Wright County Board Minutes

MARCH 25, 2008
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. with Sawatzke, Heeter, Mattson, Russek, and Eichelberg present.
On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the minutes of 3-18-08 as presented.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows under Items For Consideration: #3, “Email From Bill Stephens Re: Earth Day” (Russek); #4, “Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Visits Wright County On 3-27-08” (Heeter). On a motion by Heeter, seconded by Russek, all voted to approve the Agenda as amended.
The Consent Agenda was discussed. Russek moved to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, seconded by Heeter. Russek referenced Consent D1, “Accept The Findings & Recommendations Of The Planning Commission For The Following Rezonings: A. Martin J. Weber (Franklin Twp.). Planning Commission unanimously recommends approval of the request to rezone 92 acres from AG to A/R.”, and said that the Town Board approved changing the parcel from AG to A/R. He stated that there is one building site on the 40 acre parcel. Mattson referenced Consent C1, “Parks Commission Minutes, March 2008 Meeting.”, and said that there was a discussion regarding French Lake Township requesting a temporary easement. The Township claims that the parks are eating up their revenues. He stated that he would like to urge the County to work with the Township to fund a 100’ temporary easement to construct a good road. The motion to approve the Consent Agenda was carried unanimously.
1. Performance Appraisals: J. Bresin, K. Triplett, Assr.; D. Pace, W. Vogel, Bldg. Maint.; B. Severson, Hwy.; J. Bean, N. Borrett, D. Carlson, Sher./Corr.
2. Refer Human Services Center Security/Panic Alarm Equipment To The Building Committee.
3. Set Annual County Auction For 6-07-08 @ 10:00 A.M., Public Works.
1. Approve Unpaid Personal Leave For Month Of April For Employee Who Has Exhausted FMLA.
2. 2008 Tobacco License Renewal: 152 Club (Albertville City).
3. Authorize Hire Of Temporary Employee To Assist In Accounting Area.
1. Parks Commission Minutes, March 2008 Meeting.
1. Accept The Findings & Recommendations Of The Planning Commission For The Following Rezonings:
A. Martin J. Weber (Franklin Twp.). Planning Commission unanimously recommend approval of the request to rezone 92 acres from AG to A/R.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, submitted the claims listing for approval. He noted that the claim to Monticello Ford Mercury (page 8) for $380,466.00 is to purchase eighteen (18) squad cards. He commented that this type of purchase does normally take place this early in the year. On a motion by Russek, second by Heeter, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.
Heeter asked Hiivala when he anticipates filling the Assistant Finance Director position. She commented that the position has been budgeted for an extensive amount of time. Hiivala stated that he has yet to submit a job description for the Administration Department’s review. He stated that his Department is very close to completing the job description.
A Budget Committee of the Whole Meeting was held on 3-10-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, the following correction was made to the Minutes: Page 2, 1st paragraph,4th line should read, “…of the fund balance. In this case, $595,986.61 was used of the…” (Sawatzke). Sawatzke asked for clarification from Hiivala on why the Debt Service revenue gained a favorable variance of $267,547.67. Hiivala stated that in 2007, he made a correction to the market value credits that were distributed in 2006. Sawatzke noted within the Minutes that 67% of the General Fund was spent toward personnel related expenses. He stated that this indicates that the County is a personnel service industry. In addition, in referencing the minutes, Sawatzke noted that the Board has approved a preliminary staffing plan for the Jail/LEC which phases employees into the building as the need arises. He also stated that the County has not heard any rumor that it is next in line to receive additional judges. Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes and recommendation made by the Budget Committee of the Whole, with the above noted change. The motion carried 4-0 on a second by Russek. (Heeter abstained.)
