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Wright County Board Minutes

JANUARY 8, 2002

Doug Gruber, County Auditor/Treasurer, called the meeting to order and asked for an election of the Chairperson for the coming year. On a motion by Mattson, second by Eichelberg, all voted to elect Russek as Chairperson for 2002; and then Commissioner Russek presided at the meeting.

On a motion by Jude, seconded by Sawatzke, all voted to elect Eichelberg as Vice Chairperson for 2002.

The minutes of 12-24-01 were reviewed. Jude moved to acknowledge the minutes, seconded by Mattson. Jude referenced page 3, 3rd paragraph, last sentence, and requested that the last portion of the sentence change from "...Tom Zins brought this up at the trial" to "...Tom Zins wrote the findings of fact that were brought up at the trial." Jude then referenced the 3rd page, 3rd paragraph, 1st sentence, which reads, "Russek interjected that the only time the jury or anyone else heard anything about Wright County not wanting out of state garbage was at the trial." Jude said that the statement was not true. Jude spoke with John Baker who said the evidence was heresay by a witness who testified for Superior Landfill that either Jude or former Commissioner Rose may have said that Wright County did not want out of state garbage. Jude said Baker indicated this was the only time this issue was brought up during the trial and it may have been a setup. The other point Jude brought out was that there are no transcripts of the trial and he felt the three of them knew this. Jude said the 12-24-01 County Board minutes reflect what discussion took place at that meeting, but that some of the statements made were not true. Russek responded that he was not sure whether there were trial transcripts. His comments made at the last County Board meeting referred to the Planning Commission public hearings where no concern was raised about out of state garbage. Jude said the written statement he read was created by him and typed by the Administration Office. Sawatzke indicated that during the entire trial, a court reporter was present and assumed that was their function of being there. Sawatzke stood by the statement he made at the last meeting, and felt that those present at the trial knew the letter Jude read was the foundation of the opposition's case. He pointed out that the remainder of the Board members did not disagree with this statement. Jude thanked those who have supported his efforts. He said the minutes should stand as presented with the one correction noted. The motion carried 5-0.

On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Mattson, all voted to transfer back any unused funds in the County Attorney's Contingency Fund, the Sheriff's Contingency Fund, and the Incidental Fund to the Revenue Fund.

On a motion by Jude, second by Mattson, all voted to recall all unused clerk hire and unused budgets for 2001.

On a motion by Mattson, second by Eichelberg, all voted to set the County Board's special sessions for every Tuesday for 2002. The meetings shall be called to order at 9:00 A.M.

The Chairperson presented the 2001 list of committee memberships and asked the members of the County Board to convey their preferences and suggestions regarding committee designations for 2002. Eichelberg referenced the memorandum received from Bill Swing, MIS Director, requesting the formation of a Technology Committee to replace the Communications/911 and MIS Steering Committees. The request is to have the Technology Committee address technology issues only. Addressing and emergency services items would be referred to another committee. Swing recommended the following membership: Two County Board members, One representative from Public Works (Highway & Parks), Human Services, Land Records (Assessor, Aud./Treas., Recorder & Surveyor) and Law/Legal Services (Sheriff, Attorney, Court Services & Court Administration). Swing would also be a member of the Committee. Swing suggested that membership rotate annually so that new members are assigned from the four groups. Eichelberg requested that future items being referred to committees have more information submitted with them so it can be determined which committee should receive them. Jude moved to leave the Committee appointments the same as in 2001, noting that a Technology Committee will be formed to replace the Communications/911 and MIS Steering Committees. The appointments to the Technology Committee would be as suggested. The appointments of committees for 2002 will include having the first member named act as Chairperson of the committee and the County Coordinator act as Secretary. Alternates are designated on the committee by ( ). The following is a list of the 2002 committee appointments:


Area Transportation Planning (ATP); Mattson

Budget; Russek, Mattson, Aud./Treas., (Ex-Officio), Norman, (Sawatzke)

Budget Committee Of The Whole; All Commissioners

Building, Furniture & Equipment; Jude, Mattson (Eichelberg)

Capital Improvement/Finance Committee; Jude, Russek, Aud./Treas., Attorney, Norman (Eichelberg)

Central MN Jobs & Training Jt. Powers; Jude

Powers Board (JTPA) Workforce Center

Civil Defense; Jude, Sawatzke

Committee to Inspect Roads; All Commissioners


Committee to Inspect Ditches; Two Commissioners as appointed by Board, Aud./Treas.

