Wright County Board Minutes

AUGUST 14, 2007

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present.

Heeter moved to approve the minutes of 8-07-07, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

Heeter moved to approve the Agenda as presented, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

On a motion by Heeter, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:


1. Performance Appraisals: W. Peterson, Assr.; B. Asleson, Atty.; L. Pulvermacher, Aud./Treas.; N. Aarvig, C. Flemming, Sher./Corr.


1. Approve & Sign Grant Application For Emergency Funds From The Department Of Public Safety, $2,000.00, For The Victim/Witness Program. Two-Year Grant With $1,000 Disbursed In 2007-2008 & $1,000 In 2008-2009. No Matching Local Funds Required.


1. Approve Tobacco License For Clearwater Corners (City Of Clearwater).


1. Approve Wright County Highway Right-Of-Way Plats 60 & 61 For One Way Pair Project In The City Of St. Michael, CP 86-35-081.


1. Refer To Technology Committee: 1) Update On Radio Planning; 2) LEC Voice/Data Request For Proposal.


1. Authorize Hire Of Office Assistant Up To Two Weeks Prior To Current Employee’s Termination Date.

At the request of Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, Mattson moved to schedule an Appeal Hearing on 8-22-07 @ 1:30 P.M. for the tobacco violation appeal by Broadway Quik Stop (Monticello). The motion was seconded by Heeter and carried 5-0.

On a motion by Mattson, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.

An Owner’s Committee Meeting was held on 7-31-07. At today’s County Board Meeting, Heeter moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0. Heeter noted that A&P was not present at the 8-07-07 Owner’s Committee Meeting so pay application detail was not discussed. The Owner’s Committee minutes follow:

Heeter questioned the size of the rock pertaining to the sitework at the Jail/LEC site. Streich stated that we want the class 3, instead of the class 4. A&P had placed an RFI to get the smaller rock which was clarified this morning. Streich stated that the smaller rock will be used, except where the retention pond will be located.

REVIEW COMMISSIONING AGENT CONTRACT. Torfin stated that he has received a response from Willen to the questions raised at the last meeting. John Williamson, President of Willen Inc., has submitted a proposal cover letter with the corrected contract amount for $115,260.00, with original signature. Everything is included in the contract amount except for extraordinary travel costs (out of state travel and overnight stays). Asleson has reviewed the contract and doesn’t see any issues. Torfin stated that he would recommend forwarding the contract to the Board for signatures. Sawatzke questioned the workability of Item #4 in the contract, “The only condition that would cause the commissioning of project to exceed the contract amount would be a situation where the contractor fails repeatedly to complete the adjustments or punch list items. In that case the contractor will be charged for our extra time. The county would back charge the responsible contractor. The county would not incur extra costs. A specification term will be included to address this before the project bidding.” Martin stated that a contractor must be given the opportunity to fix any problems or punch list items within the scope of their contract prior to hiring a third party. If a problem keeps reoccurring, the contractor will be notified that they will be backcharged for time and material to bring in another contractor to fix the problem. Buikema stated that KKE has the same clause in their contracts. The clause encourages the contractors to perform their work completely and correctly. Sawatzke asked Martin if everything that is going to be commissioned is included in Bid Package #3. Martin stated yes, and the backcharge language will be included in the bid specifications. Svitak stated that the contractors will need to be informed that there is a commissioning agent involved in this project. Norman asked if the commissioning would be considered part of the construction costs of the project. Martin stated that it would be under “Professional Fees”, the same as KKE’s and A&P’s services. Norman asked when the commissioning services would begin. Torfin stated that they would begin as soon as the contract is administered and they receive the Bid Package #3 documentation. Martin stated that she has a set of 90% complete drawings for Willen’s review. RECOMMENDATION: Authorize signature of the Willen Inc. commissioning services contract.

A&P PROJECT UPDATE. Buikema stated that he will provide updates every two weeks. He will give a project update, as well as a color and finishes presentation, to the Owner’s Committee on 8-07-07.