GENERAL REVIEW. Hiivala presented the revised “2007 Revenue-Expenditure Summary”. Hiivala walked through the entire summary packet which addressed fund and department summaries using pie charts and reports to illustrate the revenue sources and expenditures. Hiivala provided a breakdown of how the County receives its revenues and how it is spent:
“All Funds: Where it came from”; “All Funds: Where it went”
Taxes 47%; Personnel 48%
Licenses 0%; Services 5%
State Aids 6%; Rent Repairs/Maint 17%
State Grants 18%;Travel/Conferences 1%
Federal Grants 9%; Highways 7%
Fees 12%; Supplies 3%
Fines 0%; Capital Outlay 3%
Interest/Contrib 2%; Debt Service 3%
Miscellaneous 6%; Miscellaneous 3%
Program Exp 10%
Hiivala outlined the budget and fund summary as follows:
General Fund
Budget 39,149,904.00; 39,206,904.00; (57,000.00)
Actual 40,471,666.92; 37,469,078.60; 3,002,588.32
Variance Favorable/(Unfavorable) 1,321,762.92; 1,737,825.40; 3,059,588.32
Road & Bridge
Budget 19,522,414.00; 19,781,126.00; (258,712.00)
Actual 21,144,013.46; 19,734,365.22; 1,409,648.24
Variance Favorable/(Unfavorable) 1,621,599.46; 46,760.78; 1,668,360.24
Human Services
Budget 19,633,300.00; 19,933,300.00; (300,000.00)
Actual 20,101,281.89; 20,697,268.50; (595,986.61)
Variance Favorable/(Unfavorable) 467,981.89; (763,968.50); (295,986.61)
Debt Service
Budget 1,957,201.00; 1,957,201.00; –
Actual 2,224,748.67; 1,902,401.25; 322,347.42
Variance Favorable/(Unfavorable) 267,547.67; 54,799.75; 322,347.42
Hiivala noted that both the General Fund and Road & Bridge had a positive variance for revenues and expenses. In the budget process, negative and positive cash balances are carried forward. In the case of Road & Bridge, less revenue was budgeted than expenses in anticipation of a cash balance carry over from 2006 to offset some of the expenses. Hiivala noted that Human Services had a favorable revenue variance of $467,981.89 and an unfavorable variance in expenses of $763,968.50. He stated that in preparation for the budget sessions, they budgeted less revenue than expenses because they budgeted $300,000 use of the fund balance. In this case, $595,986.61 was used of the fund balance. He noted that the favorable variance in revenue for Debt Service was a correction from 2006 for market value credits. Hiivala then focused the Committee’s attention on the “Budget Summary – Department Net Summary”. The summary breaks down the General Fund by Department. Hiivala highlighted a few Departments:
-The Recorder’s Office had budgeted revenue of $900,000 and received a positive variance of $109,629.68. The variance is due to the Technology Fund. When calculating the surplus, Hiivala will back out the revenues and expenses related to the Technology Fund.
-The Sheriff Department realized a positive revenue variance due to the extension of patrol contracts.
-The Sheriff’s Department realized a total (revenues + expenses) favorable variance of $977,807.30. -To determine the surplus dollars, Hiivala will back out the reserves and the Recorder’s Technology Fund. He will be looking to move the Technology Fund (Fund 101) to the Capital Improvement Fund (Fund 175) to determine the County’s true levy dollars.
Hiivala explained that the Recorder’s Department has two funds: the Technology Fund and the Compliance Fund. The Technology Fund is Fund 101 and is co-mingled with other line items within the Recorder’s budget. The Technology Fund brought in $369,520 and the Recorder’s Department spent $187,406. Hiivala explained that he would back out approximately $200,000. Sawatzke stated that it was his understanding that the Board decided to carry a balanced budget on the general revenue side. He stated that he was confused because the summary report indicates that there is a beginning deficit of $57,000. Hiivala stated that the General Fund is a zero, balanced, budget. The County did not collect a $57,000 State Grant for the Narcotics Division (01-894). Instead of placing the $57,000 grant under the Sheriff’s budget, it was placed under the Narcotics Division. G. Miller stated that the County is not eligible for the grant. Hiivala and Norman both stated that going into the 2009 budget year, the Board should analyze trends on the revenue side, and possibly eliminate the grant. Norman added that the County tends to be conservative on the estimates for its revenues. Mattson referred to Hiivala’s pie chart and stated that he feels uncomfortable with the 47% of incoming tax revenue and 48% spent in personnel related expenses. He stated that he felt this is an imbalance and is still in favor of a hiring freeze. He stated that the County has more wants than needs. Hiivala provided a breakdown of how the General Fund receives its revenues and how it is spent:
“General Funds: Where it came from”; “General Funds: Where it went”
Taxes 56%; Personnel 67%
Licenses 1%; Services 9%
State Aids 8%; Rent Repairs/Maint 8%
State Grants 1%;Travel/Conferences 0%
Federal Grants 0%; Supplies 5%
Fees 19%; Capital Outlay 5%
Interest/Contrib 5%; Miscellaneous 6%
Miscellaneous 10%
Hiivala referred to the “Wright County Budget Summary, Analysis of Revenues by Category/by Department” report which shows a breakdown of the types of revenues (Taxes, Licenses, State Aids, State Grants, Federal Grants, Fees, Interest/Contrib, and Miscellaneous). Hiivala explained the differences between all the revenue categories. He stated that under the Auditor/Treasurer Department, the revenue category “Taxes” refers to mortgage and deed tax. The Unallocated Department shows the property tax revenue. Under Overall, the report shows that it was short 2.22% for Taxes. The Auditor/Treasurer did collect 96.6% of the current year’s taxes. The Auditor/Treasurer Department took in $219,213.24 in alcohol and tobacco licenses, representing a 76.91% favorable variance. The County took in 3.33% over what was budgeted for State Aids revenue and 128.07% over what was budgeted in State Grants. Federal Grants were not budgeted for in the General Fund, however, the Sheriff’s Department took in a Federal Boat and Water Grant of $37,718.26 