Winsted City Council Minutes


OCT. 5, 1999


Present: Floyd Sneer, Bob Kegler, Jeff Albers, Tom Wiemiller

Staff: Aaron Reeves, Betty Zachmann, Mike Henrich, Rose Halloran, Attorney Eggert

Absent: Gary Lenz

Mayor called the meeting to order.

Albers motioned to accept the minutes as written, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Mayor reported the salary scale previously approved was not acceptable to some employees. After discussion and with some suggestions from council members, Kegler motioned to rescind the salary scale, and instructed Reeves to decrease adjustments, and bring back to council for future action.

Henrich was present requesting increase in comparable points for Civil Defense Director, which he felt was not addressed. After review and discussion, Albers motioned to increase the position by one point to 354, which would be directly recognized for Civil Defense Director. Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Council accepted the resignation of Martin Schauer from the Planning Commission, Fire Board, Park Board and Accident Review Board, of which he has been a volunteer member for many years.

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) rate increase was discussed, due to a letter from the firm stating a lack of due process and not allowing them to present their petition. It was again stated that the design of the plant in 1986 was by request of Mid America (DFA). After review by the City Attorney, Reeves stated that under the Ordinance, 302.101, the city does have the right to increase fees as may be deemed necessary to carry out operations and maintenance of the facility. Kegler motioned to suspend the first increase installment for D.F.A. until Nov. 15th, allowing additional time for more information and discussion, Albers seconded, unanimously carried.

Upon recommendation of the Cable Board, Sneer motioned to adopt Resolution No. 322-10-05-99, consenting to approval of the transfer of the cable system and franchise from Triax Cable to Mediacom. Kegler seconded, unanimously carried. Council feels when the franchise is renewed, there should be additional requirements as part of the agreement.

Wiemiller motioned to approve a parade permit for Holy Trinity Schools for its Homecoming on Friday, Oct. 8th, at 5:30 p.m. Albers seconded, unanimously carried.

Kegler motioned to adopt Resolution No. 323-10-05-99, authorizing the execution with Minn. Dept. Of Transportation Grant Agreement for Airport Improvements in the amount of $73,000.00, ordering specifications, and advertising for bids for a dump truck and plow. Albers seconded, unanimously carried.

Kegler motioned to pay the following bills:

General 9919-9952 $58,624.36

Payroll 3152-3180 $12,898.72

Fire Dept. 3223-3226 $12,814.83

Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Council members will be attending the Regional Meeting of the League of Minn. Cities at Cokato on Oct. 28th.

Industrial park improvement construction will begin within the next week. RAM Builders will begin their building construction before winter.

It was reported that McLeod Cooperative Power Ass'n. has not completed the street lighting at Winsted on the Lake, as they had stated they would. The work was to be done in spring, then summer, then last week. With only two lights done, and no other lighting in the residential development at this time, complaints from residents, and security are an issue. A letter will be sent, noting comments.

Wiemiller motioned to adjourn, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann, City Clerk-Treasurer

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