DISCUSSION REGARDING SYSTEMS COMPATIBILTIY, CARD KEY SYSTEM AND FIRE ALARM SYSTEM. Hayes summarized his inquiry from the 7-24-07 Owner’s Committee Meeting regarding networking the County buildings with compatible systems: fire alarm, DDC Controls, Medeco keys, card key access and internal signage. It is staff’s desire to use systems and controls that are compatible so that the buildings can be networked and monitored by one Facility Director. Hayes asked Svitak if the bid specifications could call for using Reliable Controls, as installed by Climate Air. Staff would also like to request an alternate to demonstrate to the Board what the pros and cons are of installing a different system. Svitak stated that Hayes’ inquiry is quite typical. Svitak stated that asking for an alternate in the bidding process will determine a value, with the purpose of identifying whether sole sourcing is the best option for the County. Heeter stated that she has concerns about the County locking into one vendor. She stated that if it is more cost effective, she would prefer to have a state-of the-art system for the new Jail/LEC rather than having a less efficient networked system. Svitak described multiple options in requesting an alternate and a base bid. Svitak explained that KKE would specify a protocol within the bid specifications. Hayes asked how the County will be able to qualify the alternates in order to determine equitable, comparable systems. Svitak stated that KKE will write a detailed Sequence of Operations which tells the operator how to operate the system. Within the narrative of the Sequence, there will be information that will include data points that are required for all devices in the Facility. Buikema added that KKE would also pre-qualify certain manufacturers. Svitak stated that only 3 bidders are needed to meet the criteria of competitive bidding. Sawatzke asked why it would be considered a problem having two different vendors taking care of the entire County campus. Hayes stated that for efficiency and economics, it is better to have standardized systems. The maintenance of the buildings is going to be a significant factor. Torfin stated that Climate Air is the current source for the County’s maintenance contract. Torfin questioned whether Climate Air would be able to handle two different systems. Hayes proposed using Climate Air on a T&M basis during the warranty period and preparing a maintenance contract following the warranty period. Swing used the analogy, “anybody can sell you a box, but not everybody is set up to support the box.” The support is his main concern for the County’s next phase of expansion. Hayes stated that the hope is that the alternate will demonstrate whether the County is getting a competitive bid price using the current system for the new building. Sawatzke asked if there are any other vendors that could bid on this system besides Climate Air. Svitak stated that he has done a little bit of research and found that Climate Air is the only installer in this area. The only other installer for the current system is from Bemidji and he was not sure if the vendors are restricted by territorial regulations. Svitak also attempted researching to find if there is another name that this system is known by. This would allow the same components to be bid by two different vendors. However, Svitak stated he was unable to find any information confirming that there is another manufacturer for the system. Swing stated that he would prefer to have one system support the Doors/Card Key system. His Department is striving for one quality vendor to take care of the entire campus. Consensus among the Committee Members and Buikema was to continue using the current KeriSystems, Inc. security access cards (KC-10X Standard Light Proximity Card) and supporting system as it will be centrally administered in the Government Center. A discussion occurred on the amount of staff that will be needed for the new Jail/LEC. Norman stated that he will present his staffing numbers in the Building Care & Maintenance Budget presentation for 2008 and 2009. Al Buskey has informed Norman that he does not want to be the Building Maintenance Supervisor for the Jail/LEC. Buikema summarized the technical components and annunciation points of the fire alarm system. Hayes discussed his reasons for requesting that the fire alarm system base bid require the GE Security Quickstart from its Signature Series with the option of an alternate. Currently, the buildings have the Edwards Systems Technology (under the GE Security life safety systems) and feels it’s important to have a similar system throughout all of the buildings for updating, maintenance and inspections. Buikema stated that in terms of maintenance contracts, he would agree that having a single system would be beneficial. Svitak stated that he would consult with KKE’s electrical engineer for his recommendations on the fire system. RECOMMENDATION: Seek an alternate for the temperature control and fire systems in the bidding process, and maintain the same Doors/Card Key system throughout the campus. The County will purchase the Medeco cylinders and the interior signage as part of its soft costs.

