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Wright County Board Minutes

SEPTEMBER 18, 2001

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Mattson, Eichelberg, Sawatzke, Jude, and Russek present.

Russek moved to approve the minutes of 9-11-01 as presented, seconded by Eichelberg, carried unanimously.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Aud./Treas. Item #6, "Tax Forfeited Land Sale" (Gruber); Item For Consid. #4, "Interest Rate, Lake Charlotte/Martha Bonding Project" (Eichelberg); Item For Consid. #5, "NACo Resolution" (Russek); Item For Consid. #6, "Refer Gravel Tax Issue To Ways & Means Committee" (Jude); Item For Consid. #7, "Transportation Alliance Meetings" (Mattson). Eichelberg moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Russek, second by Sawatzke, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as follows:


1. Performance Appraisals: L. Pulvermacher, Auditor; A. Gilbertson, Ct. Admin.; E. Adams, G. Howell, C. Engel, S. Leinonen, S. Poirier, G. Windler, Sheriff.

2. Claim, MFRA, $13,074.14 (Lake Charlotte/Martha SSD).

3. Claim, Frank Madden, $2,060.20 (Service For August).

4. Claim, Frank Madden, $3,084.60 (FLSA Audit).


1. Claim, Carlson Construction, $1,500.00 (Fund 34, Fair Sheep Barn).


1. Acknowledge Appointment, Robert Salls, Deputy Sheriff, Eff. 9-24-01 (Grade 5).

The Board addressed the request from Plowe Engineering to outlet ponds from Albertville Villas 4th Addition into Ditch 9. Present for discussion were Craig Schlichting, Plowe Engineering, and Gary Rude, Edina Development. Doug Gruber, Auditor/Treasurer, said the Board may want to address the second Auditor/Treasurer Item, "Ditch #9-Pilot Land Development" at the same time. He was informed that some of the spoils which Pilot Land Development did not take care of are on the property being developed by Plowe. He had conversations with Schlichting about removing the spoils and sloping the ditch in the area of their development. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, met with Saxton yesterday who had concern with the cleanup that was not completed by Pilot and the slope of the ditches. Between CR 118 and CR 119, the ditches are so steep that the sides are sloughing off. In 1998, the Board voted to approve cleanout of Ditch 9 by Pilot Land Development based on the following conditions:

1. Authorize Pilot to clean out the ditch in the area of its development at a .07% grade. This should restore the ditch bottom to its original level.

2. Approve of minor alignment shifts in Ditch No. 9 in the area of the development and the golf course. These shifts are acceptable as part of a repair procedure since they involve some wetland mitigation.

3. Approve placement of a lengthy culvert under the proposed road named Karston Ave. Asleson's opinion is that this culvert placement can be authorized as part of a repair procedure since it does not change the hydraulics of the ditch, and with approval of the Joint Powers Agreement with the City of Albertville, any maintenance concerns are greatly reduced.

4. Authorize signatures on the proposed Joint Powers Agreement for maintenance of County Ditch No. 9 with the City of Albertville. This agreement satisfies the concerns that the County has over the placement of the culvert noted above, since the responsibility for maintenance of that culvert would rest with the City of Albertville. In addition, the City of Albertville will be responsible for over 90% of any maintenance costs on the ditch in the future.

5. Authorize Pilot to clean out County Ditch No. 9 at a .07% grade from County Rd. 118 to County Rd. 119. Again this would restore the ditch bottom to its original levels and improve water handling capacity.

6. Authorize Pilot to clean a portion of County Ditch No. 9 south of County Rd. 119 on the Gutzwiller property. This cleanout was not originally proposed by Pilot, but was requested by the Gutzwillers and Pilot is willing to do this work to alleviate some flooding concerns that the Gutzwillers have.