Compost Finance; Russek, Sawatzke, C. Davis

County Extension Svc.; Russek, Mattson

Court Security; Mattson, Norman

Deferred Compensation; Jude, Sawatzke

Delegates to AMC; All Commissioners, Aud./Treas., Coordinator, Hwy. Engineer

Detention Facilities; Mattson, Jude, Judge Douglas, Sheriff, Court Services Director, Norman

Drug Task Force; Mattson

Forfeited Tax Sales; All Commissioners

Great River Regional Library Board; Eichelberg

Labor/Mgmt. Health Insurance Committee; Russek, Eichelberg, Coordinator (Mattson)

Labor Management/Loss Control; Mattson, Eichelberg, Coordinator, Civil Def. Dir., Spec. Proj. Admin., 1 Rep. from Teamsters/LELS, AFSCME, 49'ers and Teamsters

Law Library Board; Eichelberg

Legislative Matters; All Commissioners

Monticello Orderly Annexation Board; Sawatzke

Personnel & Employee Relations; Eichelberg, Sawatzke (Jude)

Planning & Zoning; Russek

Public Works Labor/Management; Russek, Norman (Mattson)

Purchasing Steering Committee; Eichelberg, Mattson, Purchasing Agent (Jude)

Solid Waste Task Force; Russek, Sawatzke

Technology; Eichelberg, Mattson, MIS Director, Aud./Treas., Highway Engineer, Human Services Representative, Sheriff Representative (Russek)

Transportation; Eichelberg, Mattson, Fingalson

7W Transportation; Mattson

Union Negotiations; Russek, Jude (Sawatzke)

Water Management Task Force; Eichelberg

Ways & Means; Jude, Sawatzke (Russek)

Wright County Community Action; Jude, Eichelberg, City Representative


(Ex-Officio Members)

Anoka Joint Powers Board; Sawatzke, MacMillan

Central MN Council on Aging Board; Jude

Clearwater Watershed District; Jude

C.R.O.W.; Russek (Mattson)

Economic Development Partnership Board; Eichelberg

Historical Society; Sawatzke

Parks; Eichelberg

Soil Conservation; Russek

Wright County Ag Society; Jude

On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Eichelberg, all voted to accept the Advisory Board (Ex-Officio Member) appointments as recommended.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda. Under Consent Agenda, the following items were added: Item A1, add Performance Appraisals "T. Hackenmueller & J. Russell, Hwy." (Norman); Item D2, "Accept Resignation, Roger Weeks, Mechanic, Eff. 1-24-02 & Authorize Replacement" (Norman); Consent Agenda Item H5, "Authorize Signatures On Memorandum Of Agreement With LELS To Allow Donation Of Accumulated Vacation To Employee On Medical Leave" (Norman). Under the Agenda, the following items were added: Aud./Treas. Item #3, "Gravel Tax Task Force Meeting Date" (Gruber); Item For Consid. #7, "Correction To Statement Made In 12-24-01 Minutes" (Mattson). Sawatzke moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Mattson, carried unanimously.

On a motion by Mattson, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as amended:


1. Performance Appraisals: D. McCalla, D. Reddemann, M. Ruzicka, Aud./Treas; A. Pulvermacher, Bldg. Maint.; T. Piram, P&Z; R. Bastien, J. Carpenter, M. Erickson, S. Halonen, K. Heaton, T. Pippo, P. Walker, Sher./Corr.; M. True, Surveyor; T. Hackenmueller, J. Russell, Hwy.

