Winsted City Council Minutes

City of Winsted

City Council Meeting

Council Chambers

January 15, 2008

6:00 p.m.


Present:                        Mayor Steve Stotko

                                    Council Member Tom Ollig

Council Member Bonnie Quast

                                    Council Member Dave Mochinski

Council Member Tom Wiemiller


Staff Present:                        Brent Mareck, City Administrator

Sue Mueller, Utility Clerk

                                    Fran Eggert, City Attorney


1)            Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


            a)            The Pledge of Allegiance was taken.           


2)            Consent Agenda


Quast motioned to adopt the Consent Agenda as presented.  Ollig seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


a)      Minutes – Regular City Council Meeting – January 2, 2008


            Accepted the minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of January 2, 2008.


b)      Senior Dining Contribution


Authorize a contribution of $3,000 to Winsted Senior Dining (2008 Budget).


c)     2008 Goal Setting and Leadership Retreat


Schedule a City Council and Staff goal setting and leadership retreat at 8:00a.m.  In the Winsted Fire Hall on February 7, 2008.


d)     2008 Goal Setting and Leadership Retreat


Authorize Don Salverda & Associates to conduct a goal setting and leadership retreat for the City of Winsted for $2,500.


e)     Winsted Municipal Airport – Repair Well


Approve the quote of $2,257.50 from Don Stodola Well Drilling Company, Incorporated to repair the well at the Winsted Municipal Airport.


f)      Retirement/Resignation – Winsted Fire Department


Accept the retirement/resignation of Ken Fitchwell from the Winsted Fire Department.


g)     Planning Commission – Meeting Time Change


Accept the recommendation from the Planning Commission to change their regular meeting time to the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.


h)     December, 2007 – Building Permit Report




i)       December, 2007 – Financial Report


j)       Claims


Presentation of the "Don C Guggemos" Community Service Awards:


Stotko presented the awards to the following people or organization:


Jason Koch, for working on the Mobile Chapel as well as other community service projects.

Dick & Joan Genty, for their service to the community, including help with senior dining.

St. John's Lutheran Church, present was Sam and AJ Gatz, Pastor Gerald Boldt, and Bruce Gatz, for making the church handicapped accessible.



3)            Public Hearings


            a)            Small Cities Development Program


Shannon Sweeney, presented Resolution R-08-02 supporting the Small Cities Development Program Application (SCDP) on behalf of the Cities of Winsted and Mayer and the Cooperative Agreement. 


Sweeney explained the two different programs that are available:


·       Commercial Rehab

·       Rental Housing Rehab


Sweeney stated that a requirement of receiving funds is that the property owners demonstrate a financial commitment. 


Sweeney explained that Mayer was unsuccessful in receiving funds the initial time they applied for this program and that by combining Winsted with Mayer it would increase the likelihood of receiving funds.


Ollig asked if cosmetic issues could be addressed.  Sweeney stated that this program is not for remodeling, it is to be used for health and safety issues.


Ollig motioned to adopted Resolution R-08-02 in Support of a Small Cities Development Program Project.  Mochinski seconded.  Motion carried 5-0. 


Quast motioned to adopt the Cooperative Agreement between the Cities of Winsted and Mayer in Support of a Small Cities Development Program Project.   Wiemiller seconded.  Motion carried 5-0. 


Wiemiller motioned to close the Public Hearing, Mochinski seconded. Motion carried 5-0.      


4)            Old Business


5)            New Business


Baird Farm – Concept Plan

a)              Mareck presented some background information on the Baird farm housing development. In the spring of 2005, the City of Winsted approved a concept plan with 66 single family lots and 7.34 acres of highway commercial development on the Baird Farm.  The concept plan expired after one year after the property owner failed to make application for a preliminary plat.  The purpose of the “concept plan” stage is to determine if the proposed development of the property meets the regulations and goals of the city prior to the property owner initiating a full development proposal (subdivision, rezoning, site plan, etc…).


Midwest Capital Properties has submitted a concept plan for the property known as the “Baird Farm” (just north of the Westgate development).  The current plan shows commercial development moved to the north side of the property and creates a 60,373 sq. ft. multi-family lot (R2).  This lot is being discussed with another party to be potentially developed into a thirty-five (35) unit assisted living and memory care facility.

At this point, Midwest Capital Properties is planning only to develop the multi-family lot through an administrative minor subdivision, leaving the rest of the property as an outlot.


Andrew and Marie Riemer, 402 6th St N, offered a number of written questions and concerns to the council regarding the development. 


Ollig motioned to approve the concept plan with the conditions the muti-family lot be developed as a PUD and future development applications follow the "Plan B" concept plan.   Quast seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


b)            Rental Housing Ordinance – Establish Public Hearing


Mareck explained that over the last several months, the city has worked to develop a set of minimum standards for rental housing in the City of Winsted.  Mareck stated that the City has received complaints in regards to substandard living conditions and in the past there was no mechanism on how to deal with the complaints.  Mareck presented a summary of how the ordinance would be enforced. 


Ollig asked what landlords have participated.  Mareck stated that he has six landlords that have participated in establishing standards. 


Mochinski asked what would happen if the landlord(s) do not comply.  Mareck stated that the Building Inspector could recommend issuing a misdemeanor.


