Wright County Board Minutes

February 1, 2005

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Mattson, Eichelberg, Russek and Sawatzke present.

The minutes of 1-25-05 were corrected as follows: Page 5, 1st paragraph, remove the 2nd sentence that reads, “This relates to a DNR Public Access on Pelican Lake” (Russek). Russek moved to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

Items were petitioned to the Agenda as follows: Item For Consid. #5, “MEADA Update” (Heeter). Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, requested that Auditor Item #2, “Approve Plat, BEISE ADDITION (Rockford Twp.)” be removed from the Agenda. Hiivala indicated that the payment for fees associated with the plat have not been received. Eichelberg moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Russek, second by Heeter, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as presented:


1. Performance Appraisals: A. Mohaupt, Atty.; C. Beutler, J. Wilson, Hwy.; M. Fox, C. Fradella, Sher.

2. Approve & Authorize Signatures, Amended Law Enforcement Contract, City of Albertville.

3. Authorize Norman to Attend Association Of Governmental Risk Pools Conference, March 15-18, 2005.


1. Accept Resignation, Dan Weber, Property Appraiser, Eff.2-11-05 & Authorize Replacement.


1. Approve Tobacco Licenses: Westside Liquor (AlbertvilleCity); Red Vest Bar (Rockford City).

2. Claim, McCombs, Frank, Roos Assoc., $56.00 For Plan Review Charlotte Shores Plat (Fund 61-Sewer).


1. Authorize Attendance Of Wayne Fingalson & Virgil Hawkins At NACE Annual Conference, Bismarck, North Dakota, April 17-21, 2005.


1. Approval Of Purchase Agreement To Be Issued To Voice Data Systems For Upgrade Of The County’s Nortel Networks Voice & Voice Mail Systems In Accordance With Specifications Detailed In The “Telecommunication System Request For Proposal” Issued On 10-29-04.


1. Accept The Findings And Recommendations Of The Planning Commission For The Following Rezonings:

A. Recommend Approval Of The Establishment Of A Rural Planned Unit Development District Grand Castle Development LLC (Buffalo Twp.).


1. Acknowledge Appointment, David Carlson, Corrections Officer, Eff. 2-15-05 (Step 1).

2. Acknowledge Resignation, Todd Merwin, Deputy Sheriff, Eff. 2-07-05 & Authorize Replacement.

3. Acknowledge Resignation, Nathen Erickson, Deputy Sheriff, Eff. 2-03-05 & Authorize Replacement.

4. Acknowledge Resignation, Steven Quern, Deputy Sheriff, Eff. 2-02-05 & Authorize Replacement.

Hiivala introduced Jill Arens who was recently hired as the Chief Deputy Auditor/Treasurer. Arens was welcomed.

The claims listing was discussed. Mattson referenced claims on page 5 and 15 which related to a printer. In researching the claims, he found that the expenditures were for a refurbished printer that was purchased by the Highway and Surveyor Departments together. On a motion by Heeter, second by Russek, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.

A Civil Defense Committee Meeting was held on 1-26-05. Russek moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0:

Interview Steve Berg. The Committee interviewed Berg regarding the Homeland Security Program Grant proposal he submitted. He confirmed that he would perform the scope of services listed in the RFP within the required timeframe. He stated that he also included two additional items that he would perform. The first is system resource availability. This would develop a system to assure proper resources, including equipment and personnel, are in place and available to all agencies in the event of any emergency situation. The second is to attend all County Fire Chiefs Association and Emergency Medical Services Council meetings to update, explain, and answer questions regarding the EOP, grants, training, and equipment. He will perform these services for a total cost of $30,000; including any administration and operating costs. Recommendation: Contract with SLB Consulting for the total cost of $30,000. The contract period shall be from February 1, 2005 - November 30, 2005. Monthly activity reports shall be submitted and $3,000 will be paid monthly to SLB Consulting. Direction and reporting will be through the Civil Defense Committee. (End of Civil Defense Committee Minutes)

A Detention Facility Committee Of The Whole was held on 1-25-05. Heeter moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0:

