Wright County Board Minutes

February 14, 2006
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present.
Russek abstained from the vote on approval of the 2-07-06 Board Minutes as he was not present for the entire meeting. Eichelberg moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Consent Item C1, Sheriff, “Refer Personnel Needs To 2-22-06 Personnel Committee Meeting” (Norman); Aud./Treas. Item #3, “Ditch 8 Update” (Hiivala); Aud./Treas. Item #4, “Request To Establish Change Fund In Court Services” (Hiivala). Russek moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.
On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Russek, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda including the addition of Item C1:
1. Performance Appraisals: C. Barthel, R. Hagel, O. Lipponen, Bldg. Maint.; R. Bonk, C. Webb, Hwy; M. Silbernagel, Sher./Corr.
2. Charitable Gambling Application Form LG220, St. Mary of Czestochowa, 1867 95th St SE, Delano MN 55328 (Franklin Twp.).
3. Authorize Signature On MN Cities Participation Program Agreement & Authorize Payment Of $15,720.81 To MN Housing Finance Agency.
1. Seasonal On Sale Beer License Renewal, “St. Mary’s Mens Club,” (Franklin Twp.).
1. Refer Personnel Needs To 2-22-06 Personnel Committee Meeting.
A Building Committee Meeting was held on 2-08-06. Mattson moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0:
Park Shop Remodeling Project. Mattice distributed a drawing of proposed changes to the Park Shop area which would result in an additional 362 square feet of work space within the shop and create an office for Borell from storage space in the Public Works Building. Borell currently uses an old sound proof booth from Human Services as an office amidst the woodworking equipment. Mattice stated the Parks Department does their own mechanical work on Parks equipment and moving Borell would open up space for woodworking so dust would be further from the mechanical area. Mattice has received an estimate of $7,070 from Scott Perisian Construction, and estimates an additional $3,000 for miscellaneous items. Total cost per square foot would be $27.82. Heeter and Mattson recommended proceeding with funding from Site Improvement. There was also discussion on the Parks Department rental of space in the Public Works Building and the cold storage buildings. Space rental will be discussed further during the budget process. Recommendation: Approve with funding from Site Improvement. (End of Building Committee Minutes)
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, provided an update on Joint Ditch 14. There has been a request for significant repair on Joint Ditch 14. A meeting will be held with Meeker and McLeod Counties on the repairs. Wright County is the host County as the majority of the Ditch lies within its boundaries. After conferring on availability of Commissioners, the consensus was for Hiivala to contact the other Counties involved suggesting the meeting be held on 2-24-06 @ 9:00 A.M. (meet at Daniels Restaurant).
Hiivala provided an update on County Ditch 8. Previous Board action directed Hiivala to notify benefitted property owners of a meeting on the Ditch. In review of the Ditch file, it appears that not all benefitted property owners are identified at this time. Hiivala requested additional time to follow through to assure all are included. This was provided as an informational item.
Hiivala said the Court Services Department has requested the establishment of a $100 change fund for their office. After discussion, it was the consensus that this issue be tabled until the next meeting to determine whether a resolution is required.
The claims listing was reviewed. The listing was provided in alphabetical order instead of department order in error. Sawatzke referenced a claim on page 13, City of Buffalo, for traffic signals (CR 75). In review of the claim, Hiivala said the claim should be corrected to CR 35. On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract subject to audit.
