Winsted City Council Minutes


NOV. 1, 1999


7 P.M.

Present: Floyd Sneer, Tom Wiemiller Jeff Albers, Bob Kegler, Gary Lenz

Staff: Attorney Eggert, Aaron Reeves, Betty Zachmann

Mayor called the meeting to order.

Lenz motioned to accept the minutes of Oct. 20, as written. Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

The salary step schedule program was discussed. Employees decided on Friday, to meet with Council members Lenz and Wiemiller to discuss the salary schedule prior to the council meeting on Monday. Lenz reported that he and Wiemiller had met with the employees and it was decided the employees wanted the original proposed schedule, which had previously been unacceptable to the Police Chief and Public Works Director. Lenz and Wiemiller then recommended using the original proposed scale, giving larger increases to new employees. (Note: The City Clerk was not made aware of the employee meeting being held.) Reeves opted not to attend.

After lengthy discussion, Albers motioned to approve the second schedule proposing a 4 percent across the board increase, placing all employees into the step schedule, accepting the schedule that includes a maximum salary with new hirees to begin on the scale, and all employees will be on the step program for 2001. Sneer seconded, Albers and Sneer aye; Wiemiller, Lenz, Kegler naye; motion died for lack of majority.

Upon more discussion, Lenz motioned to approve the original salary scale, establishing maximum caps, placing all employees into the salary schedule, with new hirees beginning on the scale. Wiemiller seconded, Albers opposed, motion carried.

SEH-RCM Engr., Cynthia Moller-Krass presented to the Council and DFA members present, additional information for options of charges for wastewater fees. Albers motioned to accept Option No. 4, distributing the revenue loss in the funds, due to DFA's change in operation, to all users, with the rate of $3.58 per 1,000 G and a flat rate per quarter of $8.01, effective for DFA Nov. 1st and all other users Dec. 16, 1999. Lenz seconded, unanimously carried.

Reeves stated many plow bid specifications were sent out, but nobody could deliver by the deadline, therefore, only one bid was received. Lenz motioned to accept the bid to purchase a dump truck for $73,976.00 from V & H, Inc., including all taxes and expenses. Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Lenz motioned to put the old vehicle up for sale for parts, providing it is allowable due to the fact that the vehicle was purchased with federal and state funds. Wiemiller seconded, unanimously carried.

Quotes will be gotten for using the existing plow, and re-hooking the hydraulics and purchasing a new wing.

Reeves informed Council that the MN Historical Society had approved a matching grants fund in the amount of $50,000.00 for the City Hall, which will pay for the majority of roof replacement and a large amount of tuckpointing. (The City can use in-kind services as part of the matching funds). An application for a library grant, with a maximum of $150,000.00 has been submitted.

Dave Sherman was present to discuss the Public School issues, and the importance of uniting all three communities with the location of a possible new school. Reeves stated he had an issue with the school district committing to the community of Winsted with its existing elementary school. Persons wishing to sign the support letter could. Lenz motioned to have Reeves send a letter to HLWW school, relaying the concern of the City and its taxpayers.

A person that was interested in the Plan. Comm. replacement was told the selection had not been done yet, and was tabled until Nov. 8th.

Drug testing policy, and vehicle impound policy were tabled for more information.

Wiemiller motioned to approve the following bills:

General 10017-10053 $56,249.82

Payroll 3218-3228 $9,245.04

Fire Dept.3236-3239 $7,772.61

Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Mayor Sneer reported the complaints about having the brush site open, unattended, the past two weeks. Carpet, lumber scraps with nails, bags, and numerous other problems have been created. Lenz motioned to close the site, effective Monday, Nov. 8th, and to reinstate the permit program and specified hours as before. Albers seconded, unanimously carried.

A request for passage of a Resolution for Civil Defense was tabled. A sign for Ridgeview Clinic needs to be approved through a Conditional Use Permit.

Wiemiller motioned to adjourn, Kegler seconded, unanimously carried.

Betty Zachmann, City Clerk-Treasurer

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