Discuss Public Input Process. Jon Crump, DLR Group, presented a proposed schedule of the public input process over the next six months with a September target date for County Board action. There was discussion on the use of an internet survey, what the intended purpose is, and how the data would be used. There was general support for an educational segment to be placed on the website with a comment area rather than specific survey questions. A virtual tour on the website or a cd of the current Jail was suggested as an alternative or supplement to on-site tours. Tri-fold brochures of proposed talking points were distributed for review prior to the February meeting. Finalization on the Table Top Display was delayed until talking points are reviewed at the next meeting. Crump noted the tour of the Scott County Jail construction site has been moved back to 2:00 P.M., on February 7th. A meeting was scheduled for February 15, 2005 at 1:00 P.M. to review the talking point brochures, finalize the Table Top Display, and set a calendar of events/public meetings for presentations. (End of Detention Committee Minutes)

Captain Gary Torfin requested approval of the 2005 Jail Medical Services Contract with Allina. The contract would run from 1-01-05 to 12-31-05. The contract renewal was delayed due to personnel changes at Allina. Torfin requested renewal for continuation of providing medical services in the Jail. The contract language remains the same with the exception of an increase from $8,400 to $8,800 per month (4.6% increase). The contract was reviewed by the County Attorney’s Office. Eichelberg moved to authorize signatures on the Contract with Allina for Jail medical services, seconded by Heeter. The contract will be effective 1-01-05 through 12-31-05. The motion carried 5-0.

A Personnel Committee Meeting was held on 1-26-05. Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0:

Performance Appraisal, Genell Reese, Veterans Service/Civil Defense Director. Based on review of five performance appraisals submitted the Committee recommends an overall rating of “Superior”.

Performance Appraisal, Larry Unger, Recorder. Based on review of five performance appraisals submitted the Committee recommends an overall rating of “Exceptional”.

Request For Additional Temporary Help, Court Administration. Nordeen stated that she has $5,000 budgeted for temporary help. This is planned to be used for on-call Court Attendants and student interns. However, she just hired two new staff that will require training, has one additional vacancy that needs to be filled and has an employee out on a medical leave. After discussion, it was the consensus of the Committee that she be authorized to use $10,000 for additional temporary help. (End of Personnel Minutes)

Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, presented a 2004 Work Zone Safety Award which he received on behalf of Wright County at the recent County Engineer’s Annual Meeting. The Award is intended to recognize county maintenance workers and supervisors for an excellent job in providing work zone traffic controls during the summer of 2004. The criteria for the award includes compliance with State work zone traffic control standards, local efforts to promote work zone safety to the public, county worker education, and accident investigation. The award is presented to one county each year by a Mn/DOT team comprised of safety experts. Wright County also received this award in 1995. Fingalson recognized members of the Wright County Public Works Safety Committee: Larry Anderson, Steve Meyer, Mike True, Jay Wittstock, Jeff Putnam, Pat Melvin, Bob Erickson, Bruce Leinonen, Augie Riebel and Barb Holmquist. The Board commented that receiving this award twice in ten years is outstanding, as all 87 Minnesota counties are eligible for the award.

Fingalson requested that a Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting be scheduled with the following Agenda items: 1) Discuss Funding of Construction Program; 2) Discuss Issues in City of Rockford including Driver Feedback Signs and Realignment of CR 115 at TH 55; 3) Review Albertville Truck Station Options; 4) CSAH 17 Realignment Options; and 5) Proposed CSAH System. On a motion by Heeter, second by Eichelberg, all voted to schedule a Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting for 2-14-05 at 3:00 P.M.

A Technology Committee Meeting was held on 1-26-05. Eichelberg moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0:

