Wright County Board Minutes

April 5, 2005

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present.

Eichelberg moved to approve the minutes of 3-29-05, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.

Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Consent Item A3, “Approve Promotion Of Brian Wall To Project Leader, Information Technology, Step G6-Union Contract Salary Schedule” (Norman); Item For Consid. #3, Legislative Conference Report” (Mattson). Russek moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

Richard Norman, County Coordinator, made the following correction to the Consent Agenda: Item F1 was listed as “Sheriff” and was corrected to be “Surveyor.” On a motion by Russek, second by Heeter, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as amended:


1. Performance Appraisals: E. Liberato, Atty.; G. Bicking, Bldg. Maint.; E. Ross, Hwy.; T. Andersen, K. Davis, T. Strege, Sher./Corr.

2. O/T Report, Period Ending 3-25-05.

3. Approve Promotion Of Brian Wall To Project Leader, Information Technology, Step G6-Union Contract Salary Schedule.


1. Refer To Personnel Committee The Request To Move Hire Date Of Property Appraiser To 5-31-05.


1. Approve 2005 Tobacco License For 152 Club (Albertville).

2. Authorize Signatures Of Board Chair, Coordinator, and Auditor On Maximus 2004 Contract.


1. Authorize Payment For 4-07-05 Safety Program (Including Lunch) From Hwy. Dept. Safety Program Line Item (820-6520).


1. Set Committee Of The Whole Meeting For 4-26-05 @ 1:30 P.M. To Review GP Land Co. & Bogart Pederson Proposal For Water Retention In Ney Park & County Ditch 20.


1. Refer To Building Committee Consideration Of County Surveyor Office Remodeling.

At the last meeting, the Board moved to authorize review of Ditch #30, #14, and #11. At today’s meeting, Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, suggested review be scheduled for 4-15-05. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Russek, all voted to set 4-15-05 at 1:00 P.M. to review the three ditches.

The claims listing was discussed. Norman referenced two claims on Page 11 under the Parks Department made payable to the Auditor/Treasurer. Hiivala said the claims are for property tax on parcels located within the Parks Department. Hiivala will verify that these claims should be paid from Membership, Dues and Fees. On a motion by Heeter, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.

Chuck Davis, Environmental Health Officer, presented for discussion the possible extension of the Compost Facility lease agreement with the City of Hutchinson. Davis recently toured the Facility with Steve Madson, City of Hutchinson, to review repairs required. Today, Steve Madson indicated the City would like an extension of the agreement to enable them to complete the composting and screening process for the material remaining at the Facility. Otherwise the City would be required to handle the material two times before this process is completed. Sawatzke said the SWTF met 1.5 months ago on this issue and they were advised at that time that the City may not be able to be out of the Facility by the end of the lease. Steve Madson also met with the SWTF six months ago and advised them that the lease would not be renewed. Sawatzke felt an extension was reasonable. In response to Sawatzke, Steve Madson said he was in agreement with repairs identified through review of the Facility with Davis. A written report of these repairs will be prepared. As part of the agreement extension, Steve Madson said the City would continue to provide wood chipping services to the County and product to residents. The City would also leave 5% of the finished compost product for Wright County residents. Steve Madson said the arrangement was not economically feasible because of the requirement to move equipment. Sawatzke moved to extend the lease agreement with the City of Hutchinson for three months at the current rate of $1,111.33 per month with the same terms and conditions as previous. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0. Sawatzke requested that when the list of repair items is compiled that it be copied to the County Board. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, also requested that a letter addressing the agreement extension be forwarded to the City for signature.

Correspondence was received from Wright County Community Action requesting that the Board approve the Tri-County Action Program as the designated administering entity for the MN Housing Finance Agency Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program. Heeter moved to adopt Resolution #05-22 authorizing Tri-County Action Programs, Inc. to administer funds through the MN Housing Finance Agency Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, presented a draft resolution indicating the County’s cost participation with Mn/DOT for proposed improvements at the TH 25/CSAH 37 intersection. Mn/DOT will install a temporary traffic control signal and turnlane improvements at this intersection. Fingalson said Mn/DOT requests approval of this resolution ahead of time to assure the County’s intent to participate. Another resolution will be presented at a later date. Total cost is $400,000 with the County’s share at $20,000 (5%). Improvements to TH 25 have been delayed to 2010 and will involve major regrading. The temporary signal at the intersection of TH 25/CSAH 37 will not involve any realignment of the intersection. Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #05-23, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