PAY APPLICATION. This item was added to the Agenda by Sawatzke as a result of questions that were raised at the

7-31-07 Board Meeting. Martin stated $1,190,113 represents the budgeted amount for the General Conditions portion of this project. General Conditions are reimbursables for items such as the Building Permit for $178,246, the Surveyor’s fee for $44,000.00, $747,774 in General Requirements and $60,093 in Builders Risk Insurance. Martin explained that $1,190,113 was budgeted and doesn’t necessarily mean it will all be spent. Sawatzke questioned the details under General Requirements and whether A&P truly anticipates using 108 dumpsters. Martin stated that A&P does obtain competitive pricing for the items under General Requirements. A&P is billed for each of the items, which is paid, and later reimbursed to A&P through their pay applications. Striech confirmed that 108 dumpsters will be used during the entire project. Martin stated that Office Equip & Supplies consists of the on-site phone and copy machine. Sawatzke questioned whether within A&P’s contract it states that they are to provide a fully functional office. Martin stated that A&P provides the trailer and desks. Sawatzke questioned why A&P has two claims for Pay Application #1. Martin explained that A&P’s contract with Wright County for construction management services is $1,287,340. Martin explained that one claim is for a percentage of services based on the contract amount, and the other is for construction reimbursables that they’ve paid for as part of the General Requirements of the project. Sawatzke asked for details on the Barricades/Protection and Traffic Control under General Requirements and asked whether the County Parks or Highway Department could aid in cutting these projected costs of $30,975. Martin stated that the items under General Requirements are strictly part of the project budget. At the time of putting together the estimate, it was not known whether these items would be needed on site and what the options would be to defray the costs. Martin proposed that she provide an itemized list of reimbursables and General Conditions with the pay application. Heeter requested that she outline the invoices paid by A&P, via spreadsheet, that relate to General Requirements. RECOMMENDATION: Review the Pay Application and detail at the 8-07-07 Owner’s Committee Meeting. (End of 7-31-07 Owner’s Committee Minutes)

Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, said the Marked Crosswalk Policy was presented to the Board two weeks ago. Based on the discussion at that time, Fingalson modified the policy for review and approval today. The Adult Crossing Guard policy was modified to reflect that the County recommends at least one adult crossing guard but the decision is left up to the School. Mattson voiced concern with liability. Fingalson indicated this should reduce the County’s liability and recommended the Marked Crosswalk Policy be adopted. A copy of the Policy will be forwarded to all cities. Eichelberg moved to approve the revised Marked Crosswalk Policy, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.

An Owner’s Committee Meeting was held on 8-07-07. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke noted that the minutes do not reflect a recommendation. Approval of the minutes would include agreement of the finishes mentioned and formalized in the document. Mattson moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Heeter. Sawatzke said that at the Committee Meeting, Craig Hayes, Purchasing Agent, voiced concern with flooring selection in the Squad and Control Rooms. Based upon experience with the flooring in the current Squad and Control Rooms, he supported quarry tile versus linoleum. In response to Sawatzke, Capt. Gary Torfin indicated that Dispatch will be carpeted. Russek questioned the durability of carpeting in that room. Sawatzke said he misinterpreted the Control Room as Dispatch and they are two separate areas. The motion to approve the minutes carried 5-0:

A&P PROJECT UPDATE. A&P was not present.

KKE PROJECT UPDATE. Buikema stated that KKE is nearing completion in their preparation of Bid Package #3. He introduced Roxanne DeCoster, Senior Interior Designer for KKE, who is here today to demonstrate their progress on the interior of the Jail/LEC.

REVIEW FINISH & COLOR BOARD. DeCoster presented color and material samples of the proposed interior finishes of the project. By using the architectural drawings, DeCoster was able to demonstrate which areas would be carpeted, tiled, painted, etc. She stated that she chose a lot of tans and neutral colors for a long lasting classic look. KKE had consulted with Miller and Torfin for their insight on the functionality and durability requirements of each of the areas in the Jail/LEC. The main goal was to incorporate durable and maintenance free interior finishes into the overall project design. She made the following recommendations:

Porcelain Tile.

