Winsted City Council Minutes



OCT. 27, 1999


7:00 P.M.

Present: Floyd Sneer, Tom Wiemiller, Robert Kegler, Jeff Albers, Aaron Reeves, Attorney Robert Vose

Mayor Sneer called meeting to order.

Administrator Reeves gave Council a brief history on the franchise renewal process.

Attorney Vose informed the Council on the details oft he new franchise agreement.

Albers questioned the up front money and the total amounts and where additional funds could come from. Vose stated that the money could come from the increased franchise fee revenues.

Motion by Kegler to approve new cable franchise agreement with the approval to change any legal wording as long as it does not change the details discussed at the meeting. Second by Wiemiller, all approved. Motion passed.

Motion by Wiemiller to adjourn, second by Kegler, all approved.

Aaron Reeves, City Administrator

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