Winsted City Council Minutes

City of Winsted
City Council Work Session
Conference Room – Lewis Room
August 18, 2009
5:00 p.m.
Present: Mayor Steve Stotko
Council Member Bonnie Quast
Council Member Dave Mochinski
Council Member Tom Wiemiller
Absent: Council Member Tom Ollig
Staff Present: Brent Mareck, City Administrator
Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer
I. Call To Order
Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.
II. Landscape Escrow – Ordinance Amendment
Mareck presented a proposal for an ordinance amendment that would include a landscape
escrow to be deposited with the City at the time a building permit is issued for a new home or
business. The landscape escrow would be a tool to help address the issue of yards not being
established. The City Council discussed and directed Mareck to proceed with the ordinance
III. Investment Policy
Mareck presented a proposed Investment Policy. The City Council directed Mareck to prepare
the Investment Policy for approval at a future City Council meeting.
IV. Water Supply Plan – Conservation Rate
Mareck presented a letter from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR)
regarding the City of Winsted’s Water Supply Plan and the issues that they have asked the City to
address, including required water conservation rates. The City Council discussed the MN DNR
letter and directed Mareck to proceed accordingly.
V. Updates
a) Street Repair - Zion Avenue and Lake Drive South Intersection
Mareck presented the quotes he received to repair the street at the south intersection of
Zion Avenue and Lake Drive.
b) Mill Reserve Park – South Entrance
Mareck presented a proposal from the Public Works Department to pave the south
entrance road into Mill Reserve Park.
The City Council discussed and proposed different options for the City staff to
consider and research.
c) Mill Reserve Park – Portable Toilet
The City Council discussed the installation of the concrete slab in Mill Reserve Park for
the portable toilet and would like to postpone the project until 2010.
The City Council also discussed the placement of a permanent bathroom at Mill Reserve
d) Employee Meeting – August 18, 2009
Mareck gave the City Council an overview of the Employee meeting that was held on
Tuesday, August 18, 2009.
Mareck stated that the employees would like the City to continue their Short Term and
Long Term Disability and Life Insurance coverage. The City Council directed Mareck to
evaluate and adjust the 2010 proposed budget to include the aforementioned benefits.
e) Winsted Municipal Airport – Sky Diving Operation
Mareck stated that he has contacted several other Minnesota airports that have Sky
Diving Operations and he has received positive comments from the airport managers.
VI. Adjourn
Quast motioned to adjourn. Wiemiller seconded. Motion carried 4-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Deborah R. Boelter
City Clerk-Treasurer

City of Winsted
City Council Meeting
Council Chambers
August 18, 2009
6:00 p.m.
Present: Mayor Steve Stotko
Council Member Bonnie Quast
Council Member Dave Mochinski
Council Member Tom Wiemiller
Absent: Council Member Tom Ollig
Staff Present: Brent Mareck, City Administrator
Deb Boelter, City Clerk-Treasurer
Mike Henrich, Chief of Police
Justin Heldt, Police Officer
Dan Pohl, Police Officer
Mike Mensen, Police Officer
Dave Meyer, Maintenance Lead
John Schlechter, Public Works Department
Fran Eggert, City Attorney
1) Mayor Stotko called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
a) The Pledge of Allegiance was taken.
2) Consent Agenda
Quast motioned to adopt the Consent Agenda as presented. Mochinski seconded.
Motion carried 4-0.
a) Minutes - City Council – Work Session – August 4, 2009
Accepted the minutes of the City Council Work Session of August 4, 2009.
b) Minutes – Regular City Council Meeting – August 4, 2009
Accepted the minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of August 4, 2009.
c) Operation and Maintenance Agreement – People Service, Incorporated
Approved a one (1) year extension with a reduction in monthly fees from $12,477 to $12,390
and a reduction in the annual maintenance budget from $14,071 to $13,973.
d) Professional Services Agreement – Cuningham Group Architecture
Approved a Professional Services Agreement with Cuningham Group Architecture for
miscellaneous design services.
e) Alcohol Compliance Check Grant – Minnesota Institute of Public Health
Approved the Alcohol Compliance Check Grant agreement between the City of Winsted and
The Minnesota Institute of Public Health. This grant will pay for the costs associated with
doing alcohol compliance checks.
