Wright County Board Minutes

MAY 20, 2008
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present.
Russek moved to approve the 5-13-08 minutes as presented, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Item For Consid. #5, “RC&D” (Russek); Item For Consid. #6, “Wright County Future’s Meeting, 5-15-08” (Heeter). Russek moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.
On a motion by Mattson, second by Sawatzke, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: S. Backes, B. Petersen, Admin.; A. Buskey, Bldg. Care; J. Baker, Sheriff.
2. O/T Report, Period 5-02-08.
3. Acknowledge Receipt Of The Following From The GRRL: Financial Statement For 12-31-07; Management Letter, 2007; Annual Statistical Report, 2007.
1. Authorize Hire Of Heather Olson As Temporary Intern From The William Mitchell College Of Law Under The Federal Work Study Program, 6-01-08 Through 12-31-08. No Budgetary Impacts On Attorney’s Office.
1. Approve 2008 Tobacco Licenses For Little Dukes (Albertville City) & Little Dukes (Clearwater City).
2. Approve 2008 Seasonal 3.2 Beer License Renewal For Olson’s Campground (Silver Creek Twp.).
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, requested approval of the April Revenue/Expenditure Guideline Report. The report does not reflect revenues from the May tax collection. It does include appropriations and the purchase of squad cars earlier in the year. The Report may appear to be out of balance but Hiivala felt it was okay overall given these factors. In response to Mattson, he anticipates that Human Services and Highway will provide detail of their reports as well. Russek moved to accept the April Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0.
On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.
A Capital Improvement Finance Committee Meeting was held on 5-12-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek noted that although the minutes reflect that the Committee will meet on 5-28-08 at 1:30 P.M., the County Board took action subsequently to change the meeting to 5-28-08 at 2:30 P.M. Russek moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Heeter. Mattson said the Parks Department needs to establish one priority for projects. The upcoming Budget sessions will be a struggle due to the costs associated with the Jail/LEC project and other projects. Russek responded that is why the Committee recommended sending the items to the Budget Committee Of The Whole for discussion. The motion carried 5-0 to approve the minutes:
At the last meeting, the Committee recommended proceeding with review of individual department requests for 2008 and 2009. The 2009 requests will be prioritized and forwarded to the Budget Committee Of The Whole for review. Melvin provided a brief overview of an updated Capital Improvement Planning Model (attached). Those items listed under the General Fund are included in the respective department’s budget. G.O. Bonds include the LEC Technology project. Several remodeling projects are also included in this category with unknown associated costs. The Compliance Fund includes items approved for funding from the Recorder Compliance Fund. The Grants/Other column primarily relate to grants for the Parks Department. Discussion led to the 2008 Site Improvement Line Item balance. Norman explained that the most of the remaining funds in the Line Item have been earmarked for the remodel of the Administration Department and possibly Courtrooms 1 & 5. The remodel of the Court Services Department was funded in 2008 from Site Improvements. Kelly indicated that the request for remodel of the Attorney’s Department will be deferred to 2010. He felt it would be advantageous to review this once the Sheriff Department relocates to the new site. Jobe said information was requested on space needs 1-2 years ago. At that time, he worked with the Highway Engineer and Parks Administrator on a plan to reconfigure the office area to include two offices for the Survey Department and a different layout for the copy area. He referenced the Highway Engineer’s recent request for remodel and felt he should be included in that discussion. Some of the office space suggested for use houses Survey records as well. Jobe said the request for the Survey Department expansion will go forth. Jobe requested that the first item on the Capital Improvement Planning Model be changed to read, “Total Station and Controller.” Norman said the Parks and Survey Departments currently pay rent to the Highway Department. He suggested that in the future, all three Departments pay rent to the General Fund. If monies are left over in the Road & Bridge Budget, a certain portion could be designated to a Capital Account in the Road & Bridge Budget to fund projects. He felt this was a better solution versus the Highway Engineer requesting project funding from the General Fund. Norman noted that some requests being presented in 2008 are not included in the Capital Improvement Plan. It was the consensus that in the future, departments will need to include projects in the Plan in order for the project to be considered for funding. The Committee will review the requests, prioritize them, and make recommendation to the Budget Committee Of The Whole. If levy limits are imposed, the Budget Committee Of The Whole will have to determine which projects are funded. Projects may be rolled into a future year’s Capital Improvement Plan. The Committee then heard from the following Departments with regard to their Capital Improvement Plan requests. Focus was on the 2008 and 2009 projects. Copies of the projects discussed are attached.