Jail Inmate Telephone Contract. Torfin explained the current contract is with Qwest. The inmate phone system is used when the collect call method is used. The contract was for an initial three-year period with automatic renewal for two successive one-year periods after that. Revenues generated are placed in General Revenue and in 2004 were just under $20,000. The contract was renewed in September for 2005 plus a provision for automatic renewal for 2006. As part of the 02-01-05 Jail phone contract, the vendor supplies public access telephones for the remainder of the County. One telephone is located at the Human Services Center. A number of telephones are located in the Government Center. Each phone receives a separate line. All lines are connected to a concentrator and outgoing lines are routed on a first come, first serve basis. Pay phones are not a revenue generating item. Cell phones have impacted usage. Qwest is responsible for the monthly cost of pay phones. The County is provided pay phones due to the Jail Telephone Contract; otherwise, the County would be obligated to pay for this service. The following pay phones exist in the Government Center: 1-Jail Lobby, 1-Main Foyer, 1-Front Lobby, 2-2nd Floor by Courts, 1-3rd Floor, 1-4th Floor. Recommendation: Approve proposal to remove one phone in the Front Lobby, one phone on 2nd Floor by Courts, and reduce from 13 lines to 8 lines in the Jail. As a result, the County will be provided a larger payback percentage from Qwest.

2005 Computer Installation Schedule & Policies. Swing distributed information outlining his recommendation and benefits. Older computers will no longer be moved from one user to another due to staff time associated with moving and maintenance. The old theory was that a new computer would be installed for high users. The computer replaced would be moved to a person who utilizes the computer less. This has resulted in a domino effect. The new policy would call for computer replacement every four years for all computers. No computers would be moved. Norman requested that the computer replacement scheduled be verified with each department. He also inquired whether the numbers represented coincide with the figures in the Equipment Note. Swing responded that each department on the schedule will be contacted. The figures reflected involve not only computers but other technology items (i.e., laptops). With regard to the Equipment Note, Swing said a gross estimate was provided based on the total number of devices required within one year. Norman said if the County decided to issue another equipment note, figures could be obtained based upon the four-year schedule. Torfin said that when a computer is replaced, the Jail has moved the one replaced to another area that did not require the latest technology. If the proposed policy is followed, some computers will be sent to auction that are newer than existing computers. DeMars pointed out that Federal reimbursement for computer replacement is available under certain programs. Under the program, a specific user’s computer can be replaced even if it is not obsolete. The new computer can only be given to staff associated with the program. In the past, the computer which was replaced was given to other staff. He said a result of the policy may be less Federal reimbursement. DeMars supported the schedule and policy but said there may need to be time for transition. The ordering schedule (page 2) reflects when and how many devices a department is to receive. Swing said that installation of these devices would be one month later than that reflected in the ordering schedule. The Committee recommendation is to approve the following items contingent upon department approval of the information:

• 2005 budgeted computers will be acquired based on the attached 2005 ordering schedule.

• Older computers will no longer be moved from one user to another. A new computer will be the only option available to replace an obsolete computer.

Web Portal to Government Entities. Swing provided a copy outlining the advantages of a technology partnership with units of government within Wright County (attached). Swing and Jay Wittstock, Surveyor, will attend the City Administrator’s Meeting on 2-03-05 to discuss advantages of partnering on communications and technology issues. At the 10-27-04 Technology Committee Meeting, the Web Portal to Government Entities was discussed. Those Committee Minutes reflect that “no fees will be involved in moving information between governmental entities.” Today, Swing requested that free access to data be provided within Wright County only (not including federal and state) as part of the collaboration with cities and townships. This would relate to the Governmental Web Portal only. If a partnership develops with cities and townships, an agreement would be drafted and would include a stipulation that the entity could not sell information obtained from Wright County. The data provided would be for a specific project only. Swing supported the cost sharing formula developed by the Surveyor for the aerial photo project. This was approved by the County Board at their 1-25-05 Meeting. Letters reflecting the cost distribution are being mailed to cities and townships. Swing felt this was an example on how a partnership could be formed to provide efficiencies and access to information. Another example would be maintenance of addresses in the E911 System. Currently, each city maintains their own database. Swing would like one database that would be shared. Recommendation: It was the consensus to proceed with discussing technology partnerships with governmental entities within Wright County. As requested by Swing, free access to data within the Governmental Web Portal would only be provided to cities and townships within Wright County. (End of Technology Committee Minutes)