f) Salary Step Increase – Justin Heldt, Police Officer
Authorized a salary step increase for Police Officer, Justin Heldt.
g) Salary Step Increase – John Schlechter, Public Works Department
Authorized a salary step increase for Public Works Department Employee, John Schlechter.
h) Resolution R-09-15 – Blight Abatement – 121 Main Avenue West
Adopted Resolution R-09-15 certifying blighting conditions at 121 Main Avenue West and
ordering their abatement by means of contracted removal by the City of Winsted.
i) July, 2009 Financial Report
Approved the July, 2009 Financial Report as presented.
j) July, 2009 Building Permit Report
Approved the July, 2009 Building Permit Report as presented.
k) Claims
Approved the Claims List for August 18, 2009 in the amount of $206,784.07, check numbers
7895-7907, 500354E and 15639-15698.
Mayor Stotko presented John Schlechter with a Certificate of Appreciation for his five (5) years of service
to the City of Winsted.
Mayor Stotko and Chief Henrich presented Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification pins to
Officer Justin Heldt and Officer Dan Pohl for their completion of the EMT program.
3) Public Hearings
a) Background Check – Ordinance O-09-07
Mareck presented the proposed Background Check Ordinance O-09-07.
Chief Henrich addressed the City Council regarding the need for the Background Check
Ordinance. Henrich explained that the City is required to have specific wording in their
ordinance that allows for background checks when necessary. The City’s current wording in
the Background Check Ordinance does not meet the requirements of the Minnesota
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (MN BCA) so they are unable to complete a
background check for the Winsted Police Department. The proposed ordinance contains the
wording required by the MN BCA.
Wiemiller motioned to adopt Ordinance O-09-07 establishing authorization to conduct
background checks. Quast seconded. Motion carried 4-0.
Quast motioned to close the Public Hearing. Wiemiller seconded. Motion carried 4-0.
4) No Old Business.
5) New Business
a) Squad Car – Capital Expenditure
Henrich stated that the City Council reviewed and requested that quotes be obtained to
replace the 2003 squad car. A replacement purchase was approved in the City’s Capital
Equipment Plan.
Three (3) area Ford dealerships were provided with specifications for the new squad car: Holt
Motors-Cokato, Minnesota; Waconia Ford-Waconia, Minnesota and Jay Malone Motors-
Hutchinson, Minnesota. The squad car specifications were the same as used as in previous
Henrich presented the quotes:
1. Holt Motors - $22,002
2. Jay Malone Motors – No quote submitted.
3. Waconia Ford - $21,257
All quotes include the trade in of the 2003 squad car.
The Capital Equipment Fund would finance this purchase, which has an approximate fund
balance of $98,000.
Mochinski motioned to authorize the purchase of a squad car, as specified, for $21,257
from Waconia Ford. Quast seconded. Motion carried 4-0.
b) Trail Construction – Southview Park
Mareck stated that a 310 feet long by eight (8) feet wide trail has been proposed for
Southview Park. The construction of this trail section accomplishes a major goal from the
City’s Master Trails Plan. The trail section is the first step in creating an improved entrance
into the City of Winsted from the Luce Line Trail and will be followed up by a proposed
signage plan, which will lead trail users through downtown Winsted and eventually to the
west end of the Luce Line Trail.
In addition, the City’s trail plan indicates a future plaza to be constructed in Southview Park
with landscaping and a seating area for trail users, which has been proposed in the 2010
Mareck also stated that the trail section also provides handicapped access to Southview
Park’s playground equipment. Currently, there are no curb cuts leading into the park that
provide a hard surfaced access point to the playground equipment.
Mareck contacted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) regarding the
current signage and seating areas near the trailhead, which are verging on dilapidation. The
MN DNR has signed off on having the signs removed and has agreed to work with the City
on the future development of this site.
Mareck presented the two (2) quotes the City obtained to construct the trail connection:
1. K.A. Witt - $7,250
2. Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix - $9,550
The major price difference is attributable to K.A. Witt having the equipment currently in the
City to construct the Winsted Municipal Airport taxi-way project.
The City currently has a balance in its Trail Fund of approximately $13,500 and the Park
Fund of approximately $23,000. The proposed financing for this project would be a 50/50
split between the Park and Trails fund.