2. Claim, Initiative Foundation, $2,500 (2002 Allocation).

3. Claim, MCIT, $294,335 (Property/Casualty Premium, 2002).

4. Claim, MCIT, $226,325 (Workers' Compensation Premium, 2002).

5. Claim, AMC, $18,685 (Annual Membership Dues).

6. O/T Report, Period Ending 12-7-01.

7. Refer To Building Committee Letter From Don Mleziva RE: Equipment/Building Maintenance.

8. Reappoint Lawrence Bauman (3rd District) To Board Of Adjustment.

9. Reappoint Chuck VanHeel (4th District) To Planning Commission.


1. Refer To Ways & Means Committee Discussion RE: Contracting For Dangerous Dog Duties.


1. Approve Tobacco Licenses: Don's AutoSvc. & Repair Inc. (Albertville City); 152 Club; Holiday Stationstore #254; Flintstone's Lounge Inc.; Clearwater Am. Legion Post #323; Circle C Convenience Center; Clearwater Travel Plaza; Wessman Oil Inc. (Clearwater City); Casey's General Store #1647 (Cokato City); Lake Center Bar & Grill (Corinna Twp.); Delano Wine & Spirits; Snyder's Drug Store #5002; Holiday Stationstore #214; Delano Legion Post #377 (Delano City); VFW Post #8731; Food 'n Fuel #5305; Food 'n Fuel #5306; Holiday Stationstore #196; HiWay Liquors; Ken's Service; Kmart; River City Lanes (Monticello City); Circle C Convenience Centers; Casey's General Store #1881 (Montrose City); F&F Food Mart (Otsego City); Casey's General Store #2156 (Rockford City); Harley's Pub & Eatery (Rockford Twp.); Silver Creek Corner Bar (Silver Creek Twp.); Food 'n Fuel; Pilot Travel Center #042 (St. Michael City); South Haven Municipal Liquor (South Haven City).


1. Set Letting Date For "Used Boom Truck" For 1-29-02 @ 9:30 A.M.

2. Accept Resignation, Roger Weeks, Mechanic, Eff. 1-24-02 & Authorize Replacement.


1. Refer To Ways & Means Committee: Update Condition Of Agreements On Bauerly Companies Pit, Southside Twp.


1. Accept The Findings & Recommendations Of The Planning Commission For The Following Rezonings:

A. James B. & Jody L. Churchill (Ramsey Lake-Maple Lake Twp.):

1. Approve Request To Rezone From AG & S-2 To R-1 & S-2 For Riparian Lots Designated As 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 On The Plans.

2. Approve Request To Rezone From AG & S-2 To R-2a For Area Described On Plan As Lots 6, 7, 8 & 9.

B. William & Pamela Link (Silver Creek Twp.). Approve Request To Rezone To R-2 & S-2 That Part Of The Property That Is The Link "Homestead."


1. Approve Transfer Of Heather Becker To Aud./Treas. Department, Eff. 1-2-02 & Authorize Replacement.


1. Authorize Non-Union Employees To Donate Accumulated Vacation To Employee On Medical Leave.

2. Authorize Signatures On Memorandum Of Agreement With Teamsters Local 320, Sheriff Essential Supervisors Unit, To Allow Donation Of Accumulated Vacation To Employee On Medical Leave.

3. Authorize Signatures On Memorandum Of Agreement With Teamsters Local 320, Sheriff Essential Employees Unit, To Allow Donation Of Accumulated Vacation To Employee On Medical Leave.

4. Acknowledge Promotion Of Deputy James Carlen To Sergeant, Eff. 1-2-02 (Step 10).

5. Authorize Signatures On Memorandum Of Agreement With LELS To Allow Donation Of Accumulated Vacation To Employee On Medical Leave.

Richard Norman, County Coordinator, introduced Jerome "Jay" Wittstock. The Board welcomed Wittstock who was recently hired as the County Surveyor.