David Trelstad distributed information relating to the proposed signal at the intersection of TH 25 and Montrose Boulevard in Buffalo. The information included a layout of the design he obtained from the City’s Engineer, Brad DeWolf, and a letter drafted by Trelstad expressing his concerns. Trelstad read the letter for the record. The letter relates to the traffic count survey completed by MnDOT on 6-30-04. At the same time, Trelstad said TH 55 traffic was rerouted due to construction. He said the Bradshaw Avenue to TH 25 south route was the number one alternate used. Trelstad said City newspapers reflected this through coverage of the TH 55 construction. He felt the 6-30-04 traffic count should be considered invalid, and the traffic survey sent to 1500 residents should be declared invalid as there were only three references to this intersection. Trelstad said all other references to the TH 25 traffic problems pointed to specific streets and felt the traffic problems on TH 25 were from the downtown area north to TH 55. He did not feel there were any problems on the south end of TH 25. He thought the 3-way stop at TH 25 and Montrose Boulevard helped to control the traffic to the downtown area and helped to slow the buildup of traffic farther down the line. Trelstad felt a signal would cause traffic to build up at the intersection and cause problems with congestion. He referenced previous comments by Mayor Naaktgeboren and Council Member Haag indicating that the survey reflected the TH 25/Montrose Boulevard intersection to be the number one issue of respondents in the survey. Trelstad suggested improving TH 25 between downtown and TH 55, possibly through an alternate route. He felt the proposed stoplight was a waste of taxpayer dollars and that it was being pushed through by deceptive and false statements. Due to the amount of construction in Buffalo over the past few years, he suggested that some time be allowed to pass before a decision is made whether to support this project. In addition to reading his letter, Trelstad referenced portions of the 11-16-04 County Board Minutes and questioned the information presented:

• “Fred Naaktgeboren explained that City officials have been aware of the dissatisfaction of many Buffalo City residents in regard to the intersection of TH 25 and CSAH 12.” Trelstad said he would like to see the evidence of this and felt this statement had no credibility.

• “Because the highway is in the city, most complaints probably get directed at the City rather than either the County or the State.” Trelstad felt there was no evidence to support this and the statement had no credibility.

• “The people who live nearby are especially frustrated because access to TH 25 is difficult because of the constant flow of traffic.” Trelstad lives in this area and has not heard complaints. He felt he was the most affected of anyone. He said this statement was made with no basis of fact and that the current traffic control is working.

• “The City has closed off 2nd Avenue South through Sturges Park and moved the intersection down to Park Lane, which makes for better stacking room for vehicles waiting on CSAH 12 to get onto TH 25.” Trelstad did not feel shutting down the street to bypass the intersection was a good thing.

• “They have also put a gate up at the 2nd Avenue exit from Sturges to TH 25 to prevent traffic from cutting through the park to avoid the three-way stop intersection.” Trelstad questioned what was wrong with using that street as that is what it was for. Now there is a gate and all traffic is routed to the 3-way stop. He felt this added to the problem with stacking on TH 12 instead of TH 25. Trelstad said the park has been shut down all winter and there is currently a skating rink on the parking lot.

• “The residents in the area said that there was quite a bit of traffic cutting through the park.” Trelstad said there is one homeowner in this area and he works for the City. The other two residents are renters.

Trelstad referenced the layout he received from the City Engineer, Brad DeWolf. This layout would eliminate street parking through 604 Highway 25. Those living on the south side of TH 25 would have no parking in front of their homes and no sidewalk or crosswalk. Those residents would lose access to the front side of their homes. Trelstad resides at 405 Highway 25, where a turn lane is proposed. He would not be able to access his front door and would not have parking options for visitors. DeWolf proposed that the parking lot at the Park be used for this purpose. Trelstad did not wish for his visitors to have to walk that far especially if there was not a sidewalk for them to access the front of his home. Trelstad will continue to work on this issue and indicated he may retain a lawyer unless the County Board took action to end this proposal.

Russek referenced statements he made at the 1-25-05 Board Meeting reflecting that the $400,000 may be better spent on a bypass to TH 55. This could eliminate the stoplight issue altogether. He felt that a bypass from TH 25 to TH 55 would be needed someday. Although the County will not expend dollars toward the proposed stoplight, it will be funded by taxpayer dollars. Trelstad suggested that some time be allowed to pass due to the construction. If a traffic count were completed at that time which reflects a stoplight is needed, he would not speak against it. Mattson referenced the City proposal calling for residents not being able to park on the street and felt this was a great disservice to them.