Mareck stated that the Park Commission recommended unanimously that the City Council
proceed with the trail construction project.
Quast motioned to authorize K.A. Witt to construct a trail in Southview Park for $7,250.
Wiemiller seconded. Motion carried 4-0.
c) Blight Ordinance – Establish Public Hearing
Mareck stated that the City of Winsted’s Blight Ordinance is used as a tool by the City to
ensure minimum property maintenance standards in the community. The existence of blight
tends to encourage rodents, cause a reduction in property values, and increase a
neighborhood’s susceptibility to crime.
The City has performed a review of the existing Blight Ordinance in an attempt to better
define what should be considered as blight. In addition, the review allowed for an evaluation
of enforcement procedures, which gave the City an opportunity to make the process more
Mareck also stated that the proposed amendments also clarify the City’s ability to remove
blighting material on a property and assess those charges to a property owners taxes. This
enforcement procedure is a less expensive route to correct blighting conditions, as opposed
to the expense of prosecuting a blight charge through the court system.
Mareck presented the proposed amendments to the Blight Ordinance.
Wiemiller motioned to establish a Public Hearing for September 15, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. to
consider amendments to the Blight Ordinance. Mochinski seconded.
Motion carried 4-0.
d) Fairlawn Circle – Engineers Report
City Engineer Jake Saulsbury, Bolton and Menk, Incorporated presented his report on the
general street integrity concerns on Fairlawn Circle:
The existing street is forty (40) feet wide with a seventy-five (75) feet diameter cul-de-sac at
the west end. The 2007 Comprehensive Street Inventory indicates the pavement rating as a
five (5) of six (6). Rating five (5) indicates a poor road condition with noticeable cracking
throughout the roadway and significant areas of pavement depressions, bumps, and sags.
The condition of the street has worsened since this inventory. The previous recommended
options for improvement were pavement reclamation or complete reconstruction. This report
also identified the sanitary sewer between Linden Avenue and Fairlawn Avenue as a problem
area. Flooding has been reported near the intersection of Fairlawn Circle and Fairlawn
Avenue. This situation was evaluated for the City Council in October, 2008.
Sanitary Sewer:
1. The line discussed in the 2007 Street Inventory runs from Linden Avenue across Fairlawn
Circle to Fairlawn Avenue. The alignment generally runs through yards and green space
between Linden Avenue and Fairlawn Avenue.
2. A high instance of root infiltration and/or damage is observed by the City’s Public Works
Department at this location. As a result, frequent inspections and cleaning is necessary
to maintain pipe flow.
3. Based on observations of the system performance the existing pipe capacity is adequate
when the line is clean and free of obstructions.
Water Main:
1. The water main is looped in this area and no capacity issues exist.
2. The condition of the water main is believed to be in good condition.
Storm Sewer:
1. Currently, there is no subsurface storm sewer infrastructure along Fairlawn Circle.
2. Fairlawn Circle currently carries gutter flow from George Avenue East via a concrete
spillway located between the two (2) streets.
1. The existing street is forty (40) feet wide and has a seventy-five (75) feet diameter cul-desac
located at the west termini of the street. This street currently has B618 style concrete
curb and gutter.
2. The existing street pavement is in poor condition with settlements, cracked and broken
bituminous surfacing, and broken curb segments.
Saulsbury stated that the recommended method of street rehabilitation is complete
reconstruction with the inclusion of storm sewer infrastructure. For this street, Bolton and
Menk, Incorporated is not recommending the use of reclamation due to the assumed poor
existing street base condition, the poor condition of the existing curb and gutter, and the need
for storm sewer and/or drain tile. Reclamation projects are effective means of street
rehabilitation only when the existing aggregate base, subgrade soil, and concrete curb and
gutter is in good condition. The recommended street improvements include 4.5 inches of
bituminous pavement, nine (9) inches of aggregate base, geotextile fabric, B618 concrete
curb and gutter, and subsurface edge drains. A thirty-two (32) feet wide street was evaluated
as Option B for traffic calming and cost savings reasons. A width of thirty-two (32) feet
matches the newer, low volume streets located in the City. The cul-de-sac diameter of
seventy-five (75) feet was not changed for Option B.
