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Wright County Board Minutes

OCTOBER 14, 2003

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Mattson, Eichelberg, Russek and Sawatzke present.

Russek made the following correction to the minutes of 10-7-03: Page 1, 2nd to last paragraph, 2nd to last sentence should read, "Russek moved to authorize Mattson to contact Swanson Brothers to trap the beavers on Ditch 13." Russek moved to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Consent Item C2, "Accept Resignation, Robert White, Maintenance Person, Eff. 10-24-03 & Authorize Replacement" (Norman); Consent Item E1, Auditor, "Approve Claim, Neopost, $13,347.65 & $383.40, Site Improvement Line Item" (Hiivala); Aud./Treas. Item #4, "Approve Plat, White Birch Acres (Franklin Twp.)" (Hiivala); Item For Consid. #4, "Ditch Update" (Mattson). Russek moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Heeter, second by Russek, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:


1. Performance Appraisals: A. Gillham, Aud.; M. Even, G. Howell, J. Koenig, S. Leinonen, S. Poirier, Sheriff; R. Benedict, M. Minnick, Surveyor.

2. Consent Agenda: Claim, Buetow & Associates, $1,743.41 (Architect Services-Sept.).

3. Claim, Scott Builders, $1,508.00 (Consulting Services-Sept.).

4. Acknowledge Reappointment By MN Association Of County Administrators Of Richard Norman As Representative On MCIT Board Of Directors, Two-Year Term.

5. Charitable Gambling Application, Form LG 220, Knights of Columbus #6608, Silver Springs Golf Course (Monticello Twp.).

6. Voluntary Leave Without Pay Report.

7. Claim, Frank Madden, $2,735.08.

8. Nelson Building & Development, Inc., $30,115 (Pay Applic. #6).

9. Accept Resignation, Robert White, Maintenance Person, Eff. 10-24-03 & Authorize Replacement.


1. Acknowledge Termination, StacyLee Stein, Court Attendant, Eff. 10-8-03 & Authorize Replacement. Waive requirement to refer position to the Personnel Committee. Authorize filling of any subsequent positions should the position be filled from within expediting the recruitment process and waiving the requirement to refer the opening to the Personnel Committee in light of the closeness to the end of the year and the potential for the position to be affected by the Court System hiring freeze.

2. Acknowledge Resignation, Anita Saliterman, Court Attendant, Eff. 10-1-03 & Authorize Replacement. Waive requirement to refer position to the Personnel Committee. Authorize filling of any subsequent positions should the position be filled from within expediting the recruitment process and waiving the requirement to refer the opening to the Personnel Committee in light of the closeness to the end of the year and the potential for the position to be affected by the Court System hiring freeze.


1. Approval Of 2003 Maintenance Agreements Between Wright County & Nine Cities.

2. Accept Resignation, Robert White, Maintenance Person, Eff. 10-24-03 & Authorize Replacement


1. Promote Robert Benedict To Survey Tech II, Eff. 10-27-03.


1. Approve Claim, Neopost, $13,347.65 & $383.40, Site Improvement Line Item.

Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented three plats for approval. On a motion by Heeter, second by Russek, all voted to approve a plat, "OAK HOLLER WOODS," as submitted by Leon J. Stumpf, a single person, fee owner of the following described property: The SW1/4 of the SE1/4 and the S 475.91 ft. of the NE1/4 of the SE1/4 lying Swly of centerline of Twp. Road, Sec. 26, Twp. 122 Rge.27; with all outstanding taxes including green acre liability, if any, having been paid; the park dedication fee has been paid (#96906); there are no new roads involved; and the title opinion and declaration of protective covenants prepared by Schroeppel & Schroeppel Law Offices, has been reviewed by Thomas C. Zins, Assistant County Attorney, who finds the plat to be ready for recording.

On a motion by Russek, seconded by Sawatzke, all voted to approve a plat, "LINDELL ADDITION," as submitted by James & Constance Simmons, husband & wife; and Joel & Barbara Vinkemeier, husband & wife, fee owners, and Security Bank Waconia, mortgagee, of the following property described in part as: A tract of land being part of S1/2 of the SE, and that part of the E1/2 of the SE1/4, Sec. 4, Twp. 119, Rge. 25; with all outstanding taxes including green acre liability, if any, having been paid; the park dedication fee has been paid (#96545); there are no new roads involved; and the mylars and title opinion of Gavin, Olson, Savre & Winters, Ltd., has been reviewed by Thomas C. Zins, Assistant County Attorney, who finds the plat to be ready for recording.