The motion in 1998 also included Pilot handling all spoils pursuant to the wishes of landowners and for all work to be completed by 6-1-99. A provision was also to be added to the agreement that if the work was not completed by 6-1-99, Pilot Land Company agreed to be responsible for assessments by the County. At that time, the County entered into a Joint Powers Agreement with the City of Albertville where the City agreed to be responsible for future repairs and maintenance of the ditch. Up to that point, it had been the County's responsibility to maintain the ditch. Asleson said that Edina Development may spread some of the spoils and slope the ditches for esthetic purposes and functioning of the ditch. There are also spoils remaining on the Albertville side of the ditch which will not be removed by Edina Development.

When questioned about enforcement of the agreement with Pilot, Asleson referenced the time which had elapsed and felt it may be difficult to do so. The County does not have a ditch inspector to follow up on agreements and Saxton works in an advisory capacity. If the Board desired legal action against Pilot, Asleson said it should be done with reliable and fresh information supplied by a professional. He asked that the Board listen to the proposal of Plowe Engineering. In regard to future ditch agreements, Asleson suggested the potential of the developer posting bond to assure work is completed. In response to a question from Sawatzke, Saxton indicated that the ditch water depth could potentially reach 10' deep at times. Sawatzke was concerned with safety issues.

Schlichting said the spoil material would not be good for foundations and will be spread in other areas. For the safety of homeowners and project esthetics, he said they would be willing to reshape the ditch within their project area. Rude plans to clean the debris out of the ditch, upon Saxton's approval, but will not destroy trees.

Discussion led to St. Michael and Albertville taking responsibility of Ditch #9. Asleson said those cities are in control of approving subdivisions. However, until the cities take control of the ditch the County Board does have the ultimate approval for subdivisions outletting into Ditch #9. He suggested sending a letter to the cities indicating that the County is considering a moratorium on any future outlets to this ditch.

In response to Sawatzke, Saxton indicated that downstream waterflow concerns have not been totally resolved. By agreeing to certain criteria, he felt confident that outletting as requested would not impact negatively downstream. After further discussion, Russek moved to lay over to the next meeting the request by Plowe Engineering to outlet into Ditch 9 from Albertville Villas 4th Addition. Saxton and Asleson are to work together to draft an agreement to be presented at the next meeting. This agreement would outline all conditions. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried unanimously. The Ditch #9-Pilot Land Development issue will also be laid over to the next meeting. Eichelberg will communicate to St. Michael and Albertville that this will be placed on the Agenda.

At the request of the Board, Gruber presented information he obtained from Springsted on Forward Delivery Refunding Series 1992B and 1993A. Forward refunding is a mechanism used to achieve savings from low market interest rates when advance refunding is not an option and a call date is substantially more than 90 days away. Bonds are sold on a negotiated or competitive basis and settlement is delayed until the refunding qualifies as a current refunding. The underwriter assumes the market risk represented by the forward period and bids higher interest rates to compensate for the risk. The forward premium appears on schedules as a higher scale of interest rate. An issuer must evaluate the rates they might pay now with a forward premium added to the rates they are likely to pay when the issue becomes current. Gruber's recommendation was to hold off on refinancing due to the potential of a slow economy and the prime being lowered half of a point yesterday. At the recommendation on the Auditor and based on the information provided, Sawatzke moved not to refinance bonds with Evenson Dodge at this time. The motion includes authorizing the Auditor to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and to come back to the Board with any change in recommendation. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0. Gruber is to contract Evenson Dodge to cancel the bond sale.

Gruber informed the Board that a Tax Forfeit Land Sale will occur on 9-19-01 at 11:00 A.M. in the Government Center.

On a motion by Russek, second by Sawatzke, all voted to acknowledge the August Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said there were a few areas of concern on the revenue and expenditure side. He anticipated scheduling Budget Committee Of The Whole meetings in the near future to review the figures and how they play into the 2002 budget.

On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.