Storm sewer improvements are recommended starting at the east end of George Avenue
continuing along Fairlawn Circle to Fairlawn Avenue. This new storm sewer will connect to
the existing system at Fairlawn Avenue. This existing system was evaluated within the
October 15, 2008 letter to the City Council. As described within the findings, the storm water
conveyance system from this intersection flows east into Lake Winsted and is currently under
sized. Consideration should be given to include one of the storm sewer improvement options
for Fairlawn Avenue with any improvement of Fairlawn Circle at an estimated cost of $17,500
to $37,500. One of the major contributions to the deterioration of the street pavement is the
ponding storm water at the intersection, especially during the spring freeze thaw cycles.
Saulsbury stated that at this time, Bolton and Menk, Incorporated is not recommending any
improvements to the water main or sanitary sewer. They do recommend having the sanitary
sewer televised to further evaluate the severity of the root infiltration or identify other
obstructions within the line. This segment of sewer could likely be rehabilitated using a
cured-in-place liner at any point in the future without impacting Fairlawn Circle. The
approximate costs for the recommended improvements outlined above are follows:
Option A: (As Is) Option B: (32 Feet Street Width)
Construction Cost: $140,000 Construction Cost: $128,000
Contingencies/Project Costs: $35,000 Contingencies/Project Costs: $32,000
Total Project Costs: $175,000 Total Project Costs: $160,000
*Any storm sewer work done on Fairlawn Avenue and any easements needed for the George
Avenue storm sewer connection will be in addition to the costs listed above.
The City Council discussed Saulsbury’s recommendations and asked him to explore other
options; specifically, reducing the scope of the project and addressing the drainage issues on
Fairlawn Avenue.
e) McLeod County Road 116 and 3rdand 4th Streets – Engineers Report
Saulsbury presented the City Council with information regarding improvements to Third
Street South and McLeod County Road 116. Improvements to McLeod County Road 116 cannot
be performed by the City, but are included in the presentation as a possible starting point for
discussions relating to a turn back project with McLeod County.
Third Street South:
The segment of Third Street South identified for improvements is from Sherman Avenue to
Baker Avenue. This segment of street was originally constructed prior to 1968. The existing
street is approximately thirty-four (34) feet wide. The only curb and gutter currently installed
along this segment of Third Street is on the east side from what would be Arthur Avenue to
Sherman Avenue. The 2007 Comprehensive Street Inventory indicates the pavement rating
as a four (4) of six (6). Rating four (4) indicates salvageable pavement condition with noticeable
cracking and some areas of pavement depression, bumps, and sags. Bituminous overlay with
the addition of curb and gutter has been identified as a possible improvement method for this
segment of Third Street.
McLeod County Road 116:
McLeod County Road 116 starts as Sherman Avenue from Second Street to Third Street,
continues along Third Street from Sherman Avenue to Albert Avenue, follows Albert
Avenue to Fourth Street and then travels along Fourth Street to Linden Avenue. These segments
of street were also constructed prior to 1968 and the widths vary. This street has a pavement
rating of four (4) to five (5).
Findings and Recommendations
Third Street South:
Existing drainage patterns as well as existing ground elevations and slopes were evaluated in
order to check the feasibility of adding new concrete curb and gutter in this area. Based on
our preliminary assessment of the area new curb and gutter could be installed without
adversely affecting drainage patterns. Minor storm sewer additions are required to make this
work. The existing drainage where there currently is no curb and gutter is generally away
from the street except for the east side near Baker Avenue. In this location a yard drain will
need to be added to collect water which will not drain to the street. There is also a damaged
tile line at the northwest quadrant of Third Street and Baker Avenue that needs to be repaired
and connected to the proposed storm sewer.
