Winsted City Council Minutes

City of Winsted

City Council Meeting

Council Chambers

March 6, 2007

7:00 p.m.

Present: Mayor Steve Stotko, Council Member Tom Ollig, Council Member Bonnie Quast, Council Member Tom Wiemiller, Council Member Dave Mochinski

Staff Present: Brent Mareck, City Administrator; Sue Mueller, Utility Billing Clerk; Fran Eggert, City Attorney; Mike Henrich, Police Chief

1) Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

a) The Pledge of Allegiance was taken.

2) Ollig motioned to adopt the Consent Agenda as presented. Quast seconded. Motion carried 5-0.

a) Minutes – Regular City Council Meeting – February 20, 2007

Accepted the minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of February 20, 2007.

b) Workshop – City Council

Schedule a workshop for March 20, 2007 at 5:15 p.m. to discuss planning efforts for the City Center and Lakefront Promenade.

c) Change Order #3 – Public Works Facility

Approve the addition of 84 feet of track to the top of the exterior 5 feet metal stud wall of the office area for the wall panels to attach to in the amount of $179 (architect approved).

d) Operational Water Supply Agreement – Minnesota Department of Health

Authorize the City Administrator to execute a compliance agreement for arsenic in wells #2 and #4 with the Minnesota Department of Health.

e) Change Order – Hokanson Appraisal

Approve the supplemental fee of $600 to Chris Hokanson for additional work completed on the Promenade area appraisal.

f) 2007 Lawn Mowing Contract

Authorize the advertisement of bids for the City of Winsted’s 2007 Lawn Mowing Contract.

g) Sludge Storage Tanks – Pay Request #3

Approve Pay Request #3 in the amount of $60,600 to Gridor Construction, Incorporated for work completed on the Sludge Storage Improvements project.

h) Sludge Storage Tanks – Progress Report

i) Claims

3) No Public Hearings.

4) Old Business

a) Department Report

Winsted Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Chad Engel, First Assistant Chief Chad Stender, Second Assistant Chief Ken Fitchwell, First Captain Shawn Bush, Second Captain Brent Mickolichek, Ladder Captain Brad Bush, were present at the meeting. Engel presented the current statistics for 2007, there were 29 calls, 26 medical, 1 fire and 1 other. Engel stated that there were a total of 169 calls for 2006. He talked about the radio repeater system, which will ensure that they can be contacted. He also said they are preparing for Winstock. He said they are looking to fill positions within the Fire Department. He said that he is working with the City Administrator to update the job application. He also stated that the Winsted Fire Department is working with the Lester Prairie Fire Department to have a dance on April 27th, 2007. The department has also been working with the Howard Lake Fire Department.

Ollig asked if all the vehicles are in good working order. Engel stated yes.

b) On-Street Parking – Campers and Trailers

The City Council reviewed this matter at several meetings during 2006; culminating with a motion for it to be tabled until after the 1st of the year. The City Council previously requested that ordinances pertaining to “camper and trailer” parking be gathered from surrounding cities. Responses ranged from having no ordinance to limiting parking to six (6) hours to load and unload.

Ollig stated during the course of the summer he drove through twelve (12) different times and found that there were eleven (11) campers parked on the city streets at one time. Ollig said he will get information from other communities and will be sending it out to eight (8) individuals that had campers parked on the street to let them know what other communities are requiring. Joel Hirsch 115 Lake Ave East asked how many complaints have been filed. Mareck said two (2) or three (3). Wiemiller said he had received six (6) or seven (7). Wiemiller said that when the street department sweeps the streets it is a problem.

Wiemiller recommended that the Public Works Department notify people when they will be sweeping streets instead of having an ordinance regulating camper and trailer parking.

Ollig said he does not have a problem, except for the streets that are narrow.

Quast said Lake Drive is narrow and it is difficult to see around the recreational vehicles and there are a lot of children running in and out around the recreational vehicle, creating a safety hazard.

Mareck said there are three different options:

1) Wait until Ollig gets the information from other communities.

2) Terminate the ordinance.

3) Amend the ordinance.

Lee Hertzog, 180 Westgate Drive was at the meeting and said he just purchased his camper in 2006 and would like to have some direction on parking.

Ollig said he was concerned about the width of 32 feet streets. Wiemiller said the main complaint he has received was in regard to one (1) person parking their camper on the streets and not moving it all summer.

Ollig motioned to establish a public hearing for April 3, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. to consider amending the ordinance pertaining to on-street parking for campers and trailers. Wiemiller seconded. Motion carried 5-0

c) Health Care Revenue Notes – Ridgeview Medical Center -Resolution R-07-06

Tucker Plumsted from Ridgeview Medical Center came to ask the city for the approval of Resolution R-07-06. Plumsted stated that there are five issuers on the Revenue Notes: Cologne, New Germany, Hamburg, Winsted and Delano.

