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Wright County Board Minutes

FEBRUARY 5, 2002

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Mattson, Eichelberg, Sawatzke, Jude, and Russek present.

Jude moved to approve the minutes of 1-29-02, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda under Items For Consideration as follows: #5, "County Day At The Capitol" (Norman); #6, "Transportation Alliance Drive In" (Jude); #7, "Crosswalk, St. Michael" (Eichelberg); #8, "Resolution Opposing Same Sex Insurance Coverage" (Russek). Mattson moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Mattson, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:


1. Performance Appraisals: D. Banyai, S. Dilley, M. Mortezaee, Ct. Admin.; G. Monroe, Highway; R. Erickson, A. Habisch, M. Treichler, J. Wirkkula, Sheriff/Corr.

2. O/T Report, Period Ending 1-18-02.

3. Appoint Greg Kramber To Fill Remaining Term Of Previous County Assessor (Through 12-31-04), Eff. 3-1-02 (Step 1).

4. Schedule Labor/Management Loss Control Committee Meeting For 2-27-02 @ 1:30 P.M.


1. Acknowledge Resignation, Claire Solien, Eff. 2-28-02 & Authorize Replacement.


1. Approve Tobacco License Renewals: Albertville Mobil (Albertville City); Monticello American Legion Post 250 (Monticello City); Woody's on Main (Rockford City); Corner Bar, River Lanes & Lounge (St. Michael City).


1. Approve Hire, Shannon Riggle, Senior Clerk II, Eff. 2-6-02 (Step 3).


1. Defer Bid Award For Used Boom Truck To A Future Board Meeting.


1. Acknowledge Appointment, Preston Cruser, Deputy Sheriff, Eff. 2-14-02 (Grade 4).

2. Acknowledge Appointment, Dawn Weed, Deputy Sheriff, Eff. 2-14-02 (Grade 5).

Doug Gruber, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the December Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines for discussion and requested the Board schedule a Budget Committee Of The Whole meeting to review the 2001 final budget figures. On a motion by Jude, second by Eichelberg, all voted to accept the December Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines for further discussion at the Budget Committee Of The Whole Meeting. Mattson moved to schedule a Budget Committee Of The Whole Meeting for 2-12-02 at 10:30 A.M. Discussion will include 2001 budget review and GASB34/Asset Reporting. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried unanimously.

On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.

A Gravel Tax Task Force Meeting was held on 1-30-02. The following corrections were made to the minutes: Change "Reider" to "Rieder" in all cases (Gruber); Page 2, 1st paragraph, the second and last sentences should read, "The Assessor sets the valuation. On commercial and seasonal/recreational class properties, half goes to the state school pool, and of the other half about one-third goes to local townships, one-third to the county, and one-third to local schools." Jude moved to acknowledge the minutes noting that the meeting will be continued on 2-21-02, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0. The following is a summary of the minutes:

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss: 1) pros and cons of having an aggregate tax, 2) potential Wright County revenue, and 3) amount of Wright County gravel taxed as exported gravel. Discussion centered on the question of how much revenue might be generated, costs associated with collection of the tax, and revenue distribution. Of major concern to the County is the amount of gravel going out of Wright County whereby another county is then collecting the tax revenue on that gravel rather than Wright County. It was noted that Wright County lost out on a lot of money on the Highway 12 project with the State by not having the gravel tax. Shortness of transportation funds and that gravel is a non-renewable resource are reasons for looking at the option of imposing an aggregate tax. Statutes require that if a county collects a gravel tax that it must be imposed on both incoming and outgoing gravel. According to statute 60% of the collected revenue goes to the Road & Bridge Fund, 30% to townships/cities, and 10% into a reclamation fund. The local county board has authority to determine how the 30% is dispersed to the townships/cities. The meeting will be continued on February 21, 2002 at 9:00 A.M. to discuss 1) more specific numbers and potential dollars, 2) aggregate along road and on-site, 3) if implemented a process to collect the tax and when it would be implemented, and 4) revenue distribution to townships/cities. An agenda will be mailed to Rieder, Ferrell, Hicks and Bonk if they wish to attend.

Jude moved to adopt Resolution #02-16 approving a Charitable Gambling Application for the Corcoran Lions Club (Monticello Township), seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

In researching past Board action, Russek said that appointments to the Transportation Committee were to be rotated by district. However, the District 4 Commissioner has served on the Committee for a number of years. Sawatzke moved that the appointment to the Transportation Committee be rotated annually by district, starting with District 1, effective 1-1-03. The motion was seconded by Jude and carried 5-0.

On a motion by Mattson, second by Eichelberg, all voted to appoint Tammi Dahlman to the Extension Committee for a Three-Year Term, District 5, replacing Kay Bakeberg.

