Winsted City Council Minutes

City of Winsted

Joint City Council, Parks Commission and Trail Committee

Council Chambers

November 14, 2007

5:00 p.m.


Present:                        Mayor Steve Stotko

                                    Council Member Bonnie Quast

                                    Council Member Dave Mochinski

Council Member Tom Ollig

                                    JoLynn Cafferty – Park Commission

                                    Lyle Kritzeck – Park Commission

                                    Jeff Campbell – Trail Committee

                                    Jim Neff – Trail Committee

                                    Chris Schulz – Trail Committee


Absent:                                    Council Member Tom Wiemiller

                                    Alan Fleischacker – Park Commission

                                    Bob Mochinski – Park Commission

Monica Hertzog –Park Commission


Staff Present:                        Brent Mareck, City Administrator

                                    Mike Henrich, Police Chief

                                    Jamie Stotko, Public Works Maintenance Lead

                                    Raquel Kirchoff, Administrative Assistant


1)            Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.


            a)            The Pledge of Allegiance was taken.           


2)            No Consent Agenda.


3)            No Public Hearings.


4)            No Old Business.


5)            New Business


Mareck reviewed the attendance, comments and results from the Trails Master Plan Open House that took place on Tuesday, October 23, 2007.  Mareck commented that the people that opposed the one-way were not residents that currently live on Kingsley but were residents living on South Shore Drive currently or had at some time in their lives.


Mareck introduced Mark Kaltsas, MK Land, who presented the highlights of the Draft version of the “Trail Master Plan,” November 2007 edition. 


Because the views were passionate from the people that oppose the Kingsley one-way option, Mareck requested input on the scenarios developed for Kingsley that follow from Police Chief Mike Henrich, Public Works Lead, Jamie Stotko and Fire Chief Chad Engel. 


1)     Make the street a 29 ft. wide one-way street with a 5 ft. wide bike lane.

2)     Keep the street a two-way street with parking on the west side of the street and add a bike lane.

3)     Keep the street a two-way street with no parking and add a bike lane.


Chief Henrich commented that change will be a barrier to overcome.  Proper signage on the street is a must and education will be needed for citizens.  He also mentioned that traffic would be heavier on other streets, more than likely 2nd Street, if the one-way is implemented.  People in the area will not be aware of this and it will take time for people to get accustomed to it.  As far as Police response time to calls is concerned, it would depend on the circumstances and he would not consider that to be a deciding factor on if the street should be a one-way or not.


Stotko, Jamie commented that if the street became a one-way, snow plowing time would increase, street sweeping would be a problem because the broom is placed on the sweeper on the opposite side needed for the one-way, and the one-way would be an overall inconvenience for the Public Works department.  Currently, they use that street frequently.  He agreed with Henrich that change would be a barrier to overcome.


Mareck stated that Chief Engel also agreed that change would be a barrier to overcome and that the Fire Department may have to travel the wrong way on the one-way in case of an emergency.


Mayor Stotko questioned if Chief Henrich or the Public Works Department had any concerns with the two-way street options in scenarios two (2) and three (3).  Stotko, Jamie responded that they had no concerns and Henrich responded that with scenario three (3) there would be more accidents.


Those present also discussed the following points focusing on the one-way scenario:

·       Regretting traffic being heavier on other streets as a result of the one-way.  Kaltsas responded that the roads within the area were wide enough to handle two way traffic and parking and it should not be a concern. 

·       How long of a trial basis is needed to use the road as a one-way.  Kaltsas responded at least one year but recommends two (2) years to avoid quitting on the one-way too soon after initial complaint/problems are received.

·       Changing the five (5) ft. bike lane in the one-way plan to an eight (8) ft. lane since there is room to incorporate the extra feet for safety.

·       Making the entire section from Kingsley to the Lake Front Promenade a one-way street rather than a one-way on Kingsley, turning into a two way at 1st Street South.  Mayor Stotko expressed that without planning this way, the one-way option is too segmented and does not have a nice flow.

·       Mochinski believes traffic will slow down on Kingsley if a one-way street is implemented resulting in a safer route.  He also stated that the majority of residents on Kingsley are in favor of it becoming a one-way street.

·       Making the change to the one-way street at the same time that the Lakefront Promenade is opened.  People are anticipating change with the new City Hall and Promenade being built and this would be an opportune time for the transition.

·       The purpose of the trail is to introduce users to the community.  Users will like the uniqueness of the route.  Mayor Stotko complimented the kiosk and tree placement on the Luce Line trail within the plan to generate interest for Winsted and questioned the timeline for completion.  Kaltsas responded that the timeline was not definite.


Plenty of notification would be sent to residents affected by the changes so they have ample opportunity to attend meetings pertaining to the changes to voice their concerns.


There was a general consensus to recommend a plan to the City Council for Kingsley and the portion of 1st  Street South along Winsted Lake to become one-way streets, with an eight (8) ft wide bike path.


6)            Adjournment


Quast motioned to adjourn.  Mochinski seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.




Respectfully submitted,




Raquel Kirchoff

Administrative Assistant



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