On a motion by Russek, second by Heeter, all voted to approve a plat, "WHITE BIRCH ACRES," as submitted by Robert A. & Helen C. Bauman, husband and wife, fee owners of the following property described as: That part of the E1/2 of the NW1/4, Sec. 25, Twp. 119, Rge. 25, which lies Ely of Crow River and Nely of centerline of Farmington Avenue; with all outstanding taxes, including green acre liability, if any, having been paid; the park dedication fee has been paid (#57740); there is a road letter of escrow on file with the County Auditor; and the plat mylars and title opinion prepared by Patrick J. Neaton, attorney at law, have been reviewed by Thomas C. Zins, Assistant County Attorney, who finds the plat to be ready for recording, with the further stipulation that the covenants as drafted and presented to the County Attorney on 10-10-03 must be filed with the mylars.

Hiivala requested that the claim petitioned onto the Consent Agenda for Neopost be paid from the Site Improvement line item. On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.

Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, requested that a Transportation Committee Of The Whole (TCOTW) Meeting be scheduled. This will be a joint meeting with representatives from the Buffalo School District, City of Buffalo, and Buffalo Township. There had been a tentative meeting scheduled for 10-16-03 but it was cancelled. A signal warrant analysis has been completed by Mn/DOT and the intersection at CSAH 35 and Bison Boulevard still does not meet warrants. Mn/DOT will be invited to attend the meeting. Russek moved to schedule the TCOTW meeting for 10-27-03 at 9:30 A.M., Public Works Building. The motion was seconded by Heeter and carried 5-0. Heeter will notify the School Board and Township that the meeting on 10-16-03 has been cancelled. The City has been informed. On a motion by Heeter, second by Mattson, the following Agenda was approved for the 10-27-03 TCOTW meeting: 1) Discuss Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis for CSAH 35/Bison Boulevard; 2) Discuss Turnback Agreement of CR 117 to City of Monticello; 3) Discuss Vehicle Storage Building Options; and 4) Discuss Official Mapping Ordinance.

Fingalson presented a draft resolution authorizing an agreement project with Mn/DOT for work on and/or adjacent to a trunk highway. This relates to the proposed CSAH 35 project in Buffalo. Mn/DOT will be funding $80,000 toward the project and the resolution must be adopted in order to obtain the funding from the State. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, questioned why the draft does not state CSAH 35. Fingalson responded that this is the language Mn/DOT requested and hoped the agreement would identify CSAH 35. Mattson moved to adopt Resolution #03-66, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

Fingalson presented a draft resolution approving Agreement No. 84969 with Soo Line Railroad and Mn/DOT for improvements to the CSAH 14 crossing. The Board previously approved this same agreement on 7-22-03. However, Mn/DOT's legal staff noted Section 3.2 was omitted. Fingalson felt this was addressed on page 2 of the agreement but Mn/DOT is requiring the change. Heeter moved to rescind Resolution #03-53 passed previously approving this agreement, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0. Heeter moved to adopt Resolution #03-67 approving Agreement No. 84969 with Soo Line Railroad & Mn/DOT for improvements to the CSAH 14 crossing, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

In response to Mattson, Fingalson said the land dispute has not been resolved with property owners along CSAH 14. One hearing has been extended to April 14th. Mattson voiced concern, stating two Township Officials were involved with these disputes. Mattson read a portion of the 3-25-03 Rockford Township Minutes dealing with concern raised at that meeting about using Township residents money to fight this. Mattson did not feel County residents money should be used either. Fingalson said the Highway and Attorney's Offices are anxious to resolve this issue.

