Winsted City Council Minutes


City of Winsted

City Council Meeting

Holy Trinity School Gymnasium

November 18, 2008

11:00 a.m.


Present:                        Mayor Steve Stotko

                                    Council Member Bonnie Quast

                                    Council Member Tom Ollig

Council Member Tom Wiemiller

Council Member Dave Mochinski


Staff Present:                        Brent Mareck, City Administrator

Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer

Fran Eggert, City Attorney

Mike Henrich, Chief of Police

Dave Meyer, Maintenance Lead

Jamie Stotko, Maintenance Lead


1)            Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.


            a)    The Pledge of Allegiance was taken.


Mayor Stotko gave an explanation of why the city was conducting their City Council meeting at Holy Trinity School.  He explained that in February, 2008 the City Council established goals and objectives for the betterment of the City of Winsted and its residents.  One of those goals was to develop increased participation in government.  The City Council agreed that increased youth recognition and participation in local government would assist in increased involvement in city government.


Mayor Stotko also stated that a group of individuals from the Blandin Leadership Training formed a committee to address “Youth Involvement in Government.”  Mayor Stotko introduced the members of the committee:  Jolynn Cafferty, Lyn Zeppelin, Mayor Stotko and Deb Boelter.  This committee, along with city staff, planned and prepared the City Council meeting to be conducted at Holy Trinity School.


            Mayor Stotko then introduced the members of the City Council and staff.


Mareck gave the students, teachers and others in attendance a presentation on the “Flow of Government” and the organizational makeup of the City of Winsted’s government.


            Mareck explained the agenda and the protocol of the City Council meeting.


2)            Consent Agenda


Ollig motioned to adopt the Consent Agenda as presented.  Quast seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


a)     Minutes - City Council Work Session – November 5, 2008


Accepted the minutes of the City Council Work Session of November 5, 2008.


b)     Minutes – Regular City Council Meeting – November 5, 2008


Accepted the minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of November 5, 2008.


c)   Flagship Bank of Winsted – Pledged Securities


Approved the Pledged Securities that Flagship Bank of Winsted has purchased for the City of Winsted for the month of November, 2008 in the amount of $1,750,000 and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in the amount of $250,000.




d)     Salary Step Increase – Officer Daniel Pohl*


Authorized a salary step increase for Officer Daniel Pohl, based on the recommendation of the Police Chief.


e)     Building Permit Report – October, 2008


Approved the October, 2008 Building Permit report as presented.


f)      Financial Report – October, 2008


Approved the October, 2008 Financial Report as presented.   


g)     Claims


Approved the Claims List for November 18, 2008 as presented.


3)            No Public Hearings.


4)            No Old Business.


5)            New Business


a)              Curfew Ordinance – Sheriff Scott Rehmann


McLeod County Sheriff, Scott Rehmann, presented a proposed McLeod County wide curfew ordinance.  Rehmann explained that the Sheriff’s Department would request that all governmental entities in McLeod County would adopt the same ordinance regarding curfew.  Rehmann stated that if all cities and townships have the same curfew ordinance as McLeod County, it would assist all law enforcement agencies in regulating curfews.


Rehmann read the section of the proposed ordinance that detailed the curfew times and regulations.  Rehmann stated that the purpose of the proposed curfew ordinance is to eliminate juvenile crimes being conducted at night; such as, drug and alcohol use, vandalism, sexual assaults, and others.


Holy Trinity students and teachers asked Rehmann and Henrich questions regarding the proposed curfew ordinance.


b)              Future Land Use Plan Update


Mareck stated that in the year 2000 the City of Winsted developed a future land use plan in coordination with their Comprehensive Plan.  The adopted future land use plan fails to address many properties adjacent to the city, which over the years may be subject to development proposals.  The future land use plan update and corresponding Comprehensive Plan will greatly assist the City Council in providing a direction and a plan for the future development in Winsted.


Mareck stated that $12,000 has been allocated for an update of the future land use plan in the 2009 budget.  The city has received the following quotes:

1.     Municipal Development Group – $7,500 (not including $1,000 in reimbursable expenses)

2.     Northwest Associated Consultants - $9,150 (not to exceed including reimbursable expenses)


Mareck stated that both firms appear to be well qualified to do the work specified by the city.  In addition, both firms have coordinated similar efforts in communities of relatively the same size as Winsted. 


