Winsted City Council Minutes

City of Winsted
City Council Work Session
Conference Room – Lewis Room
February 17, 2009
5:00 p.m.
Present: Mayor Steve Stotko
Council Member Tom Ollig
Council Member Bonnie Quast
Council Member Tom Wiemiller
Council Member Dave Mochinski
Staff Present: Brent Mareck, City Administrator
Dave Meyer, Public Works Lead
Amanda Zeidler, Utility Billing & Payroll Clerk
I. Call to Order
Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.
Chad Engel, Fire Chief for the Winsted Volunteer Fire Department, was present to discuss the
Voluntary Fitness Program sponsored by the City of Winsted.
II. 2008 / 2009 LGA
The City Council discussed the State of Minnesota’s proposed Local Government Aid (LGA) cuts
for 2008 and 2009. Mareck presented alternatives that should be considered to take away future
budgetary obligations to the General Fund Reserve.
III. 2010 LGA / Preliminary Budget
Mareck presented a list of proposed budget cuts for 2010. The City Council discussed the
rationale and projected impact of the budget cuts.
IV. 320 Westgate Drive
Mareck informed the City Council that the contracted Building Inspector, Rob Beckfeld of Metro
West Inspection Services, Incorporated has been in contact with the owner of 320 Westgate
Drive regarding the existing condition of the property. Harold Entinger, the owner of this property,
has informed Mareck and Beckfeld of the options he has researched to renovate the property.
V. City Hall Update
Mareck gave an update regarding the letter sent to Greystone Construction Company, which
discussed issues relating to the finalization of the new City Hall project and the City’s formal
requirements of Greystone Construction Company for the release of their existing retainer.
Mareck is in contact with Greystone Construction Company and working toward a prompt
VI. Planning for 2009 Council/Staff Retreat
Mareck gave the option of Thursday, March 26th or Thursday, April 2nd to hold the 2009
Council/Staff Retreat. Council members will review their schedules and contact Mareck to
confirm a date.
VII. Updates
There were no updates.
VIII. Adjourn
Quast motioned to adjourn. Ollig seconded. Motion carried 5-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Amanda J. Zeidler
Utility Billing & Payroll Clerk

City of Winsted
City Council Meeting
Council Chambers
February 17, 2009
6:00 p.m.
Present: Mayor Steve Stotko
Council Member Bonnie Quast
Council Member Tom Ollig
Council Member Tom Wiemiller
Council Member Dave Mochinski
Staff Present: Brent Mareck, City Administrator
Amanda Zeidler, Utility Billing & Payroll Clerk
Fran Eggert, City Attorney
1) Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
a) The Pledge of Allegiance was taken.
2) Consent Agenda
Ollig motioned to adopt the Consent Agenda as presented. Quast seconded. Motion
carried 5-0.
a) Minutes - City Council Work Session – February 3, 2009
Accepted the minutes of the City Council Work Session of February 3, 2009.
b) Minutes – Regular City Council Meeting – February 3, 2009
Accepted the minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of February 3, 2009.
c) Board of Review
Scheduled the annual Local Board of Appeal meeting for Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 5:00
p.m. at the Winsted City Hall Council Chambers to provide a fair and objective forum for
City of Winsted property owners to appeal their valuation or classification.
d) In–Squad Computer System – Police Department
Authorized a lease payment of $7,293.02 to McLeod County for in-squad computer
e) Mosquito Control – Clarke Environmental
Authorized an agreement with Clarke Environmental for mosquito control services for
f) Gambling Permit – Crow River Ducks Unlimited
Approved a gambling permit for Crow River Ducks Unlimited, with no waiting period, to
hold a raffle at The Blue Note Ballroom, 320 – 3rd Street South, on April 14, 2009.
g) Public Notice – Winsted Municipal Airport
Approved the publication of a notice to consider the City of Winsted’s Disadvantaged
Business Enterprise (DBE) overall goal of 3.30% for the Federal Fiscal Year 2009/2010
for airport improvement projects which are funded, at least in part, by a Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) grant.
h) Building Permit Report – January, 2009
Approved the January, 2009 Building Permit report as presented.
i) Financial Report – January, 2009
Approved the January, 2009 Financial report as presented.
j) Police Department Report – January 2009
Approved the January, 2009 Police Department report as presented.
k) Claims
Approved the Claims List for February 17, 2009 as presented.