demonstrating a 100% positive variance. Individual departments assess fees and collectively, a budgeted excess of $463,729.39 was collected. He stated that part of the fee surplus came from the Recorder’s Technology Fund. Norman stated that the Law Library is a stand-alone Department. Hiivala agreed with Norman, and clarified that the Law Library still has a budget. The Law Library will be excluded from the surplus summary. Hiivala informed the Committee that the County was able to achieve $1,080,869.18 in interest income. $850,000 was budgeted in 2007. However, sources indicate that the County will not be able to continue to achieve 5% interest on its investments. Norman asked if Hiivala budgeted $850,000.00 for the 2008 budget year. Hiivala stated yes. He stated that he tried to lock up as much of the County’s investments as possible at 5% yet keeping cash flow readily available. Norman noted that the surplus does not include any of the interest earned on the jail bonds. Hiivala stated that he invested the jail bond proceeds and those earnings are recorded in the capital projects fund (not disclosed in this report). Hiivala explained that Miscellaneous Revenue represents operating transfers. In this report, the Miscellaneous Revenue had a budget of $4,492,607.00 and only $4,200,552.81 was collected. He attributed the shortfall to the Surveyor’s Department where $315,000 was budgeted for the LiDAR project. It was a Compliance Fund project and monies were not expended for the project. A negative variance in the General Fund is attributed to the Surveyor’s Department not needing the operating transfer in. It was budgeted; however, it was not recorded in the expenses or in the revenues. Hiivala then referred to the “Wright County, Budget Summary, General Fund, Analysis Of Expenses By Category/By Department”. The seven categories are: Personnel Services, Services, Rent/Repairs & Maintenance, Travel/Meals/Conferences, Supplies, Capital Outlay, and Miscellaneous. Overall, Personnel Services, which includes wages, insurance, part-time, overtime, etc., came in under budget. Services, Rent/Repairs & Maintenance, Travel/Meals/Conferences, and Capital Outlay, all came in under budget. Supplies had a budget of $1,709,836, and had an unfavorable variance of $271,406.08, or 15.87%. The Miscellaneous category had a budget of $2,134,278.00, and $2,144,055.78 was spent.
ROAD & BRIDGE. Hiivala referred to the Road & Bridge “Budget Summary, Department Net Summary” report. He stated that overall, Road & Bridge had an overall positive variance of $1,668,360.24. Revenues only appear under Unallocated (380) Department. A positive variance of $482,798.87 in Engineering poses a question concerning the projects that were budgeted for that did not occur. He stated that there appears to be an indirect correlation between coming in under expenses in Engineering to what was gained in revenue. Hiivala then referred to the “Budget Summary, Analysis of Revenue by Category/By Department” and the “Analysis of Expenses by Category/By Department” reports. Going forward in the 2009 budget, Hiivala stated that he might recommend creating a new fund (325) to allocate highway costs and the income from State Aid allotments and Grants. He felt that these items skew the Road & Bridge budget. Currently, all the revenue is shown under Department 380. Taxes of $6,703,355.65 was collected; $6,943,090.00 was budgeted. The budget was shorted by 3.45%. Hiivala stated that they do collect delinquent taxes so the shortfall is not a fair number. He stated that he had to correct the 2006 allocation market value credits. Part of the levy is given back from the State and he did not allocate it to the debt service funds in 2006. This was corrected in 2007. 2007 represented an artificial inflation of the property tax revenue of Road & Bridge. He noted that they were eighteen cents within budget of State Aids. State Grants shows a 14.24% positive variance of the budgeted amount. He stated that this is due in part to a draw down for easements. The Federal Government granted the County a million dollar grant, however only $332,547.15 was accessed. It is a “spend it to get it” grant. Fingalson asked Hiivala to explain the difference between State Aids and State Grants. Hiivala noted that the distinction is determined by COFARS. State Aids are allotments such as County Program Aids, and Disparity Reduction Aids, and are coded under Fund 5200. State Grants are Municipal Construction, Municipal Maintenance, Maintenance, and Construction and are coded under Fund 5300. Hiivala noted that Road & Bridge had an unfavorable variance of $45,058.51 in Personnel Services. $2,938,594.00 was budgeted and $2,983,652.51 was the actual expensed amount. Norman noted that the cause appears to be in Engineering. Ellis noted that the variance is attributed to a severance payout. Fingalson noted that it was also due to overtime to fill in for a retired employee. Sawatzke noted that Engineering and Unallocated both show negative variances. Ellis stated that the unfavorable variance in Personnel Services under the “Unallocated” Department is due to under budgeting insurance. She stated that she did not have current health insurance numbers. She used the prior year’s information. Norman asked what expenses are included under the “Highway” category. Hiivala stated that “Highway” expenses are coded to Fund 6500: shop maintenance, highway maintenance projects, seal coat contract, pavement marking, and bituminous mix. Norman asked Hiivala for the amount of the cash balance for Road & Bridge. Hiivala stated that he did not calculate the cash balance for the end of 2007 as he normally does. Norman stated that the County uses the projected end-of-year cash balance in setting the following year’s budget. Hiivala stated that the projected cash balance is used in preparation of requesting the following year’s levy. He stated that there was a cash balance of $265,000 going into the 2007 budget to offset the levy. Expenses were then budgeted lower because there was an existing cash reserve.
