Winsted City Council Minutes


JAN. 4, 2000


7 P.M.

Present: Floyd Sneer, Jeff Albers, Tom Wiemiller, Gary Lenz, Bob Kegler

Staff: Attorney Eggert, Aaron Reeves, Betty Zachmann

Mayor called the meeting to order.

Lenz motioned to approve the minutes of Dec. 21st as written, Albers seconded, unanimously carried.

Proposed water tower lease was tabled.

Newly hired Scott Rehmann, appeared before the council for introduction.

Afler discussion, Lenz motioned to adopt Ordinance No. 00-01, Related to absence at meetings by Plan. Commission members. Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Health Insurance Options for employees was reviewed. Discussion was held regarding costs and comparisons. Albers motioned to purchase health insurance (Preferred Gold, Limited, BCBS) through Midland Ins. Company, effective Feb. 1, 2000. Lenz seconded, unanimously carried.

Vacation, sick days, banking of both, pay outs, etc., were discussed at length. No action taken, tabled for next meeting.

Employee Tim Kosek, at the last meeting, had been denied request for increase of salary due to his obtaining a water license. After more discussion with Supervisor Radtke, Wiemiller motioned to increase his salary by $.25 per hour, which will decrease his increase next year, under the step system. Kegler seconded, unanimously carried. It was noted that in the future, no increases will be given for employees upon completion of additional schooling, since the salary step system would include those costs.

Don Guggemos was present with a request to find a solution to fixing the sanitary sewer line on Fairlawn, that continues to be obstructed. The City has selected to install a liner, but this can't be done now, due to the need of warmer weather. Other relief will be sought.

With recommendation from the Mayor, Kegler motioned to appoint the following for 2000:

Deputy Mayor & Pl Com Liaison ­ Gary Lenz; Parks, Streets, Util Comm. ­ Jeff Albers; Fire Board Representative ­ Tom Wiemiller; City Attorneys ­ Fran Eggert, Theis & Long; Health Officer ­ Dr. Steve Mulder; Airport Liaison ­ Bob Kegler; Fire Chief ­ Paul Herbolsheimer; Airport Commission ­ Russ Paschke, Chmn.; Brian Moorehead, Dave Millerbernd, Ralph Diers, Carol Kappel, Clyde Kaelberer; Official Newspaper ­ Winsted LP Journal; Official Depository ­ Community Bank, 4 M fund-League Mn Cities

Lenz seconded, unanimously carried.

Lengthy discussion related to the old city hall, leases, selling, repairing, library, and other uses. Bond cost estimates in the amounts of $715,000 and $1,770,000 were discussed. Council is not sure they wish to continue incurring costs from engineers and consultants at this point.

Overtime, along with exempt and non-exempt employees, was discussed. Overtime or comp. time will be given after 40 hours.

Lenz motioned to pay the following bills:

General 10248-10280 $139,260.00

Payroll 3277-3292 $ 10,457.61

Fire Dept. 3268-3275 $ 33,789.00

Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Kegler motioned to adopt Resolution No. 328-01-04-00, Providing Matching Funds for Library Accessibility Grant. Albers seconded, unanimously carried. (It was noted that the city is not committed to matching funds because of this resolution.)

Wiemiller motioned to adjourn. Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann, City Clerk-Treasurer

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