Wright County Board Minutes

AUGUST 28, 2007

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Heeter, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present.

On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Heeter, all voted to approve the minutes of 8-21-07.

The following items were petitioned onto the Agenda: Items for Consid. #6 “AMC Policy Committee Meetings in St. Cloud on 9-13-07 and 9-14-07.” (Eichelberg). On a motion by Heeter, seconded by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Agenda as amended.

The Consent Agenda was discussed. Eichelberg moved to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. The motion was seconded by Heeter. Mattson asked if the claims from KKE Architects are reviewed by the Owner’s Committee. Sawatzke stated that because KKE presented a true “not-to-exceed” contract, he felt comfortable with their charges. The reimbursable amount is firm at $100,000, therefore the Owner’s Committee has taken a less stringent approach when paying their invoices. Heeter stated that she has been pleased with KKE’s services. The motion carried 5-0.


1. Performance Appraisals: K. Green, Aud./Treas.

2. Claim, KKE Architects, Inc. $267,471.03 (July Payment-Jail/LEC Project).

3. O/T Report, Period Ending 8-10-07.


1. Authorize Hire Of Temporary Intern For Employee On Medical Leave. No Budgetary Implications.

Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, submitted the claims listing for approval. On a motion by Mattson, second by Heeter, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.

Hiivala stated that the Board had directed that he research the percentage of the inmates who carry their own health insurance. He stated that he spoke with Captain Gary Torfin and Secretary Judy Ahlm and they do not carry statistics on that information. The inmates are not required to carry insurance. Russek stated that he was questioning whether the jail medical claims take into account the after-insurance payment portion. Hiivala explained that insurance reimbursement would be receipted against the expense within the claims listing.

Sawatzke presented the 8-22-07 Committee Of the Whole minutes and recommendations. Discussion and action at today’s County Board Meeting is reflected in italics:

I. Tobacco Violation Appeal, Broadway Kwik Stop, Monticello. Asleson stated that the Broadway Kwik Stop in Monticello has received its third tobacco compliance check violation in a 24-month period. The violations occurred on 8-31-05, 3-22-07 and 6-15-07. The Broadway Kwik Stop was notified of a $250 administrative fine along with a 7-day suspension of license. The appeal hearing was scheduled based upon an appeal letter from Holthaus dated 6-27-07. At today’s Hearing, Holthaus did not protest the fact that the violation occurred but voiced frustration with the program and fine. Kwik Shop staff is provided thorough training and are aware they are not to sell tobacco products to minors. He did not have a problem with the County’s Ordinance but felt the way it is implemented results in an adversarial relationship with businesses. In an attempt to prevent sales of tobacco products to minors in the future, the Kwik Stop has installed age verification equipment. The software requires the swipe of a driver’s license to permit the sale of tobacco products. Holthaus felt that this would prevent sales to minors unless a fraudulent license is involved. There is also a problem with sale of tobacco on the street and he felt there should be a closer relationship between law enforcement and retailers to address this. He supported the use of the scanning software and equipment by retailers throughout the County and felt this would pretty much solve the problem in convenience stores. Holthaus referenced the violations received. The Kwik Shop was near the time of having the first violation removed as it was close to the 24-month time period. The second violation occurred when a sale was made to an individual who was within six months of turning 18. Because of the proactive steps taken to install age verification equipment, the request is to either reduce or waive the penalties. Russek said the County is required by the State of Minnesota to perform the tobacco compliance checks. The County sets the fine. Violations at the Kwik Shop occurred three times in two years and he supported upholding the penalties. Holthaus felt that if checks were performed twice per year, the failure rate would increase. The cost of the age verification system was between $1,000 and $1,500 as the software was already installed on their computers. If purchased separately, he felt the cost would be a few thousand dollars more. He supported all businesses in the County purchasing this software. Sawatzke asked whether a person could purchase tobacco products if they did not have a driver’s license. Holthaus said they cannot and that he has had to turn people away. He suggested the State designate a portion of tax dollars paid by businesses to use toward the purchase of the software. With regard to the 6-15-07 tobacco check violation, Holthaus said the employee was terminated. Another problem that results is working with a new, inexperienced cashier. Discussion led to training. Torkelson said the County offers training for both alcohol and tobacco. Many businesses provide their own training as it is cost effective. Public Health does not have the resources to educate employees for 110 businesses. Sgt. Leander said that discussion has occurred on ways to combat the increased failure rates of compliance checks. The equipment does allow the employee to override the system and make the sale of tobacco without the swipe of the driver’s license. It is up to the clerk on whether they process the sale correctly. Experience has shown that those establishments who do not fail compliance checks are those who offer employee rewards or punishments (termination). He said many businesses are going to the age verification equipment software. Torkelson said they will continue to notify businesses when they pass compliance checks so the business can reward the employee. They have distributed information on the age verification equipment in the past but have not done so this year. He noted that 7 of 20 businesses in Monticello failed the compliance checks. The statistics reflect 1 of 5 businesses fail the check on a County-wide basis. Staff is reviewing possible changes to the County’s Ordinance which will be presented for approval next year. Holthaus indicated that all three sales involved experienced cashiers. Another problem business owners experience is theft of cigarettes. Heeter said although she was sympathetic to the issue, she felt she needed to support the fine and suspensions as this was the third violation. With prior tobacco compliance appeals, she has upheld the violation and she felt it would be unfair not to do so at this point. She did feel the age verification software was helpful. Sawatzke referenced the history of past appeals, recalling that the County let the business choose the timing of the tobacco sales suspension. Asleson did not have chronological records to consult but said one business was allowed to avoid the suspension of their license during deer hunting season. He did not recall any situations where the penalties were reduced. They have tried to remain consistent in that respect. Sawatzke expressed appreciation to the approach Holthaus took on the violation. Some of those businesses that appealed previously came from the standpoint that the violation possibly did not occur. Eichelberg concurred with Heeter’s perspective and felt the business should be allowed to pick a week to comply with the violation. Sawatzke said if the decision is made not to reduce or change the violation that they authorize serving of the consecutive 7-day penalty between now and December 31, 2007. Holthaus would be required to advise staff on when this was occurring. Recommendation: Heeter moved to uphold the fine and suspension and allow Holthaus to make the decision on when the penalty would be served for the 7 consecutive days. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg. Asleson said the Ordinance calls for the County to issue a decision in writing. The motion and second were amended to include directing the Attorney’s Office to draft a document for review at the next County Board Meeting. The motion carried 5-0. The Appeal Hearing closed at 2:00 P.M.