Larry Unger, Recorder, presented a draft resolution which reflects Wright County’s compliance with statutory requirements to accept and process electronic filings. Two years ago the State passed legislation creating a task force to develop standards and a process where counties could accept and record land documents electronically. Five counties were chosen as pilot counties. During the last legislative session, additional counties were authorized to accept and record documents electronically. Unger and Bill Swing, IT Director, have researched Wright County’s capability and readiness to pursue this technology. If approved, Wright County will be one of fifteen counties in Minnesota to act upon this. Preliminary costs will include vendor software. Total cost is estimated at $50,000 which will be funded from the Recorder’s technology line item. Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #06-14, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Joe Jacobs, SWCD, placed an advertisement in area newspapers for the three vacancies on the WMTF (Water Management Task Force). City Administrators and some lake associations were contacted as well. Response was received from Brian Hall (Current President of Beebe Lake Association), Norman Hanan (Lake Sylvia Lake Association Member), and Mark Casey (Annandale City Administrator). Jacobs said they are looking for members to take on a leadership and active role. The current Mayor Association representative’s term has expired and he has indicated interest in being reappointed. Sawatzke moved to reappoint Charles Nelson as the Mayor’s Association representative and to appoint Mark Casey as the City Administrator’s representative. The motion was seconded by Russek. Jacobs was directed to provide information to the Board on demographics of the current WMTF representatives prior to the next meeting when the remaining appointment will be addressed. The motion carried 5-0.
Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, provided an update on the 2006 State Aid construction account. It was recently learned that the request to advance encumber State Aid construction funds was denied. This decision will have major impacts across the County and decisions will need to be made with regard to the construction program and cash flow. Fingalson was contacted by the City of Cokato as to how this will impact their project. A meeting has been planned to discuss this with the City. This will also impact the CSAH 17 project, as the County will not receive $1 million in Federal funding unless dollars are expended in 2006 for ROW. Fingalson stated that Wright County is on the top of the stand-by list for State-Aid funding. This means the County may be awarded funding if other projects in the State are not completed. This would not be known until May-June. This issue will be discussed at the next Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting.
On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to set a Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting for 2-27-06 at 9:00 A.M. The Agenda includes: 1) Discuss Construction Funding for State Aid Projects; 2) Discuss Status of Albertville/Otsego Truck Station; 3) Request from City of Buffalo for Utility Easement; 4) River Rider Contract; 5) Agreement with Otsego for TH 101 Improvements; 6) Right-of-Way Ordinance; 7) Update on CSAH changes; 8) Constitutional Amendment Resolution.
Fingalson presented a draft resolution for approval relating to spring load restrictions. The map of the restrictions will be placed on the County’s website and mailed to cities and townships for display purposes. Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #06-15, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote:
WHEREAS, Minnesota Statutes 169.87 provides local authorities, with respect to highways under their jurisdiction, for seasonal load restrictions, and
WHEREAS, Minnesota Statutes 162.2 subd. 3, the County Board, or the County Engineer if so authorized by the board, may impose weight and load restrictions on any highway under its jurisdiction,
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the County Highway Engineer be authorized to place seasonal load restrictions on County State Aid Highways and County Roads within Wright County, and also,
BE IT RESOLVED, that the gross weight on any axle on any vehicle or trailer, shall not exceed the posted limit, and also,
BE IT RESOLVED, that load limitations will go into effect when the signs are erected and will remain in effect until the signs are removed. The timing of road postings, which is dependent on weather conditions, will be determined by the County Highway Engineer. (End of Resolution 06-15)
Fingalson presented a draft resolution granting approval of Amendment No. 2 to Agency Agreement #86572 with Mn/DOT. The Agreement allows Mn/DOT to accept Federal aid on Wright County’s behalf for the TH 55 Corridor Study. The amendment reflects an increase in the estimated cost of the agreement based on additional work needed and allows for $16,000 in additional funding to be used for that purpose. Fingalson explained that some of the activities (post card design/distribution & website development/maintenance) would be diverted through the contract to maximize Federal aid on the project. Mattson inquired whether the cost would be covered by the Highway 55 Coalition. Fingalson said there is adequate funding to pay the 20% share. The Coalition is also discussing other ideas such as billboards in an effort to take advantage of as much Federal funding as possible. Heeter said the success of the Coalition is dependent upon the participation of local businesses. Fingalson encouraged anyone interested in making TH 55 a safer roadway to join the Coalition. Russek moved to adopt Resolution #06-16, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Fingalson requested approval of a draft resolution for final acceptance for the HVAC Contract with Environ-Con, Inc. and to authorize the final payment of $10,376.00. This is for the updates to the HVAC System in the rear of the Public Works Building. Fingalson expected a two-year payback (total cost of $52,112). Eichelberg moved to adopt Resolution #06-17, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
