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Wright County Board Minutes

MAY 14, 2002

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Mattson, Eichelberg, Sawatzke, Jude, and Russek present.

The minutes of 5-7-02 were corrected as follows: Page 2, last paragraph, 4th sentence, change "Nord" to "Nordgard" (Sawatzke). Jude moved to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

The Agenda was amended as follows: Aud./Treas. Item #2, "Plat, WEE LOCKE, (Silver Creek Township)" was removed from the Agenda as the plat is not ready for approval. Mattson moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Jude, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:


1. Performance Appraisals: B. Asleson, L. Dixon, Atty.; K. Anderson, P. DeBoer, L. Ogden, J. Uecker, Aud./Treas.; J. Corrigan, J. Martenson, Hwy.; P. Johnson, J. Rivers, M. Tuttle, M. Wannebo, Sher./Corr.

2. Reclassify Alicia Gillham From Class "A" to Class "B," Account Clerk/Tax Forfeit Specialist.


1. Refer To Deferred Compensation Committee Discussion RE: Restatement Of Wright County Deferred Comp Plan.


1. Approve Department Name Change From "Department of Management Information Systems (MIS)" to "Department of Information Technology (IT)."

Doug Gruber, Auditor/Treasurer, inquired whether the Board wanted to address the Committee Of The Whole Redistricting Plan at the time the Committee Of The Whole minutes were reviewed. It was the consensus that this issue would be laid over until the Committee minutes were discussed.

The claims listing was reviewed. Gruber referenced the claim on page 13, Mn Counties Computer Co-op ($67.00). This claim will be corrected and paid to MCIT. Mattson inquired about whether the claim on page 9, Dental Care Associates of Buffalo ($946.00), was for more than one Jail inmate. Gruber indicated that the claim covered dental care for four inmates. Jude moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit and noting the correction, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

Jude requested that Item For Consid. #2, "Inspection At Landfill (Call From Concerned Neighbor)" be addressed as there were several people present for discussion. Jude was contacted by a neighbor of the landfill inquiring why Wright County doesn't work with Superior Landfill relative to incidents that have taken place and misinformation given to the public. Jude suggested that representatives from Public Health, Superior Landfill and the public form a committee to discuss this topic. Jude thought the County should work with Superior Landfill for the betterment of the people in Wright County. Mattson said he brought up concern relating to Superior Landfill at the 4-9-02 County Board Meeting. He felt that Superior Landfill could have had reasonable contact with people without them having to find out about incidents in the newspaper. Sawatzke suggested the issue be referred to the SWTF due to members' experience with the solid waste industry. Carol Schefers, Public Health Director, could attend if so desired. Sawatzke felt the Board should obtain an opinion from the Attorney's Office on how much contact the County should have with Superior Landfill due to litigation.

Chris Basgall, Superior FCR Landfill, referenced his previous invitation to discuss concerns with the Board, County staff, or neighbors. Since that time, he has responded to calls from residents by inviting them to the landfill or going to their homes to discuss their concerns. He said Superior Landfill found out about some of the incidents by reading the newspaper. He agreed that this is not how things should be handled. Basgall would like to work with a committee.

Carol Schefers, Public Health Director, said there was concern in their department when the recent incidents at the Landfill were covered in the newspapers. She considered this to be an environmental health issue and felt it was important to obtain information and disperse it to the public. Schefers indicated a willingness to serve on the committee.

Sawatzke referenced the upcoming SWTF meeting addressing the RFP process and Compost Facility and felt this discussion could be included on that Agenda as well. Sawatzke moved to refer to the SWTF the issue of landfill communication, public health and the recent two issues of dumping questionable items into the Landfill. The Committee is to discuss possible ways to better communicate in this type of situation in the future. The motion was seconded by Jude and carried 5-0. Public Health is to be invited to the meeting. Members of the public can attend as it is an open meeting.

Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, presented a revised resolution indicating the County's intent to impose an aggregate material tax. On 4-23-02, the County Board adopted Resolution #02-25; however, this resolution had transposed figures. The corrected language reads, "Imposes an aggregate material production tax of seven cents per ton or ten cents per cubic yard on every operator or importer of aggregate material, as authorized by Minnesota Statutes, Section 298.75." The new resolution will have language stating it supersedes Resolution #02-25. Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #02-32 adopting the corrected language, seconded by Jude, carried 4-1 with Mattson casting the nay vote.