At Today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke stated that based on the recommendation, the County Attorney’s Office has drafted a Finds and Order Document for Board approval today. The compliance check results and correspondence with the Auditor/Treasurer office and Broadway Kwik Stop were presented at the Appeal Hearing. Sawatzke motioned to approve the minutes and the recommendations made by the Committee of the Whole. Eichelberg seconded the motion. Mattson stated that he wasn’t at the meeting. The motion carried 4-0-1 (Mattson abstained). (End of Committee Of the Whole Minutes and discussion.)

Sawatzke stated that as a result of the Appeal Hearing regarding Broadway Qwik Stop tobacco ordinance violation held on 8-22-07, the Board directed the County Attorney’s Office to prepare written Findings regarding the violation and the penalty to be imposed. The drafted Finds and Order document was included in the Board Agenda documentation. Sawatzke noted that the Order does not include a specific date for when the license suspension shall commence. He stated that he is aware that in the past the Board has given flexibility to the retailer to select the date of their suspension period. Sawatzke stated that he is not aware whether the County Attorney’s Office has heard from the retailer regarding the date. Heeter stated that at the hearing, the Board had given the retailer until 12-31-07 to serve their suspension period. Russek stated that he did not feel that the date is pertinent in approving the Findings and Order. The assumption would be that the Board would approve the Order with the intention that the County Attorney’s Office will complete the Order upon hearing the date of suspension from the retailer. On a motion by Eichelberg, seconded by Heeter, all voted to adopt the Findings and Order regarding Broadway Qwik Stop tobacco ordinance violation contingent on the date agreed upon for the seven day license suspension.

Mattson presented the 8-22-07 Building Committee minutes and recommendations. Discussion and action at today’s County Board Meeting is reflected in italics:

I. Designated Parking Slots, West Parking Lot. Melvin provided a handout reflecting use of designated parking slots (attached). Dispatch- Reserved Parking #1-4, Court Services – Reserved Parking #5, Employee of the Year – Reserved Parking #6, Assessor – Reserved Parking #7-9, Corrections – Reserved Parking #10-16.