DeCoster recommended using porcelain tile in the LEC bathrooms and the lower and upper level lobby areas. No clear coat or waxing will be needed, however the grout lines would need to be sealed. Porcelain tile has a color that goes through the entire tile, unlike a glazed tile, that when chipped, can show the white undercoating. Tile is easy to maintain, doesn’t have a surface that shows wear, and is long lasting.

Wall Vinyl.

Recommended on the walls in the upper and lower LEC lobbies. The vinyl is washable and durable and will tie into the design elements featured on the exterior pre-cast panels of the building.


The service counters will be in Corrian.

Commercial Grade Carpeting.

DeCoster recommended three complementary carpet patterns for the second floor offices. The three designs are all created by the same manufacturer and are from the same dye lot. The carpet has a classy and warm appearance conducive to a happier work environment for County employees. The carpet is not an exclusive brand, so any carpeting contractor can bid on the install. The carpet meets all the technical specifications and carries a lifetime warranty on wear and delaminating. A low pile carpet was also recommended for the Day Room.

Polished Concrete.

DeCoster recommended polished concrete in the high traffic areas such as the Booking area. A local aggregate is mixed with the concrete and then ground down 1/8” and polished with a clear coat. DeCoster stated that Cub Foods has polished concrete flooring. The floor will never need to be refinished or polished.

Sealed Concrete.

To be used in the jail cells.


Paint is recommended for the cells, Day Room, stair rails, walls, Program Area, bathroom walls, doors and door frames. Each area will be color coded for screening.

Epoxy Coating.

A 1/16” epoxy coating is recommended as a paint system/sealant to the concrete in the shower areas. The coating is troweled on. The product is extremely durable and easy to clean. Torfin stated that this is an excellent product and has seen the finished product at Carver County.


Recommended for its long lasting durability in the LEC Patrol Room, Jail Master Control Room, Interview Rooms, Non Contact Rooms, some offices, and the Medical Suite.

Hayes stated that a Commissioner has expressed interest in carpet squares. DeCoster stated that carpet squares are good for the proper space. However in the Jail/LEC, they would not be practical. The squares have to be placed on a rotating schedule so that the squares show equal wear. The process for interchanging the squares is quite extensive. DeCoster clarified to the Committee that a “lifetime warranty” on carpeting is defined as 15 years. After 15 years, the carpet begins to breakdown. Hayes asked if DeCoster would recommend placing chair pads under desks. DeCoster stated that chair pads are advisable. Hayes stated that after ten years, chair mats also begin to breakdown. Norman stated that he would advise corner guards and kick plates on the doors that are extensively used by maintenance staff. Heeter asked if the concrete bids have been let. Buikema stated yes. Torfin stated that Stellar Concrete was the contractor that won the bid. Buikema explained that it is specified in the bid documents that the vendor bidding on the project must be qualified to do the concrete work. The contractor is to be sufficiently knowledgeable in sealing and polishing concrete which were bid together as one package. Questions arose on whether the cells came pre-painted. Buikema stated that the interior of the cells will be pre-painted. DeCoster stated that the manufacturer will be instructed as to what type and color of paint to use in the cells.