Dennis Moeller, U of M Extension Service, introduced 4-H participants. Tony Dahlman, High School Senior, spoke of his experiences at the National 4-H Conference, Washington, D.C. in April. Dahlman was one of four State youth out of 430 participants from the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. At the Wright County Fair, Dahlman also presented a 4-H project outlining his experiences at the Conference. Joe Thomas, High School Senior and Megan Thomas, High School Junior, outlined their experiences learning about how government works at the Citizen Washington Focus, Washington, D.C. Megan Thomas also participated in the Wright County Fair with a dairy goat project. Moeller distributed information summarizing the 4-H Exhibits at the 2001 County Fair. Although there were fewer members exhibiting, the number of exhibits increased. The increases were seen in dairy goats and small animal projects which is an indicator of how the population and landscape is changing. Dairy has remained the same. An increase has been realized in both sheep and pigs compared to last year. Moeller thanked the Board for their support of the sheep barn project and the Fairground improvements.

A Building Committee meeting was held on 9-12-01. Russek moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0:

Roof Condition, PWB. Hayes stated that Buetow has agreed to pay for the replacement of the existing 3" wide soffit panels with 1" clear opening continuous soffit vents at all eave areas. He will contact Engel to get an update on the project. Asleson stated he has not written to KUE Construction because he has been waiting for information from Engel. This involves the insulation problem. Engel also should be contacted to see if he has analyzed the humidity problem.

Roof Condition Report, Government Center. McDowall Company has inspected the roofs and provided a roof assessment (attached). Regular inspection and repairs will help to extend the life of these roofs. The report does not include an analysis of the Annex Building roof. It was the consensus that any routine maintenance does not need to come before the Building Committee. This does not just pertain to roof repairs. Recommendation: The roofs should be inspected every year and the report updated after each inspection.

Gas Guaranteed Savings Plan. Reliant Energy has proposed that the County enroll in their Guaranteed Savings Program. To qualify, the account must use at least 30,000 therms per year and provide a phone line connection for an automated meter reading device. Hayes feels that the County would only save a minimal amount; i.e., approximately $500. The savings does not take into consideration the installation and ongoing costs of a phone line. Recommendation: Do not join the Program at this time. Consider hiring a consultant to perform an energy audit in the future.

The Communications Committee meeting scheduled for 9-12-01 regarding Addressing Concerns was canceled as the survey work has not been completed.

A Ways & Means Committee meeting was held on 9-12-01. Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0. A summary of the minutes follows:

Encroachment By Adjacent Gravel Pit On Stanley Eddy Park: An aerial photo map update was presented. An on-site meeting was held with Mattice, Jude, Russek and Laurie Siefert-Kissner (Bauerly Bros.). A written document will be developed regarding the land arrangement settlement. Separate written agreements will be entered into regarding the issues of hours of operation and the reclamation agreement. Discussions will continue on these two issues with the intent to schedule another meeting in approximately six weeks to present finalized agreements. The recommendation was for the Surveyor's Department to survey proposed property lines and prepare a written legal description. Mattice and Bauerly Bros. will be notified when the Surveyor's Department has placed stakes marking the property lines for a final site visit. A written document on the land settlement and warranty deed will be prepared following final agreement by both parties. Zins and Salkowski will continue working on agreements in regards to hours of operation and a reclamation plan with Bauerly Bros. with the intent that these two issues can be finalized in approximately six weeks.

Sawatzke moved to schedule a Personnel Committee meeting for 10-9-01 at 10:30 A.M., seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0. The Agenda will include: 1) Discuss Home Health Aide Coordinator Position; 2) Employee ID Badges/Uniform Shirts For Custodians.

Sawatzke moved to cancel the 10-23-01 County Board Meeting due to the occurrence of five Tuesdays in October. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 5-0.

Russek referenced a memorandum received from Asleson on potentially lowering the interest rate to residents in the Lake Charlotte/Martha Subordinate Sewer District Project due to the bond rate coming in lower than expected at 4.65%. The rate projected to be charged to residents is currently at 7%. During the public hearing on the SSD, the Board discussed assessing 1.5% to 2% over the bond rate to cover administrative and maintenance costs. Russek moved to lower the interest rate to 6.5% for residents in the Lake Charlotte/Martha SSD project, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

Eichelberg referenced a draft resolution received from AMC urging counties to pass relating to the recent U.S. tragedies with regard to terrorist attacks. NACo requests that counties consider passing the resolution condemning the cowardly and deadly actions of these terrorists and supporting the President of the U.S. as he works with his national security team to defend against additional attacks, and find the perpetrators to bring them to justice. On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #01-69.