A Building Committee Of The Whole Meeting was held on 2-07-06. At today’s County Board Meeting, Eichelberg moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Sawatzke. A copy of the updated RFQ/RFP was provided. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, has not yet completed modifications to the AIA Contract. These modifications would include ownership of drawings by the County, stipulating that the architect would not be able to change the principle in charge of the project without the County’s approval, and other items as needed based upon the Ramsey County draft. These items would be subject to negotiation with the architect at a future date. After discussion, it was the consensus that Asleson should make modifications as needed to the AIA Contract. Once completed, the County Coordinator will mail out the RFQ/RFP and AIA Contract to interested architects. The information will be mailed this week to provide architectural firms adequate time to return their information by 3-17-06. It was clarified that the motion includes approval of the minutes and recommendations and to authorize Asleson to make changes to the AIA Contract. The information is then to be mailed to architects. The motion carried 5-0:
RFP For Architect. Asleson distributed a revised RFP incorporating suggested changes that had been forwarded to him since the last Committee Meeting. AIA language will be incorporated into the document. The Committee recommended that the draft be revised to reflect the following:
Item A2: Ten copies of the qualifications/proposal should be submitted by 4:30 P.M. on March 17, 2006 to the County Coordinator’s Office.
Item A8: It is anticipated that several firms may be chosen for interviews. The interviews will be tentatively scheduled for April 4th & April 5th (if needed).
The Committee discussed change orders and the necessity of addressing this issue during the interview process. The architect’s fee will need to be negotiated as the RFP will not request a specific fee but rather an estimated range of fees. The RFP also requests any design features which may promote efficiency of maintenance for the facility. Norman suggested the use of a wind turbine to generate power, not only for the proposed facility but potentially for Public Works and the Historical Society. Grants for this type of use may be available. Recommendation: The RFP will be revised and presented for the approval at the 2-14-06 County Board Meeting. (End of Building Committee Of The Whole Minutes)
A Ways & Means Committee Meeting was held on 2-08-06. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke said the Committee is still in the process of gathering information on Item 2, Lifetime Lease Optional Proposal, and will make a recommendation to the Board at a future date. Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0:
Process For Handling Requests For Address Changes. At the 1/24/06 County Board Meeting Bill Swing requested a change to the process for handling address change requests. The proposed change removes the IT Department from the process by replacing the Technology Committee’s involvement in the process with the Ways & Means Committee. Thinesen, 911 Communications Supervisor, and Rhineberger, from Planning & Zoning, work closely on address changes and support the change. A copy of the recommended process is attached. It was noted that where “911 Communications officer” appears in the process that it should be replaced with “911 Communications Supervisor”. Recommendation: Approve.
Lifetime Lease Optional Proposal - Closed Session. PID# 210-100-293-200.
(End of Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said information was received from AMC on County Days at the Capitol being held from March 1st through April 11th in St. Paul. The AMC Legislative Conference is schedule for March 29th & 30th. Buses will be available to shuttle from the Conference to the Capitol. It was the consensus that Wright County will not schedule a separate time at the Capitol but will attempt to visit with the Legislative Delegation during the AMC Conference.
The NACo Annual Conference will be held August 4-8, 2006 in Chicago. AMC is arranging bus service for interested counties at a cost of $150/person (leaving August 3rd and returning August 9th). AMC is looking for a total count to arrange for this transportation. Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, said his travel expense to attend the NACo Conference is paid through his participation with NACE but requested approval of his conference fees to be paid by Wright County. This issue was tabled until later in the meeting (after the Employee Recognition Ceremony).
The meeting was recessed at 9:55 A.M. and reconvened at 10:00 A.M. for the Employee Recognition Ceremony. Employees were recognized for 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 years of service.