• Dispatch was previously assigned Reserved Parking #1-5 by this Committee and will be having their reserved parking decreased by one space. However, staffing in Dispatch ranges from two to four staff at one time depending upon time of day.

• The Employee of the Year will be awarded a reserved parking space that can be retained during years when an employee from Public Works or Human Services earns the award. The Public Works Building and Human Services Center will have a designated parking space when they have an Employee Of The Year.

• Department heads and supervisors in Dispatch and Corrections will be asked to direct employees working on the first and third shift not to occupy reserved parking spaces since upon their arrival the County lots are vacant.

Reserved signs are expected to be installed on 8-29-07 by the Highway Department. The effective date for reserved parking will be 9-04-07. There will be a final inspection by Otto Associates and a request for payment to Knife River will follow. The bills for the electrician and sprinkler system will be paid as well. Hayes said employees are utilizing the new lot. One future consideration would be an additional sidewalk entrance to the new lot. It was suggested that this be done when the County has other concrete work completed. Recommendation: Approve use of designated parking slots and considerations as presented.

At today’s County Board Meeting, Mattson moved to approve the minutes and recommendations made by the Building Committee. The motion carried 5-0 on a second by Heeter. (End of Building Committee Minutes and discussion.)

Eichelberg presented the 8-22-07 Personnel Committee minutes and recommendations. Discussion and action at today’s County Board Meeting is reflected in italics:

I. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL, STEVE JOBE, SURVEYOR. Based on the review of four appraisals submitted the Committee recommends an overall rating of “Superior”.

At Today’s County Board Meeting, on a motion by Eichelberg, second by Mattson, voted to approve the minutes and recommendations made by the Personnel Committee. Russek apologized that he lost Jobe’s appraisal form and neglected to submit it in time for the meeting. Motion carried 5-0. (End of Personnel Committee Minutes and discussion.)

Heeter presented the 8-22-07 Technology Committee minutes and recommendations. Discussion and action at today’s County Board Meeting is reflected in italics:

I. UPDATE ON RADIO PLANNING. Swing distributed Mike Mazzitello’s (GeoComm) “Update on Radio Planning” narrative (attached) and briefly reviewed some of the details of the progress that has occurred since the 7-25-07 Technology Committee Meeting. On 8-09-07 there was a meeting held at Wright County with Motorola and representatives of the Wright and Sherburne County projects which also included GeoComm Consultants. Tower site visits will be conducted by Motorola’s engineers to determine if the existing towers are adequate. A response is expected from Motorola in the next 45 days regarding their findings. More meetings will be held with the current service providers and the respective counties regarding current technology status. Swing stated that the conclusion derived from the 7-25-07 Meeting was that there is an emphasis on the time sensitivity with the Jail/LEC radio project. Swing explained that timeline details are being incorporated into Motorola’s project plan that they are currently putting together. He stated that we should have a draft timeline by mid-September (given the 45 day estimate provided by Motorola). Swing stated that there is an advantage in deferring the ARMER Radio bond issue to allow for the big issues to be resolved, i.e. system design, grant funding, funding of subscriber units, etc. Swing stressed again that a time line for the radio project is needed. Swing stated that he confirmed with Hiivala and Springsted Financial that it does not cost the County any more to have more than one bond issuance; hence it would be feasible to separate the 800 MHz bond issuance from the LEC bond. Heeter asked if the $2.6 million LEC Technology Budgetary Estimate has to be rolled into the bond issuance with the Jail. Norman stated yes. Norman added that the Jail/LEC will be a 20 year bond, and to tie in the 800 MHz project wouldn’t make sense since technology will change during that time. Norman recommended that the Board look at a 3-5 year equipment note as an option. Heeter expressed concern on the timeline of making 800 MHz technology available. She stated that she is often asked by EMS about the status of the project. Swing stated that more information regarding a timeline will be made available in September. Jobe asked if the towers will be fiber connected. Swing stated that the system is described as a simulcast system, Radio Frequency (RF), and will not be fiber connected. Nelson stated that her understanding was that the towers will be interconnected by either a T1 line or microwave. Jobe stated that the method of interconnectedness will dictate the timing of the project. To plow T1 underground will create a longer construction schedule in comparison to installing microwave. Swing informed the Committee that future consultant fees for the design/planning/development/deployment for LEC technologies (radio and voice/data) will be funded from proposed estimates that were presented to the Board on 7/25/07. Swing confirmed with Norman and Commissioners that the Board had already approved the process of incurring approved expenses against the LEC project and having such expenses reimbursed later by bond funds when available. He also confirmed that no ARMER planning/design expenses would be paid by the County as these are funded from the regional grant. Norman stated that because the 800 MHz is not part of the Jail Bond issuance, it won’t be reimbursable through the Jail bond. Heeter asked how much of the $85,000 for “Consulting Services” under the ‘Radio’ column of the spreadsheet (distributed at the 7-25-07 Committee Meeting) will be devoted to planning and design. Swing stated that the majority of the proposed cost will be for development and deployment services. GeoComm is performing the planning portion which Swing believed to be a small percentage of this figure. He noted that he would verify the cost for both services. Swing distributed MnDOT’s “Single Source Justification” narrative (attached) also supplied by Mazzitello. Swing stated that this document is what Hennepin County has used for its ARMER project that was handled by Motorola. Asleson has reviewed the document and endorses it. Eichelberg stated that this document would be of interest to the State Auditor as it provides justification for why the County would solely be using Motola’s services. RECOMMENDATION: Approve the Single Source Justification document for the Wright County ARMER/LEC project.