Sawatzke asked Fingalson whether he agreed with Trelstad’s statement that the Highway 55 construction would skew the traffic survey results and therefore cause a flaw in the mechanics of the computer generated system. He also questioned the affects of metering of traffic. Fingalson responded that he contacted Tom Dumont, Mn/DOT Assistant Traffic Engineer. Mn/DOT completed the analysis at the request of the City. A warrant analysis was completed in 1999 by Mn/DOT. Without any construction activity and during a midweek period, this intersection met the warrants. According to Mn/DOT, they did not feel that when the study was completed in June, 2004, that TH 55 had adverse impact on this intersection and that TH 55 was not detoured. The modeling used during the demonstration at the Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting used traffic counts of today with an increase in counts added for proposed development south of Buffalo. Fingalson said if another connection is proposed for TH 55 to TH 25, it would have a large impact on this intersection. He said that residents from the southern portion of the City do not have easy access to other portions of the City. Unless a connection is made, he said a signal was warranted at this intersection. He thought the big issue was parking. DeWolf had been in contact with Trelstad before the City Council meeting to show him the proposed layout. Fingalson said the City tried to minimize the impacts on properties. Curbing will not be moved but the parking will be eliminated. He said the consensus was for a right turn lane for southbound traffic. With regard to traffic metering, Fingalson explained that a stoplight would allow for platooning. With a metered intersection, traffic comes constantly but a light would allow for groups of traffic. Fingalson felt a stoplight may help Trelstad exit his driveway, although he was unsure if a left turn out of his driveway was feasible. A painted median is proposed. Fingalson felt it was unlikely that the State would establish a concrete median unless potential conflicts arise from people crossing the painted median. It was his understanding that it was illegal to cross a painted median.

Sawatzke suggested that a neighborhood meeting be held on the layout. Eichelberg said part of his reason for supporting the City in this request was to allow them to proceed with a design. He questioned whether Mn/DOT approved the layout, whether Mn/DOT had funding to complete this project, and whether the project could be delayed for 1-2 years. Fingalson said the layout would have been drawn up regardless. It was only after Board approval of the concept that the City Council authorized the feasibility study to be completed. Fingalson has discussed funding with the State and it is available. This is a City initiative project that Mn/DOT will help fund. In 1999, this intersection met the warrants for a signal. The signal project was set for 2006 by Mn/DOT but the City requested to pursue the project earlier.

Russek questioned whether it would make more sense to expend the $400,000 to fund a bypass, thereby eliminating the need for a stoplight. With a stoplight, steady traffic on TH 25 may cause traffic to wait on Montrose Boulevard. Fingalson said with regard to a connection from TH 55 to TH 25, all of the area does not involve City property. Some land resides in the Township. The City is waiting for development to occur and then the land would be dedicated. He suggested potentially meeting with the City to discuss future planning and how a connection would impact this signal. Heeter supported this suggestion. Mattson suggested the possibility of a temporary signal which could be removed if it was not needed. Sawatzke does not drive the road often. He has been informed by others of the problems and also received information through traffic modeling. With the traffic being moved within inches of the curb, he felt a sidewalk may be needed. There may be other issues as well. Fingalson said there is a sidewalk on the north side of the road. Fingalson sympathized with Trelstad but said the decision is based upon what is best for the majority. Sawatzke said there is much disagreement on whether the existing traffic control works. Russek was in favor of the turn lane previously but now is unsure due to crowding. It was the consensus that the City should hold a meeting with residents to discuss impacts of the proposed layout. Eichelberg felt the County should be invited to attend.

A Ways & Means Committee Meeting was held on 1-26-05. At today’s meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Sawatzke. Mattson said that when he was the County Board representative on the Fair Board, he had MCIT out at least four times reviewing a number of issues. Sawatzke said the purpose for review of the Agricultural Society Lease was that it was outdated. The lease did not establish the period it covered. Sawatzke said the relationship between the Fair Board and the County Board has gone well. The motion carried 5-0 to approve the Ways & Means Committee Minutes:

Agricultural Society Lease. A copy of the current Lease was distributed (attached). The following changes were recommended:

• Recitals

Recommendation: Item 2 should read, “Lessee desires to lease the premises for the purpose of conducting Annual County Fair, Limited Winter Storage, and Limited Breed Livestock and Animal Shows.”

