Winsted City Council Minutes

City Council Joint Meeting

Winsted Municipal Airport

April 13, 2006

2:00 p.m.


Present:                                                Mayor Don Guggemos

                                                            Council Member Tom Wiemiller

Council Member Tom Ollig

                                                            Council Member Bonnie Quast

                                                            Council Member Gerald Boldt


Staff Present:                                                Brent Mareck, City Administrator

Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer

Dave Meyer, Maintenance Lead

Jamie Stotko, Maintenance Lead

John Schlechter, Public Works’ Employee


Airport Commission Members Present:            Russ Paschke, Chairman

                                                            Ralph Diers

                                                            Arden Johnson

                                                            Kevin Kubasch

                                                            Dave Millerbernd

                                                            Felix Quast



1)            Mayor Guggemos called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m.


2)            Quast motioned to adopt the Consent Agenda as presented.  Boldt seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.


a)            Waived the reading of the minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of April 4, 2006.


b)            Approved the minutes of the Airport Commission Meeting of March 9, 2006.


3)            No Special Presentations.


4)            No Public Hearings.


5)            Old Business


            a)            Proposed Paving of the Runway


Boelter presented the history of when the City, in 2001, researched the possibility of paving the runway at the Winsted Municipal Airport.  At that time, it was determined that the cost to expand the clear zone (which would have resulted in a loss of property in the Industrial Park), move the existing power lines, and provide a cross-wind runway were more than the City would be able to expend.


The Winsted Municipal Airport Commission has asked the City to consider paving the runway as a 250 foot wide permanent visual approach, to alleviate the seasonal soft turf problems of the existing runway. 




Minnesota Department of Transportation/Office of Aeronautics (MN DOT/OA) evaluated the request, and Harris Baker and Rick Braunig, MN DOT/OA were present at the meeting to discuss the proposal.  Benita Crow, SEH Project Manager-Aviation, was also present.


Baker stated that the runway at the Winsted Municipal Airport can be paved.  To receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant funding to do a pavement project, the Winsted Municipal Airport’s Layout Plan (ALP) must be updated to include a paved runway.


Council directed Crow to prepare a proposal to update the ALP.


            b)            Spring, 2006 Airport Improvement Projects


Benita Crow, SEH Project Manager-Aviation, was present at the meeting to give an update on the Winsted Municipal Airport’s Capital Improvement projects budgeted for in 2006.


Crow will prepare plans and specifications for the projects and submit for Council approval at their May 16, 2006 Regular City Council meeting.


6)            New Business


a)              Rental of Airport Property – Winstock, Inc.


Ollig presented a proposal from Winstock, Inc. to lease the airport property south of the existing hangars for future overflow parking.  Winstock would seed the property in 2006 and use it for parking in 2007.


A proposal to lease the airport property will be presented to the Council at the April 18, 2006 Regular City Council meeting for approval.


7)            No Department Reports.


8)            Financial Report


            a)            March, 2006 Airport Financial Report


                        Boelter presented the March, 2006 Airport Financial Report.


9)            No Other.


10)            Adjournment


Wiemiller motioned to adjourn.  Quast seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.




Respectfully submitted,




Deborah R. Boelter

City Clerk-Treasurer

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