Wright County Board Minutes

APRIL 29, 2008
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present.
Russek moved to approve the 4-22-08 County Board Minutes, seconded by Heeter, carried unanimously.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Item For Consid. #5, “Cohort Meeting” (Eichelberg); move Consent Agenda Item C1, “Award Contracts For Seasonal Requirement Items” to Highway Item #3 (Eichelberg). Heeter moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.
On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda with removal of C1:
1. Performance Appraisals: D. Snyder, Atty.; S. Riley, M. Woodford, P&Z; R. DeBlois, D. Flom, T. Strege, Sher/Corr.
2. O/T Report, Period Ending 4-18-08.
3. Claim, Willen, Inc., $4,930.00 (Jail/LEC Project).
4. Claim, KKE Architects, $21,677.29 (Jail/LEC Project).
1. Approve Abatement, PID# 114 600 000004, Velocita Wireless LP. (City Of St. Michael).
2. Approve Abatement, PID# 209-000-102401, Old Paths Church Ministries. (French Lake Twp.).
3. Approve Abatement, PID# 213-100-163200, Clifford And Bernice Knutson. (Monticello Twp.).
4. Approve Abatement, PID# 118-500-274102, Dan And Elizabeth Hennum. (City of Otsego).
2. Set Letting Date of 6-03-08 @ 9:30 A.M. For CSAH 17 Project SP 86-617-08 (0801).
1. Refer Discussion To Building Committee RE: Space Needs For Courthouse Security/Bailiff Division for 2009.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the claims listing for approval. Mattson referenced Page 14, Canadian Pacific Railway, $69,993.98, and questioned if this was the correct amount. Virgil Hawkins, Assistant Highway Engineer, said this claim pertains to the crossing at TH 55 and CSAH 12. The agreement is for $220,000 and the claim being presented is for a progress payment. On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.
A Building Committee Meeting was held on 4-23-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke requested that the Committee minutes be changed to reflect that Eichelberg was present for the first Agenda item and that Sawatzke was present for the second and third Agenda items. He pointed this out so there was no misunderstanding; there was not a quorum of the Board at the Committee meeting. Mattson moved to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0:
Nolan distributed a handout entitled, “Human Services Center Security System” (see attached) describing the current security system at the HSC. Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association installed the system in 1999. The County is charged a quarterly fee of $89.33 for fire and $73.33 for security monitoring. The system has a history of false alarms with both the motion and door detectors, as well as its panic buttons. The City adopted Ordinance 10.10 in April, 2004, which permits charging after three false alarms. The County paid $325.00 in 2007 for false alarms. Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric has proposed to completely update the system for $3,287.00. Nolan stated that he recommends the update as the new equipment would be easier to service and would prove to be more reliable. Nolan stated that the current model does not self test. The new system could be monitored and scheduled to self-test. Parts for the existing system are near obsolete. Another benefit to installing a new system would be to obtain a long-term maintenance and service agreement on the entire panic/alarm system. A monthly maintenance contract of $25-35 would apply. When an alarm sounds, the City of Buffalo calls the facility to verify the validity of the alarm. If Human Services is closed, the police respond to the alarm. Nolan stated that he spoke with the Police Chief, who indicated that if the building is locked, and the windows and doors do not appear to be violated, they do not access the facility and label it as a “false alarm”. Nolan stated that a lock box was proposed for the facility for use by the Buffalo Police. They indicated that they would prefer to have a County employee enter the building. Nolan stated that he and Schillewaert have discussed programming the system so that the panic buttons would be disarmed during non-business hours. He stated that a concern arises when employees are in the building after 4:30 p.m. and there is a need to dispatch due to the panic buttons. If the building is locked, and a panic button is transmitted, the Buffalo Police will not have access in to the building. He proposed that staff create a policy or procedure for employees that are in the building after business hours. Schillewaert stated that most business conducted after business hours is to facilitate court ordered visitation. Human Services is required to provide an opportunity for citizens to visit with their children. The situations could prove to be emotional or stressed. Norman asked if the new system would come with a warranty period. Nolan stated that he would make the inquiry with Wright-Hennepin. RECOMMENDATION: Update the HSC Security System for $3,287 and fund from the Budget 100 – Site Improvement line item.