Gene Branstrom, E.M. Branstrom Associates Architects Inc. provided an update on the Heritage Center Construction Project. Copies of draft construction drawing documents were distributed at the meeting. Two separate structures are proposed (display area and a multi-purpose room). This will be bid as a single project with a deduct alternate for the display room. The cost projection is $350,000-$400,000 including the alternate. The County has earmarked $200,000 toward the project. Ruben Bonk said the Historical Society has approximately $50,000 set aside in their building fund for this project. Construction is anticipated this Fall. Russek moved to schedule a Bid Opening for the Historical Society on 11-18-03 at 9:30 A.M., seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

A Building Committee meeting was held on 10-8-03. Mattson moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Russek. Craig Hayes, Purchasing Agent, was present at the Board Meeting today to discuss two issues. The first relates to the tile on the First Floor, Annex. Quotes were reviewed at the 7-23-03 Building Committee meeting: Kjellberg's ($9,054.00), Neil's Floor Covering, Inc. ($14,576.00) and Land of Lakes Tile Co. ($16,050.00). The Board approved the low bid of $9,054.00 to Kjellberg's at their 7-29-03 Meeting. Due to an error in measurement and the addition of the second color, Kjellberg's bid increased to $12,010.00. The decision of the Building Committee was to offer the job at $9,054.00. Kjellberg's denied the job. Mattson said a second opportunity to measure was offered. Mattson recommended carpeting due to noise and his feeling that carpet would be durable. Mattson moved to approve the quote from Neil's Floor Covering for $14,576.00. Discussion followed on whether the County should be taking the low bid (from Kjellberg's at $12,010). Tom Kelly, County Attorney, said the County is required to take the responsible bid. Heeter supported tile due to maintenance issues and the expected life of 30 years vs. 10 years with carpeting. Hayes would have to consult the records but estimated carpeting costs at $6000 for this area. Norman felt this cost may have increased because it would require a special carpet run. Installation of the tile would include the east entrance. Mattson withdrew his motion. Norman said although the tile would cost more than carpet, he recommended approving the next lowest quote for tile to include the entry area with the non-skid surface. He felt the opinion of the maintenance staff should be respected. Heeter moved to approve the recommendation for tile. Sawatzke questioned what recourse the County had to require Kjellberg's to honor their original bid. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said the County has the right to get specific performance. With regard to selecting the low bidder and problems that may be experienced, the County may end up with more expended in litigation. The quotes that are received will be kept on file for one year. The motion to accept the quote from Neil's Floor Cover for $14,576.00 was seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0. The second issue Hayes brought forth related to the concrete repair. A contract for $160,000 was entered into with Cy-Con. As demolition progressed, it was discovered that the drain system was so badly corroded that it would have to be replaced. The total cost to replace eight drains is $13,330. It was the opinion of the Building Representative, Building Maintenance and Engineer that this was an acceptable amount. Hayes said that Cy-Con was given the approval to proceed with drain replacement due to time constraints. Mattson moved to approve the $13,330 cost to replace eight drains as an add on to the contract, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0. The motion to approve the Building Committee minutes carried 5-0. The minutes follow:

Request For Glass Security Front, Reception Area, Human Services Building. A quote in the amount of $3,081.58 was received from Facility Systems for a modular furniture configuration similar to the reception area on the third floor. This includes installation. Details for the placement of a hole and pass through will be worked out with Facility Systems. Recommendation: Approve the proposal from Facility Systems in the amount of $3,081.58 with funding from the Human Services Undesignated Fund.

Remodeling Project Update.

1. PR 20 - flow valves on the sprinkler system - Option #1 would place the valves in the ceiling above work space. In Option #2 the valves would be placed in the stairwell and would be visible. The cost for placing the valves in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stairways is $9,160. This would be consistent with the installation of the flow valve on the 4th floor. Recommendation: Approve Option #2 - $9,160.

2. Carpeting in the Community Room and Coordinator's Office - This was previously approved at a cost not to exceed $30/yard including installation, based on the Architect's cost estimation. The actual cost received is $12,863.00 or $36.54/yard. This is comparable to the cost per yard for other areas which have been recently carpeted. Recommendation: Approve at a cost of $12,863.00.

3. Sliding glass window in IT - A request has been received to install sliding glass in the window to the hallway in the IT Department because of hallway noise. Recommendation: Hold until cost is known.