Mareck stated that he would put a draft of the ordinance on the city's web site and place an ad in the newspaper before the hearing to give Winsted residents a chance to review it.


Wiemiller motioned to establish a Public Hearing for February 19, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. for approving a new rental housing ordinance.  Mochinski seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

c)            McLeod County EDA – Resolution Support


Mareck presented a letter from the Hutchinson Community Development Commission requesting support from the City of Winsted in establishing a county-wide economic development authority.


Stotko asked if this would be beneficial in pursuing the development of a regional airport.


Ollig questioned since the City of Winsted has already developed their own economic development program, if people would start to go to the county instead of the local program. 


Mareck stated that there are some benefits to supporting this as McLeod County needs to look at tax abatement. Whereas in the past the City of Winsted did the tax abatement ourselves.  Mareck stated that it would be in the City of Winsted's best interest in supporting the idea of this.  Mareck stated that the decision to join this would come at a later time. 


Wiemiller stated that the City of Winsted can always back out if it goes in a direction that we don't like.


Ollig motioned to approve Resolution R-08-03.  Quast seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


6)            Department Report


a)            Fire Department


Chief Chad Engel introduced the 2008 Officers: 

1st Asst Chief Chad Stender, 2nd Asst Chief Charlie Fiecke, 1st Captain Mike Thonvold, 2nd Captain Brent Mickolichek, Ladder Captain Shaun Bush and Secretary Troy Fleischaker.


Engel presented some background information on membership of the department and the number of calls made in 2007.  Engel stated that there are a total of 29 members presently and that one member Ken Fitchwell is retiring after 20 years of duty.   


Engle stated in 2007 there were a total of 164 calls of which 131 were medical.


·    City of Winsted – 110 calls

·    Hollywood Township – 9 calls

·    Victor Township – 6 calls

·    Winsted Township – 31 calls

·    Woodland Township – 2 calls


Engle stated that the proposed budget for 2008 was approved by the fire board and that the per unit charge and decreased to $131.00.


Engel also explained the 2007 purchases and future equipment needs for 2008.


·       10 new pagers were purchased

·       Repairs to the #1 and #2 pumper

·       Annual Spaghetti Dinner and Pancake Breakfast, and a joint dance with the Lester Prairie Fire Department at the Bluenote Ballroom

·       Update first response pickup with a new emergency lighting, a siren and a reflective stripe down the side of the truck.

·       Purchase of six (6) scba masks, seven (7) sets of turn out gear, and two (2) Siamese adapters for the pumpers.


Ollig asked how many firemen will be eligible for retirement.  Engel said about five or six.           


7)            No Open Forum.


Andrew and Marie Riemer arrived after the Council had discussed the Baird Farm Concept Plan.  Mareck explained to them that Plan B establishing the area in question as a PUD with assisted living center.


Ollig thanked the Riemers for bringing their issues to the City Council.


8)            Announcements


9)            Adjournment


Quast motioned to adjourn.  Mochinski seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.



Respectfully submitted,




Sue Mueller

Utility Billing Clerk

City of Winsted

City Council New City Hall Workshop

Council Chambers

January 15, 2008

5:00 p.m.


Present:                        Mayor Steve Stotko

                                    Council Member Bonnie Quast                                   

                                    Council Member Tom Wiemiller

                                    Council Member Dave Mochinski


Staff Present:                        Brent Mareck, City Administrator

                                    Sue Mueller, Utility Clerk


Absent:                                    Council Member Tom Ollig


Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


Jim Zeck, Greystone Construction, presented a chart with a time schedule of the construction of the new city hall.  Zeck explained that delays occurred in the initial start of the excavation of the site due to:


·       Weather, five weeks delay due to rain in the fall of 2007.

·       Stormsewer, after excavation it was discovered that the pipes were 12" instead of 9".

·       Concrete work took more time then what was initially estimated.

·       Frost in ground delayed the plumbing and electrical work.


Mareck explained that due to delays the cost has been revised.  Brett Comstock, Greystone Construction stated that an additional cost for the rental of two (2) propane heaters and bringing in more fill has increased the cost by approximately twelve thousand dollars ($12,000).


Stotko questioned Comstock about the potential lien in regard to the excavation and backfill.  Comstock explained that Ed Rettman was a subcontractor that was hired to do the excavation and due to issues with a soil contamination report, Rettman is requesting an additional twenty two thousand dollars ($22,000).  Comstock stated that Rettman has received partial payment, but that Darrell Litzau, Litzau Excavating has replaced Rettman.   Comstock explained that the issue is between Rettman and Greystone and it would be resolved.


Eggert asked if a claim has been filed.  Comstock stated no.  Eggert explained that the notice was a pre-lien notice and Rettman would have one hundred and twenty (120) days to file a lien.


Craig Remer, C & R Electric explained that there have been delays in completing the electrical work due to the cold weather.  Remer explained that Xcel Energy has restrictions on when their workers can work when the weather is extremely cold.  Remer explained that there will be an outage for some businesses when the new transformer is switched on.  Remer stated that the outage would be one to two hours and the businesses could be notified. 


Wiemiller  motioned to adjourn.  Quast seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.



Respectfully submitted,




Sue Mueller

Utility Billing Clerk

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