HUMAN SERVICES. Hiivala referred to the Human Services “Budget Summary, Department Net Summary” report. He stated that Human Services had a positive revenue variance of $467,981.89, and an unfavorable variance of $763,968.50 to their expenses. Sawatzke noted that an error appears in the report and the overall net unfavorable variance should read approximately $600,000.00, not $295,986.61. Hiivala stated that he would investigate the error, believing it is a formula error. Hiivala then referred to the “Budget Summary, Analysis of Revenue by Category/By Department” and the “Analysis of Expenses by Category/By Department” reports. He stated that fund wise, the Department was short 3.99% in tax revenue (Budget: $7,140,500.00, Actual: $6,855,709.76). He stated that this was due to correcting the market value credits from 2006. He made the correction in 2007. DeMars asked if a similar adjustment would occur in 2008. Hiivala stated that he did not think it would occur again. Mattson asked where the “pass-through” funds appear in the reports. Hiivala stated that it is dispersed throughout the report in the revenues and expenses. It does not appear separately. Hiivala noted that there were positive variances in the following revenues: State Aids, Federal Grants, Fees, Interest/Contributions, and Miscellaneous. A 1.70% unfavorable variance occurred in State Grants revenue. He noted that this is relatively small considering that the budget is planned in August. Hiivala stated that overall, Human Services came in $763,968.50 over budget in their expenses primarily driven by the unexpected expenses in Programs (aids and services). Hiivala noted that Income Maintenance, Social Services, and Public Health spent an additional $911,407.85 (over budget) on Program related expenses. Mattson stated that his overall concern is that the budget will keep getting bumped up 3-4% each year in order to make the County feel better about its spending habits. He stated that he has heard comments from his conservative constituents that they are working hard and yet do not have anything left at year end. He stated that the citizens are concerned. He stated that the County needs to be tighter in the belt. It’s not a rosy picture. Norman stated that one thing the County has to remember is that due to the growth factor, the tax rate over at least the last 6-7 years has decreased each year. With the current housing situation, the growth factor will impact the tax rate going into 2009 and beyond. Kramber stated that the value of land in the eastern parts of the County has decreased up to $10,000/acre. In regards to tax capacity, with the recent changes in the Department of Revenue’s view on green acre evaluations, the County will see 20-30% increase in green acre valuations. He stated that although the market valuations have decreased, the green acre valuations will rise. County-wide we’ll be seeing a reduction in residential homes for the first time this year. Assessments haven’t been completed yet, however they are estimating approximately $250,000,000 in new construction, which is approximately half of prior years. He stated that a lot of the growth is in commercial. He stated that as far as real estate values, this is the toughest year to determine what is happening in this market and to value the properties. He stated that time is the Assessor Department’s biggest conflict. The Assessor’s Department assesses property values as of January 2nd. Valuation notices are sent out in March and April. Although the County attempts to be as conservative as possible, market values may have decreased since the January 2 assessment date. He stated that overall, the tax capacity will be somewhat stable to what was seen in past years, unless major changes occur during the Legislative session. Evaluations are going down, but taxable market values are going up. Hiivala stated that following today’s presentation, he’d like to sit down with Norman and take out the items that don’t belong in the surplus. He would then make a recommendation to the Board regarding the surplus dollars. Today’s presentation, at face value, indicated that there was a surplus of approximately $3 million in the General Fund. There was a surplus of $1.668 million in Road & Bridge. The question would be to determine whether the surplus (all or part) should be transferred to the capital projects fund. Sawatzke stated that the portion that relates to Road & Bridge could already be spoken for on a project that has not been completed or scheduled. Sawatzke stated that the County already has a list of items that are already spoken for in the capital improvements fund. He’d like to see the list so that the County is aware of its needs. He stated that he’d like to see a year-end cash balance as it relates to the budget for the last 5 years to determine the direction the County is heading. Hiivala stated that he would add the analysis of the fund balances. The State Auditor has a recommendation that the County maintain a certain fund balance. Sawatzke stated that it has been the goal of the County to maintain a fund balance at the bottom edge of the State’s recommendation. RECOMMENDATION: Hiivala to return to the Board with a formal recommendation. II. PRELIMINARY DISCUSSIONS RE: 2009 BUDGET PROCESS. Norman stated that it was a month ago when the County Board had a discussion regarding the 2009 budget process. The Governor’s proposal does not diminish aid to local government, although he is unsure how Human