Doug Gruber, Auditor/Treasurer, said proposals were received for clean out of a section of Ditch #10 (approx. 3800 feet). The property owner has expressed interest in obtaining the trees which may result in a reduction in the cost of clean out. Jude moved to lay this over for one week to allow Gruber to obtain updated proposals, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0. It was clarified that rebidding will not be performed. Gruber will contact the two parties who had already submitted quotes.

On a motion by Jude, second by Eichelberg, all voted to schedule a Gravel Tax Task Force meeting for 1-30-02 at 9:00 A.M.

The claims listing was reviewed. Gruber made a correction to page 3, Verizon Wireless. The claim should be coded to 6203 not 6205. Mattson referenced claims on page 11 for inmate medical costs. He stated the costs for medication have doubled in the past year. Mattson moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, seconded by Sawatzke. Norman referenced a memorandum he sent to the Board relating to Sheriff Department vehicle repairs. His recommendation was for insurance claims to be paid from Budget 820, Insurance Line Item, instead of from the Sheriff's budget. Reimbursement would be received from MCIT less the deductible. Gruber researched the Auditor's records and said it has been the practice back to 1997 to charge these costs to the Sheriff's budget. Norman stated in 2001 approximately $20,000 was charged against the Sheriff's Department when it could have been run through Budget 820. Gruber supported Norman's recommendation but said that if the Board wanted to delay action today to obtain the Sheriff's perspective, a journal entry could be completed at a later date to move the expenditure to a different line item. The motion to approve the claims as listed in the abstract was not changed. It was the consensus that a journal entry could be made if so determined and that this issue did not need to come back to the Board. The motion carried 5-0.

Tom Kelly, County Attorney, introduced Lee R. Martie. Martie was hired as an Assistant County Attorney who will fulfill the contract with the City of Buffalo to prosecute their cases and assist with the caseload of the Wright County Attorney's Office. Martie was welcomed. Jude moved to sign the Approval of Appointment & Oath for Lee R. Martie, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

At the recommendation of Tom Salkowski, Planning & Zoning Administrator, Sawatzke moved to accept the Findings & Recommendations of the Planning Commission for denial of the following rezoning and to authorize signature on the Notice & Order of Denial: Deny request to rezone from AG to B-2, James Stromberg (Rockford Twp.). The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0. Salkowski said the Attorney's Office has recommended that denials now be addressed separately instead of listing them on the Consent Agenda. Russek explained that the Planning Commission denied this request as it was spot zoning.

Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, presented a request for the Board to revisit the 2002 Grant Application Cycle (Project Period 2003) for Ney Park. The application would be to establish native plant communities. Estimates were provided dependent upon the type of cover desired. Estimates were also provided for maintenance of noxious weeds if nothing is done. The species which would be planted are those which would be used if the land is enrolled into the CRP Program. The grant would help subsidize the cost even if the land were entered into the CRP Program. Sawatzke referenced the meeting where the original request was denied and said he misunderstood there were three grants being approved that day. He was not aware of the third grant and it was not his intent to deny this for Ney Park. In response to a comment Eichelberg made relating to the match being available in the Parks budget, Sawatzke noted that the 2003 budget has not yet been set. Mattice said that traditionally $25,000 has been budgeted for grant matches under line item 6615. Jude moved to approve the grant application as requested for a 50/50 match for Ney Park, seconded by Sawatzke. It was clarified that the motion is to apply for the grant, not to approve the grant. The motion carried 5-0.

At the request of Mattice, Sawatzke moved to authorize Ralph Borell, Parks Department, to attend a Cross County Trail Grooming Conference on January 16 & 17 in Ironwood Michigan. The $100 registration deadline is January 9. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 5-0. Norman said the Personnel Policy & Procedures Manual does not limit out of state travel to department heads but basically it is whether it fits within budget. A written report by the attendee to the County Board is required.