Asleson presented the final draft of the Wright County Tattoo & Body Piercing Ordinance for approval and reviewed the changes with the Board. The changes include: 1) Added Section 5.07, "Branding means the use of heat, cold, or any chemical compound to imprint permanent markings on human skin by any means other than tattooing." 2) Added Section 5.26, "Scarification means the cutting or tearing of human skin for the purpose of creating a permanent mark or design on the skin."; 3) Revised Section 11.05, "No permit shall be issued under this Ordinance until the initial application and plan review charge and permit fee are paid in full. These charges and fees shall be established or modified by resolution of the County Board."; Added Section 11.06, "Only those activities expressly permitted under this Ordinance are allowed in a permitted facility. Other forms of body art or modification, including, but not limited to, branding, scarification and implants under the skin are strictly prohibited."; Added Section 12.06, "Have at all times a valid certificate of insurance issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in Minnesota indicating that the business owner is currently covered in the tattoo, body piercing or permanent cosmetic business by a liability insurance policy. The minimum limits of coverage for such insurance shall be: A) Each claim, at least Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000), B. Each group of claims or occurrence, at least Six Hundred Thousand Dollars ($600,000). Such insurance shall be kept in force during the term of the facility permit and shall provide for notification to the County of termination or cancellation. A certificate of insurance shall be filed with the County."; Revised Section 18.07 to cite Section 5.14 instead of 5.13. Asleson recommended the effective date under Section 23 be July 1, 2002. Mattson moved to adopt the Ordinance, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0. The Wright County Tattoo And Body Piercing Ordinance has been adopted for the purpose of regulating the activities of tattooing, body piercing and application of permanent cosmetics in order to protect the general health, safety and welfare of the community. Left unregulated, these activities can cause the spread of bloodborne pathogens and disease. Exempted from the Ordinance is the piercing of the earlobe or the leading edge of the ear using an approved mechanical device. A printed copy of the entire Ordinance is available for inspection from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM during business days at the Office of the Wright County Coordinator, Room 235, Wright County Government Center, 10 2nd Street NW, Buffalo, Minnesota.

Jude moved to set a public hearing for 6-4-02 at 9:30 A.M. to address establishing a fee for permitting of establishments engaged in the activities of tattooing, body piercing or application of permanent cosmetics, effective 7-1-02, as follows: Initial Application and Plan Review - $200; and Annual Permit Fee - $200. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 5-0. Notice of the public hearing will be published once.

Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, brought forth discussion on CR #106 and Cahill Avenue. The project, scheduled for 2002, was initially approved at a $46,000 construction cost and would be funded on a 50/50 split between the County and Monticello Township. Since that time, it was determined that adding a right turn lane to northbound Cahill Avenue would increase the safety at this intersection but would require additional ROW. Dan & Jerry's Greenhouse agreed to fund the right turn lane over a 5-10 year period with Monticello Township fronting the estimated $10,000 for the turn lane. Without a right turn lane, the County's share would be $23,000 construction and $5,600 ROW or $28,600. The Township's cost would be $23,000. With the right turn lane, the County's share would be $23,000 construction and $10,000 ROW or $33,000. The Township's cost would be $23,000 and the initial $10,000 loan for Dan & Jerry's.

Franklin Denn, Monticello Township, said the $10,000 loan for Dan & Jerry's would be taken from funds set aside for a fire truck to be purchased in two years. As Dan & Jerry's Greenhouse is a large user of the roads, they have agreed to assist with road improvements. Jude stated that he would support the request, however he felt it should have been presented through the budget process. Jude moved to approve adding a right turn lane and additional ROW acquisition for the CR 106 and Cahill Avenue project, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

A Transportation Committee Of The Whole meeting was held on 5-8-02. A summary of the minutes and action at today's meeting follows:

Access Concerns for Life in Christ Lutheran Church in Albertville. When a change is planned for a building that has access to a County highway or when access changes are proposed, the Highway Department reviews the changes to determine whether the traffic change will impact accesses and whether the accesses meet the County's spacing requirements. With this current request, the City of Albertville was contacted as CSAH 18 becomes a candidate for turn back to the City once the population exceeds 5,000. The City's Engineer indicated that the parking lot would work well with only two accesses. Paul Pearson, Life in Christ Lutheran Church, referenced the accesses which have been in place since 1977 and the accident free history. The heaviest traffic occurs on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, both low traffic times. Committee Recommendation: The Life in Christ Lutheran Church will be allowed to keep its current accesses to CSAH 18 in the City of Albertville, and that Wayne Fingalson, County Engineer, will draft a 'memo of understanding' that will state that this will be subject to review and possible change by the road authority if problems develop with traffic safety and/or congestion at these accesses. At today's County Board meeting, the following sentence was added to page 2, 2nd paragraph, as sentence 4, "It was pointed out by Mr. Pearson that there are three fire hydrants on the property." Jude moved to approve the recommendation, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

Discuss Financing Options for CSAH 19 in Albertville: The Engineer for Albertville and Heidi Peper, SEH, brought forth a proposal for funding improvements on CSAH 19 through tax abatement. A signal is proposed at the 57th Street intersection and an agreement for financing is being worked out between the City and the developer. This portion of road is on the County's 10-Year work plan but funds are not available anytime soon. State law would allow for tax abatement to be used but governs the way in which it must be used. New businesses that have not reached their full tax value are often targeted. They still pay the full amount of tax assessed but each unit (County, City, School District) would agree to separate these tax monies from the general fund and use it to finance a project. The benefits must equal or surpass the cost of the project and phase out over a period of years. If tax abatement monies were used, the City would propose they come from businesses that have not yet contributed significantly to the County's tax rolls. The tax from these businesses would not deplete the current sources of tax money and the County would be able to help complete a project that has no money available. Russek and Sawatzke had concern with committing future funding so far in advance. Jude offered the suggestion of contacting other counties where tax abatement had been used. It was the consensus of the Committee (Russek, Sawatzke and Mattson) not to use "tax abatement" as a funding tool at this time. At today's County Board meeting, Richard Norman, County Coordinator, referenced Board action several years ago where a resolution or policy was passed opposing tax abatements. Sawatzke recalled this and said AMC was opposed to this law when it went into effect. Sawatzke felt the City and School District could commit their portion of funding if so desired. A correction was made on page 4, middle of 2nd paragraph, the sentence was changed to "Pat Sawatzke expressed his concern that other Cities may want to take advantage of tax abatement also, and it would become more and more difficult to decide who should be able to take advantage of it." Sawatzke moved to uphold the County's resolution opposing participation in tax abatement programs, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0. Sawatzke said that further research could be done by Albertville is so desired but Albertville should be informed of the Board's position.

Discuss Options for Albertville Truck Station. The City is interested in sharing costs of a maintenance facility that could be used by both the County and the City. The current County shop is located at CSAH 18/CSAH 19. The County would like to relocate. The City is interested in maintaining some control over what will take the place of the County shop at its present location. A City-owned property is being considered on the north end of the City. Recommendation: Hav e an appraisal done for the property on which the current Albertville County Maintenance Shop now sits to determine its saleable value and discuss options for a new location with the City of Albertville at that time. At today's Board meeting, Jude moved to approve the Committee recommendation, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.

The Board reviewed a Joint Powers Agreement for the State Highway 55 Corridor. This Agreement is being sent to eighteen governmental agencies along this corridor for approval. Jude moved to authorize signatures on this Agreement, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

A Committee Of The Whole meeting was held on 5-6-02. A summary of the minutes and discussion at today's Board meeting follows:

Redistricting. The Board reviewed guidelines for redistricting and reviewed potential redistricting plans. Present at the meeting was Fred Naatgeboren, City of Buffalo, who offered two plans in an effort to have their four precincts represented by either one or two commissioners, with a preference for one commissioner. The consensus of the Committee (Sawatzke, Russek & Mattson) was to submit the Pat-1 Plan as a recommendation to the County Board and to approve publishing the plan prior to the Redistricting Public Hearing scheduled for 5-21-02. The consensus of the Committee was that Jude and Russek will run for two-year terms and Mattson, Eichelberg and Sawatzke will run for four-year terms.