4. First floor corridor tile - A quote from Kjellberg's Carpet was accepted for $9,054. Since then the cost has been increased to $12,010 for an additional 105 sq feet, which was missed when Kjellberg's measured. The cost for a second color to delineate the counter areas is $1,489. There was consensus to eliminate the second color which reduces the cost to $10,521. Mattson did not feel it was fair to the other bidder for Kjellberg to adjust his price. Recommendation: Inform Kjellberg's the County will accept the original quote of $9,054, eliminating the second color.

5. Card key access to the Assessor's Office - The Assessor is requesting a key card access be installed for entrance to the Assessor's Office. It was noted that at an earlier meeting a decision was made to standardize doors with the key card system as remodeling is done. Card key access has been included for the Auditor/Treasurer side of the second floor. Recommendation: Approve the installation of card key access for one door in the Assessor's Office and the two doors in the Recorder's Office.

6. Countertops in P&Z and License Bureau - The options are to accept the tops with a credit or require the tops be replaced. Recommendation: Hold for information on the amount of the credit being offered.

7. Seven lights on the first floor need to be moved because pipes are in the way. There should be no charge for this.

8. The completion date has been moved up one week to October 31st. VS/CD is scheduled to move to their temporary location on the third floor next week. A request has been received to move a refrigerator into the vacated VS/CD Office for three weeks as front access to the third floor lunchroom will be closed off with VS/CD occupying that space. Recommendation: Change the card key access on the east stairway door on the third floor so all staff can temporarily access the lunchroom from the stairway.

9. A list of six items has been received from Extension for changes to lighting, files under the counter, the copier, and keyboard trays. Recommendation: Hayes and Buskey will look into the lighting issues. The other items will be held until the status of the Extension Office is known.

10. The fire alarm additions are on hold for a recommendation on the price from the Architect.

11. An update was provided on the concrete repair work on the south entrance. There was discussion on replacement and warranty of the membrane and additional costs associated with replacing the drains which are badly corroded.

A Detention Committee meeting was held on 10-7-03:

Discuss Site For A New Jail. County owned property adjacent to Public Works was discussed as a possible site location for a new Jail facility. Wayne Fingalson distributed a handout summarizing gravel reserves and mining that has been done to date (attached) and outlined on a map the location and number of acres in each parcel. There was general consensus that the current mining area, which will be depleted within approximately three years, appears to be a suitable location and would provide ample space for future expansion to the north. Discussion also included road access, elevation level of the mined area, utilities, and Jail design and proposed size. Recommendation: Request approval to obtain three quotes for professional services to conduct a feasibility study of the site for construction of a Jail facility.

At today's meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes including the recommendation, seconded by Heeter. Sawatzke referenced the recommendation and thought the County first needed to discuss other issues prior to the feasibility study being conducted. This would include finding out property options near the Courthouse, options for future expansion, and possible department locations. He felt those conducting the study would need this information. The consultant would be asked to determine what would fit into that space. Heeter thought all locations should be studied to determine the whole picture. Norman stated that in the not too distant future, another judge will be assigned and there is no space designated for them. The Human Services Center is also close to being full. In September, Mattson requested that the Coordinator schedule a meeting with State representatives to discuss the future of jail facilities in the State. He has since been in contact with the Sherburne County Sheriff who supported such a meeting. Sawatzke suggested that staff come up with some parameters and bring them back to the Board for approval at a future meeting. A meeting could also be set up with Stearns County. After further discussion, Russek and Heeter withdrew their motion to approve the minutes. Heeter then moved to approve the minutes but not the recommendation of the Committee. The motion carried 5-0 on a second by Russek. Sawatzke moved to direct the Coordinator to send a letter to Stearns County asking them for a response on whether they have any interest in working with Wright County to build a joint jail facility with a target date of 2007-2008. If interest is indicated, a meeting date would be set thereafter. The motion was seconded by Russek. Russek said the intent is also to schedule a meeting with legislators and to invite Stearns County to attend as well. They may be interested in having their legislators attend. Mattson requested this meeting be scheduled before the Legislature reconvenes. The motion carried 5-0.

