Winsted City Council Minutes



JAN. 5, 1999


Present: Don Guggemos, Gary Lenz, Bob Kegler, Tom Wiemiller, Floyd Sneer

Absent: Jeff Albers

Staff: Fran Eggert, Aaron Reeves, Betty Zachmann

Mayor Guggemos called the meeting to order.

Lenz motioned to approve the minutes of Dec. 21st as written, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Out-going Mayor Don Guggemos then swore in the newly elected Mayor Floyd Sneer. Sneer was given the Oath of Office.

Mayor Sneer then gave the Oath of Office to newly elected Tom Wiemiller and Gary Lenz.

Due to personal problem, Bonnie Foss will not be accepting the job as part-time utility clerk, Kegler motioned to re-advertise for the position, Lenz seconded, unanimously carried.

Mayor appointed the following positions for 1999:

Deputy Mayor Gary Lenz

Parks, Street, Util Comm. Jeff Albers

Fire Board Rep Martin Schauer

Fire Chief Jerry Koch

City Attorney Fran Eggert and

Theis and Long

Official Newspaper Winsted LP


Official Depository Community Bank

Winsted, 4 M Fund-League Mn. Cities

Health Officer Dr. Steve Mulder

Airport Liaison Bob Kegler

Airport Comm.- Russ Paschke,Chmn.

Brian Moorehead-Arden Johnson

Dave Millerbernd-Felix Quast,

Ralph Diers-Sherm Steffanson

Carol Kappel-Richard Logan

Tobacco Ordinance violation was tabled, and will follow procedure, notifying of violation.

Reeves reviewed with Council the security system offered by Haugdahl for the new offices. After discussion, council opted to not accept the offer.

Reeve presented options for review of Triax Cable Franchise. No response had been received from Silver Lake or Lester Prairie. Additional information will be gotten.

Wiemiller motioned to pay the following bills:

Checks 8894-8936 $246,650.46

Payroll 2867-2879 $ 9,435.76

Fire Dept. 3078-3083 $ 1,332.75

Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Lenz motioned to reimburse Clerk for office supplies, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Len motioned to adjourn, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann

City Clerk-Treasurer

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