Services programs will be affected. He stated that the County might have to wait until the Legislature adjourns, allowing AMC to do their analysis of how county governments and their programs will be impacted. Norman stated that he recommends that the Board begin the budget process earlier, given the recent discussions and economic concerns. The Capital Improvement Committee will be meeting this Wednesday to start the planning process for capital improvement projects. Any recommendations from that this Committee should be forwarded to the Budget Committee of the Whole for consideration in the 2009 budget and beyond. Norman stated that Department Heads will be called upon to assist in projecting accurate revenues in all categories. Norman also stated he will be requesting that Department Heads present their needs in priority order when presenting their budget for the upcoming year. Norman stated that the County has additional commitments for the 2009 budget as a result of occupying the new Jail/LEC. There are positions in the 2008 budget that will become full equivalencies in 2009, the Jail/LEC will have to hire a complete maintenance staff, operating costs for the new facility, and adding the facility to the County’s insurance. Mattson asked Gary Miller if he is intending to staff the Jail/LEC at maximum capacity. Miller stated that a staffing plan has been laid out. It will not be staffed for capacity; it will be staffed for need. The process is to utilize the space and staff to capacity when possible. He stated that consistently the Sheriff’s Department has been conservative in its staffing requests. The Department will prepare a priority list in preparation of the 2009 budget, as Norman requested. Sawatzke stated that the County will not have the luxury to raise the levy 11-12% with the market values and growth rate diminishing. This level of tax increase will not be viewed favorably. Eichelberg thanked all who attended today’s meeting and stated that this meeting is just a reminder of the situation the State and Federal Government are in. Mattson asked if the County is in line to receive additional judges. Norman stated that he has not heard anything about judicial positions during the legislative session. Currently, they are in the bonding session. Judicial positions may be a part of the session next year for the next biennium. Kelly stated that he too has not heard rumors of additional judges being granted to the 10th District. (End of Budget Committee of the Whole Minutes and discussion.)
An Owner’s Committee Meeting was held on 3-18-08. Heeter commented that the next Owner’s Committee Meeting would meet on 4-01-08 to discuss FF&E items. Heeter moved, and Sawatzke seconded, to approve the minutes and recommendations made by the Owner’s Committee. Heeter stated that the Committee is keeping a close watch on the quantity and dollar value of the change orders. Sawatzke stated that there is some frustration from the Committee Members relating to the change order items that were completed prior to Committee approval. He stated that it gives the illusion that the Committee does not have the power to approve or reject a proposed change order. He stated that he hopes this message was heard by A&P and KKE. Heeter stated that Richard Norman, County Coordinator, does have the authority to call an emergency Owner’s Committee Meeting to review proposed change orders which may slow or stop construction until approved. Mattson stated that he was concerned that Torfin’s authority to approve change orders with a value of less than $5,000 could lead to an expensive project. Theoretically, in one day, Torfin could be presented with multiple change orders, each valued at less than $5,000, for approval. Mattson stated that this situation should also call for an Emergency Meeting. Heeter and Sawatzke agreed. Sawatzke stated that considering the scope of the project, the construction of the Jail/LEC has seen relatively few change orders. The motion carried 5-0.
IA. A&P PROJECT UPDATE. Streich stated that in Area A, framing and rocking of the second level will be completed so that taping can begin on 3-24-08. Ductwork is also being installed, door frames are being set, and the interior masonry walls are being laid in the lower level. The electrical and mechanical rough-in continues, as well as the framing and rocking of the upper light monitors. Interior wood blocking is being installed. In Area B, fireproofing will be completed by Thursday. Framing will continue for the next two weeks as the ductwork is installed in the upper level. The underground mechanical and electrical is being installed for the radiant heat installation. Roofing was completed in Area C. The contractor is forming the slab on grade for the pour on Thursday. The underground mechanicals and electrical is being placed in the kitchen. The bar joists and decking for the gymnasium will be set in Area F. The precast panels and plank will be completed tomorrow. Roof blocking begins Thursday so that roofing can begin on the gym area on Monday. Currently, the underground plumbing is being installed in Area E. The above grade block is laid so that the precast panels, columns, and planks, can be set next week. Eighteen precast cells arrived last week and will be set on Thursday. Streich stated that with the nice weather, the job site would become a muddy mess. He commented that the County has been helpful with their pay loader equipment and may have to be used throughout the spring thaw.