Cynthia Smith-Strack from Municipal Development Group addressed the City Council.


Strack gave a presentation on how and why a land use plan is developed and how it assists the city with future land use planning and development.


Strack presented the schedule and the process to update the city’s future land use plan.


Mochinski motioned to accept the proposal from Municipal Development Group to update the city’s future land use plan at a cost not to exceed $8,500 (including reimbursable expenses).  Wiemiller seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


6)            Department Report


a)              People Service, Incorporated – Waste Water Treatment Facility

Dan Wroge, People Service, Incorporated reported on the following:

Ø     The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s (MPCA) Permit for the operation of the Waste Water Treatment Facility (WWTF) is scheduled for renewal and the MPCA has not issued the permit due to indecision on the regulation of phosphorus levels.

Ø     Sludge has been removed from the ponds.  Over 2,000 yards of sludge was removed.

Ø     The liquid sludge has been removed from the holding tanks.  There was approximately 3,000 gallons.

Ø     In 2009, Wroge will ask area farmers if they are interested in having the sludge for fertilizer.  It will eliminate the need to carry the sludge a further distance.

Ø     Presented issues with the pump valve in the holding tank that will have to be addressed in the future.


Mochinski asked what the MPCA’s deadline is for the removal of the sludge in the ponds.  Wroge stated that the sludge has to be removed by the year 2010.  Wroge stated that the MPCA will grant the city an extension considering they are making an effort to remove the sludge.


            b)            Winsted Public Works Department

Dave Meyer, Maintenance Lead and Jamie Stotko, Maintenance Lead reported on the following activities that the Public Works Department is responsible for in the City of Winsted:

Ø     Maintenance of all city streets and sidewalks – snowplowing, sweeping, patch work and seal coating.

Ø     Maintenance of all water, sewer and sanitary sewer systems.

Ø     Maintenance of the city’s well system.  All three (3) Public Works Department employees are certified to operate the well system.

Ø     Install and maintain “Thin Ice” signs located on Winsted Lake.

Ø     Maintenance of the city’s parks.

Ø     Forestry programs – trim trees, maintain city’s boulevard trees, and the removal and disposal of storm damaged trees.  Meyer takes annual courses to maintain his forestry license for the city.

Ø     Operation of the city’s brush site.

Ø     Maintenance of the Winsted Municipal Airport – snow removal, monitoring aviation fuel, parking lot and grounds maintenance, and building repairs.

Ø     Other miscellaneous activities – installation of street flags, banners, holiday decorations, and more.


            c)            Winsted Police Department

                        Mike Henrich, Chief of Police reported on the following:

Ø     The Winsted Police Department operates to protect and serve the public.

Ø     The Department is made up of Henrich, Chief of Police, three (3) full-time officers, and several part-time officers.

Ø     The Winsted Police Department is working with Winstock representatives to implement programs and changes for Winstock, 2009.

Ø     Vehicle forfeitures – Henrich explained why vehicles are forfeited and what happens with the vehicle.

Ø     Part-time police officer, Matt Olson has completed the Field Training Officer (FTO) program.

Ø     Henrich will be teaching Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) in Holy Trinity School again in the 2008-2009 school year.




            d)            Bolton and Menk, Incorporated - City Engineer

Jake Saulsbury, Bolton and Menk, Incorporated gave a presentation on Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering Technology that included:

Ø     What type of engineering services is available to an individual who chooses to pursue a career in Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering Technology.

Ø     What engineering services Bolton and Menk Incorporated provides to the City of Winsted.

Ø     Education classes to take in both High School and College if an individual is interested in a career in Civil Engineering and/or Civil Engineering Technology.


7)            No Open Forum.


8)            Announcements


            The City Council and staff addressed questions from the Holy Trinity School students and teachers.


9)            Adjournment


Quast motioned to adjourn.  Wiemiller seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.




Respectfully submitted,




Deborah R. Boelter

City Clerk-Treasurer

City of Winsted

City Council Work Session

Conference Room – Lewis Room

November 18, 2008

9:30 a.m.