Discussion occurred on the bidding process of each of the above proposed finishes. DeCoster stated that each of the interior finishes, except for the epoxy shower coating, are categorized under Division 9, “Finishes”, and will all be bid out separately (i.e. ceramic tile will be bid out separately, painting will be bid out separately, etc.). DeCoster stated that she is not sure if the painting contractor can also perform the epoxy coating work. Norman stated that part of A&P’s function is to represent the County and make recommendations on cost vs. benefit. Norman questioned whether A&P has commented on the recommended materials and if they have concurred that the proposed materials are best suited for this project. DeCoster stated that A&P has reviewed the materials and the only issue they have is on the carpet and its price. Because of their concerns, KKE has been researching alternatives for the carpet. Buikema explained that A&P is getting their estimates back for Bid Package #3. They have been discussing with KKE their concerns that the electrical and mechanical numbers have been coming in higher than estimated at the 3-13-07 DD Estimate Presentation. KKE is working with A&P on these areas (i.e. using vinyl tile instead of linoleum). Final cost saving decisions will be brought to the Board. Hayes expressed his concern regarding the proper flooring in the Squad Room and Control Room. He questioned whether linoleum would support the volume of traffic in the rooms. Buikema proposed using ceramic or quarry tile in the Squad Room instead. Hayes stated there is a noise factor to consider as the room is used for writing reports, the Deputies’ mailboxes are located in this room, and the amount of traffic is extremely high. Linoleum requires waxing and stripping which could be inconvenient as the rooms would need to be emptied and the equipment would have to be moved. Torfin stated that he would be in support of quarry tile in the Control Room. Hayes also expressed concern on the amount of paint being used for the interior and its maintenance schedule. He also was concerned about the visual appeal and maintenance of painted handrails. Buikema stated that in the lobby areas, the handrails will be an unpainted anodized aluminum. Aluminum is not strong enough for the Jail area, therefore a stainless steel would be required. However, to defray construction costs, painted steel rails will be used in the Day Room. Hayes also commented on his concerns for using porcelain tile for the treads and risers of the stair systems. If wet, the surface of the tile can be slippery and conducive to falls and accidents. Norman questioned the bid schedule for Bid Package #3. His “Construction Document/Bidding Schedule”, dated 2-19-07 from KKE, indicated that the proposed costs were to be presented for Board approval on 7-26-07. Norman expressed his concern that the bid date and project date will be pushed out a month. Buikema stated that it is his understanding that A&P will be presenting their cost proposal at the 8-14-07 Board Meeting. KKE plans to print the Bid Documents on 8-23-07. Norman reminded the Committee that there won’t be an Owner’s Committee on 8-14-07 due to a scheduling conflict. Heeter asked if Buikema is looking for an official recommendation from the Committee. Buikema stated that the Committee has provided comments that KKE will take back to the office and work into the final specifications. Torfin provided an unofficial project update in light of A&P’s absence. The well drillers were on site last week. Only one rig was on site, yet the drilling process appears to be going quickly. Monday is their day to catch up on paperwork as each hole requires documentation. Another rig will be on site following completion of a project in Mankato. Sawatzke asked what the deadline was for completion of the drilling. Torfin stated that there were 100 days scheduled for drilling, however, A&P and the contractor plan to expedite this. The water, sewer and storm sewer is 100% installed. It is anticipated that footings will begin the week of 8-20-07. Sawatzke asked if the recently transferred trees are being watered. Torfin stated that Marc Mattice has informed him that they are. (End of 8-07-07 Owner’s Committee Minutes)

Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said two months ago the County Board approved the sale of a small strip of property to Mn/DOT for the Highway 12 Bridge project in the City of Delano. At that time, the County Board voted to accept the offer. However, Mn/DOT requires a certified copy of a resolution accepting the offer made by Mn/DOT in the amount of $9,900. Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #07-38 accepting the offer of $9,900 by Mn/DOT for PID #107-025-004010. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

Tara Martin, A&P, provided an update on the Jail/LEC Project budget. The budget estimate for the remainder of the project has been finished. Handouts were provided on the Opinion of Probable Project/Scope Cost and Cost Analysis Review, Bid Package #3.

Opinion of Probable Project/Scope Cost.

1. Off-Site Development Costs. Martin said costs did not change from the DD (Design Development) Estimate to the CD (Construction Development) Estimate with the exception of the proposed Braddock Avenue improvements. The total of $1,247,676 could be reduced by $92,276 if the County moves forward with the improvements.

2. Site Development Costs. The cost previously included $142,500 for water main service/extension to building; $207,500 for sanitary & storm water service/extension to the building/pond; and $115,000 for the on-site drainage pond & outlet structure. Once the work has been bid, the actual value is included in the building construction costs. The Site Development costs are now at about $40,000.