1. PCO #28-BP#3 PR #10 Change Vent Size For Commercial Dryer From 6” To 8”- $1,610.00.
2. PCO #33-BP#3 ASI #9 Curtainwall Elevation Changes-$738.00. The Committee was provided an update on the recent PCOs that were approved by Torfin. Sawatzke requested that Blotske present a list at the next Owner’s Committee Meeting of the past change orders that were approved by Torfin. The list is to include all change orders approved and valued under $5,000 prior to March 1, 2008. He stated that from this date forward, he wants to see all PCO’s listed as part of the Agenda for the official record.
1. PCO #010-BP#3 PR #04 Public Address System-$37,854.15. Blotske stated that two bids were received to furnish and install a Public Address System which was not included in the bid documents.
Two contractors bid on two options, and KKE recommended proceeding with Phasor Electric’s bid and proposed work for Option #1: Furnish and Install Public Address System with the Required Conduit for $37,854.15. The proposal is to furnish and install 94 ceiling speakers, 11 wall speakers, all necessary wiring, and conduit from the speaker boxes to the nearest cable tray in the detention areas. Buikema explained that KKE feels they received good pricing information by placing the work out for bid. RECOMMENDATION: Approve and proceed with PCO #010-BP#3 PR #04 Public Address System for $37,854.15.
2. PCO #036-RFI #102 Additional Backing Required At Light Monitors-$5,767.00. Blotske stated that additional backing to the sloped roof edges is required at the light monitors. Buikema explained that KKE received an RFI on the detail to fasten the metal roofing. The detail was an oversight in the drawings and the contractor did not figure this work into their original bid. Blotske stated that the pricing includes 2,016 linear feet of treated 2” x 4” lumber and 56 man hours ($72/hr.) to install the blocking. Sawatzke asked if the work has already been completed. Streich stated yes. Sawatzke asked Streich what would happen if the Committee did not approve the work. Streich stated that the blocking could be removed. However, the blocking is required in order to make the roof watertight. The blocking was installed around the entire perimeter of the roof. Sawatzke noted that the Committee was not given the opportunity to approve or reject the PCO prior to installation. The Committee approved PCO #036.
3. PCO #024-Insulation At Infloor Radiant Heat-$11,032.00. Blotske stated that PCO #24 was discussed at a previous Owner’s Committee. Buikema explained that the insulation detail was in the drawings and specifications, but not in the bid package. Neither the concrete or mechanical contactor included insulation in their bids and scope of work. Blotske informed the Committee that the insulation is to be placed beneath the flooring throughout the entire Jail facility where the infloor radiant heat is required, with the exception of the car sally port. Buikema and Blotske both explained that the insulation is needed to direct the infloor heat up into the building, rather than down into the ground. Heeter asked if the work had already been completed. Blotske stated yes. Heeter asked if the floor has been poured over the infloor radiant heat. Streich stated that the flooring was poured in Area A. Buikema forewarned the Committee that they would be seeing another PCO for similar work in the LEC portion of the building. The underside of the metal decking will be sprayed to prevent the heat from going down. Heeter noted that the Committee was not given the opportunity to approve or reject the PCO prior to installation. The Committee approved PCO #024.
4. PCO #040-Evidence Storage Lockers-$5,118.91. Blotske explained that the layout and configuration of the Evidence Storage Lockers was revised. A dedicated 20 amp receptacle circuit will also be relocated to feed the refrigeration unit. Hoffman explained that the refrigeration unit is for storage of DNA evidence. Hoffman explained the reasoning for the reconfiguration. The layout for the bid package called for only 5 units of 26 lockers. Currently, the Department has 41 converted high-school lockers. With the reconfiguration, there will be five units with approximately 45 lockers, including a refrigeration unit. Tekton Construction Co. and Phasor Electric quoted an additional cost of $5,118.91 for the locker revisions and electrical outlet. Hoffman stated that FastCo, a Minnesota Company, also carry locker products, however, he felt the quality is not satisfactory. The Committee approved proceeding with PCO #040.
D. CURRENT CONTINGENCY $1,032,505.90. Blotske updated the Committee on the current contingency amount, which includes Torfin’s approved PCOs, to be $1,032,505.90. The revised amount of $972,733.84 includes the Committee’s approved PCOs.
IIA. KKE ARCHITECTS PROJECT UPDATE. Buikema stated that KKE is simply reviewing PCOs. In reviewing PCOs, questions are answered, RFIs are responded to, and information is forwarded to A&P. He stated that KKE is trying to do their due diligence on the PCOs. Norman asked if KKE has completed all of its shop drawings. Buikema stated that there are a few more shop drawings; however, they are not a high priority. Blotske stated that A&P is finished with the shop drawings for precast, structural, large equipment components, and miscellaneous metals. She stated that A&P will soon request the interior finishes, and landscaping shop drawings. Hayes asked when the mechanical components are scheduled for installation. Streich stated that delivery is 4-11-08. Hayes stated that the Facilities Manager position is not budgeted until mid-year. He asked if the Commissioning Agent has been on site. Blotske stated that the Agent is great about attending the Monday progress meetings. He performs site walk-throughs, works with the contractors, and is very active in making suggestions. Norman stated that the Agent informed him that it is critical to get the Facilities Manager on board as soon as possible so that they are familiar with the equipment. Norman added that according to budget, the Facilities Manager is not slated until 7-01-08. He stated that he anticipates advertising the position in April. Blotske stated that the equipment will be installed, however, will not be ready for start up until a later date.