3) No Public Hearings.
4) No Old Business.
5) New Business
a) Library Board Presentation
A report and presentation was given by Julie Guggemos from the Winsted Library Board.
She mentioned the Winsted Public Library is part of the Pioneerland Library System.
Guggemos also handed out a brochure listing the Library’s programs and annual events.
Guggemos reviewed the Library Profile with the City Council. She stated that use of the
library has increased due to the state of the economy. Guggemos informed the City
Council that the Library’s 2009 Budget has not been affected by budget cuts from the
State of Minnesota; however, 2010 may be different. She stated that the Library Board
funds the Summer Reading Program and contributes money to the Library’s book budget.
The Winsted Library Board has been in existence since December 1975. Ollig thanked
Guggemos and the Library Board for their work. Mayor Stotko told them to “keep up the
good work.”
b) Drainage – 470 5th Street North
Reviewed a request for the installation of a storm drain by Mary Pawelk of 470-5th Street
North. The property is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Fairlawn
Avenue and 5th Street North. In addition, a commercial lease building and the Winsted
Motel border the property to the west.
The property owner contacted the city on February 10, 2009 and requested that the water
in the area be pumped out by the City of Winsted Public Works Department or Winsted
Volunteer Fire Department. The City acknowledged the “ponding” of the water, but
denied the request because the issue was not being caused by a City storm sewer or
street. The property owner questioned the City’s liability of allowing standing water;
however, the condition exists on private property and is not created from any deficiency
in the City’s infrastructure.
Mareck informed the City Council that the City has pumped out the area in the past, due
to a concern of emergency flooding during a summer storm.
Mareck advised the City Council of two (2) options to respond to the request. The first
option is to take no action. The second option is to direct the City Engineer, Jake
Saulsbury of Bolton and Menk, Incorporated, to research and specify a drainage
correction for the property.
Mareck stated the “ponding” on the property is not a result of an overflow problem with a
storm water drain or street runoff. He also stated that the City does not usually become
involved in drainage issues regarding private property. The City’s involvement in
correcting this drainage concern would cause the expense of additional work and
resources throughout the City on other privately owned properties with similar
Mareck will review the Winsted Planning Commission minutes to see if there is a
statement requiring the installation of a drainage system when the Car Wash building
was constructed. Mareck will report back to the City Council with any findings.
c) 2009 Property and Casualty Insurance Premium
Mareck informed the City Council that the City recently received their renewal notice for
their 2009 Property and Casualty insurance premium from the League of Minnesota
Insurance Trust (LMCIT). As a result of market rate increases, the City’s premium has
increased $5,856 in 2009. Mareck stated that this increase is not specific to cities and/or
to the LMCIT. Most commercial policy premiums have increased significantly in 2009.
Mareck stated the City of Winsted could consider increasing their deductible to reduce
the 2009 premium cost. The LMCIT recommends retaining more risk when it comes to a
deductible. For most cities, a deductible of at least $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000 will make
more sense economically. The City of Winsted’s deductible has been $250 for many
Mareck presented the following breakdown of the cost to the City of Winsted with the
deductible options of $250, $500, and $1,000.
Premium Paid Deductible
Paid Out
Paid Out
2008 $53,224 $500 $53,724
2007 $53,558 $1,250 $54,808
2006 $54,611 $1,250 $55,861
Premium Paid Deductible
Paid Out
Paid Out
2008 $53,224 $2,000 $55,224
2007 $53,558 $5,000 $58,558
2006 $54,611 $5,000 $59,611
2009 Estimate
Deductible Premium Paid Deductible Paid Out
(Average Four
Per Year)
Total Paid
$250 $59,080 $1,000 $60,080
$500 $57,257 $2,000 $59,257
$1,000 $55,955 $4,000 $59,955
Mareck stated the City has had an average of four (4) claims per year from 2006 to 2008.
Calculating the premium savings with the possibility of four (4) claims in 2009, the City
would have the lowest premium with the option of $500 deductible per occurrence.
Premium Paid Deductible
Paid Out
Paid Out
2008 $53,224 $1,000 $54,224
2007 $53,558 $2,500 $56,058
2006 $54,611 $2,500 $57,111
Mochinski motioned to increase the City of Winsted’s Property and Casualty
insurance deductible to $500 per occurance. Wiemiller seconded. Motion carried
d) 2009 Citizen Survey Presentation
Mareck presented results of the 2009 City of Winsted Citizen Survey. He stated the
results will be posted on the City’s website.