3. Building/Construction Costs. Jail/LEC costs were projected at $39,479,143 in the DD Estimate and have risen to $40,081,308 in the CD Estimate.

The second page of the document reflects a breakdown of DD and CD Estimates and contract values. A large increase was seen in mechanical and electrical costs. The DD cost estimate was based on documents which were 50-60% complete. The CD cost estimate was based on documents which are 90% complete. The total construction cost increased to $40,081,308 based on CD estimates, or $602,165 over the DD estimate.

Cost Analysis Review. As a result of the increased cost, A&P and KKE Architects performed a cost analysis to potentially reduce the scope of the project. Martin provided an overview of the Cost Analysis Review:

I. Cost Analysis.

A. Mechanical Options.

i. Reduce number of VAV’s.

ii. Revise Roof Drainage Layout.

iii. Change underground waste and storm sewer piping to Sche40 PVC and the water piping 3” and larger to be Sche40 grooved galvanized. Versus cast iron and copper.

iv. Scale back the geothermal system to 25% so that it handles the load 90% of the time but wouldn’t handle the peak load.

v. Remove Liebert Scan computer.

B. Electrical Options.

i. Number of Exterior Fixtures.

ii. Interior Light Fixtures.

iii. Lease the generator.

II. Deduct Alternates.

A. Mechanical & Electrical.

i. Deduct electrical snow melt systems indicated on electrical drawings.

ii. Deduct hydronic snow melt systems indicated on mechanical drawings. This includes deduct of heat exchangers HX-1, 2 and 3, snow melt pumps SMP-1, 2 and 3, associated air separators and expansion tanks, snow melt piping, controls, sensors and all associated work.

iii. Deduct MAU-3 air-conditioner serving the kitchen. In lieu of scheduled MAU-3 which incorporates a packaged air conditioner, provide MUA-3 consisting of indirect fired natural gas, of same make and model as MAU-1 and 2.

B. Finishes.

i. Deduct vinyl wall covering, rubber stair treads, change linoleum to vinyl composite tile.

Martin referenced Mechanical Options, Item Aiii, which could potentially save $300,000. However, firm numbers have not been obtained and they do not want the integrity of the building to change. Electrical options reflect the alternative to lease the generator. This is an option given by EDI instead of purchasing the unit. Martin did not strongly recommend this but it is an option. With regard to Deduct Alternates, Martin said the removal of Item Aii would be substantial and they are working to determine the amount. Deduct Alternate Item B, Finishes, would total around $90,000. Overall, the project is about 1.5% over what was estimated at DD. Martin thought the majority of the added cost could be made up with the competitive market. They are continuing to work with the Architect and Engineers to focus on areas which have increased and identify possible methods of reduction. Mattson referenced the Deduct Alternate for snow melt systems and inquired whether there was any type of elevation near the loading dock (located on the north side of the Jail/LEC). Martin said there is a slight elevation in this area. Snow melt systems will be listed as a Deduct Alternate in the bid specifications. Mattson said the custodial staff spends a lot of time and effort dealing with snow and ice. Russek said the County would not want to short change in some areas. Martin said that is why these items are listed as alternates. Alternates include desired items but they can be eliminated if the County is not satisfied with the project budget. Sawatzke referenced the floor finishes. Martin explained that the bid specifications will provide an alternate to change vinyl wall covering to paint and rubber stair treads to concrete. Sawatzke felt if the rubber stair treads are not needed for traction, they should be eliminated. If they are needed for safety purposes, they should be included. Sawatzke referenced electrical options and whether there will be deductions. Martin explained that one of the parking lots includes 19 light fixtures which may be excessive. They are working to determine the correct illumination and coverage. Russek said adequate lighting is required for those employees who work night shifts. Martin stated that EDI said the generator could be leased. It is valued at $675,000. Sawatzke felt the County should purchase the generator for $675,000 plus approximately 4% interest versus leasing for $675,000 plus 18% interest. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, inquired whether current Jail kitchen equipment would be salvaged and moved to the new Jail. Capt. Gary Torfin indicated that they are salvaging equipment but there will also be equipment in the new Jail that they do not currently have. Martin said the cost of kitchen equipment has reduced from DD to CD estimates. Norman referenced Item 32C, Landscaping and asked whether anything more has been done to save money. Martin said they are currently reviewing this. This item will be bid soon. However, landscaping will not be installed until next Fall so costs are an unknown. Norman noted Item 32C does not reflect the correct variance amount from DD to CD estimates. This will be corrected. Discussion then moved to Page 1 of the Opinion of Probable Project, Scope Cost.