The Individual Achievement Award was presented to Richard Marquette, Right Of Way Agent/Engineering Assistant. Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, said Marquette has worked in the Highway Department for over 30 years. Marquette was recognized for his high level of professionalism and great technical and organizational skills. Marquette works with residents to obtain right of way for highway projects. Letters from coworkers nominating Marquette were read describing Marquette’s demeanor and people skills to be invaluable and his contribution to preserving and enhancing life for Wright County citizens. Marquette said he was humbled to receive the award. He said the work is challenging and could not be completed without a team effort. He recognized staff from various departments for their assistance and support, and citizens for their cooperation on property acquisitions which has resulted in a better transportation system.
The Group Achievement Award was presented by Mike MacMillan, Court Services Director, to the Court Services Juvenile Unit Staff. These staff included Brian Abrahamson, Joe Backes, Carter Diers, Ben Ehlinger, Neal Huemoeller, Tammi Solarz, and Brian Stoll. MacMillan said the Juvenile Unit Staff were being recognized for their hard work and dedication. In 2005, the cost for out-of-home placements came in $800,000 under the $1.3 million budgeted. This was due to the efforts of the Juvenile Unit Staff with assistance from schools, County Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Justice System and members of the community. Also recognized were Jean Tazelaar and Sara Peterson who provide assistance to the Juvenile Unit Staff. Brian Abrahamson said the work hasn’t been about the dollars saved but about serving the families and juveniles in Wright County. He spoke of the great relationship and assistance provided by the offices of Human Services, County Attorney, Sheriff and school liaison officers. Heeter referenced her involvement with M.E.A.D.A. and the opportunity to work with the Juvenile Unit Staff. She said these staff members are the driving force behind the initiative and they often don’t get the recognition they deserve. She extended thanks for the difference they are making in Wright County, including the methamphetamine initiative.
Honorable mention was given to those nominated for the Individual Achievement Award including Adam Backes-Surveyor; Dorene Chapman-Building Maintenance; Rosemary Cyr-Human Services; Karen Hayes-Information Technology; and Mike Minnick-Surveyor. Those nominated for the Group Achievement Award included the License Bureau, Auditor/Treasurer Department (Becky Aanerud, Andrea Bixby, Karen Horsch, Kayla Morrissette, Lori Pulvermacher, Suzan Rief, Monica Ruzicka, and Pamela Terveer) and Families Together Program, Human Services Agency (Jenna Hadley, Katie Loftus, Della Robertson, and Jan Vanderlinde).
The County Board extended thanks to Wright County employees for their service and to the Personnel Department for their effort toward the Employee Recognition Program.
Discussion resumed on the NACo Annual Conference. Sawatzke moved to authorize attendance by the County Board at the NACo Annual Conference being held in Chicago on August 4-8, 2006. The motion includes reimbursement for the cost of bus transportation through AMC or up to $150 maximum if alternate transportation is chosen. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0. Discussion followed on attendance at the Conference by department heads. Fingalson was directed to place his request to attend the NACo Conference on the next County Board Agenda.
Information was received from AMC relating to a meeting being held in June, 2006 to discuss growth in four of the metro collar counties (Sherburne, Isanti, Chisago and Wright). The DNR, in conjunction with the Lincoln Land Institute of Land Policy, will be holding the meeting. Norman said the meeting is set for 6-08-06 at Cabela’s in Rogers. They are looking for representation from each county (County Administrators, Planners, City Mayors and Planning staff, Soil & Water, and Board Members). The meeting would be at no cost to the County. Russek said this issue was discussed at the last RC&D Meeting. He understood they were looking for 30-35 representatives from the four counties (7-8/county). There will be two meetings, one in April and one in June. The April meeting will be held to address discussion topics. The consensus was that Wright County would suggest “preserving open space” as a topic for discussion. Representation will be discussed at a future date.
A tentative Agenda for the AMC Legislative Conference was reviewed. The Conference is being held March 28-30 in St. Paul. Russek moved to authorize attendance by the AMC Delegation, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.