At today's County Board meeting, Jude pointed out that the Committee consensus on the Pat-1 Plan was a 3-2 consensus (Sawatzke, Russek & Mattson). Jude submitted an additional plan titled "Buffalo-1" which reflected a range in districts (in deviation from the population) of -2.16 to 2.29 (4.45 total deviation). Jude said the plan offers a difference of 801 population deviation from the mean of 17,997 versus the Pat-1 plan of 863 and it also provided the City of Buffalo with one Commissioner for representation. Sawatzke stated the Buffalo-1 plan was the least compact of any reviewed. At the Board meeting, Gruber renamed the Pat-1 Plan as the Committee Consensus Plan. Mattson moved to have the Committee Consensus Plan submitted as the plan which came out of the Committee Of The Whole to be reviewed at the Public Hearing on 5-21-02, seconded by Sawatzke. Sawatzke said that although the Buffalo-1 plan did provide for low population deviation figures, it did not address issues associated with other categories. The agricultural district would be divided up substantially and it did not offer neutrality for incumbents. With the Buffalo-1 plan, Mattson would have a new district of approximately 90% and Russek approximately 75%. In addition, it split St. Michael City in half for representation by two districts. Jude responded that he submitted this plan in an effort to follow criteria #1 relating to districts being as equal in population as possible. Eichelberg said the Buffalo-1 plan did not favor his area and probably would not support it. He also would speak against the motion on the Committee Consensus Plan due to the City of Buffalo's request for representation by one commissioner because several of the top five plans reviewed by the Committee addressed this request. The motion carried 3-2 with Eichelberg and Jude casting the nay votes. Jude requested that Asleson present the process and time line for appeals at the next meeting. Asleson said June 4th is the last possible date to file a challenge to the plan in District Court, and reasons must be provided as to why it is not a good plan. As the County needs to have a plan in place when filing opens (July 2nd), the court expedites the process. Asleson said he was confident that the County could withstand a challenge to the Committee Consensus Plan. He added that he was confident with any of the 8-10 plans the County considered. Jude noted that he and Ike supported Plan Ike-1. A correction was made to the minutes: Page 2, 6th paragraph, 3rd sentence should read, "In calculating the figures, he felt Susan-1 was closer in providing equal representation than Doug-4 and provided a difference of only 1,491 from the mean of 17,997 when adding all deviations together." Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes with the correction, seconded by Mattson, carried 4-1 with Jude casting the nay vote.

A Ways & Means Committee meeting was held on 5-8-02. Jude moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0. A summary of the minutes follows.

Public Random Survey: The Parks Commission expressed interest in conducting a survey to obtain public input on existing parks, priorities on improvements, future development, funding support, preservation of natural areas, and program activity offerings such as hiking and cross country trails, etc. A copy of a survey conducted for Stearns County was distributed as an example. Susan Schmidt, Trust for Public Land, stated they are a non-profit organization with a primary focus of conservation real estate. They work with land owners to sell their land for conservation purposes with resale to a public entity. The Trust for Public Land is able to provide assistance in identifying issues, designing questionnaires, recommending polling firms, and exploring financial options. Schmidt emphasized the need to clarify the purpose of a survey, and felt several potential purposes had been expressed. The cost of conducting a random public survey is approximately $15,000. The seven county metro area conducted a collaborative survey with some questions pertaining to individual counties included. Schmidt is active in lobbying at the Legislature and mentioned the possibility of matching funds for acquisition of land for regional parks. A collaborative survey with either Wright County Cities, or with the coalition of collar counties that have been involved in the LCMR proposal was suggested. It was also suggested that Mattice contact SWCD, and water management and watershed groups for input. Recommendation: Mattice will contact the above mentioned groups regarding interest in sharing costs to collaborate on a survey with Wright County. He will continue to work with Schmidt to explore potential funding sources, look at defining survey issues and priorities.

