Winsted City Council Minutes

City of Winsted

City Council Special Meeting

Council Chambers

April 29, 2008

5:00 p.m.


Present:                        Mayor Steve Stotko

                                    Council Member Tom Ollig

                                    Council Member Tom Wiemiller

Council Member Bonnie Quast

                                    Council Member Dave Mochinski


Staff Present:                        Brent Mareck, City Administrator

                                    Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer


I.            Call To Order


Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


The Pledge of Allegiance was taken.


II.            General Obligation Bonds – Winsted City Hall and Lakefront Promenade


Mareck explained that when the City of Winsted’s request for special legislation was passed by the Minnesota Legislature in 2008, it enabled the city to issue additional bonds for the City Hall and Lakefront Promenade project.  As a result, the city will not need to use inner fund loans for increased contingency costs.


Steve Mattson, Northland Securities, Incorporated, distributed and presented a cash flow analysis for the proposed general obligation bonds.


Mochinski motioned to adopt Resolution R-08-08 providing for the issuance and sale of $515,000 general obligation bonds, series 2008B and levying a tax for the payment thereof.  Quast seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


III.            Bond Refinancing


Mattson distributed and presented a cash flow analysis for the proposed general obligation refunding bonds.  Mattson stated that by refinancing the 1998, 2000, and 2002 improvement bonds, the City of Winsted will save approximately $10,000.  The bonds will be paid off by the year 2012.


Ollig motioned to adopt Resolution R-08-09 providing for the issuance and sale of $685,00 general obligation refunding bonds, series 2008C and pledging for the security thereof special assessments and levying a tax for the payment thereof.  Wiemiller seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


IV.            Draft Dock Ordinance


            Mareck presented and reviewed the proposed dock ordinance with the City Council.


Mareck stated that he had reviewed the proposed ordinance with Council Member Dave Mochinski and Bev Schmitz and Petie Littfin, Winsted Area Lake Association.


Quast recommended that the proposed dock ordinance contain language that prohibits dock owners from storing permanent live wells and minnow containers on their docks.  Quast is concerned that the permanent containers may be a hazard to other people when they are on the dock.  She was also concerned that someone may leave the fish they caught in the live wells which could result in an odor nuisance.


Mareck stated that it is not the intention of the dock ordinance to allow the general public to use a property owner’s private dock.


Mochinski stated that he is not aware of any permanent live wells and minnow containers that are kept on docks.  Mochinski also stated that he does not believe that anyone would leave the fish they caught.


Mayor Stotko asked Mochinski to comment on the proposed dock ordinance.  Mochinski stated that he believed that the ordinance was fair.


Ollig stated that he was concerned about the paragraph titled Inspection, which states, “All docks shall be subject to an annual inspection by the City of Winsted.  If a dock does not meet the minimum requirements as listed in this ordinance, it shall be immediately brought into compliance by the permit holder or the permit shall be revoked.”  He does not believe that city employees are experts on docks so if they inspect a property owner’s dock and pass it, the city assumes some liability if there is an issue with the dock in the future.


Mareck stated that language can be included on the application that details what requirements are necessary for the dock to pass inspection.


Wiemiller asked if the dock owners would be allowed to install a path and/or steps leading to their dock.  He stated that if they are allowed to install a path and/or steps it should be included in the ordinance that the property owner is responsible for the cost to install it, the liability insurance, and maintenance of the path and/or steps.


Mareck stated that the application for a dock permit could include a section for the property owner to detail how they are going to access the dock.  Mareck will discuss the installation of a path and/or steps with the City Attorney, Fran Eggert.  Mareck stated that the ordinance could require that the property owner not only have liability insurance on dock but also on the property accessing the dock.


Mareck stated that he will present the dock ordinance at the public hearing scheduled for May 6, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.


V.            Sign Ordinance


Mareck stated that there have been some issues with the city’s sign ordinance’s regulations for banner signage.  Some of the Winsted businesses would like the ordinance amended.


Quast stated that she would like the Planning Commission and the City Council to consider amending the sign ordinance to allow the Winsted businesses on County Road 1 to advertise certain special events; such as, grand openings, open houses, and customer appreciation.  She stated that the businesses are struggling so the city should do what it can to increase their customer participation.


Mareck stated that he spoke with the Planning Commission’s Chairperson, Marv Ebensperger and they agreed that the Planning Commission could address the issue at their July, 2008 regularly scheduled meeting.


Quast stated that waiting until July, 2008 to address the issue may be to long because that would not provide businesses the opportunity to advertise with banner signage for the majority of the summer months.


Ollig stated that the Planning Commission could have a special meeting to address the issue.  Mareck stated the same.


Mareck stated that he will prepare some information for the Planning Commission and the City Council and present at future meetings.


Vi.            Adjourn


Quast motioned to adjourn.   Mochinski seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.  




Respectfully submitted,




Deborah R. Boelter

City Clerk-Treasurer

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