IIIA. BILL SWING, IT DIRECTOR. FINAL CONTRACT WITH SPECTRUM SOLUTIONS. Swing stated that the meeting with Spectrum was pushed out until tomorrow afternoon to discuss the final components. The final contract will be presented at the next Owner’s Committee Meeting. Swing stated that they realized the design and scheduling of installation of the Dispatch console would have to be coordinated between Motorola and the furniture vendor. He described the process as follows: The RFP for the Dispatch furniture would be released in June, a site visit from vendors would occur in July, and the RFP responses would be due by August. The furniture vendor requires a two month leadtime. Hayes stated that Hennepin County has a contract on their Dispatch furniture. Swing proposed meeting with Positron and scheduling a site visit at Scott County to clearly understand how the Dispatch area will be designed. He stated that the furniture is much more technically detailed than typical modular office furniture. Swing stated that according to the discussion at the 3-18-08 Board Meeting, the room may be laid out to include seven console stations. Each console has five or six monitors. Hayes stated that the consultant estimated that each console station would cost $17,000 in furniture costs. This does not include the monitors, displays, processors, or technology. Hayes stated that the initial furniture proposal would come with a wide spectrum of options. It will then be up to the users to evaluate the accessibility and select the appropriate options. Buikema asked if the furniture vendor would be changing the layout for furniture. He stated that the lighting and electrical was based on the layout KKE designed. Hayes stated that KKE’s layout is the base for the design. The consultant stated that the wiring and placement of the cabling trough is good. Howell added that he thought lighting was part of the furniture. He stated that he would verify this. He stated that each Dispatcher likes overhead lighting that they adjust to their needs. RECOMMENDATION: Approve proceeding with drafting the RFP for furniture for seven Dispatch console stations.
Hayes provided an update on FF&E. 1. Locks and cylinders. Buikema confirmed that the locks, cylinders, and cores were included in the bid package. The keying is not. A blank insert would be provided. The County will hire a locksmith to key the doors. Buikema stated that it was agreed that KKE was to design the doors and locks so that they are similar to the other County buildings, using the Medico system. Buikema stated that he could assist in creating a key schedule. 2. Key Card Entries. Hoffman confirmed that only the higher traffic areas have key card access entries. Keyed doors are less expensive than key card accesses. None of the offices are designed to have key card access. The more restricted areas such as the Dispatch area, Evidence Unit, and Major Crimes Processing area will have key card access. There are 32 key card doors. The key card accesses will also have manual locks. 3. Modular Furniture. Hayes stated that they received an estimate from Intereum of $261,050 for materials, labor, and moving costs. The County will be moving over approximately $113,000 of used furniture in addition to the $261,050 of new furniture. The furniture is State contract priced. Sawatzke inquired on bidding out the labor portion separately. Hayes stated that it would be difficult to bring in another contractor to perform the labor. The plan is to move in four phases. Coordinating two different furniture contractors could result in finger pointing. Hoffman stated that the quote from Intereum was not a firm number. They were going make a few modifications and present another estimate in approximately a week. Hayes proposed bringing a detailed furniture plan to the next Owner’s Committee Meeting for review. 4. Ancillar Furniture. Hayes stated that Marco went through the plans room-by-room to determine what would be needed for the Conference Room, Training Rooms, and Lobby furniture. The original estimate came in at $76,000. He will present their plan at the next Owner’s Committee Meeting. 4. Jail Furniture. Torfin expressed interest in high density plastic furniture. There are two manufacturers for this product. Hayes stated that he expects the furniture will cost over $50,000, requiring a bidding process. Additional FF&E Considerations. Hayes stated that Roxanne DeCoster, KKE Senior Interior Designer, informed him that the County is responsible for interior and exterior signage, window treatments, kitchen trays and carts, AV equipment in the conference rooms, Dispatch work stations, additional mattresses and pillows, and Conference Room furniture. Hayes stated that the County’s current interior signage vendor would do the interior signage for the new facility. Sawatzke stated that he would be in favor of hiring a sign contractor to design and install the exterior signage. Buikema reminded the Committee that the exterior sign location has been prepped for electricity. Heeter and Hayes indicated that they did not foresee a need for window treatments. Norman asked what the County had planned in its furniture and equipment line item. Blotske stated that $1,384,000 was the amount. Hayes reminded the Committee that the high density storage units were purchased under that line item at approximately $140,000. Norman stated that FF&E would be added to the Owner’s Committee Agenda for 4-01-08. Norman announced that the 4-08-08 County Board Meeting has been cancelled. The 4-08-08 Owner’s Committee Meeting will also be cancelled. (End of 3-18-08 Owner’s Committee Minutes and discussion.)
