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Winsted City Council Minutes

Council Chambers

August 17, 2004

7:00 P.M.

Present: Mayor Don Guggemos, Council Member Gerald Boldt, Council Member Bonnie Quast, Council Member Tom Wiemiller

Absent: Council Member Tom Ollig

Staff Present: Brent Mareck, City Administrator; Fran Eggert, City Attorney; Mike Henrich, Chief of Police; Dave Meyer, Maintenance Lead; Jamason Stotko, Maintenance Lead; John Schlechter, Public Works; Jeff Jacobson, Administration; Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer

1) Mayor Guggemos called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

2) Quast motioned to adopt the consent agenda as presented:

a) Accept the Regular City Council Meeting Minutes of August 3, 2004.

b) Accept the Budget Workshop Minutes of August 10, 2004.

c) Grant a parade permit to Holy Trinity for Friday, October 8, 2004 with the designated route as submitted to the Police Department.

d) Appoint Deb Boelter, Delores Hirsch, Bernadette Libor, Imelda Marshall, Carla Prellwitz, Karen Schoen, Kathleen Schoenfelder, Rosemary Stifter, Marcella Weibel, and Irene Weinbeck as Election Judges for the Primary Election, September 14, 2004 and the General Election, November 2, 2004 at an hourly rate of $8.

e) Establish a public hearing for September 21, 2004 to consider the Zoning Ordinance to allow accessory structures to be constructed up to 10% of the lot area, deleting the 750 square foot provision. Recommendation of the Planning Commission 4-1.

f) Approve a Resolution of Corporation designating Mayor, Don C. Guggemos; City Administrator, Brent Mareck; and City Clerk-Treasurer, Deb Boelter, as official signatures for the City of Winsted bank accounts at the Community Bank Winsted.

g) Approve Resolution 432-08-17-04/Off-Premises Gambling allowing the Winsted Fire Department’s Relief Association to have pull-tab permits at the American Legion Post 407, Bailey’s Bar and Grill, and Keg’s Bar.

h) Approve the Claims List for August 17, 2004.

3) No Special Presentations.

4) Quarterly Reports

a) Jeff Jacobson, City of Winsted Intern, reported on the highlights of his internship:

• Researching two grant opportunities through the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for Skate Park and Shoreline Restoration.

• Involved in the Minnesota Design Team process.

• Prepared Summer newsletter.

• Winsted Pride awards.

• Researched brochures that would be implemented in the City of Winsted for potential businesses that are interested in locating in the City.

• Received experience in Human Resources (HR) by assisting with the development of job descriptions and participating in the interview process for the Public Works Department. Jacobson thanked the Council and staff for the opportunity to be an intern.

5) No Public Hearings.

6) Old Business

a) Civil Defense Siren – Winsted on the Lake – Chief Henrich

Chief Henrich discussed with Council for the process for installation of the siren at Winsted on the Lake. Discussion of materials and schedule for the installation of the siren followed. Wiemiller would like placement of the siren where there is three phase power. Henrich recommended that the siren be installed near the lift station. The Public Works Department will install the concrete base and anchor bolts. Guggemos recommended that Henrich obtain a bid to set the siren in Spring, 2005.

Boldt motioned that staff set the base for the civil defense siren, purchase a metal pole, and solicit a bid for setting the siren in Spring, 2005. Quast seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

7) New Business

a) Public Nuisance Hearing – Scenic Homes

Council considered certifying conditions existing upon property owned by Scenic Homes as a Public Nuisance. Gary Wessling and Bill Gilk, representing Scenic Homes, were in attendance at the Public Nuisance Hearing.

Council reviewed the photographs depicting the current conditions in Scenic Homes. Council directed Wessling to clean up the site and contact staff when clean up is completed. Council and staff will then inspect the clean up completion.

Wiemiller directed staff to contact Wessling through telephone conversation with future concerns that are brought forward by residents.

b) Appointment Maintenance – John Schlechter – Public Works Department

Quast motioned to appoint John Schlechter as regular full-time “Maintenance” for the Public Works Department at a rate of $13.92 per hour, effective August 23, 2004. Wiemiller seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

c) Lease Agreement – Winsted Municipal Airport

The Council considered establishing a utility surcharge as a part of the land lease agreement for the Winsted Municipal Airport. The Airport Commission recommended approval of the surcharge at their August 5, 2004 meeting. The discussion originated from an estimate from Xcel Energy to install a transformer designed to provide private electrical service to new hangars. Transformer costs to provide service is approximately $6,500, which can serve an estimated eight to ten hangars. The City does not receive any benefit from the transformer so a utility surcharge of $750 is proposed to be added to the existing lease agreement for new hangar construction.

Quast motioned to establish a utility surcharge of $750 as a part of the land lease agreement for new hangar construction for the Winsted Municipal Airport. Boldt seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

d) Water Tower Cleaning – Public Works Department

Meyer presented a proposal from Tight Rope to clean the water tower at a cost of $3,350.

Boldt asked if Tight Rope uses an anti-fungicide solution. Meyer explained that a bleach solution will be used.

Council discussed painting the water tower. Staff confirmed that the water tower is not in need of painting.

Wiemiller made a motion to authorize Tight Rope to clean the water tower at a cost not to exceed $3,350. Boldt seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

e) Well House Improvement – Chlorine Cylinder and Scale – Public Works Department

Meyer explained to the Council that the Department of Health conducted an inspection of the City’s Well House. Their recommendation was to efficiently continue proper chlorination; the City should add a chlorine scale, chlorine heads, automatic switchover gear and cabinets to the existing equipment.

Meyer explained to the Council how the new equipment would operate.

Guggemos asked if the equipment would be compatible with the new well. Staff confirmed that it would.

Wiemiller asked where the funding for the equipment would come from. Staff verified that the Well House improvement equipment would be funded by the Water Fund.

Wiemiller motioned to authorize the purchase of a chlorine cylinder and scale from Hawkins Chemical, Inc. at a cost not to exceed $11,000. Quast seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

8) No Other.

9) Adjournment

Quast motioned to adjourn. Wiemiller seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

Deborah R. Boelter

City Clerk-Treasurer

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