Winsted City Council Minutes


MARCH 2, 1999


7 P.M.

Present: Floyd Sneer, Bob Kegler, Jeff Albers, Tom Weimiller, Gary Lenz

Staff: Attorney Eggert, Aaron Reeves, Rose Halloran

Mayor Floyd Sneer called the meeting to order.

Motion by Weimiller to accept the minutes of Feb. 16th meeting as written, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

H. Eugene Hippe, Mid-Minnesota Development Commission, addressed the council regarding the Comprehensive Housing Survey that could be done in conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan now scheduled by the city. He explained funding that might be made available should the Council decide to proceed with this addition to the survey already in progress. He also provided a proposed contract for the Council to review. The council took the information under advisement, but no action was requested or taken at that time.

Cynthia Moeller-Krauss presented a report on Surge protection information for the wastewater facility; costs for that protection and a recommendation of the work needed. She recommend a $500 addition on UV equipment be approved and $2,500 to replace equipment for avoiding damage on the Motor Control Center for the plant be done, but did not recommend the Systemwide suppressor for $8,000. Motion by Lenz and seconded by Kegler to approve the $3,000 to do the work she recommended to the plant for Surge Protection. Motion carried unanimously.

Cynthia also handed out a Water System Master Plan and reviewed it. This will be considered and additional information such as costs requested so that part of this project may be done in conjunction with the road resurfacing project.

She also reported that Dairy Farmers of America (previously Mid America Dairymen) will be shutting down for a few weeks in April and restarting in May, due to operational changes. This will affect revenues to the city during that time. A discussion of Usage Charges, how they are calculated, and how this reduction of revenues will affect the city, DFA charges, and customer rates. An increase in rates will be necessary, but will probably not be put into place until the third quarter billing for utilities. A rate review will be done and notices sent regarding any increase.

Gary Schott addressed the Council regarding the obtaining of exercise equipment for Police, Fire, and Ambulance employees. This request had been denied by the council last month. After much discussion, the council will not change last meeting's action because of insurance liability, but is looking into other alternatives to meet this need. Reeves will have information to report on this matter for the next Council meeting in two weeks.

Gene Hausladen asked the Council to consider taking over the Aeration costs now paid by the Lake Association. The cost would be about $1,300 to $1,500. This has been a joint effort between the city and the association, but has become too much for the association to carry financially.

A motion for the city to take over the costs of electricity and maintaining the aeration equipment starting with the next budget was made by Lenz and seconded by Kegler. Motion carried unanimously. More discussion followed about how this will be accomplished. The Lake Association will continue covering the costs until the money can be included in the budget of the year 2000.

The Mission Statement presented at the last meeting was approved without any changes.

There was a long discussion regarding sites for the New School proposal. Reeves updated the council on the proposal to be given to the Task Force on this coming Thursday. Most discussion evolved around the funding available if the building of the school was incorporated with the consolidating of the present Winsted-Howard Lake-Waverly and the Lester Prairie District and also proposed location of the new school. A motion was made by Lenz and seconded by Albers to provide $500 toward hosting an informational meeting in Winsted to have the task force and other appropriate people present all the information available on the school project and that all possible effort be made to get Lester Prairie residents and school officials to attend along with Winsted, Waverly, and Howard Lake officials and residents.

The Library lease will be redone soon. There are no issues at this time.

A motion to approve the Ducks Unlimited Gambling Permit was made by Albers and seconded by Weimiller. Motion carried unanimously.

The Mid Minnesota Housing Plan was brought up and discussed. It was decided not to pursue.

The remaining job description will be in by next meeting and can be approved at that time.

The following were added under other:

Reeves has discussed the intersection fix at County Road #1 and County Line Road with Rick at the County Highway Dept. They are willing to fix it or to reimburse the city to fix it. It would be better to include it into another project. If we want it fixed this summer, we could possibly have it done with the resurfacing project. Aaron will request a proposal from RCM on doing the work. Cost should be less than $50,000. A Joint Power Agreement will be done up with McLeod County. Curb and gutter needs were discussed and should be done before the seal coating. An estimate is in process and property owners involved will be assessed. This may be considered for the upcoming bond issue.

Reeves reported on a letter from the DNR regarding the easement for the snowmobile trail and parking lot.

Bleacher Safety was discussed. Inspection of the local bleachers has started. A copy of the proposed new State Recommended Standards was faxed to the city.

A request had been received for a wedding in Mill Reserve Park. As long as there will be no tent set up there is no problem, but since it is a public park, it can't be reserved. Other people will have access.

The City Hall Use Study Proposal was distributed to the Council.

List of bills from March 2, 1999 were approved.

Motion to Adjourn by Lenz seconded by Kegler, carried unanimously.

Rose Halloran, Acting Clerk

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