Norman announced that the Owner’s Committee Meeting is cancelled for today. It will meet on its regularly scheduled date of 4-01-08.
Russek stated that he received an email from Bill Stephens, Environmental Health Supervisor, requesting the Board’s approval to sponsor an Earth Day event. Stephens has been alerted of an opportunity to provide a free dump site for old televisions. A contractor has offered to take the televisions free who will dismantle the televisions and dispose of them safely. Russek asked Norman if this item could be placed as an agenda item on the 4-01-08 County Board Agenda. Stephens could provide additional information for the meeting. Heeter stated that she would support this event. She commended Bill Stephens for his forward thinking and stated that this would be a great service to Wright County citizens. Mattson proposed making this event applicable only to Wright County residents. Russek stated that this service would be provided free of charge and would be held at the Compost Site. No computer monitors will be taken.
Heeter announced that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann would be touring Wright County on 3-27-08. Her assistant has asked if the County Commissioners have any specific issues they would like to discuss. Deb Steiskal, Outreach Coordinator for Bachmann, introduced herself and stated that Bachman is looking forward to meeting with the Commissioners. She welcomes their issues or topics for discussion. Sawatzke stated that he would be interested in discussing the Technical Corrections Bill as he feels this is a timely topic.
Bills Approved
Albertville Body Shop Inc. $1,537.64
Allina Hospitals & Clinic 172.00
American Institutional Supply 677.21
American Planning Association 445.00
American Probation & Parole 135.00
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 329.73
APEC Industrial Sales & Service 512.75
Aramark Correctional Services 148.30
Barnes Distribution 484.53
Beaudry Propane Inc. 5,297.82
Black Box Resale Services 1,587.00
Brooklyn Park Police Dept. 395.00
Business Ware Solutions 1,045.25
Cargill Inc.- Salt Division 28,309.45
Center Point Energy 9,720.26
Centra Sota Lake Region LLC 10,737.98
City Clearwater 1,499.75
Climate Air 656.00
City Cokato 400.00
CPS Technology Solutions 262.00
Tom Decker 125.00
Embarq 191.16
Dale Engel 600.00
Engineering Design Initiative 281.60
Envirotech Services Inc. 2,819.88
Ernst General Construction Inc. 2,209.00
Michael Even 169.99
Federal Signal Corporation 1,916.15
Firehouse Auto Repair & Towing 202.35
Gateway Companies Inc., an MPC 282.12
General Pallet Inc. 217.00
Government Training Services 225.00
Tom Hannon 1,050.64
Highway Technologies Inc. 908.70
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 1,578.52
Richard Hodson 1,341.40
Hometown Plumbing & Heating 998.00
HSBC Business Solutions 113.39
Intereum Inc. 4,021.12
Steve Jobe 117.80
Kandiyohi Cty. Sheriff’s Dept. 258.00
Kaplan Professional Schools 1,590.00
Cheryl Klingler 200.00
Kraemer Mining & Materials Inc. 1,031.52
LaPlant Demo Inc. 464.83
Michael Laurent 206.34
Lawson Products Inc. 161.77
Lavonne Lehmberg 105.04
LexisNexis 110.00
Loffler Companies Inc. 324.83
M & M Express 524.17
Marco 353.39
Marco Inc. 1,762.60
Menards – Buffalo 402.68
Midland Corporate Benefits SVC 997.75
MN Highway Safety and Research 688.00
Monticello Ford Mercury Inc. 380,466.00
Morrell Towing Inc. 138.45
Office Depot 2,862.29
Performance Office Papers 424.98
Pts of America LLC 548.90
Frank Ramacciotti 500.00
Retrofit Companies Inc. 707.00
Royal Tire Inc. 5,395.71
John Russek 158.57
Russells Security Resource 237.09
Claire Solien 1,008.00
Sprint 166.80
State of MN-Office Enterprise 1,335.00
Chad Strand 450.00
T & M Towing and Snow Plowing 240.53
Tilsner Carton Co. 927.46
Total Printing 284.09
Travelodge 610.46
Verizon Wireless 1,014.58
West Payment Center 1,103.76
Westside Equipment 1,360.00
Wright Co. Highway Dept. 334.34
Wright Hennepin Coop Elec 563.40
Wright Hennepin Electric 334.94
Xcel Energy 1,964.94
30 Payments less than $100 1,406.83
Final total $497,446.53
The meeting adjourned at 9:40 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal April 28, 2007.