Mochinski recommended the City issue a survey in January of each year. Ollig stated
that the City of Winsted residents who completed the Citizen Survey should be
congratulated. Stotko stated the results will be used by the City Council and staff to set
goals for the City.
e) Water Main Improvement – Grass Lake Farms & Westgate
City Engineer, Jake Saulsbury made a presentation for water main improvements in the
Grass Lake Farm and Westgate Additions. Saulsbury stated that the Westgate
neighborhood is not looped and consists entirely of six (6) inch water mains and typically,
new designs consist of an eight (8) inch minimum diameter for main lines. To the South,
Grass Lake Farm has since begun to develop. This development is currently served with
an eight (8) inch line that crosses Main Avenue at Westgate Drive.
Saulsbury stated the Grass Lake Farm development, south of Main Avenue and
additional developments to the south and west, will ultimately be served with a ten (10)
inch trunk line that connects to the ten (10) inch trunk line along County Road One (1);
however, a portion of this water main has not been installed, resulting in Grass Lake
Farm being an extension of the Westgate neighborhood and not being looped.
Saulsbury presented two options that would provide a looped water system. The options
are as follows:
Option A – Extend a ten (10) inch water main from Mallard Avenue and
Seventh Street to County Road One (1). This connection will
loop both the Grass Lake Farm and Westgate communities and
is ultimately needed to serve additional developments south and
west of the Grass Lake Farm development. This construction
would be open trench except for the portion under County Road
One (1). The length of the water main would be approximately
400 feet. The estimated project cost is $45,000.
Option B - Connect to the six (6) inch stub at the intersection of County
Road One (1) and Main Avenue and install an eight (8) inch line
along the south side of Main Avenue. This line would then
connect to the eight (8) inch line across from Westgate Drive.
The construction would all be open trench, including the portion
under the east end of Main Avenue. The length of the water
main would be approximately 1,000 feet. No easements are
anticipated to be needed. The estimated project cost is $70,000.
Saulsbury recommended Option A, in order for the City to address the water system
deficiencies in this area. He stated that is the more cost effective solution for providing a
looped system and it would allow for additional development to occur; however, an
easement is necessary and is likely the reason why it was not constructed previously.
Option B provides for a looped system for the Westgate neighborhood only. It would
increase water flow to the south, but it still would not provide for a looped system for the
Grass Lake Farm neighborhood. If Option B would be constructed, Option A would be
recommended in the future before additional development occurs.
Mareck stated that typically the City would require the developer to finish the project;
however, since its conception, the property has been turned back to Flagship Bank of
Winsted. He also stated that there may be a funding option available through Flagship
Bank of Winsted.
Wiemiller motioned to authorize plans and specifications for water main
improvement in Grass Lake Farms and Westgate. Ollig seconded. Motion
carried 5-0.
6) Department Report
a) City Engineer
Jake Saulsbury, City Engineer, Bolton and Menk, Incorporated reported on the following:
Winsted Municipal Airport Master Plan
2008 Construction Project for the Airport beacon and windcone.
2009 Construction Project for Airport taxi-lane reconstruction and drainage
Water Supply Plan
Saulsbury stated that all cities with a population over 1,000 are required to have
a Water Supply Plan approved by the Minnesota Department of Natural
Resources (DNR).
Grass Lake Road Utility Service
Public Works Drainage
Shady Creek Addition Improvements
Economic Stimulus Funds
Saulsbury stated that the anticipated economic stimulus/recovery bill may
provide a funding source for potential infrastructure projects. He informed the
City Council that funding for water or wastewater improvements appears to be
more likely. He recommended that the City identify a project to be placed on the
Public Facilities Authority (PFA) Project Priority List (PPL).
Ollig and Mochinski asked Mareck and Saulsbury to research the potential
funding and begin making preparations to apply for the funding.
7) No Open Forum.
8) No Announcements.
9) Adjourn
Quast motioned to adjourn. Mochinski seconded. Motion carried 5-0. Meeting adjourned
at 7:10 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Amanda J. Zeidler
Utility Billing & Payroll Clerk

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