A Transportation Committee Of The Whole meeting was held on 12-19-01. A summary of the minutes and discussion at today's meeting follows:

Discuss Agreement with St. Michael for Crow River Bridge Crossing Project: The Committee and representatives from the City of St. Michael and Mn/DOT discussed proposed designs and costs associated with the project. Widening of the Bridge will add an approximate $700,000 to the cost of the project. Mn/DOT has no funding to put toward the project. The sunset date for federal funding is September 2002 but Hennepin County is trying to get an extension to 2003. The poor condition of the bridge is also prompting action. Potential assessments to benefited properties for curb/gutter and storm sewer are being analyzed by the City. Recommendation: The Committee offered to adopt the plan that includes the full intersection on the condition that St. Michael pay $200,000 for the wider bridge, plus 18% of the engineering fees. St. Michael will put this on the Council agenda on 01/08/02. At today's County Board meeting, Fingalson explained that information received from Anoka County reflects they may close an intersection similar to that in St. Michael due to the amount of crashes. It would then be made a right in/right out intersection. Fingalson said the City of St. Michael wants to leave this as a full intersection. It was felt that language could be placed into the Agreement stating the County can close the intersection, but it was felt this was not needed as the County has this authority if there is a safety concern. Fingalson said the City feels if the County receives additional bonding money toward the project that it should be prorated to include their share. The consensus of the County Board was that additional bonding would remain the County's. Sawatzke said due to the Highway Department not being supportive of the recommendation because of costs and safety concerns, he would vote against the recommendation. He pointed out that St. Michael has done a good job negotiating with the County on this and wanted it shown that he was not against the project from that standpoint. Sawatzke thought the project should be funded more by adjacent property owners. He did not feel all taxpayers should have to pay for the additional cost when the benefit is for a few specific individuals. In the long term, more money may be spent creating an intersection that may be less safe. Russek said that the County encourages frontage and backage roads and that more accesses are not needed on TH 241. Mattson said he was in support of the project until the costs increased. He was concerned with the TH 12 project in Montrose involving storm water system backup. In response to Mattson, Fingalson indicated that Hennepin County is covering 70% of the bridge costs instead of the 50/50 approach. This is an advantage to the County. Fingalson indicated that the Board should consider cost implications and other project cuts which will be required if they vote to proceed with this project. He did not foresee this delaying the TH 12 project. Eichelberg moved to adopt Resolution #02-01 approving Hennepin CSAH 116/Wright CSAH 22, Preliminary Layout No. 3, Hennepin County Project No. 0011, seconded by Jude. Sawatzke stated that the proposed plan without the full intersection does provide for a right in/right out which would allow for frontage and backage roads. The motion carried 3-2 with Sawatzke and Mattson casting the nay votes.

Discuss Crosswalk on CSAH 19 in St. Michael: This issue relates to the safety of the crosswalk on CSAH 19 (north of the TH241/CSAH 35 intersection, in front of the Catholic Church). Previous action taken resulted in new signing and pavement markings. The Highway Department continues to receive complaints so additional research was completed which reflects: a) Since the 1997 traffic study, there has been an increase of 2,400 vehicles/day on this segment of CSAH 19; b) With the installation of a traffic sign at the intersection of TH 241, CSAH 19, and CSAH 35 in 1999, southbound traffic, while waiting for the light to turn green, often forms a queue that blocks the crosswalk; c) Mid-block crosswalks on high-volume roadways like this one are undesirable from a safety standpoint; d) This crosswalk is only 300 feet from a signalized intersection; e) The signalized intersection has pedestrian pushbuttons and pedestrian movement indications. Recommendation: Based on the information presented at this meeting, the Committee recommends that the mid-block crossing be removed from CSAH 19. There will be no action until the County Board officially acts on this issue at their next meeting. At today's County Board Meeting, discussion involved removing the crosswalk in front of the church. In response to Eichelberg, Fingalson said that the intersection North of the Church is not striped as a crosswalk. Brian Asleson explained that vehicles are supposed to yield to pedestrians, even if they are not at a crosswalk. Russek added that if the crosswalk is not striped, pedestrians are entering the roadway at their own risk. Fingalson did not feel it would be legal for a flag person to be used at mid-block with no crosswalk. The City is in agreement that the crosswalk should be closed. Jude made a motion to remove the crosswalk on CSAH 19, mid-block in front of the Church, based on the information presented and safety concerns. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke, carried 4-1 with Eichelberg casting the nay vote. The Highway Department will work with the Church and School to provide notification.