Hayes stated that the Board had requested a breakdown of the estimates for Courtroom revisions. Hayes stated that he has received estimates on the carpentry, chair replacement, carpet replacement, and to reupholster the gallery seating. See the attached estimate for Courtroom #1 (Option A and B) and Courtroom #5. Mattson asked who was requesting the remodel. Nordeen stated that the remodel is driven by the need to reconfigure the clerk stations. The workstations are not functional, ergonomic, and are not sufficient in space to fit computers, printers, volumes of files, and two clerks. Recognizing that the County would have to spend money to accommodate the revisions, Nordeen explained that it seemed prudent to speak with the judges on their needs. There is a need for an additional felony level courtroom. Courtrooms 5 and 2 are equipped for felony level cases, however Courtroom 5 is often scheduled for arraignment hearings due to its proximity to the Jail. Courtroom 1 could be expanded to meet the need of felony level cases, however it will come at a price (see attached). She stated that this discussion was brought to the Board in January, 2007. She was instructed to get an agreement from all of the Judges prior to bringing specific plans to the Building Committee. She stated that she has done this. Mattson asked if the estimate includes architect fees. Hayes stated that Option A for the remodel of Courtroom #1 would require a bidding process. He recommended acquiring an architect’s service to create a drawing that all contractors could bid on. Option B, a less expensive option, may not require a bid process. Sawatzke asked if the Courtrooms are available for viewing. He requested a tour of the Courtrooms proposed for remodeling. Mattson stated that he would support a tour in order to envision the requested changes. RECOMMENDATION: Schedule a Building Committee of the Whole Meeting for 8:00 a.m. on 5-06-08 to tour the Courts area.
MAIN SWITCHBOARD CONCERNS. Bob Hiivala was unavailable for discussion of this item. It will be placed on the Agenda of 5-14-08. (End of Building Committee Minutes)
A Personnel Committee Meeting was held on 4-23-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0:
STARS Program Funding Position For Three Years (H.S. Board Item)
Performance Appraisal – Don Mleziva, Human Services Director (H.S. Board Item).
Reorganization Plan, License Bureau. Rief distributed a current and proposed organizational chart for the License Bureau (see attached). Rief explained that she has re-written a job description for one of the Senior Clerk positions in the License Bureau. The job description has been forwarded to the Administration Office for review. Norman originally understood that the request was to add another layer of supervision between Rief and her support staff. He now understands that the request is to rewrite the job description to reflect the current job duties and responsibilities. That would be a reclassification request versus a reorganization request. The proposed job title is “License Bureau Specialist.” However, this position is not included in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and would need to be negotiated with the Union. Norman indicated that it should not be assumed that forwarding the job description to HAY Group guarantees an upward reclassification. Recommendation: Reclassification procedures should be followed. The position description will be reviewed by the Administration Department and forwarded to HAY Group for evaluation.
Credit Card Policy. As Hiivala was unable to attend the meeting, the Credit Card Policy will be laid over to the next meeting. (End of Personnel Committee Minutes)
A Ways & Means Committee Meeting was held on 4-23-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0:
Bid Opening-Seasonal Requirements. Bids were closed at 9:00 A.M. Bids for the various seasonal categories were opened. Highway staff will tally the bids and present a summary and recommendation to the County Board at their 4-29-08 County Board Meeting. (End of Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, presented a retirement plaque to Bill Augustin, Senior Survey Technician, in appreciation of his dedicated service to the Highway Department and Wright County Citizens for the period of 1975-2008. Augustin has been in charge of surveying for many improvement projects over the years. He also was chief bridge inspector. Fingalson estimated Augustin performed over 3000 bridge inspections. Inspections include not only those bridges on the County system but also those on the City and Township systems. He also served as a mentor to youth involved in the summer intern programs. Augustin will be missed as the Department historian and photographer. Augustin extended thanks to his co-workers and relatives, and he said it has been a rewarding career. The Board extended thanks to Augustin and referenced his positive attitude.
Fingalson requested the Board schedule a Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting (TCOTW) to discuss the following Agenda items: 1) Request From Franklin Township; 2) Discuss Options For CR 147; 3) Status Report On Technical Corrections Bill. Fingalson said the Bill has passed the Senate but has been held up in the House. On a motion by Heeter, second by Mattson, all voted to schedule a TCOTW Meeting for 5-07-08 at 8:00 A.M., Public Works Building.
Removed from the Consent Agenda, the Board discussed the award of contracts for seasonal requirements. Fingalson supported all seasonal requirement contracts as presented with the exception of the sealcoating bids. Two bids were received from each vendor. Bid A is to use granite for all roads, and Bid B is to use granite for CR 138 and pea rock for three other roads. Fingalson’s original recommendation was to award the contract to Caldwell Asphalt for Bid A. However today Fingalson explained that his recommendation is to award the contract to Caldwell Asphalt for Bid B resulting in an approximate $20,000 savings. Mattson referenced past work on CR 6 and voiced concern with use of pea rock due to chipped windshields. Fingalson explained that granite chips were used on CR 6 which should pose less of a problem. The plan is to use a fog seal on all four roads (bituminous material is sprayed over the rock). This aids in retention and is more esthetically pleasing. Russek felt the traveling public needs to slow down to avoid rocks chipping windshields. This usually occurs when a vehicle is traveling too fast. The result is that rock hits vehicles traveling from the opposite direction or those that are being passed. Russek moved to award the seasonal contracts as presented, including the recommendation to award the sealcoating bid to Caldwell Asphalt for Bid B, $242,302.67. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 5-0.