Present:                        Mayor Steve Stotko

                                    Council Member Tom Ollig           

                                    Council Member Bonnie Quast

                                    Council Member Tom Wiemiller

                                    Council Member Dave Mochinski


Staff Present:                        Brent Mareck, City Administrator

                                    Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer

                                    Mike Henrich, Chief of Police

                                    Dave Meyer, Maintenance Lead

                                    Jamie Stotko, Maintenance Lead


I.            Call To Order


Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.


II.            Updates


            Mareck gave updates on the following:

A.             Resident Survey


Mareck asked the City Council if they had any additional questions that they would want presented in the survey.  The City Council provided Mareck with their recommendations. 


Mareck will prepare a final draft of the survey and present it to the City Council at a future meeting.


B.             Vollmer Room Rental


Mareck presented some proposed amendments to the Vollmer Room Rental Policy.


1.     Mareck recommended that the policy state that the need for a monitor depends on the number of participants in attendance at the event for which the room is being rented.


Ollig recommended that the city not have a monitor and do a complete physical inspection of the city hall before the scheduled event and then an inspection afterwards.  Any damage to the building would be the responsibility of the room rental applicant.


Mayor Stotko recommended that there not be a monitor and the Winsted Police Department make an appearance at the event periodically throughout the day.


2.     Mareck also recommended that the room not be divided when renting it for events and just be rented as one large room.  The City Council discussed Mareck’s recommendation and agreed.


3.     Mareck stated that the policy should be amended to require that rental deposits are paid by credit card only.  This would allow the city to successfully collect for any damages to the facility.


Mochinski recommended that the rental application have a line that asks the renter how many people are going to be in attendance at their event.


C.             Baird property.

D.             Vehicle Storage – 616 Shady Creek Drive


Mareck reported that the city has received complaints from residents regarding an excessive amount of vehicles parked on the property at 616 Shady Creek Drive.


Henrich recommended that the City Council consider amending an existing ordinance to restrict the number of vehicles a resident may have parked on their property.


The City Council directed Mareck to include the issue on the agenda at a regular City Council meeting for discussion.


III.            2009 Budget and Tax Levy


            Mareck presented the updated 2009 General Fund Budget and tax levy.


            The City Council discussed items to reduce and/or remove in the proposed 2009 budget to create

a zero percent (0%) increase to the 2009 tax levy.  The City Council agreed to eliminate the $5,000 increase to City Council salaries in 2009.


The City Council recommended that the City of Winsted provide an informative presentation in the Herald Journal newspaper that assist residents on how to read their 2009 proposed tax statement, and also informs them of the budget cuts the City Council decided on for the 2009 budget to create a zero percent (0%) increase in the tax levy.


Mareck stated that he will prepare a presentation for the Herald Journal newspaper and for the next regular City Council meeting.


Mochinski inquired about individual budgeted amounts in the 2009 budget.


IV.            City Hall


            A.            Lake Bank


Mareck presented photographs of the lake bank washout and bank destabilization behind the new city hall.


Mareck stated that Short Elliott Hendrickson, Incorporated (S.E.H.) is the engineering firm for the Cuningham Group and they are recommending that the best long-term solution to repairing the lake bank would be to install a storm sewer drain.


Mochinski suggested that the city obtain a written recommendation from S.E.H. stating that a storm sewer drain should be installed.


The City Council agreed that Greystone Construction Company should be responsible for the cost of installing a storm sewer drain.


            B.            Amphitheater


Mareck reported that the slope for the amphitheater concrete walks is incorrect and will be removed and the concrete re-poured by Greystone Construction Company.


            C.            Railings


Mareck stated that the city’s building inspector, Rob Beckfeld, Metro West Inspection Services, Incorporated is requiring that railings be installed along the steps in the front of the building.  The City Council recommended that the city’s local companies be allowed to bid on the project.





V.            Winsted Municipal Airport


Mareck gave an overview of items discussed at the Winsted Municipal Airport’s November 10th, 2008 Airport Commission meeting.


Mareck informed the City Council of future issues that will be presented at a regular City Council meeting:

1.     Proposed 2009 airport improvement project.

2.     The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) possible discontinuance of the annual grant funding of $150,000.


VI.            Adjourn


Ollig motioned to adjourn.  Quast seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.




Respectfully submitted,




Deborah R. Boelter

City Clerk-Treasurer

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