• Section One - Subject and Purpose.

Recommendation: Asleson suggested that a land survey be completed to reflect a correct legal description of the property and will followup with the Survey Office. This survey will be completed during the next year.

• Section Two - Term and Rent.

The current document does not reflect a term and the rent is $1/year. Termination of the lease could be dealt with under Section 10 if needed. Recommendation: Set term of lease at “99 years commencing January, 2005”. The $1.00 per year rent will remain in effect.

• Section Three - Alterations, Additions, and Improvements.

The County owns the buildings and property at the Fairgrounds. Property/Casualty insurance coverage is provided by the County through MCIT. Item #2 states that the Lessee must furnish a performance bond written by a surety acceptable to the Lessor for work completed in excess of $1,000. Asleson said statute does not require this until the $75,000 threshold is met. Norman indicated that there is also a $50,000 threshold to have a formal bid process on any major improvements or construction.


A. The amount of $1,000 will be replaced by $10,000 in all instances in Section Three (relates to approval requirements for repairs, additions or improvements).

B. The last sentence of Item #2 in Section Three will read, “All alterations, additions, and improvements on or in the demised premises at the commencement of the term, and that may be erected or installed during the term, shall become part of the demised premises and the sole property of Lessor.”

C. Asleson will incorporate language into this Section relating to the competitive municipal building statute and the performance bond statute. Any repairs, additions, or improvements over the $10,000 threshold will require County Board approval and must meet any requirements (bids, quotes, advertising) recommended by the County Attorney’s Office.

• Section Four - Repairs.

Recommendation: The intent of the language is correct. Asleson will review and make any changes to the language as required.

• Section Five - Utilities.

No changes will be made to this Section.

• Section Six - Insurance.

The County provides insurance coverage (property and casualty) for the Fairgrounds through MCIT. The Fair Board obtains their own coverage through MCIT (separate premium) for their own liability exposure.

Recommendation: Asleson will review and make any changes to the language as required. He will contact MCIT to have them review this Section.

• Section Seven - Liability of Lessor.

The language allowing the County to enter and inspect the premises will remain. This would allow MCIT to perform a safety audit if required.

Recommendation: Asleson will review and make any changes to the language as required. He will contact MCIT to have them review this Section.

• Section Eight - Representations by Lessor.

No changes will be made to this Section.

• Section Nine - Assignment, Mortgage or Sublease.

Recommendation: Asleson will contact the Fair Board to inquire as to the amount of space rented out, compensation received, and whether they are obtaining a signed hold harmless document from those storing items at the Fairgrounds.

• Section Ten - Termination.

Recommendation: The language will be amended to provide for mutual termination of the agreement. Asleson will review this Section and make any changes to the language as required.

• Section Eleven - Gravel Reservation.

Recommendation: This Section will be removed from the Lease.

Asleson will proceed as directed above. Once the Lease has been reviewed by MCIT and any required changes are made, the revised document will be brought forth for Board review and approval. (End of Ways & Means Committee Minutes)

Richard Norman, County Coordinator, presented information on the NACO 2005 Legislative Conference being held in Washington D.C. on March 4-8, 2005. This was placed on the Agenda due to the time constraints for hotel and conference registrations. The AMC Legislative Conference is scheduled for March 30-31, 2005. No action was taken on this item.

On a motion by Heeter, second by Sawatzke, all voted to cancel the 3-22-05 County Board Meeting due to the occurrence of five Tuesdays in the month.

Sawatzke received correspondence from Ducks Unlimited extending thanks to the County Board for their commitment to wetland conservation, especially during the recent effort to protect Pelican Lake Shoreline. To recognize Sawatzke’s leadership as Chairperson during this process, Sawatzke has been selected to receive the 2005 “Elected Official” Conservation Award to be presented at the State Convention in St. Cloud on 2-12-05. Sawatzke will attend the event to receive the award on behalf of the Wright County Board and staff involved with this project.