The proposed street improvements include a two (2) inch feather mill along outer edge of the
street, installation of concrete curb where none currently exists, and two (2) inch bituminous
The project costs to install the concrete curb & gutter is proposed to be assessed to the
adjacent property owners. The project costs for the mill & overlay and storm sewer
improvements are proposed to be City costs. The estimated costs for these improvements
are as follows:
Assessable Costs (Curb & Gutter) Estimated Assessment Roll
Construction Cost: $10,000 Five Star Holding LLC $8,625
Contingencies/Project Costs: $2,500 Southwest Sales & Leasing Inc. $3,875
Total Assessable Costs: $12,500 Total Assessable Costs: $12,500
Non-Assessable City Costs (Street & Storm)
Construction Cost: $52,000
Contingencies/Project Costs: $13,000
Total City Costs: $65,000
Total Project Costs
Assessable Costs: $12,500
City Costs: $65,000
Total Project Costs: $77,500
McLeod County Road 116:
The remaining proposed street improvements are located along a McLeod County highway and
are not under the jurisdiction of the City. These recommended improvements include a two (2)
inch feather mill along outer edge of the street, spot curb repair, and two (2) inch bituminous
overlay. In areas of increased pavement deterioration, it is also recommended to reconstruct
portions of the base of the street as well. The estimated cost for these improvements is as
Construction Cost: $240,000
Contingencies/Project Costs: $60,000
Total Project Costs: $300,000
These recommended improvements should be considered as a minimum amount of work
performed by McLeod County prior to the street being turned back to the City. Also, it is
recommended to conduct evaluations of the sewer and water lines under the McLeod County
highway before any work is performed. Any repairs and/or upgrades needed to the municipal
utilities should be completed before the street work and would be a City expense.
Mareck asked the City Council if he should continue negotiations with McLeod County regarding
Saulsbury’s recommendations for McLeod County Road 116 and 3rd and 4th Streets. The City
Council stated yes.
6) Department Report
a) City Engineer
Jake Saulsbury, Bolton and Menk, Incorporated, reported on the following:
Airport Improvements:
Several items related to the airport are underway. To follow is a summary of these items:
• Airport Master Plan:
1. Draft Master Plan has been presented and adopted by the Airport
Commission and the City Council.
2. The Airport Layout Plan (ALP) update is underway.
• 2009 Construction Project for Taxi Lane Reconstruction and Drainage
1. Project was awarded to KA Witt Construction in April, 2009.
2. Construction commenced on July 14, 2009 and will be completed by
August 31, 2009.
3. The airport is currently closed and is anticipated to be opened August 28,
• Miscellaneous Items:
1. A memo was sent in response to a proposal from Skydive Twin Cities to
consider allowing skydiving operations at the Winsted Municipal Airport.
Water Supply Plan:
All Cities with a population over 1,000 are required to have a Water Supply Plan
approved by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR). To follow is
what has been completed to date for the City of Winsted:
• Submitted the plan to the MN DNR in August, 2008. Comments were received
from the MN DNR in June, 2009.
• Working on gathering the necessary data to respond to the comments.
Grass Lake Farm Water main Extension:
This project is to loop the water main system and provide better water pressure and fire
flows for the Westgate neighborhood and the Grass Lake Farm neighborhood.
• The project was awarded to Juul Contracting of Hutchinson, Minnnesota.
• Construction is completed and all tests have passed.
• Contract will remain open until the turf restoration is adequate and approved, fall
of 2009 or spring of 2010.
Wastewater System Facility Plan:
The primary goal in developing the Wastewater System Facility Plan is to develop a
working plan for meeting the current and future wastewater conveyance and treatment
needs for the City of Winsted.
• This document will evaluate the options for phosphorus removal. This issue is
the most significant item to be included in the City’s new discharge permit.
• This document is required by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The
deadline is March of 2010.
• Requests for information have been made to People Service, Incorporated and to
the City of Winsted.
Pavement Management Plan (PMP):
The purpose of the PMP is to maintain serviceable infrastructure capable of meeting the
needs of the City in a reliable and cost effective manner. The program will guide uniform
evaluation of facilities and establish priorities based on need and community benefit.
• Preliminary mapping and cost estimates have been completed.
• The next step is the creation and adoption of an assessment policy.
Miscellaneous Items:
• The previously submitted water main project is on the 2010 Project Priority List
and is in the fundable range of projects through the Public Facilities Authority.
• Evaluation for providing municipal water to the Winstock Country Music Festival
site has been submitted.
• Evaluation for Third Street South improvements (storm sewer repair and addition
of curb) and the overlay of McLeod County Road 116 has been submitted.
• Evaluation for street improvements to Fairlawn Circle has been submitted.
7) No Open Forum.
8) No Announcements.
9) Adjournment
Quast motioned to adjourn. Mochinski seconded. Motion carried 4-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Deborah R. Boelter
City Clerk-Treasurer

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