Discuss Rural Intersection Street Lighting Policy: The Committee reviewed changes to the Policy. Section VII, Cost Participation, will be revised. Recommendation: Revisions, based on discussions, will be made by staff to proposed policy and brought to the Board meeting when minutes are reviewed. At today's Board meeting, Fingalson referenced the key change on page 4, Item #4, which deals with how requests for street lighting will be handled. On a motion by Jude, second by Eichelberg, all voted to adopt the revised street lighting policy.

Discuss Delano Truck Station Status: Discussion included repair of the current building, moving to another site or potentially consolidating with the Waverly station. Recommendation: The Delano station will stay as is for now. Consolidation plans will not be pursued at this time. No further recommendations were made. At today's Board meeting, Fingalson said staff feels this area could be served from another location. This would result in savings to the taxpayers due to consolidation. Russek responded that this a fast growing area. No action was taken on this item.

Discuss Construction Project Status: Recommendation: Adopt CSAH 17 project (between TH 12 and South County Line) as part of County's highway improvement ten-year work plan; authorize submittal of CSAH 17 and other appropriate projects for federal funding. Plan to discuss project schedules at a future TCOTW meeting. At today's Board meeting, Fingalson explained that the County needs to immediately submit projects for TEA-21 funding for 2005. Highway Department staff developed a ten-year work plan with input from engineering and maintenance staff. A rating procedure is applied to determine priorities. Fingalson presented a draft resolution adopting the ten-year work plan to include the CSAH 17 project. This must be adopted in order to submit the project for federal funding. Jude moved to adopt Resolution #02-02 approving the ten-year work plan, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote. Fingalson requested approval of candidate projects for submittal to Mn/DOT to apply for federal TEA-21 funding for fiscal year 2005. The projects will require a 20% local funding match if federal funds are received. The projects include CSAH 17 ($2,655,000 total cost) and CSAH 2 ($380,000 total cost). Eichelberg moved to approve submitting the projects for TEA-21 funding, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Jude, all voted to schedule a Transportation Committee Of The Whole meeting for 1-30-02 at 1:00 P.M. Issues being referred to that Committee will include projects in Montrose and Delano.

Jude moved to adopt Resolution #02-03 approving a speed zoning resolution for CSAH 7 (from the South Junction of CSAH 75 to the North Junction of CSAH 75) in Clearwater. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

A Communications Committee meeting was held on 12-31-01. On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the minutes as presented:

Digital Line Card. Growth within the County necessitates the purchase of a Digital Line Card that will provide sixteen additional phone connections. The cost for this Card is $1,680 plus an additional $100 to $150 for installation. These costs will be distributed among Departments based on usage. Recommendation: Approve purchase of a Digital Line Card

AT & T Long Distance Contract Renewal. Bill Swing has investigated the long distance phone contract proposals and concludes that the best option for the County is to contract with AT & T. There is an estimated 9.2% savings and the monthly spending requirements are significantly lower. Recommendation: Approve renewal of the AT & T Long Distance Contract

OTHER. Bill Swing asked that consideration be given to this Committee's membership so as to provide representation from the following functional groups: Land Records (Assessor, Auditor/Treasurer, Recorder and Surveyor), Human Services, Law and Legal Services (Sheriff, Attorney, Court Services, Court Administration), Public Works (Highway and Parks).

Norman stated that in July, 2001, MCIT (Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust) declared a $17.5 million dividend for members. The dividend is based on workers' compensation and property/casualty claims. Wright County is realizing a $333,374 dividend comprised of $138,099 property/casualty coverage and $195,275 workers compensation coverage. Norman referenced today's Consent Agenda where the Board approved a $520,660 claim to MCIT for 2002 coverage. The dividend represents 64% of the premiums paid. The check will be forwarded to the Auditor.