Eichelberg left the meeting at 10:15 A.M.

Jude was approached by Fred Bonk, representing small haulers, with a request for an opportunity to speak prior to the implementation of the gravel tax. Sawatzke moved to refer the gravel tax issue to the Ways & Means Committee meeting scheduled for 9-26-01, seconded by Russek, carried 4-0. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the process, enforcement and funding. Bonk will be informed of the Committee meeting.

Mattson received notice of upcoming Transportation Alliance Meetings. Meetings will be held in Rochester on October 3rd and 4th and in Jordan on November 15th. Sawatzke moved to authorize attendance by the County Board, seconded by Russek, carried 4-0.

Bills Approved

Brian Abrahamson 260.04

Allina Hospitals & Clinics 1212.70

American Institutional Supply 262.59

Ancom Technical Center 1425.95

Anderson, Pennie 100.00

Annandale Advocate 177.00

B&D Plumbing & Heating 176.00

Backes, Joe 306.68

Bakeberg, Steven 343.82

Bauerly Brothers Comp. 418,714.87

Buff'n'Glo, Inc. 273.85

Buffalo Communications, Inc. 242.09

Buffalo Hospital 6691.25

Buffalo City 611.70

Tim Cameron 125.00

Carlson Construction 1500.00

Catco Parts Service 993.45

Central MN Mental Health Cntr 687.50

Chamberlain Oil Co. 168.78

Cintas Corp No 748 240.48

Contech Construction Product 7940.40

Dales 66 170.41

Davis Construction Company 1152.50

Demarais, Richard 264.56

E-Z Flush 376.96

Eichelberg, Elmer 577.62

Engel, Dale 182.24

Enterprise-Dispatch 156.00

Ernst General Construction, Inc. 646.75

Facility Systems, Inc. 114.00

Freestyle Camera 114.95

G&K Services 1484.72

Gateway Companies, Inc. 8988.00

GCS Service, Inc. 676.09

Global Computeronis, Inc. 2074.62

Greenview, Inc. 10959.48

Greif Brothers Corporation 1122. 90

H & H Sport Shop 126.00

International Personel 545.50

J Craft, Inc. 102.22

Johnson Emergency Vehicle 889.50

Karel's Towing 169.22

KNR Communications Services 250.00

LaPlant Demo, Inc. 958.12

Lee's Farm & Garden Store 1479.54

Marco Business Products 1896.41

Mark's Standard Parts 3593.20

Masy's Corporation 2503.95

McLeod Treatment Programs 3406.07

Nathan Miller 214.51

Minnesota Corrections Ass'n 420.00

MN Counties Computer Co-op 3081.93

MN Highway Safety and Research 1176.00

MN State Auditor 8367.25

MN Viewers Association 125.00

Monticello Ford Mercury, Inc. 528.35

Office Depot 1395.91

Omni Rail Products, Inc. 9065.28

Oryans Conoco 155.00

Pats 66 136.00

Performance Office Papers 167.12

Prosource One 2694.10

Quetel Corporation 1620.00

Qwest 846.96

RDO Financial Services Co. 651.03

Record Preservation, Inc. 568.41

Reichs Foster Home 112.00

Royal Tire-St. Cloud 1241.55

Servicemaster of St. Cloud, Inc. 4305.80

Snap-On Industrial 447.24

Software House International In 233.24

Specialty Seeds, Inc. 216.00

StarTribune 453.40

Superior FCR Landfill, Inc. 198.00

Technical Solutions 300.00

Total Printing 144.84

Uniforms Unlimited 490.62

Viking Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 146.25

Waste Management TC West 378.24

Wessman Oil Co. 185.26

Western Container Company 318.17

Winsted Publishing, Inc. 532.04

Wright-Hennepin Electric 655.75

32 payments less than $100 1351.04

Final Total 530,357.97

The meeting adjourned at 10:20 A.M.

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