Mochinski motioned to adopt Resolution R-07-06 approving the issuance and sale of the $5,000,000 Healthcare Facilities Revenue Note, Series 2007 and authorizing the execution of the relating documents for the Ridgeview Medical Center project, Ollig seconded. Motion carried 5-0.

5) New Business

a) Squad Car Radio – Police Department

Police Chief Henrich requested that the city purchase a digital mobile radio. The current radio was purchased in 1991. Henrich stated that the life usage is typically eight to twelve years. Henrich said that when the weather is cold it does not receive and transmit as well and that to replace parts on the current radio is not feasible. The new radio would be installed in the new squad car. The cost is $2,883.81.

Quast asked if there was money in the budget for this. Henrich stated that $2,600.00 was budgeted for the radio and that excess cost would come from the drug forfeiture fund to cover the difference.

Wiemiller asked if there was any other equipment the police department needs for the car. Henrich stated yes but that the last thing you want to do is install an old radio in a new vehicle. Wiemiller also asked if the State of Minnesota requires cities to have standard lights bars on vehicle. Henrich stated that the current light bars have larger alternators so they are good.

Quast motioned to purchase the XLT2500 110W digital mobile radio from Alpha Wireless for $2,883.81. Wiemiller seconded. Motion carried 5-0.

b) Marvin Vetsch Property

Mareck presented to the Council and Mayor a purchase agreement for property owned by Vetsch located behind his building on First Street North. The parcel’s eastern boundary is Winsted Lake. This property is the largest piece of property to be purchased as a part of the Lakefront Promenade project. The other properties are Winsted Fitness Center and Kegs Bar. Mareck stated that this purchase agreement came about with Stotko’s and Mochinski’s assistance. The city reached an agreement with Vetsch for $26,750 based on the appraised value. Vetsch’s property is 12,254 square feet.

Eggert asked whether this offer will apply to the five other property owners. Mareck stated this was budgeted under the 2006 budget based on talks with a local realtor. Wiemiller asked if there was any idea of what the closing cost would be. Eggert said a title opinion, updated abstract and any mortgage holders would have to sign off as well. Wiemiller asked if approximately $1,000 per parcel would be in the ballpark. Eggert stated it could be more or could be less. Mareck stated that the promenade value versus attorney’s fees should be considered. Eggert stated that the engineering cost has already been paid.

Mochinski motioned to enter into a purchase agreement, with Marvin Vetsch, with the condition the city pay for the closing costs. Wiemiller seconded. Motion carried 5-0

Ollig said “it is the first step in a historical event”.

6) No Open Forum.

7) Announcements

a) Waste Management – E-Waste Appliance Collection

Mareck reported that Waste Management and the cities of Hutchinson, Glencoe and Winsted will start to allow residents to pay at the city offices for appliance and electronics removal. A resident would come to city hall and pay the fees and would be issued a permit and they would then be able to bring up to five items per household to the brush site.

b) Snowplowing – Public Works

Stotko stated that he was impressed with the public works department during the last snow storm. He stated that a woman had expressed her appreciation as one of the public works employees had taken the time to assist children during the snow storm. Mareck stated that it was Jamie Stotko, Maintenance Lead that assisted the children.

c) Air Compressor – Five Star Direct

Mareck stated that the city has been working on an air compressor issue as the city has received calls in regard to the noise the compressor is making. Mareck said that Chief Henrich has checked with Attorney Mike Long and there is nothing the city can do about it at the present time due to it being zoned industrial. Five Star Direct has indicated that they will be replacing it. Wiemiller said the city should continue to work with them on solving the issue. Mareck did say the city could send them a letter and the city may want to put a time line on when it should be corrected. Mochinski asked if they are waiting to buy one. Ollig stated that the city of Monticello requested TDS put a muffler and an enclosure around one. Quast stated we have been good about letting it pass. Mochinski suggested that there may be compressors at the wastewater treatment plant that they could buy. Mareck said he would have the public works department check into it, but removing it from the wastewater treatment plant may not be feasible and that the city will continue to work with Five Star to correct the issue.

d) Public Works - Facility

Ollig asked how the Public Works facility construction was progressing. Mareck said it is progressing well, and thought occupancy would be the first or second week in April, 2007.

8) Adjournment

Quast motioned to adjourn. Ollig seconded. Motion carried 5-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Mueller

Utility Billing Clerk

Published in the Herald Journal April 9, 2007.

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