II. LEC VOICE/DATA REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. Swing stated that they felt that an RFP approach for the LEC data/voice project is sensible for a project of this size and complexity. An RFP will assure the following: assurance of a competitive bid, better project definition, and a clear satisfaction of legal requirements. Swing noted that Spectrum has been a great vendor and asset to the planning of this project, however, competitive bidding will help the County determine the value of this project. Together, the RFP and Motorola’s report will cement a timeline which will outline the order of events. Swing stated that they would like to see the RFP completed by October so that the preliminary work on the voice/data portion of the new Jail/LEC can begin. The preliminary work would include placing a fire ring in the branch office of the Public Works Building. The fire ring, and accommodating the needs of Public Works, are all part of the redundancy component of the Jail/LEC project. The branch office pools the licensing for the entire County. Fingalson confirmed Swing’s statements by stating that the voice/data project will have to be completed in phases, and the Public Works portion is the first logical step in the progression of the phases. Norman asked if IT will be consulting with A&P on the installation timing of the voice and data portions. Swing stated that the voice/data has been reviewed by Hoffman, Howell, Torfin and IT staff. AMO is doing the voice portion and Jay Hruby of EDI is coordinating the electrical portion with the voice. The detailed plans are expected today for IT’s final review. The edits will be reviewed quickly so that AMO can get the final detailed plans over to KKE in time for the release of Bid Package #3. Fingalson asked Swing how many vendors he expects will bid on this project. Swing stated that he is aware that Qwest and Spectrum are both interested in bidding. Nelson stated that Spectrum has already been doing a lot of the preliminary work and planning for free, and they are aware that this project is up for bid. Norman asked if cost is the largest qualifying factor of the RFP. Swing stated no, cost is just one of four qualifying factors. Cost is valued at 50%, service and proximity is 20%, ease of integration with existing system is 20% and references and the ability to perform the work (project management) is valued at 10%. Norman asked Swing if he is planning to bring the RFP to this Committee for review and recommendation for approval. Swing stated yes and that he informed EDI that he didn’t want to progress until he had the Committee make a recommendation to authorize proceeding with the drafting of the RFP. RECOMMENDATION: Authorize proceeding with the RFP.

Swing added that he’d like to address comments made in previous Owner’s Committee Meetings regarding IT’s role in the move to the Jail/LEC. Based on past experience in moving Human Services, Public Works and during the remodeling of the Government Building, the move to the Jail/LEC will be very complex. Nelson, who has been one of the key people in the previous moves, described the process. A moving team is created with representatives from Building Maintenance, IT and Sheriff Departments, Craig Hayes, as well as the voice and data vendors. Distributing a “Move Information Sheet” to the Committee (see attached) Nelson stated that the form helps the Department identify and coordinate the equipment, furniture, and personnel that will be making the move. The move is a two half-day process. The equipment and furniture is broken down during the first day, and the following morning the official move is made. Then the set up begins in the new location. When Human Services made its move, there were five moves of 20 employees which took approximately five weeks. DeMars cautioned that other challenges affecting the move are weather and determining how the department will maintain its operations. Swing stated that most of the problems will not occur with the movers, but with the employees that are making the move. There is a lot of stress involved in the change of location, particularly in the printer re-location. Nelson stated that IT will investigate the placement of each printer and may even have to reconfigure printer settings and locations once out at the new site. Jobe asked if IT would consider performing the move over a weekend. Nelson stated that IT has never had to move a Department that operates “24 hours/7 days a week”, so weekends may become an option. Heeter asked what the overall timeframe of the move will be (total number of two half-day sessions). Swing stated that it is too early to determine and noted that a moving committee will be formed which will help identify the schedule for moving the Department. Discussion occurred on hiring temporary workers to help with the move.