Off-Site Development Costs. The document reflects $370,000 for mining/selling of mineral rights by the County. Martin said that figure could be eliminated. Sawatzke referenced the figures reflected and asked whether items which previously had a dollar value and now do not are those which had been completed during construction. Martin explained that the cost estimates for earthwork, site utility projects, and contracts have been written but not paid in full. Building construction costs for the Jail/LEC increased from $37,617,404 to $40,081,308. Items which do not reflect a cost increase include furniture, fixtures and equipment; communications at $1,879,314 and professional fees at $3,822,340. The Construction Contingency increased from $1,128,522 to $1,145,736 and is based on building construction costs. SAC & WAC Impact Fees remained at $300,000. Martin said the SAC/WAC fees were originally at $450,000 and were reduced to $300,000 after providing the City with 100% contract documents. She clarified that this does include a deduction for those SAC/WAC fees for the Government Center which will not apply after the move to the new site. The overall probable project cost increased about $154,000 from DD to CD estimates. Martin said the timeline for Bid Package #3 includes making drawings available to contractors on 8-27-07 with a bid opening date of 9-25-07 @ 2:00 P.M. Alternates included in the Bid Package will be presented to the Owner’s Committee prior to the Bid date. Sawatzke moved to schedule the Bid Opening for Bid Package #3 on 9-25-07 @ 2:00 P.M. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 5-0. Sawatzke referenced a past Owner’s Committee Meeting where flooring was discussed and asked whether flooring is considered one bid package (carpets, tiles and linoleum). Martin said it is more of a bid category. Currently, epoxy flooring and epoxy wall covering are included in one bid category. Ceramic tile would be completed by a different contractor. The carpeting, rubber sports flooring, and sheet linoleum would be another category. Typically, contractors specialize in certain areas but they can submit a combination bid if desired.

Norman announced that there will not be an Owner’s Committee Meeting today.

Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #07-39, Charitable Gambling Application Form LG230, Monticello Lions Club, Silver Springs Golf Course, 1854 Co. Rd. 39 NE, Monticello MN 55362 (Monticello Twp.). The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.

Information was received from Tom Salkowski, Planning & Zoning Administrator, indicating that the Planning Commission set a special meeting on 8-20-07 at 1:00 P.M. The Planning Commission requests attendance of the County Board at the meeting. The purpose will be to review the process of the Northeast Quadrant Land Use Plan and prepare for the start of the planning process for the Northwest Quadrant. Heeter moved to authorize County Board attendance at the Planning Commission special meeting being held on 8-20-07 at 1:00 P.M., Commissioners’ Board Room. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0.

The meeting recessed at 9:51 A.M. for a Closed Session to discuss the Chouinard Property, PID #114-800-172200 and PID #114-800-083300.

The meeting reconvened at 10:23 A.M. Sawatzke moved to reject the bid received on the Chouinard Property, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.