Bills Approved

American Institutional Supply 134.58

AMI Imaging Systems, Inc. 3434.16

ANCOM Technical Center 1588.72

Annandale Advocate 199.50

Annandale Rock Products 283.00

APEC Corporations 323.94

Aspen Equipment Company 2076.75

Audio Communications 268.29

Auto Glass Center, Inc. 246.96

Automatic Garage Door Company 1380.18

Backes, Joe 257.72

Bakeberg, Steven 107.60

Best, Inc. 8889.53

Brock White Co. LLC 5857.50

Bryan Rock Products 298.85

Buffalo Auto Alignment 1612.08

Buffalo Drug 1212.16

Buffalo Hospital­OTPT Commerci 539.60

Buffalo City 611.19

Case Credit 185.42

Catco Parts Service 170.10

CDW Government, Inc. 970.99

Central McGowan, Inc. 168.36

Chamberlain Oil Co. 1029.74

Cintas Corp No. 748 182.52

Climate Air 9710.00

Commissioner of Transportation 4747.41

Construction Bulletin Magazine 145.32

Contech Construction Product 1250.00

CPS Technology Solutions 178.34

Crow River Tools 1267.98

Culligan Water Conditioning 258.84

Dental Care Associates of Buff 946.00

Determan, Karen 169.66

Diamond Mowers, Inc. 248.78

DLT Solutions 1312.00

Duis, Aaron 180.00

Erickson, Josh 159.12

Erickson, Nathen 338.49

Ernst General Construction, Inc. 1000.00

Falbo, Gridget 325.00

Feddema, Tom 160.82

Fedor, Thomas 100.00

Force America, Inc. 824.34

G&K Services 1913.90

Gateway Companies, Inc. 383.40

GCS Service, Inc. 227.09

Howard Green Co. 1083.93

Greenview, Inc. 1017.53

H&H Sport Shop 119.00

Hardrives, inc. 234.30

Jim Hatch Sales Company, Inc. 1536.50

Herald Journal Publishing, Inc. 655.16

Hillyard Floor Care Supply 156.55

Interstate All Battery Center 239.36

Lakedale Telephone Company 398.65

Lakeland Truck Center, Inc. 121,032.00

LaPlant Demo, Inc. 1120.79

Lawson Products, Inc. 381.17

Liberato, Elizabeth 205.60

Loch, Pamela 283.45

Mackereth, Joel 164.74

Frank Madden & Associates 11,254.04

Maple Lake Messenger 110.49

Marco Business Products 547.00

Martin Marietta Aggregates 554.78

Marks Standard Parts 2652.07

Martin-McAllisters Consulting 300.00

Masys Corporation 2628.87

McLeod Treament Programs, Inc. 461.73

Meteorlogix 908.28

Midland Corporate Benefits Svc 750.75

Mies, Brian 100.00

Minnesota Copy Systems 277.18

Minnesota Supply Company 1144.28

MN Board of Aelslagid 120.00

MN Counties Computer Co-op 1638.00

MN Counties Ins. Trust 867.00

MN Transportation Alliance 750.00 Mobile Vision 225.00

Monticello Community Education 1500.00

Monticello Ford Mercury, Inc. 499.35

Montrose City 589.40

Morries Buffalo Ford Mercury 133.20

MTI Distributing, Inc. 201.35

Office Depot 1999.25

Olsen Chain & Cable Co., Inc. 214.99

Pats 66 187.00

Photo I 834.33

Quetel Corporation 995.00

Reds Cafe 197.19

Reliant Energy Minnegasco 524.69

Remboldts Photography 2080.00

Road Machinery & Supplies Co. 215.50

Rockford City 2349.70

Russek, Jack 164.56

Ryan Motors, Inc. 218.91

Scenic Signs 256.84

Software House International In 100.11

Specialty Seeds, Inc. 476.06

Sprint 153.07

Spytown 743.03

Streichers 296.24

T&S Trucking 8395.50

Tennant 294.19

F Tenney Company, Inc. 1530.00

Thermal Technologies, Inc. 158.00

Tires Plus 198.85

Tools Unlimited 584.66

Uniforms Unlimited 246.59

United Rentals-HT Branch 229 558.49

University of Minnesota 195.00

Verizon Wireless 635.86

Vollbrecht, Shawna 125.00

Waste Management TC West 744.54

Waverly City 561.77

Wright County Highway Dept. 126.04

Wright County Human Services 148.00

Wright Cty Ag Society 200.00

Wright Lumber & Millwork, Inc. 151.40

Zack's, Inc. 1677.77

Zee Serivice Company 116.78

ZEP Manufacturing Company 562.08

Ziegler, Inc. 3248.25

41 Payments less than $100 2044.93

Final Total $249,227.60

The meeting adjourned at 10:40 A.M.

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