Richard Norman, County Coordinator, referenced correspondence from AMC announcing dates of participation for County Day at the Capitol. Norman suggested selecting a March date as the Legislative Delegation will have the new revenue forecast by then. Eichelberg moved to direct Norman to contact Sherburne, Stearns and Benton Counties to attempt to schedule attending the 3-14-02 County Day at the Capitol session together. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0.

On a motion by Jude, second by Mattson, all voted to authorize County Board attendance at the Transportation Alliance Drive In, scheduled for 2-7-02 at the Kelly Inn, St. Paul.

Eichelberg brought forth discussion on the crosswalk at Ash Avenue in St. Michael. At the last meeting, the County Board moved to support a resolution from the City of St. Michael requesting a crosswalk on CSAH 19 at Ash Avenue. As part of the approval, the Highway Department was to leave the mid-block crosswalk in place until such time as the crosswalk at Ash Avenue had been completed. Today, Eichelberg explained that the Highway Engineer sent a letter to the City and to the St. Michael Catholic Church explaining that the crosswalk would be moved to Ash Avenue on 2-4-02. The City and Church did not receive the letter until 2-4-02. Eichelberg said the City needs to paint the crosswalk and repair the sidewalk at the Ash Avenue intersection. He was concerned with the sign being moved from mid-block to the Ash Avenue intersection before this work was completed. After discussion, Jude moved to direct the Highway Department to move the signs back to where they were on the original crosswalk and have them remain there until the City completes the painting and striping on the Ash Avenue crosswalk. Approval to move the signs from the mid-block crosswalk to Ash Avenue should then be brought back before the County Board. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg. Further discussion included the need for the City to make sidewalk/curb improvements in this area. The motion carried 5-0.

Russek referenced a meeting attended several weeks ago with Rep. Mark Olson and Rep. Bruce Anderson regarding the State including same sex partners under their health plan. Russek said Olson and Anderson were opposed to this. He said the State does not allow same sex marriages so the issue is why would health insurance privileges be offered. This issue will be laid over for one week.

Bills Approved

Albion Township 1185.40

American Bio Medica Corporatio 354.00

Ancom Technical Center 1710.58

B&D Plumbing & Heating 286.00

Baldy Sanitation, Inc. 350.00

Bank West 260.00

Barnes & Noble 115.79

Best, Inc. 4198.63

Bristows Kawasaki & Polaris 247.75

Buffalo Communications, Inc. 638.78

Cellular 2000 of St. Cloud 515.25

Charter Communications 1000.00

Chatham Township 781.60

Clearwater Township 483.20

Clearwater City 487.00

Computer Training International 983.50

Copy Shop, The 106.50

Country Chevrolet 10,500.00

H Cragg Co. 269.84

Dales 66 101.18

Delano City 11,047.40

Franklin Denn 335.36

Department of Public Safety 120.00

French Lake Township 612.40

Gall's, Inc. 599.88

Gateway Companies, Inc. 1090.00

Gau, Todd 183.94

GCI Systems 1432.43

Government Training Service 893.00

Hanover City 726.20

Helgeson, Rolland 321.25

Hickory Tech 143.85

Jude, Kenneth 153.00

Lawrence, City 395.00

Maple Lake Township 1503.70

Marco Business Products 3666.48

Mid-West Metal Detectors 117.38

Middleville Township 1266.70

Midway Iron & Metal Co., Inc. 104.16

Mile 225.00

Millner, Roger 180.60

Minnesota Chemical Company 2012.56

Minnesota CLE 295.00

MN Pollution Control Agency 150.00

MN State Auditor 3374.38

Monticello Auto Body, Inc. 266.26

Monticello Township 2353.90

Montrose City 566.80

MPELRA 150.00

MTI Distributing, Inc. 13,729.98

Nextel Communications 270.37

Northern Tool & Equipment Co. 223.64

Office Depot 1827.63

Ostego City 2936.40

Performance Office Papers 167.12

Positive Promotions 160.75

Precision Prints of Wright Co. 149.95

Rockford City 2326.60

Russek, Jack 185.00

Ryan Motors, Inc. 10,797.00

Sheriff's Youth Program of MN 742.50

Silver Creek Township 1803.40

South Haven City 421.00

State of MN Intertech Group 134.97

Total Printing 303.53

Transcor America, Inc. 2116.69

Treadway Graphics 1359.40

United Parcel Service 155.28

Verizon Wireless 402.53

Wal-Mart Store 01-1577 454.83

Waverly City 411.60

Webber Recreational Design, Inc. 43,346.78

Wells Fargo Insurance 250.0

West Group Payment Center 819.45

Wright County Highway Dept. 1160.84

36 Payments less than $100 1437.15

Final Total $146,956.02

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 A.M.

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