Russek brought forth discussion on supporting attendance at the Washington Fly In for the Highway 55 Coalition, June 7-9. Heeter said there are $5 million in appropriations available and she felt it was important to have representation at the Fly In. Through past attendance at the Fly In, Heeter has learned the importance of being present. Eichelberg echoed Heeter’s comments, stating the reason the Coalition has received what it has was because of past representation at the Fly In. He felt Wright County need to make sure funding earmarked for this project is not given to another coalition. Mattson said Congressman Kennedy, who lives in Wright County, supports the Highway 55 Coalition. He did not support sending someone to Washington and felt the same results could be obtained by making contacts in Minnesota. He also felt the Met Council needs to support the project. Russek said Hennepin County supports the project, however the Met Council is not only Hennepin County. The Met Council will not approve anything into Wright County as Wright County is not part of the Met Council. Fingalson said the $5 million in appropriations has been acted upon by the House but not yet by the Senate. The Highway 55 project will be completed anywhere from 10-30 years, depending on funding. The Coalition has made the project a reality. The portion from Rockford to Buffalo is scheduled for 2015. However, District 3 cannot proceed until MnDOT approves the entire stretch to Plymouth. Potentially sections could be done in a piecemeal fashion if support were gained from MnDOT and the Met Council. Fingalson felt with another $5 million in funding, the Met Council would see the support of the project. Sawatzke suggested that the Coalition fund attendance at the Fly In. Fingalson responded that the group does not have adequate funds to do so. Russek stated Hennepin County sends their Coalition members. Eichelberg moved to approve sending Heeter to the Washington Fly In for the Highway 55 Coalition, seconded by Russek. Sawatzke questioned whether the motion was to authorize attendance of one person and whether it involved staff. Discussion followed on attendance at the Fly In by Fingalson. Fingalson plans to request attendance at the NACO Conference and did not want the Fly In to affect that approval. Norman said the Personnel Policy and Procedure Manual does not limit attendance at out-of-state conferences to one per year. However, Sawatzke said this has been a spoken policy. Fingalson’s understanding was that this applied to conferences, whereas the Fly In would be a lobbying effort. Fingalson and one of his staff will also attend an upcoming conference in North Dakota. It was the consensus of Eichelberg and Russek that the motion was for attendance by one member of the Coalition. The motion carried 5-0.

The Board members provided an update on the AMC Conference attended last week. Mattson attended Extension meetings including discussion on 4-H members and the lack of County staff to support this function. Mattson said the Transportation Meeting addressed the motor vehicle tax as the number one issue. He also attended a 4-H award ceremony. Sawatzke said the Environmental & Natural Resources Policy Committee addressed a $36 proposed fee for septic systems on public sewer systems as Minnesota does not meet the EPA’ s pollution limitations. AMC’s concern is that the $36 is attached to the property tax system and they do not support the collection of State fees in this fashion. The other issue the Policy Committee reviewed was the Greater MN Regional Parks System grant funding, which was pulled from the Governor’s budget on Wednesday evening. Since that time, Mattice has forwarded an email to legislators in support of the grant funding. Sawatzke suggested that the Board also forward their support of Mattice’s position on this issue, to reinstate the funding so counties that experience substantial growth have money available to support their parks system. It was suggested that a letter be drafted to indicate the Board’s position that a few million dollars in the bonding bill is critical to outstate parks. Sawatzke said that the grant applications include only $5 million for land purchases and $250 million for other requests (beaches, trails, etc.). Eichelberg attended the General Government Forum. Out of the counties attending, over 30 were in the process of discussing the construction of a jail, were in construction, or had just finished construction. Other issues discussed involved Meth and Truth In Taxation. Heeter attended the Health and Human Services Policy Committee which addressed budget changes and mandated services. Meth and the increased costs associated with it were discussed. Sawatzke moved to direct staff (Coordinator or Parks Administrator) to draft a letter for the Chair’s signature in support bonding for the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks Grants. The last line of the letter should read, “Thank you for your response.” The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0.

Bills Approved

Albertville Body Shop $3,905.75

Alexandria Tech. College 1,000.00

American Instit. Supply 1,209.25

American Probation & Parole 135.00

AMI Imaging Systems Inc. 179.05

ANCOM Communications 281.69

ANCOM Technical Center 269.98

Aramark Correctional Serv. 5,236.36

Lawrence Bauman 297.97

Beaudry Propane Inc. 2,685.72

Bolton & Menk Inc. 8,547.53

Buffalo Clinic 198.00

Buffalo Hospital 1,767.83

Burdas Towing 145.91

Comm. of Transportation 1,552.39

CPS Technology Solutions 195.00

Disc Golf Association 6,085.07

Engineering Repro Sys. 100.73

Farm-Rite Equipment Inc. 44,961.99

Flaggingdirect.com 139.65

Gateway Companies Inc. 11,283.00

David Goggins 360.87

Greif Brothers Corp. 1,760.98

Herc-U-Lift 1,227.43

Hewlett Packard 1,055.42

Hillyard Floor Care Co. 868.84

Gregory Hoerger 115.00

Kimberly Jopp 423.56

Paul Jude 293.28

Keeprs Inc. 225.34

Bernard Kirscht 292.12

Lab Safety Supply Inc. 398.77

LaPlant Demo Inc. 686.32

William Lieb 308.50

Lunda Construction Inc. 167,721.74

MACO 1,800.00

Maple Lake Lumber Co. 280.20

Marco Business Products 3,916.26

Menards 183.71

Mid-America Business Sys. 424.57

Minnesota CLE 150.00

MN Assn. of Women Police 200.00

MN Dept. of Health 263.75

MN-HTCIA 150.00

Nextel Communications 2,216.95

Office Depot 2,091.31

Prosource Technologies Inc. 881.65

Ramada Plaza Suites Fargo 198.82

RS Eden 935.55

RTVision Inc. 309.75

Robert Schermann 139.00

Donald Schmidt 217.16

Simplex Grinnell LP 160.94

Software House Int’l Inc. 102.24

Sprint 103.68

SRF Cons. Group Inc. 2,195.17

Superior Ford 119,729.00

Verizon Wireless 578.53

Walmart Store 01-1577 306.52

Wright Co. Auditor/Treasurer 279.16

Wright Co. Highway Dept. 1,585.92

Wright Co. Ag Society 100.00

Wright Hennepin Electric 797.37

Wright Soil & Water Cons. . 275.00

29 Payments less than $100 1,579.18

Final total 408,067.43

The meeting adjourned at 10:09 A.M.

Published in the Herald Journal May 2, 2005