council to consider installing a steel, rather then a wood pole, for the siren at Winsted on the Lake. Guggemos feels the life of the pole would be greatly increased if it were steel.

Ollig asked if the proposed budget included a third Maintenance employee. Mareck explained that it does.

Mareck reviewed future capital expenses for the Public Works Department.

Ollig inquired about the grant for the generator at the Kingsley Lift Station. Mareck verified that the grant has been secured and that matching funds would come from the Sewer Fund.

V. Administration

Boelter proposed to the Council that staff hire a temporary employee to revise the filing system to make it more efficient and easily accessible to all staff. Boelter recommended a 6 month, 40 hours per week, temporary assignment.

Mareck explained that existing files would be inventoried and staff would develop a plan. As funding becomes available, the plan would be implemented.

VI. Parks and Recreation

Mareck discussed the proposed park projects for 2005.

A. Updated Council on Skate Park. Proposed location is Hainlin Park. Jacobson is working on a plan and investigating grants. Council expressed importance of constructing Skate Park to provide a safe place for the skateboarders.

B. Merry-go-rounds were removed from parks and would like to replace with other park equipment.

Quast asked Meyer if any diseased trees have been identified in the City. Meyer verified that there are no diseased trees at this time.

Ollig asked that the budget include recrowning of the football field. Council requested that the recrowning be done in Spring, 2005.

Wiemiller asked the Council and staff to consider a Community Center for the City of Winsted. Guggemos would like to see it be included as part of a City Hall campus. Guggemos explained that the community, through the Minnesota Design Team visit, will be providing direction on a possible City Hall campus in the future.

VII. Miscellaneous

Mareck highlighted miscellaneous budget items.

A. Contribution to road improvements at the Public Cemetery.

B. Community promotions - Royalty Float.

C. Capital Equipment fund.

D. General Fund Reserve.

Quast asked if there were any plans to refurbish the water tower. Meyer verified that staff had solicited quotes. Mareck will present the quotes at the August 17th, 2004 Council meeting.

Quast asked if the Library rent had decreased. Mareck verified that it had from the old building.

Guggemos explained that the Public Cemetery will be requesting funding from the City of Winsted for yearly maintenance. Mareck explained that the State of Minnesota mandates that cities are allowed to contribute a maximum of $2,500 to public cemeteries per year.

VIII. Budget Assignments

Mareck verified with Council that staff would prepare the following information for the next Budget workshop.

A. Benefit package survey.

B. Quotes for recrowning the Football field.

IX. Other

Mareck explained that future meetings will include the individual budgets for Water fund, Sewer fund, Airport fund, and other programs outside of the General Fund.

X. Future Meetings

Ollig requested that a copy of the Final Budget Draft be distributed to Council before the September 7th, 2004 Council meeting for review and comments.


Ollig motioned to adjourn. Quast seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

Deborah R. Boelter

City Clerk-Treasurer

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