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Wright County Board Minutes

DECEMBER 30, 2003

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Mattson, Eichelberg, Russek and Sawatzke present.

Sawatzke referenced the 12-23-03 Board minutes and discussion relating to the quarry tile for the 1st Floor Annex. Sawatzke raised the question on whether the County should seek a credit from the contractor on the mismatched tile instead of having it replaced. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, stated that the plan is to replace the tile at no cost to the County. The color of the previously laid tiles do not match. He felt the supplier had probably already proceeded with obtaining replacement tiles. Norman favored replacement as the tile surface will be in place for 20-30 years. He did not anticipate receiving a large deduct if that was the Board's decision as the entire tile job was approximately $12,000. After discussion, it was the consensus to proceed with tile replacement. Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes of 12-23-03, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Item For Consid. #5, "Set Committee Of The Whole Meeting" (Norman). Russek moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Russek, second by Heeter, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:


1. Performance Appraisals: P. Melvin, L. Pawelk, Admin.; C. Schulz, P&Z; R. Fischer, D. Fundingsland, A. Habisch Peterson, W. Holland, Sher.; D. Evjen, Surv.


1. Approve Abatement, PIN #218-000-061201, David C & Robin E Fitterer (Stockholm Township).


1. Authorize Hiring of Additional Temporary Help During 2004 To Help During Vacancies & Periods When Substantial Number of Employees Are New To Their Jobs.

Doug Gruber, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the claims for approval. Mattson moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. The motion was seconded by Russek. Norman referenced action at the last County Board Meeting where the Extension claims were referred to the Extension Committee for clarification. Gruber explained that at the Committee meeting, it was found that all claims were in order. The $14,000 claim was the quarterly payment to the University and was miscoded as vacation pay. All of the equipment and supplies purchased will remain in the Government Center and are being ordered as a normal course of business. The motion carried 5-0.

The Contract for Dangerous Dog Services with Crossroads Animal Shelter was discussed. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said the Sheriff Department expressed interest in renewal of the contract. Heeter, who is also President of the Crossroads Animal Shelter, stated that Crossroads is interested in continuing with the contract. One contract responsibility is the creation of a database to track Wright County dogs. In 2003, Crossroads identified 70 dangerous dogs. There will be no cost change in the 2004 contract but Heeter anticipated there may be an increase next year due to the number of dangerous dogs coming through the system. Sawatzke moved to approve the 2004 Contract with Crossroads Animal Shelter, seconded by Russek, carried 4-0 (Heeter abstained from the vote). Discussion followed on the criteria for "dangerous dogs." Heeter explained that Statutes allow for the Shelter to make a determination but said dogs which bite, appear to be vicious or display unprovoked aggression would be considered dangerous. She suggested the formation of a County ordinance to provide clarification as there are many situations where the shelter must make the determination. Asleson will work with the Shelter and Sheriff Department to determine whether an ordinance should be enacted.

Mattson referenced a letter received from the City of Maple Lake requesting a 3-way stop at the intersection of CSAH 8 @ CSAH 37. He supported the request which he viewed as a proactive step by the County. This intersection has not met warrants for the stop signs. Mattson said there are many non-warranted intersections in the County which have had signs installed that have stopped fatalities completely. Mattson referenced influencing factors which include growth on the western side of CSAH #8 and the increased speed in the area. He said Mn/DOT will not lower the speed. The City plans to install a street light at this location. Mattson said the County needs to be proactive and that Mn/DOT is not up to date on data relating to failing to stop for red lights. Mattson moved to direct the Highway Department to install a 3-way stop at the intersection of CSAH 8 @ CSAH 37, seconded by Russek. Russek felt the request should be run through the Transportation Committee but supported the request of the City. Eichelberg felt the issue should be referred to the Transportation Committee Of The Whole (TCOTW) meeting on 1-8-03. He felt staff should be given an opportunity to supply information on the request. Sawatzke agreed stating he would like to include the Highway Department in the discussion. Heeter concurred but said she would support the stop sign request. The motion failed 2-3 with Sawatzke, Heeter and Eichelberg voting against it. Sawatzke then made a motion to refer this issue to the TCOTW meeting on 1-08-04 at 1:00 P.M., seconded by Heeter. Mattson did not feel the Highway Engineer would support the request as past minutes indicate the intersection does not meet warrants. Russek referenced an intersection in Rockford where the Highway Department did not support the request but the signs were installed. The motion carried 4-1 with Mattson casting the nay vote. Fingalson is to notify the City of Maple Lake that this is on the TCOTW Agenda for 1-08-03.

Correspondence was received from the Economic Development Partnership of Wright County outlining changes with the dues and dues policy for 2004. Norman said the 2004 membership dues structure places Wright County at $.50/capita. This is not what was budgeted for 2004, nor has the County agreed to pay that amount in the future. The budgeted figure for 2004 is $36,000 which is what was invoiced by the Partnership. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Russek, all voted to accept payment of the $36,000 for dues in 2004. The payment will be split into two payments of $18,000 with the first being paid before 3-01-04 and the second before 8-31-04.