A Technology Committee meeting was held on 10-8-03. Mattson moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0:

Records Management Proposal. Swing presented a cost breakdown (attached) to convert the south wing of the Annex basement area into a Records Center, and a proposal from SourceCorp for records management in the Attorney's Office. Funds for the Records Center were included in the Capital Improvement Bond. There are currently 200+ boxes ready to be moved to the Records Center with a total capacity for approximately 1,000 boxes. It is estimated that the Sheriff's Department, Human Services and the Attorney's Office will use about 55% of the space. Swing requested authorization to proceed with these two projects to keep the process moving forward. He stated the Records Management Coordinator position was not funded for 2004 because of the budget situation. A draft records management policy manual has been developed but has not been adopted due to the lack of the coordinator position. Recommendation: Proceed with the conversion of the basement area into a Records Center with funding from the Capital Improvement Bond. Accept the proposal from SourceCorp for the records management project in the Attorney's Office with funding from Budget 820, Professional Services.

Appointment To Governor's Council On GIS. Bill Swing reported he has been appointed to replace Jay Wittstock on the Governor's Council On GIS. Wittstock served for five years on the Council. Swing and Wittstock stated Wright County is viewed as a leader in GIS and is unique with our joint undertaking between the IT Department and Surveyor. They will be making a presentation of the mapping service this Friday, which is a pilot project in the State. Appointment to the Council is made on an annual basis with meetings held every two months.

Update On Local Digital Service Installation. Swing reported the only change staff should notice with the digital service is with Caller ID. Once the switchover has been completed, staff will be sent an e-mail communicating the change. Whether Qwest is approved by the PUC to provide long distance service will be known within a few weeks.

Funding Of Interns For GIS Projects. Funding for the intern working on the mapping service project has been coming from the software company and has ended. Swing requested $5,000 to fund the intern position working on the mapping service project and $5,000 for an intern position for the centerline project. He stated this would be a one time request to keep these projects moving. Wittstock stated these projects would have fallen under the GIS Project Leader position which has not been funded because of the budget situation. Norman stated funds were available through the end of 2003 from the GIS Line Item in Budget 820 which had been designated for equipment in the Surveyor's Department. Since that source of funding is not available in the 2004 Budget, it was recommended the remaining balance be carried as a temporary help line item in the Surveyor's 2004 budget. Recommendation: Approve $5,000 for the mapping service intern and $5,000 for a centerline project intern with funding through the end of 2003 to come from the GIS Line Item in Budget 820. If work continues into 2004, the balance of the time be carried as a temporary help line item in the Surveyor's budget.

A Ways & Means Committee meeting was held on 10-8-03. On a motion by Russek, second by Sawatzke, all voted to approve the minutes and recommendations:

Proposed Change To Law Enforcement Contract. The Sheriff's Department is requesting the following paragraph be added to the current Law Enforcement Contract: In order to facilitate a local presence of Sheriff's Deputies, the Municipality shall, if requested by the Sheriff, provide a local telephone line and space for a computer workstation in the respective City Hall or other suitable city owned building at no cost to the County. The Municipality shall allow a sign indicating the location of its Sheriff's substation with appropriate telephone numbers to be displayed on the exterior of the building. Lindell clarified that any costs for signage in the municipalities should be minimal and would be paid by the Sheriff's Department. Recommendation: Approve the change to the contract as worded above.

Norman said at the last Leadership Team meeting, the current practice of referring job openings to the Personnel Committee was discussed. It was the consensus that this practice, along with other budget initiatives, allowed the County to reach the goal of balancing the 2003 budget. It was the Leadership Team's recommendation to return to the previous practice of authorizing advertising for vacancies as part of accepting an individuals resignation. These would be placed on the Consent Agenda. This change would be effective the date of Board action. Russek moved to approve the recommendation, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0.