Tom Kelly, County Attorney and Law Library Board President, introduced John McCooley, Law Librarian, and gave a brief history of McCooley’s efforts. McCooley provided an overview of the Wright County Legal Advice Clinic which has served over 140 un-represented individuals in the past five months. The Law Library has partnered with Central Minnesota Legal Services to provide this service. The mission of the Central Minnesota Legal Service is “to provide in a highly professional manner for the basic legal needs of families and children vulnerable to abuse, violence, neglect, homelessness or major economic disruptions in their lives.” The Clinic has drawn a diverse group of public participants presenting a wide array of legal issues and have been assisted by sixteen volunteer attorneys. Central Minnesota Legal Services covers the malpractice insurance, mileage and copy expenses. Wright County has provided the space, resources (books), promotion, and paralegal assistance. Each attorney works with four people per hour (must be a Wright County resident or have a Wright County case). An attorney/client privilege is not established. McCooley was thanked for the service provided to the citizens of Wright County.
An email was received from Anoka County requesting an appointment to the Regional Crime Laboratory Committee. At today’s meeting, Eichelberg announced a meeting of the Committee has been scheduled for 5-12-08 at 10:00 A.M. Russek moved to authorize Eichelberg or Sawatzke to attend, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 5-0.
Eichelberg attended the recent AMC Cohort Program in St. Cloud. He said employees of Wright County expressed appreciation for the Program. Eichelberg suggested that the employees be recognized at a future Board Meeting. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, felt a graduation ceremony should be held at a Board Meeting once the group has concluded their last session.
Bills Approved
Allina Medical Laboratories. $636.10
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 127.01
Applied Environmental Sciences 2,230.00
Assn. of Metropolitan Cty Offic 205.00
B & B Products - Rigs and Squa 6,519.85
Baers Body Shop Inc. 2,848.45
Big Time Towing 281.17
Breezy Point Resort Inc. 1,125.00
Buffalo Hospital 11,413.19
Canadian Pacific Railway 69,993.98
Central MN Mental Health Center 150.00
Climate Air 332.56
City Cokato 25,675.91
Comdata Corporation 140.33
Consolidated Container Corp. 1,674.19
Cub Pharmacy 2,551.12
Deatons Mailing Systems, Inc. 213.00
E Central Regional Juvenile 13,680.00
Farm Plan 179.85
Forestry Suppliers Inc. 636.88
Grainger 812.17
Grand View Lodge 447.00
Graphic & Printing Services 1,266.08
Denny Hecker’s Monticello Ford 16,203.00
Robert Hiivala 176.75
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 2,330.80
Hometown Plumbing & Heating 1,159.00
ICMA 215.00
Integrated Fire & Security 776.42
JR’s Advanced Recyclers 790.00
Thomas Kelly 155.54
Cheryl Klingler 100.00
Koala Dental Care II LLC 176.00
LaPlant Demo Inc. 546.11
League of MN Cities 765.00
Marco 410.03
Marco Inc. 3,940.71
Maximus 6,500.00
Patrick Melvin 183.58
The Metro Group Inc. 6,624.62
MN Assn. of Co. Probation Off 680.00
MN Viewers Association 125.00
Monticello Auto Body Inc. 149.10
National Business Systems,Inc. 29,175.18
Office Depot 3,177.84
Precision Prints of Wright Co. 198.09
Qwest 454.93
SEH 840.49
Setina Mfg. Co. Inc. 180.00
Shell Fleet Plus 373.94
Sherburne Co. Sheriff 26,045.38
Simplex Grinnell LP 430.26
Software House International 140.58
Springsted Inc. 1,350.00
Sprint 936.91
St. Cloud Stamp & Sign Inc. 116.01
City St. Cloud 2,089.54
Stationers Inc. 1,029.10
Sweeney Brothers 2,490.84
Trail TV 279.96
US Bank 1,618.75
Verizon Wireless 1,195.09
Walmart Store 01-1577 1,746.64
Michael Woodford 221.19
Wright Hennepin Electric 508.45
Wright Soil & Water Cons. Dist. 132,480.00
19 Payments less than $100 778.79
Final total $393,003.46
The meeting adjourned at 9:46 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal May 19, 2008.