Norman sent the Board a letter on 12-22-03 relating to the County Agricultural Inspector Services. AMC previously indicated that counties no longer had to provide these services. Since that time, research was done by the Attorney's Office and confirmed by AMC that we probably will need to appoint an inspector. AMC's Policy Analyst said we can appoint an inspector but it would be up to the County whether the individual performs any duties. Sherburne County has renewed their contract with Ag Enterprises for 2004. Use of the Ag Inspector's services will be discussed by the Township Officers in January. Asleson referenced the AMC Legislative Summary that was distributed with Norman's letter. The portion under "Noxious Weeds" indicates that, "The Department of Agriculture will no longer be involved with noxious weed management, with the exception of managing the list of weeds and maintaining the rules. County enforcement of the noxious weed law is voluntary (Chapter 128, Article 3, Sections 14 to 25)." Asleson did not necessarily agree with the second sentence. The other thing Asleson is reviewing is whether the requirement could be handed over to local weed inspectors. Every city and township has a weed inspector for their area. In cities it is the mayor and in townships it is the board supervisors. County ag inspectors must file reports with the State and the State does initial training. The civil and criminal powers the County had in the past were not changed by the Legislature. Asleson's general impression was that the County will still have an ag inspector. He thought the County needed to be in charge of enforcement and registration as the Department of Agriculture has backed off. Russek moved to lay this issue over to the 1-13-04 County Board meeting to provide an opportunity for more research by Asleson and to receive input from the Township Officers. The motion was seconded by Heeter and carried 5-0.

Norman requested the Board schedule a Committee Of The Whole Meeting on 1-12-03 to discuss jail issues. The last time he spoke with Senator Ourada's office, he was available on that morning. Russek moved to schedule the Committee Of The Whole Meeting for 1-12-03 at 8:30 A.M. The motion was seconded by Heeter and carried 5-0.

Bills Approved

A-1 Marine 4,300.00

Ameripride Linen And Apparel 148.52

AMI Imaging Systems Inc 800.00

Ancom Communications Inc 125.67

Arrow Terminal LLC 457.73

Automatic Garage Door & Firepl 1,405.50

Avalon Fortress Security Corp 3,700.88

Bakeberg, George 437.84

Bauman, Lawrence 467.88

BLM Technologies Inc 2,573.04

Borell, Todd 3,950.00

Brinkmans Inc 10,437.80

Buffalo Auto Value 203.12

Buildings Consulting Group Inc 3,276.60

Case Credit 347.36

CDW Government Inc 405.73

Centra Sota Lake Region Llc 1,095.53

Central Micro Systems Inc 10,851.53

Central Mn Mental Health Cntr 1,130.00

Climate Air 13,398.20

Commissioner Of Transportation 270.00

Denos Excavating & Drainage In 350.00

Desmarais, Randal 101.52

Douglas, Ralph 472.00

East Central Regional Juvenile 14,507.00

Emergency Physicians Professio 146.00

Engel, Dale 285.48

Facility Systems Inc 1,046.52

First State Tire Recycling 681.42

Force America Inc 595.78

Franklin Township 30,587.55

Gale-Tec Engineering Inc 2,191.75

Gateway Companies Inc 199.99

Gau, Todd 197.28

Goodpointe Technology 1,500.00

Greys Tone Construction Company 9,467.16

Gs Direct 243.45

Hertzog, Amy 750.00

Hirshfields Decorating Center 159.71

Info Logic 2,252.50

Interstate Battery Sys Of Mpls 242.61

Intoximeters Inc 476.20

Keeprs Inc 113.85

Kramber, Greg 169.20

Law Enforcement Technology Gro 5,627.94

Lawson Products Inc 434.17

Little Falls Machine 4,258.53

Marco Business Products 4,644.53

Marlin Leasing Corporation 1,069.86

Marquette Camera Repair 145.00

Martinson, Krishona 127.69

Matthew Hall Lumber Company 165.83

Mattson, Anthony Electric 100.94

Mattson, Richard 299.11

MCF-RW 1,512.00

Mid-America Business Systems 1,323.00

Miller, Nathan 452.52

Minnesota Corrections Associat 525.00

Mn Asphalt Pavement Assn 105.00

Mn Assoc Of County Probation O 150.00

Mn County Attys Association 3,439.00

Mn Society Of Prof Surveyors 250.00

Neopost 971.28

North American Salt Co 1,788.15

Office Depot 4,483.64

Onanegozie Rc & D 100.00

Phoenix International Sc 447.44

Rasmuson, Anthony 215.28

Recall Total Information Manag 234.33

Record Preservation Inc 664.52

Rs Eden 562.50

Russek, Jack 316.80

Schliesing, Sherry 295.20

Simplex Grinnell Lp 766.80

M Smith Publishers 157.00

Software House Internatonal In 15,150.73

St. Paul City 900.00

Successories Inc 315.99

Swanson Brothers Trapline Srvc 137.00

Total Printing 943.49

University Of Minnesota 475.25

Veit & Company 19,058.15

Verizon Wireless 653.59

Vibes Technologies Inc 258.80

West Group Payment Center 476.00

Wright County Journal Press 275.60

Wright Hennepin Electric 151.72

39 payments less than $100 1,675.30

Final Total $202,624.58

The meeting adjourned at 9:43 A.M.

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