Bills Approved

Brian Abrahamson. $212.83

City Albertville 2,098.80

Albion Township 1,050.40

Allina Hospitals & Clinics 2,332.21

American Messaging 724.92

Ancom Communications. 15,921.75

Ancom Technical Center 1,247.22

City Annandale 804.00

APEC Industrial Sales/Serv. 1,087.37

Aramark Correc. Services 5,245.88

Arctic Glacier Inc. 633.91

Kirk Asplin Oil Company 151.81

Auto Glass Center Inc. 480.30

B & D Plumbing & Heating 4,495.00

Barco Products Company 731.00

Breezy Point Resort Inc. 1,307.99

Buffalo Clinic 383.46

Buffalo Hospital 338.20

Buffalo Township 808.40

City Buffalo 3,973.80

Burdas Towing 391.78

Tim Cameron 125.00

Catco Parts Service 367.14

Center Point Energy 2,207.71

Centra Sota Co-op-Buffalo 127.48

Centra Sota Lake Region 5,392.14

Chatham Township 908.20

Clearwater Township 1,187.50

Climate Air 8,494.63

Cokato Township 440.60

City Cokato 1,055.42

Comm. of Transportation 5,945.53

Computer Prof. Unlimited 2,185.03

Concept Financial Group 152.78

Contech Construction Prod. 286.44

Corinna Township 1,048.00

Cottens’ Inc. 3,440.58

Cub Foods 220.84

Cub Pharmacy 2,073.52

Culligan of Buffalo 209.00

Dash Medical Gloves 211.60

City Delano 5,643.70

Marie Demars 183.33

Dingmann Marine & More 192.88

Dynamic Communications 115.00

E-Z Flush 565.20

Eagle Point 3,039.00

Debbie Ernst 261.42

Expert Automotive 122.48

Farm-Rite Equipment Inc. 415.01

Tom Feddema 113.49

Franklin Township 2,548.30

Frontier Precision Inc. 463.00

Fyles Excav./Honey Wagon 140.00

Garrett Metal Detectors 120.00

Gopher State One Call 195.55

Greenview Inc. 13,999.52

H & H Sport Shop Inc. 140.00

City Hanover 1,881.40

Hewlett Packard 9,919.41

Hickmans Service Inc. 158.68

City Howard Lake 1,537.90

International Personnel Mgmt 200.00

Interstate Battery Systems 327.85

Chris Jahnke 238.62

Jerrys Towing & Repair 133.13

Junction Towing & Auto Repair 115.82

Klatt True Value Electric 208.96

Janet Klein 122.65

Knife River Corp. - Nort 407.90

Lakedale Telephone Co. 609.61

LaPlant Demo Inc. 1,288.31

Michael Laurent 217.37

M-R Sign Company Inc. 1,333.59

Magneto Power 135.02

Maple Lake Township 1,487.20

City Maple Lake 550.80

Marco 2,945.19

Marco Inc. 1,397.81

Martin-McAllisters Cons 700.00

Marysville Township 1,577.80

MASYS Corporation 2,628.87

Mattson Well Company 164.00

Middleville Township 1,030.00

Midland Corp. Benefits 997.75

MN Counties Comp. Co-op 2,761.77

MN Co. Attorneys Assoc. 160.00

Monticello Township 2,449.00

City Montrose 719.40

Motorola Communication 3,162.45

Nextel Communications 712.44

Office Depot 3,083.74

Lynn Peavey Company 1,003.00

Photo 1 308.34

Pleasant Hills Saddle Shop 232.27

Precision Prints of Wright Co. 191.70

Qwest 187.42

Radisson Hotel - Rochester 299.70

Rockford Township 2,456.20

City Rockford 4,708.10

Russells Sec. Resource 214.89

Sherry Schliesing 253.17

Seton Identification Prod. 530.70

Silver Creek Township 876.40

Sirchie 128.37

City South Haven 321.60

Specialty Turf & Ag 860.52

St. Joseph Equipment-Mpls. 381.63

City St. Michael 5,755.60

Stockholm Township 698.20

Brian Stoll 193.51

Streichers 217.26

Super Express 274.77

Trimin Gov. Solutions 3,195.00

Uniforms Unlimited 955.11

United Locating Services 180.00

Verizon Wireless 305.30

Becky Waldof 125.13

Waste Management TC W 2,573.90

City Waverly 440.60

Wright Co. Highway Dept. 30,104.85

Wright Co. Journal Press 136.58

37 Payments less than $100 2,136.76

Final total $214,369.07

The meeting adjourned at 10:24 A.M

Published in the Herald Journal Sept. 3, 2007.