Bills Approved
Brian Abrahamson. $137.06
Advon Incorporated 441.58
AmericanBusiness Forms 317.97
American Instit. Supply 237.95
American Messaging 745.87
Ameripride Linen/Apparel 700.54
Ancom Technical Center 1,298.64
David Anderson 454.93
Larry Anderson 100.00
AP Technology 9,034.90
Aramark Correct. Serv. 5,005.76
Kirk Asplin Oil Co. Inc. 223.62
Auto Garage Door/Firepl. 984.06
B & D Plumbing & Heating 241.00
Joe Backes 186.90
Barnes Distribution 1,252.97
Bear Graphics Inc. 384.08
Blaine Lock & Safe Inc. 275.00
BLM Technologies Inc. 402.10
Boyer Truck Parts 235.69
BP Amoco 1,361.53
Buff ‘N’ Glo Inc. 1,135.19
City Buffalo 34,248.06
Ryan Busch 294.59
Center Point Energy 167.12
Climate Air 9,924.07
Community Intervention 174.07
CPS Technology Solutions 359.75
Culligan of Buffalo 364.60
Karen Determan 164.65
Donners Industries Inc. 234.65
E Central Reg. Juvenile 5,362.78
Edens Group 295.00
Emergency Physicians PA 908.25
Environ-Con Inc. 10,376.60
EPA Audio Visual Inc. 1,090.03
ESRI 9,537.64
Excel Systems LLC 1,331.37
Tom Feddema 122.80
Federal Signal Corp. 350.67
Force America Inc. 247.35
Gateway Companies Inc. 1,238.00
GCS Service Inc. 652.67
Janet Gholson 266.11
Gordys Foods 166.41
Graphic & Printing Serv. 1,104.00
Greenview Inc. 463.76
H & H Sport Shop Inc. 161.00
Karla Heeter 219.83
Herald Journal Publishing 114.43
Hickmans Repair 227.50
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 537.65
Holiday 9,409.47
Instit. of Police Technology 500.00
Intereum 6,865.34
International Assn. of Assess 255.00
Intoximeters Inc. 3,674.25
Keeprs Inc. 305.69
Cheryl Klinger 200.00
Kustom Signals Inc. 143.78
Lakedale Telephone Co. 406.06
LaPlant Demo Inc. 538.11
Eric Leander 204.35
Lund Industries Inc. 174.30
Mike Lynch 250.00
M-R Sign Company Inc. 1,246.37
Maple Lake Messenger 269.28
Marco 1,816.17
Martin Marietta Aggregates 1,047.45
Marks Standard Parts 4,129.36
MASYS Corporation 2,628.87
McDowall Company 1,751.00
Menards 412.79
The Metro Group Inc. 375.73
MN Chapter IAAI 195.00
MN Counties Comp. Co-op 134,494.17
MN Counties Ins Trust 342.00
MN Juvenile Officers Assoc. 390.00
Mobile Vision 624.09
Moen Reporting Services 2,796.00
Morries Buffalo Ford Merc 1,797.80
Mountain Stream Sports 108.22
Office Depot 2,051.36
Photo I 771.89
Powerplan OIB 466.98
Prosource 699.00
Quinlan Publishing Co. 154.88
Qwest 475.68
Ragan Communications 139.00
RDO Equip. Co. Trust Acct 64,401.62
Royal Tire Inc. 5,365.52
Ryan Motors Inc. 1,103.52
Scharber & Sons Inc. 146.45
Sherwin Williams 117.50
Tammi Solarz 106.36
Southfork Recreational Parts 235.37
State Supply Co. 670.40
Streichers 5,023.31
Tilsner Carton Co. 923.99
Matthew Treichler 454.93
Uniforms Unlimited 1,257.16
University of MN 695.00
Verizon 728.33
Viking Sewer & Drain Inc. 185.00
Voss Lighting 323.92
Brian Wall 235.85
Waste Management TC W 638.23
West Payment Center 947.73
Winter Equipment Co. Inc. 1,429.19
Wright Co. Highway Dept. 700.00
Wright Co. Journal Press 951.55
35 Payments less than $100 1,682.38
Final total $376,295.50
The meeting adjourned at 10:55 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal March 13, 2006.