Winsted City Council Minutes


JULY 21, 1998


7 P.M.

Present: Mary Stamm, Steve Stotko, Don Guggemos, Gary Lenz, Mark Ollig, Bonnie Quast, Bob Kegler, Attorney Eggert

Mayor called the meeting to order, and then called for the Public Hearing and EDA Public Hearing for Modification of the Housing Development, Tax Increment District #4.

The Economic Development Authority (EDA) was included as part of the Public Hearing, and called to report to the City Council. Lenz motioned to appoint the Mayor as Chairman of the EDA and City Clerk as Secretary of the EDA, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Shelly Eldrich, of Ehler's and Associates was present, along with three other persons. No written comments had been received. Ms. Eldrich reviewed with the persons present, the basic process of the TIF, along with its history, goals that had been a part of the district when it began, and how the process got to the present stage. The City has submitted substantial and detailed reports to the State that must tie into the audit report.

The EDA has determined that the modification is still in compliance with the original goals, and does fall within the development plans of the City. After discussion and questions, Quast motioned to adopt Resolution No. 288-07-21-98, Adopting the Modification to the Residential Development Plan for the Residential Development District, and adopting the Modification to the Tax Increment Financing Plan for Tax Increment Financing District No. 4, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

No other business, Stotko motioned to adjourn the EDA Public Hearing, Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Mayor then called for the Public Hearing of the City Council, for modifying the Financing for the Tax Increment District No. 4. Eldrich reviewed the plan and finances that have occurred since inception in 1983. The Council found the modifications fall within the original TIF District No. 4, and within the Development Plan.

The development would not have occurred without the use of tax increment financing. The Housing Development District enhances the economic base of the City. It was noted that additional revenues were the result of lot sales within the district.

After discussion, Kegler motioned to adopt Resolution No. 289-07-21-98 Adopting the Modification to the Residential Development Plan for the Residential Development District, and adopting the Modification to the Tax Increment Financing Plan for Tax Increment Financing District No. 4, Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

No other action, Lenz motioned to close the Public Hearing and continue on with the regular City Council meeting, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Kegler motioned to accept the minutes of July 7 meeting as written, Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

Attorney Eggert reviewed with the Council, the Dairy Farmers of America (former Mid America) easement requested by Dairy Farmers. The easement consists of use of city property on the east side of the existing Maintenance Building, for entrance to Dairy Farmers Facility during its normal operations. Easement contained a 10 year lease, and right of termination with 90 day notice by either party.

After discussion, Lenz motioned to approve the Easement Agreement with Dairy Farmers of America, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Attorney Eggert discussed the annexation of several parcels of land. It was agreed to allow Eugene Ochu until Nov. 1,1998 to have the old vehicles, machinery, equipment and other metal materials removed. Upon discussion, Quast motioned to adopt Resolution No. 290-07-21-98, accepting petition for annexation of property owned by Eugene Ochu, Northern States Power, and Winsted Township (portion of Zion and Main Ave. W.), empowering the Mayor and Clerk to execute, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Discussion again centered on disappointment of McLeod County with the result of County Road # 1. A letter sent by the Chief of Police to McLeod County Highway Department Engineer, Rick Kjonnas regarding the existing marking of turn lanes, inconsistency and traffic enforcement problems with the way the road was marked was read. Many of the complaints were reiterated by Council members.

Fire Hall progress was reported. Due to some marginal soils, some excavating had to be done, and the footings were made wider than required under the specifications, which resulted in corrective recommendations of the soils reports to be waived. The Mayor signed this statement for TDJ Contracting.

The City Clerk was instructed to explore options for a City Hall, should the need occur.

Lenz motioned to pay the following bills:

Check Nos. 8301-8357 $39,807.41

Payroll Nos. 2703-2717 $8,955.70

Fire Dept. 3002-3007 $40,469.21

Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

Maintenance and Administrative Supervisors will meet with Personnel Committee for review of several employees.

Lenz and Ollig reported on action by the Planning Commission July 15 meeting, which was a Comprehensive Land Use Plan workshop. The City will be participating in a survey of heads of households within the City in the near future, at a cost of approximately $450.

Lenz requested permission to treat Winsted Lake with copper sulfate, as permitted by the DNR.

Lenz motioned to execute and enter into a Cooperative Agreement with the Minn. Historical Society in sponsoring a consulting team to study the reuse of the old City Hall, Quast seconded, unanimously carried.

Lenz motioned to approve the Amendment to the Operation and Maintenance Agreement with Peopleservice, Inc., with a monthly payment of $12,300, Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

The City will request Matt Jonson of Mid Minn. to attend a hearing at Wright County regarding the Land Use Plan for Victor Township.

After review by the City Attorney, Quast motioned to accept a contract with Watertower Paint and Repair Co., to install a handrail and a dump valve on the outside of the water tower, in the amount of $8,140, with work to possibly be done yet this fall; and to clean, prime and paint the exterior of the water towner in 1999, in the amount of $23,862. Kegler seconded the motion.

Quast motioned to adjourn the meeting, Ollig seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann, City Clerk-Treasurer

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