At the last County Board meeting, the Board approved in concept an agreement with the City of Hutchinson for the Pilot Project at the Compost Facility. Today, Asleson presented the draft of this agreement for approval. The City's Administrator and Attorney have reviewed and approved the agreement. Relating to Item #6, Government Approvals, a letter will be drafted and sent to the MPCA for yard waste. The County will sign the letter as it owns the Facility. The City's intent is to bring in yard waste as early as the end of this week. Chuck Davis, Environmental Health Officer, prefers to keep the hours of operation the same to avoid impacts on the neighborhood. Paragraph 7 of the Agreement calls for payments by the City to be made quarterly. The City will be provided with a key to the Facility and will have an employee present when waste is delivered. The agreement does not provide for an option to cease by either party as it would be difficult with the amount of material involved to stop mid-stream. The City is aggressive with marketing so Asleson did not feel that removal or cleanup will be an issue. Modifications to the agreement will be made as needed. Any major changes will be presented to the Board. The Pilot Proposal will be attached to the agreement. There is currently five days of chipping to do at the Facility. Davis is obtaining quotes from stump grinding companies for this work. Hutchinson will also quote on the work. In the past, residents have been allowed to drop off and take larger material for free. Sawatzke did not want residents to lose this service. The Board's position is that the current County employee at the Facility should continue to keep his duties as priority and that this pilot project should be secondary and not interfere with his duties. Additional help at the Facility may be discussed at a future date. Storage will be retained for Parks and Highway but it will be shifted to the other side of the hanger. Sawatzke suggested placement of signs around the perimeter of the building due to sight restrictions. With the increased truck traffic, he wanted the area to remain safe for residents dropping items off. Sawatzke moved to approve the Joint Powers Agreement with the Pilot Proposal attached to it, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0.

Mattson provided an update on Ditch 13. Swanson Brothers will obtain a permit to trap beavers.

Mattson met with Fyle's Excavating on Ditch 19. Blockage was not located. Dale Homuth from the DNR will review the area from French Lake to Oliver Avenue. The problems may be larger than what the ditch authority can handle.

Sawatzke was contacted by Chris Basgall, Onyx General Manager, relative to comments made at the last County Board meeting. Basgall acknowledged that he had not gotten back to Sawatzke on the3 two issues mentioned but indicated that he would. This was provided as an informational item.

Bills Approved

Ancom Technical Center 721.00

Apco International, Inc. 598.00

Automatic Garage Door & Firepl 100.59

B&D Plumbing & Heating 3021.00

Barthel, James 105.24

BLM Technologies, Inc. 135.00

Buff'N'Glo, Inc. 110.00

Buffalo Clinic 297.00

CDW Computer Centers, Inc. 196.99

Center Point Energy 2171.02

Climate Air 15,390.80

Cokato City 1048.80

Crow River Tools 166.08

Deatons Mailing Systems, Inc. 258.80

Department of Public Safety 8310.00

Douglas, Ralph 472.00

E-Z Flush 582.60

Erickson, Josh 141.84

ESRI 442.76

Facility Systems, Inc. 131.00

Feddema, Tom 236.52

Fyles Excavating & Honey Wagon 495.00

Gateway Companies, Inc. 2159.20

Graphic & Printing Services 817.00

Greif Brothers Corporation 1098.48

Heart of the Lakes Pumping 860.00

Hickman Service, Inc. 113.96

Holiday 1622.76

Lakedale Telephone Company 447.85

LaPlant Demo, Inc. 1232.30

Marco Business Products 2146.42

Martin-McAllisters Consulting 350.00

Metro Group, The, Inc. 2680.39

Minnesota Corrections Associat 125.00

Minnesota State Bar Ass'n 140.59

MN County Attys Association 330.00

MN State Auditor 10590.22

Monticello RV Center 119.26

Montrose City 3171.80

Mostca 125.00

Neopost 13,721.05

Office Depot 841.83

Onyx Waste Services, Inc. 342.01

Pats 66 131.41

Photo I 864.64

Record Preservation, Inc. 220.21

Rinke-Noonan 1280.00

RS Eden 481.95

SBC Paging 595.94

Streichers 655.88

Total Printing 1211.34

Uniforms Unlimited 350.48

Waste Management TC West 644.92

Wessman Oil Co. 129.81

West Group Payment Center 891.95

West Publishing Payment Ctr. 107.04

Wetter, Leander 379.20

Wright County Auditor-Treas. 200.00

Wright County Highway Dept. 176.55

Wright Lumber & Millwork, Inc. 111.47

38 payments less than $100 1797.49

Final Total $88,397.44

The meeting adjourned at 10:47 A.M.

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