At Today’s County Board Meeting, on a motion by Heeter, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the minutes and recommendations made by the Technology Committee. Sawatzke asked if there has been any discussion regarding cost sharing the radio towers with other entities such as Wright Hennepin. With the change in radio technology, Sawatzke stated that he assumed there would be interest from other organizations that could utilize the system and benefit in partnering with the County. Heeter stated that there has been an underlying assumption that there are other organizations that would be interested in partnering with the County on this project. Eichelberg and Heeter both commented that the timing is right to have a discussion regarding partnering. Eichelberg added that Swing is waiting for Motorola to report on their tower inspections. Mattson expressed concern on the expenses associated with building radio towers based on his experience with a repeater radio system he used when he ran a bus company. Mattson stated that he felt the existing towers in Wright County are adequate for the new technology. Eichelberg stated that the two existing towers are going to be inspected and there is one tower being proposed to be built south of Buffalo to supply the reception that the other towers can’t supply. Eichelberg stated that the tower will be funded by the State. Mattson stated that the State funding a tower is expensive to the taxpayer. The motion carried 5-0. (End of Technology Committee Minutes and discussion.)

Russek stated that due to a lack of agenda items, the 8-28-07 Owner’s Committee Meeting has been canceled.

Norman stated that PERA has suggested that Wright County adopt a “blanket” resolution for coverage of all current and future Deputy Sheriff Personnel for ease of administration, as opposed to creating individual resolutions for each current and future employee in order to authorize their participation in the Police and Fire Fund. If the resolution is not adopted, eligible PERA members will be covered by the Coordinated Fund instead of the Police and Fire Fund. Most individuals hired by Wright County work on an intermittent, on-call and/or temporary basis. These individuals are current or previous full-time law enforcement officers and therefore have active or inactive membership in the Police and Fire Fund. It would be beneficial for employees to have all of their time and earnings credited to one fund instead of two separate funds. On average this would affect approximately 1-4 employees per year. Mattson moved to adopt Resolution #07-46 authorizing current and future intermittent, on-call and/or temporary Deputy Sheriff Personnel that meet TERA eligibility requirements to be participants of the Police and Fire Fund. Sawatzke seconded the motion for discussion. Sawatzke asked Norman if the Board has ever had to adopt individual resolutions to authorize their participation in the Police and Fire Fund. Norman stated that there have been occasions that the Board has passed a resolution on an individual. The individuals must meet certain requirements in order to be considered for participation in the Police and Fire Fund. A roll call vote was carried 5-0.

A draft resolution was presented to the Board regarding Wright County’s 5-Year Bridge Replacement Program. Heeter stated that she recalled a discussion regarding whether the County wanted to rebuild the CSAH 75 bridge. Sawatzke stated that Fingalson had discussions with the Railroad regarding the bridge crossing at CSAH 75. A brief discussion occurred on the condition of the bridges listed in the Resolution. Submittal of this Resolution to Mn/DOT by 9-01-07 will add these bridges to the Master Bridge priority list for purposes of reporting to the legislature. The main purpose of this list is to generate the capital budget request to the Legislature. The 2006 bridge bond funds are all accounted for and Staff will need to prepare for the next legislative session. The bridges listed on the Resolution are from the priority list approved as part of the County’s 5-Year Plan approved on 12-19-06. On a motion by Eichelberg, seconded by Heeter, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #07-47 for Wright County’s 5-Year Bridge Replacement Program.

