Winsted City Council Minutes

City of Winsted

City Council Airport Planning Workshop

Council Chambers

January 29, 2008

5:00 p.m.


Present:                        Mayor Steve Stotko

                                    Council Member Bonnie Quast

                                    Council Member Tom Ollig

                                    Council Member Tom Wiemiller

                                    Council Member Dave Mochinski


Staff Present:                        Brent Mareck, City Administrator

                                    Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer

                                    Dave Meyer, Maintenance Lead



Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


Jake Saulsbury, Project Engineer from Bolton & Menk, Incorporated (Inc.),  introduced Ron Roetzel and Marcus Watson, Engineers from Bolton & Menk, Inc.’s Airport Engineering Department.


Roetzel gave a presentation on the Winsted Municipal Airport that included the following:

1.            Background and history of the airport.

2.            Airport funding.

3.            Airport Layout Plan (ALP).

4.            Airport zoning.

5.            Airport construction project.

6.            Future planning for the airport.


Mareck asked Roetzel what he estimated would be the cost to pave the runway.  Roetzel stated that paving the runway would cost approximately $1,700,000.


Watson gave a presentation on the Winsted Municipal Airport’s zoning.  Watson stated that the Winsted Municipal Airport’s Zoning Ordinance that the Minnesota Department of Transportation/Office of Aeronautics (MN DOT/OA) has on record is from 1978.  Watson stated that MN DOT/OA would like the City to adopt an updated airport zoning ordinance.  Mareck stated that the airport zoning ordinance was updated in 2002.  Roetzel stated that MN DOT/OA does not have a copy of the 2002 zoning ordinance.  Roetzel provided a list of the items that MN DOT/OA needs from the City’s adoption of the 2002 airport zoning ordinance.  Mareck stated that he would forward the items to MN DOT/OA.


Quast asked what options the City has for paving the runway since some of the buildings located in the Industrial Park are in the airport’s safety zone.  Roetzel recommended that the City meet with MN DOT/OA to discuss the airport’s zoning and paving the runway, and consider making the Winsted Municipal Airport a non-conforming use airport.


Mayor Stotko asked if the runway would be expanded to the west, would that narrow the safety zone so that the Industrial Park buildings would no longer be located in the safety zone.  Roetzel stated that it would narrow the safety zone if the runway was expanded to the east.


Mareck stated that if the safety zones would change it could impact Apex Advantage.  They purchased the land adjacent to their current facility with the intention to expand their building in the future.


Mareck distributed a report detailing possible strategies and funding options for the airport’s runway.

The report looked at two options:

1.            Maintaining the grass runway and other infrastructure at the airport using the current funding system.

2.            Prepare a plan to make the runway hard surfaced.


Mochinski asked Roetzel if he believed that paving the runway would increase the number of individuals using the airport.  Roetzel stated that Bolton & Menk, Inc. would have to complete a survey to determine the number of airplanes currently using the airport’s runway to estimate if the number of users would increase.


Mochinski asked how far the runway could be extended to the east.  Watson stated that it could be extended two hundred (200) feet to the east.


Mareck stated that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) owns some of the property between the airport runway and County Road 1 (CR 1).  Roetzel stated that the MN DNR’s property would have to be identified and considered if any improvements or changes were made to the runway.


Wiemiller asked if the power lines on CR 1 would have to be moved if the runway is extended to the east.  Roetzel stated yes.


Ollig stated that the Winsted Municipal Airport was started for business owners to fly in and out of.  It has always been known as a good turf runway.  The airport fund is currently operating in a deficit and Ollig does not believe the runway should be paved and create increased expenses.  Ollig stated that he would be In favor of rehabilitating the turf runway and leaving it as turf.  Quast, Wiemiller and Mochinski stated that they agreed with Ollig.


Mayor Stotko stated that currently the airport is considered a recreational airport and so he does not believe it is necessary to expand the airport or pave the runway.


Saulsbury presented some possible construction projects that could be considered for 2008.  Saulsbury stated that he had contacted some of the contractors who bid on the 2007 turf rehabilitation project and they stated that with the lack of projects available, their bid would possibly be lower in 2008.


Ollig asked if the runway would be shut down for one (1) year if improvements were made to the runway.  Saulsbury stated that the runway project could be completed in sections or the runway would likely be shut for one (1) summer season.


Mareck asked the Council if they would like to have a joint meeting with the Airport Commission to consider any projects for 2008 or have some of the Council members attend the next regularly scheduled Airport Commission meeting.  The Council discussed and decided to have Ollig, Quast, and Mochinski attend the February 12th, 2008 Airport Commission meeting.  Saulsbury and Roetzel will also attend the meeting.


Mareck stated that before the next Airport Commission meeting, the Council should decide what direction they want to go with the airport.  They could consider the turf rehabilitation project or complete one of the smaller projects identified in the airport’s 2008 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  Mareck stated that this would give the Airport Commission some direction when discussing and considering any projects for 2008.


Mareck asked Saulsbury if he thought the bid to rehabilitate the turf runway would be approximately $525,000.  Saulsbury stated yes.  Mareck asked what the cost of engineering would be.  Saulsbury stated that the engineering typically cost twenty-five percent (25%) of the total project cost.


Mayor Stotko stated that options should be prepared and presented to the Airport Commission for consideration.  Saulsbury stated that he and Roetzel will prepare some information for the February 12th, 2008 Airport Commission meeting and review it with Mareck and Boelter.


Quast motioned to adjourn.  Mochinski seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.




Respectfully submitted,




Deborah R. Boelter

City Clerk-Treasurer

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