Heeter provided an update on MEADA activities. David Parnell will speak to nine Wright County School Districts on methamphetamine from March 15-18, 2005. Parnell was involved in meth and attempted suicide. One community presentation will also be made. During the week of March 15th, Monticello will hold community events on meth awareness. The Buffalo Lions Club will also host their 1st Annual Golf Tournament with proceeds going toward meth awareness. They hope to raise $6,000-$12,000. Since the MEADA group received the AMC Award, they have placed all of their work into a notebook. They have been invited to the Capital to share their work. They are currently working on a DVD. Requests are coming in from all over the State for this information. There will also be a series of press releases on local meth users and how meth has affected their lives. If additional funding is gained from other groups, the funds may be used towards billboards and other education.

Bills Approved

Brian Abrahamson $204.38

Advanced Sys. Concepts 250.00

Advanced Sys. Technology 625.00

Albertville Body Shop Inc. 4,936.12

City Albertville 11,000.00

Allina Medical 2,000.00

Ameripride Linen/Apparel 451.28

Ancom Technical Center 527.83

Anderson Engineering LLC 2,399.89

Anderson Professional Training 260.00

APEC Industrial Sales/Serv. 364.76

B & D Plumbing/Heating 205.00

Barco Products Co. 606.00

Beaudry Propane Inc. 2,963.36

Berg Christian Enterprises 104.83

Chuck Beutler 150.00

Boyer Truck Parts 1,189.65

Darnell Brethorst 115.83

Buffalo Hosp.-Otpt.Comm 3,286.68

Burdas Towing 472.76

CADD Engineering Supply 8,328.30

CDW Government Inc. 436.83

Center Point Energy 9,382.99

Charter Communications 1,000.00

Commissioner of Transp. 1,986.52

CPS Technology Solutions 431.54

H Cragg Co. 888.69

Cragun’s Lodging & Conf. 516.71

Crow River Tools 282.17

Dales 66 133.13

Franklin Denn 452.50

Diers Electric 177.00

Edens Group 550.00

Erie Computer Co. 167.34

Excel Systems LLC 11,675.00

Fairview Northland 196.00

Todd Gau 196.65

Graphic & Printing Serv. 1,046.00

Christopher Grew 360.87

Hardings Towing 340.81

Hillyard Floor Care Supply 3,807.39

Hoglund Bus Co. Inc. 428.10

Institute of Police Technology 3,200.00

Interstate Automotive 150.00

Interstate Battery Sys. of Mpls. 381.00

Brian Jans 150.00

LaPlant Demo Inc. 511.15

A Leonard Inc. 131.23

Lincoln Radiator Auto Repair 303.50

Marco Business Products 1,201.22

Martin Marietta Aggregates 2,122.48

Minnesota Bookstore 213.00

MN Assn. of Co. Probation Of. 525.00

MN Transportation Alliance 2,670.00

Geoff Monroe 150.00

Monticello Ford Merc Inc. 871.17

NCITE 100.00

Neil’s Floor Covering 350.00

Nextel Communications 1,449.40

North American Salt Co. 37,420.50

Office Depot 4,150.79

Performance Office Papers 301.93

Powerplan OIB 128.62

Precision Dynamics Corp. 1,772.00

Precision Prints of Wright Co. 309.38

Proven Force 532.91

PSC Supply 350.84

Qwest 138.98

Royal Tire Inc. 4,646.23

RS Eden 6,942.75

Jack Russek 142.47

Ryan Motors Inc. 821.76

SBC Paging 792.17

Douglas Schmiginsky 150.00

Shell Fleet Plus 1,032.51

Software House Int’l Inc. 3,759.46

Walter Stephens Jr. Inc. 668.76

Streichers 7,316.55

Total Printing 903.71

Transil Wrap 550.55

Larry Unger 228.72

Uniforms Unlimited 1,725.55

University of Minnesota 360.00

Vibes Technologies Inc. 289.69

Viking Safety Products 145.69

City Waverly 122.46

West Metro Buick-Pontiac-GMC 100.00

Wright Co. Auditor/Treas. 500.00

Wright Hennepin Electric 176.32

Jim Wright 100.00

Xcel Energy 2,026.93

Zee Service Company 214.80

30 Payments less than $100 1,296.31

Final total $169,496.30

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 A.M.