Norman presented a drafted Agenda for the 9-07-07 Tour with Finance Commissioner Tom Hanson and Senator Amy Koch. Norman stated that he received information regarding the Regional Crime Lab indicating that there has been a request to the State for bonding. They have requested $6 million in State Bonding funds to assist in the design construction, furnishing and equipping of a forensics crime lab. The Regional Crime Laboratory is part of the bonding bill that will be discussed. Discussion continued on the Tour portion of the Monticello site. Norman stated that due to Commissioner Hanson’s schedule, the tour will begin at Monticello City Hall at 8:30 A.M. and the Delegation will meet at Wright County at 10:00 A.M. The Monticello portion of the tour is not included on the draft Agenda. The Board felt that for public notice, the entire morning Agenda should be posted. Norman stated that he will post the Monticello portion of the Tour separate as it is not a part of the Committee Of The Whole Agenda. Heeter moved to approve the Committee Of The Whole Meeting Notice for 9-07-07, seconded by Eichelberg. Sawatzke questioned whether a request has been made to the State for funding of the Regional Medical Examiner Services/Morgue. Sawatzke stated that if a request has not been made, more time should be devoted to the other three projects listed in the draft Agenda: Jail/LEC, Regional Crime Laboratory, and the 800 MHz Project. Heeter amended her motion to delete Item III Regional Medical Examiner Services/Morgue from the Agenda. Eichelberg seconded the amended motion. Motion carries 5-0.

Eichelberg stated that there is an AMC Policy Committee Meeting in St Cloud on 9-13-07 and 9-14-07. Eichelberg moved for authorization of the attendance of four Commissioners. Mattson seconded the motion. Motion carries 5-0. The Administration Office has been instructed to take care of the registrations.

Russek stated that the Budget Committee of the Whole will meet today at 10:30 A.M.

Eichelberg stated that he and Sawatzke attended a Regional Board tour and dinner for the US Wildlife and Fish Service. The County is a partner with the US Wildlife and Fish Service. The Regional Board toured the Pelican Lake area.

Bills Approved

Jomari Alexander. $159.60

Ameripride Linen and Apparel 490.90

Ancom Technical Center 486.64

Annandale Rock Products 499.08

Astech 289,103.32

Baers Body Shop Inc. 1,434.09

Boyer Truck Parts 459.46

Buffalo Quality Feed Mill 1,064.58

Cardiac Science 706.10

Catco Parts Service 344.76

Center Point Energy 1,091.76

Climate Air 1,011.21

Comm. of Transportation 9,746.10

CPS Technology Solutions 262.00

Embarq 158.63

Tony Endreson 150.31

Dennis Fehn Gravel/Exc. 524,791.76

Dennis Fier 123.20

Gateway Companies Inc. 1,741.83

Grainger 134.39

Granite Pest Control Services 143.58

Hewlett Packard 4,962.50

Hillyard Floor Care Supply 2,779.79

Integriprint 341.97

Jerrys Towing & Repair 151.12

Steven Jobe 116.09

J Johnson Sales & Serv. 880.00

Michael Laurent 262.00

M-R Sign Company Inc. 428.72

Marco 1,717.31

Marco Inc. 1,636.91

Patrick Melvin 456.54

The Metro Group Inc. 13,580.03

Midwest Machinery Co. 627.67

MN Counties Ins. Trust 265.00

MN Dept. of Labor & Ind. 105.00

MN Office of Enterprise Tech 965.00

Monticello Auto Body Inc. 133.13

Office Depot 2,413.90

Lynn Peavey Company 362.75

Polar Chevrolet 26,604.00

Precision Prints of Wright Co. 220.46

Reds Auto Electric 118.52

Royal Tire Inc. 1,363.76

RS Eden 841.05

Sherburne Co. Sheriff 135.00

Sherwin Williams 386.78

Southside Township 642.40

Spectrum Solutions 14,728.00

St. Michael Vet Clinic 231.15

Streichers 1,261.89

James Sturges 125.00

Swanston Equipment Corp. 223.97

William Swing 364.15

T & M Towing/Snow Plowing 176.18

Tech Depot 2,064.95

Truck Bodies & Equip. Intl. 2,376.06

United Rentals Hwy. Tech 1,382.58

Unlimited Electric Inc. 2,253.40

Verizon Wireless 912.82

Conrad Webb 125.00

Wright Co. Highway Dept. 1,643.90

Wright Henn. Co-op Elec. 380.54

Wright Henn. Electric 745.79

Wright Lumber & Millwork 863.29

Xcel Energy 429.06

29 Payments less than $100 1,552.67

Final total $928,441.10

The meeting adjourned at 9:36A.M

Published in the Herald Journal Sept. 24, 2007.