Norman presented a draft resolution providing for workers' compensation coverage for elected and appointed officers of Wright County. This is a housekeeping measure to recognize that Wright County provides such coverage. Mattson moved to adopt Resolution #02-04, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

On a motion by Jude, second by Mattson, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #02-05 setting the minimum salaries for elected Department Heads as follows: Auditor/Treasurer $64,683; Sheriff $64,683; Attorney $95,648.

Norman referenced the quotes presented at the last meeting for removal of buildings at the former Stemper property. Norman said language will be added to the purchase order holding the County harmless of liability while the buildings are being removed. It is the same clause used on other contract documents. Mattson moved to award the quotes as follows, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0:

Description; Bidder; Bid Amount

Removal of barn material; Vern Haag; $173.00

Removal of house; Ward Carlson; $12,260.00

Removal of garage; Ward Carlson; $1,350.00

Jude moved to renew the contract with Ag Enterprises, LLC, for Ag Inspector Services, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0. The cost will be $11,520 for 2002 and $12,120 in 2003.

Mattson referenced the last Board minutes and Jude's comments that Mattson follows the Planning Commission's recommendation depending on the issue and was not consistent. Mattson said the 3-17-98 Board minutes reflect that he actually did vote in favor of the request to update the Land Use Plan for Maple Lake Township. He said that in December, 1997, he voted to refer the Plan back to the Planning Commission for more review but did vote in favor of the update when it was presented back to the Board. Mattson brought this forth to clarify what he felt was a misstatement at the last meeting.

Bills Approved

Albertville Body Shop, Inc. 7381.70

ANCOM Technical Center 215.81

Ardea Communications 408.20

Assn. of Metropolitan Cty Offic 205.00

AT&T 737.73

Automatic Garage Door Comp. 199.00

B&D Plumbing & Heating 1262.76

Bauman, Lawrence 346.92

Beaudry Propane, Inc. 1906.09

Best, Inc. 7956.41

Buffalo Collision Repair, Inc. 1686.54

Buffalo City 19,859.03

Bureau of Criminal Apprehensn 1686.54

Cellular 2000 of St. Cloud 493.85

Champlain Planning Press 155.00

Climate Air 4247.50

Corner House 895.00

Engel, Dale 501.50

Exon Mobil 566.04

Falconer, Jason 327.99

GCI Systems 1804.11

Greenview, Inc. 399.36

Greif Brothers Corporation 167.51

Hickman Service, Inc. 146.74

Hillyard Floor Care Supply 463.48

Imageware Software, Inc. 6801.70

Lakedale Telephone Company 103.07

LaPlant Demo, Inc. 572.96

Laurent, Michael 160.71

MACO 1800.00

Marco Business Products 4352.79

Mattson, Richard 235.82

Mid-States Organized Crime In 250.00

Midland Corporate Benefits Svc 1387.75

MN Counties Computer Co-op 10,367.77

MN Department of Corrections 15,650.00

MN Dept of Health 263.75

MN Deputy Registrar Assoc. 360.00

MN Highway Safety & Research 784.00

MN Recreation & Park Ass'n, Inc. 190.00

Monticello Auto Body 149.10

Nextel Communications 147.49

Office Depot 1962.57

Path, Inc. 201.00

Record Preservation, Inc. 479.87

Reid, John and Associates 225.00

Sprint 238.72

St. Cloud Restaurant Supply 121.32

Star Tribune 111.80

Strategic Technologies Ireland 7249.00

US Cavalry 224.97

Verizon Wireless 160.13

C Walker Trucking 334.00

Wal-Mart Store 01-1577 241.63

Williamson, Kelly 500.00

Xcel Energy 158.77

25 payments less than $100 1215.03

Final Total $109,733.99

The meeting adjourned at 10:58 A.M.

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