Winsted City Council Minutes

Special City Council Meeting

Council Chambers

January 12, 2005

9:00 a.m.

Present: Mayor Don Guggemos, Council Member Tom Wiemiller, Council Member Bonnie Quast, Council Member Tom Ollig, Council Member Gerald Boldt

Staff Present: Brent Mareck, City Administrator; Fran Eggert, City Attorney; Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer

Others Present: Ed Homan, McLeod County Solid Waste Director; Sarah Young, McLeod County Solid Waste Coordinator; Grant Knutson, McLeod County Commissioner-3rd District

1) Mayor Guggemos called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

2) Consent Agenda Waived.

3) No Special Presentations.

4) No Quarterly Reports.

5) No Public Hearings.

6) No Old Business.

7) New Business

a) McLeod County – MRF Committee

Homan presented information to the Council regarding the McLeod County Recycling program.

McLeod County provides approximately $300,000 annually to municipalities in the County to support recycling programs and would like to continue working with municipalities to further leverage this program investment to increase the Counties’ recycling rate. Of the $300,000 provided to support municipal recycling programs, approximately 25% is from SCORE funds provided to the County via the State of Minnesota. The Solid Waste Advisory Committee determined the formula for distribution of SCORE funds to McLeod County municipalities. The funding is based on population of the city and not the volume of recycling that is generated. The remainder is via County generated funding sources such as the Solid Waste Abatement Fund.

Presently, much of the revenue from the sale of the recyclable materials collected in McLeod County does not stay in the County. Through the revision to the Solid Waste Management Plan, McLeod County’s objective is to direct recyclable materials to the McLeod County Materials Recycling Facility(MRF). This would generate more revenue and increase funding to municipalities. Some of the additional funding could be used to support municipal park improvements and other programs.

The graph showing the 2003 Residential Year-End Totals for the different recyclable materials for each municipality and some townships is compiled by information provided by the Solid Waste Contractors.

The Council expressed some concerns about source separated recycling. They have received comments from several City of Winsted residents stating that they will not recycle if it becomes a hardship.

Homan explained that when residents use a single sort recycling system there is more contamination and therefore unusable product. With source separated recycling there is very little contamination which creates more revenue as a result of usable recycling materials.

McLeod County Solid Waste Advisory Committee has recommended that McLeod County municipalities implement the source separated recycling program, and have all recyclable material delivered to the McLeod County MRF, when cities negotiate their Solid Waste Contract. Homan stated that Waste Management may agree to begin source separating recycling before their current contracts expire. Homan recommended that recycling be picked up on the same day and time each week. Statistics show that consistent weekly pick up of recycling results in greater participation.

Ollig asked Homan what the City of Winsted should do if their current Solid Waste Contractor would not agree to pick up source sorted recycling and deliver it to McLeod County MRF. Homan recommended that the City contract with another hauler.

Quast asked what type of container residents would be given for their recyclable materials. Homan stated that residents would continue using the blue container. He recommended that residents rotate recyclable materials at each curbside pick up.

Ollig suggested that residents be educated on what is involved in source separating recycling and what financial benefits it would bring to the City of Winsted.

Homan presented an incentive program to recycle that other cities offer to their residents. Residents who recycle receive a discount on their water/sewer billing each month.

Guggemos stated that the City of Winsted’s main interest is getting more residents to recycle to keep garbage out of the landfills.

Homan stated that the McLeod County Board of Commissioners adopted the Solid Waste Plan to help increase recycling efforts by all City and Township residents.

Quast requested a “Recycling History” graph for other McLeod County municipalities. Young will get them to Mareck and he will distribute them to the Council.

Homan invited any Council members or staff interested in touring the facility to contact him and he will schedule a tour.

The Council will meet with Waste Management and discuss McLeod County’s request to participate in the source separated recycling program.

8) No Other.

9) Adjournment

Quast motioned to adjourn. Ollig seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah R. Boelter

City Clerk-Treasurer

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