SURVEY DEPARTMENT. Jobe explained that all items in the Plan for the Surveyor Department will be completed in 2008 except for the Trimble GPS RTK and a Controller. The LIDAR and Aerial Photography projects are being funded by the Recorder Compliance Fund in 2008.
A. Trimble GPS Total Station & Controller, Project Year 2008 (page 76)
This project is to replace existing equipment which is thirteen years old. Jobe received a quote reflecting a cost estimate of $45,000 to include re-use of some equipment. Recommendation: Change Funding Source from “G.O. Bonds” to “General Fund”. This project is included in the Surveyor’s Budget for 2008.
B. Trimble GPS RTK & Controller, Project Year 2009 (page 79)
The purchase of the RTK and Controller allow locations to be identified from the GPS coordinates. This allows measurements to be taken in areas where a sight line cannot be maintained. It is more accurate and efficient and eliminates problems associated with the limits of radio communication and limited sight lines. The cost is estimated at $45,000. Recommendation: Change Funding Source from G.O. Bonds to the General Fund. The request should be submitted as part of the Surveyor Department budget requests for 2009. Change Capital Plan to reflect “Trimble Total Station and Controller.”
A. DAMION, Project Year 2009 (Page 18)
The project is to replace the MNCATS software purchased in 1992. Wright County is among only three counties utilizing MNCATS which is obsolete and no longer supported. Hohl explained that the purchase of the DAMION System is estimated at $55,830 (including training and conversion). After the first year, a $15,000 annual maintenance fee will be required. The system will allow future interface with Law Enforcement, Crimnet, and State records. Statute information will automatically be updated. Currently, the MNCATS System may not be up to date on Statute information and complaints forwarded to Court Administration may be rejected. Swing said this is a reputable vendor and the system fits well within the County’s infrastructure. Recommendation: Change Funding Source from G.O. Bonds to the General Fund. The request should be submitted as part of the Attorney Department budget requests for 2009.
B. Expansion Of Attorney’s Department, Project Year 2008 (Page 19)
Recommendation: Change Project Year from “2008” to “2010.”
A. Bertram Chain of Lakes Land Acquisition & Development (3 Phases)
Project Years 2008 (Acquisition), 2010 (Phase 1), 2011 (Phase 2), 2012 (Phase 3) (Pages 43-44)
The project includes acquiring 1,200 acres of land and water in Monticello Township currently owned by the YMCA of Minneapolis. The plan is to develop a Regional Park through County and City collaboration. Total cost estimate through all Phases is $23,200,000. The Task Force for the project will meet this week to discuss a phase-in acquisition with the YMCA of 15%. It is anticipated that Mattice will submit a State bonding proposal for the remaining funds required less the City of Monticello/Wright County match. They had hoped to receive State funding this year but did not. The Senate recommended submitting the project for funding in 2009 and acquiring the land over a three-year period. Mattice said the LCCMR work program will need to be updated to spend the $1 million received. However, the LCCMR may not allow the expenditure for only 15% of the land. Mattice said there is a chance the County may need to come up with $1 million in funding in 2008 and $4.75 million in 2009/2010.
B. Montissippi Park Forestry & Development
Project Years 2008 (Forestry Management & Sand Volleyball Courts); 2009 (Parking Improvements) (Page 45)
The project includes removal of dead and fallen trees to preserve the overall forest health, as well as constructing new sand volleyball courts and improving the existing parking area. The forestry management portion of the project ($10,000) was completed in 2008 and was partially funded by a grant ($5,000). The parking improvement portion of the project ($50,000) is requested in 2009 and has a lower Department project priority (#10). The funding source would be either Capital Improvement or the Parks Department Site Improvement Line Item (budget of $96,205). Mattice said he supported using the Parks Department Site Improvement Line Item for other Capital Improvement Requests listed in the Plan, Priorities 1-3.
C. CSAH 17 Trail, Project Year 2008 (Page 46)
The $400,000 project would include establishing a walking and biking trail along CSAH 17 and is part of the County’s adopted Regional Trail and Bikeway Plan. The project was approved a couple of years ago. Grant funding in the amount of $200,000 has been obtained to lower the County’s contribution to $200,000. A Memorandum of Understanding was obtained to extend the grant to June, 2009. Mattice said the $200,000 County portion would be required sometime in 2008. Recommendation: Change the Funding Source from “General Fund and Grants” to “Fund 34 and Grants.”
D. Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve Land Acquisition & Development, Project Years 2008 (Final Payment), 2009 (Development of Stanley Eddy) & 2010 (Connect Stanley Eddy Units to one another) (Page 47)
2008 will be the final payment ($150,000) for the purchase of the Durst Property (Alama Unit) included in the Stanley Eddy Memorial Park Reserve. The final payment is due in November or December. A $25,000 grant was obtained to supplement the County’s contribution toward payment of the initial land acquisition, decreasing the County’s share in 2008 to $125,000. This project is ranked priority #4 in 2009. Recommendation: Defer this item to the 2009 Capital Improvement Plan requests. Change Funding Source from “General Fund and Grants” to “Fund 34 and Grants.”
E. Allone Potter Property Acquisition, Project Years 2008 (3rd payment of 6); 2009 (4th payment of 6); 2010 (5th payment of 6); & 2011 (6th payment of 6) (Page 48)
The property is located next to Ney Park and is being purchased through a life estate arrangement. Payments of $32,000 each are scheduled as follows: Payment 3 in 2008; Payment 4 in 2009; Payment 5 in 2010; and Payment 6 in 2011. Recommendation: Change Funding Source from “General Fund” to “Fund 34.”
F. Parks Shop & Administration Offices, Project Year 2009 & Expansion of Public Works Building & Parks Shop Dust Collection System, Project Year 2010 (Page 49)
One option would be to construct a new Park shop with an administrative office located off site from the current Public Works location. The other is to remodel the existing Public Works facility, increasing shop space for all activities and include office and meeting room space. Estimated costs are $800,000 in 2009 and $3,015,000 in 2010. This project is ranked #1 for 2009 by the Parks Department. Funding source is designated as G.O. Bonds. Recommendation: Recognize this is the #1 priority for the Parks Department for 2009. Defer the project request to the 2009 Capital Improvement Plan requests.
G. Collinwood Park Redevelopment, Project Years 2008 (Access & Beach); 2009 (Day Use Area & Primitive Camping Sites); 2010 (Additional RV Sites & Utilities); 2011 (Redevelopment & Improvements to Parking Area; 2012 (Redevelopment) (Pages 50-51)
Mattice said in 2008, the $16,000 in costs for the Access and Beach was funded from the Campground Surcharge Fund. In 2009, a Day Use Area and Primitive Camping Sites are planned at a cost of $350,000. The planner hired to work on a redevelopment plan estimated the cost at $750,000. That cost was lowered by reducing labor. Mattice said this project would be the #2 priority for 2009. He was unsure of the funding source. There is a remote possibility of grant funding for redevelopment of campsites. The grant cannot be used for the Day Use Area. Limitations have been imposed on how grant funding is used, with land acquisition being the focus. Russek questioned whether there is expected payback on the Camping Sites. Mattice responded that revenue may be realized for the Surcharge Fund but not for operational costs. Recommendation: Recommend project for 2009. Fund 34 is recommended if funding is available.
H. J. Potter Parcel Development, Natural Resource Management & Acquisition within Ney Park,
Project Years 2008 (Phase 1 of 5), 2009 (Phase 2-4 of 5), and 2011 (Phase 5 of 5) (Page 52)
Project costs are: $27,500 (2008); $102,500 (2009); and $2,000,000 (2011) for a total of $1,295,000. Phase 1 consists of property reclamation of 40-45 acres. Phase 2 consists of development of a walking/hiking trail. Phase 3 includes property reclamation on the remaining acreage. Phase 4 consists of reclamation of the wetland areas on the property and construction of a facility. In 2011, the Park will be expanded by the purchase of the J. Potter Homestead and additional adjacent property to the north. Mattice said the 2008 costs were funded from the Parks Department Site Improvements line item. In 2009, they plan to reclaim the remainder of the property and finish the trails. He has applied for matching funds for native plant communities. If grant funding is obtained, the cost may be reduced to between $27,500-$67,500. This project is #3 on the Parks priority list. Recommendation: The request should be submitted as part of the Parks Department budget requests for 2009.
I. Ney Park Trail Development, Project Years 2008 (Phase 1-Trail Development); 2009 (Phase 2-Trail Development); 2010 (Trail Easement Purchase Ney to Lake Maria); 2011 (Trail Development Ney to Lake Maria); 2012 (Ney Park Lit Ski Trail), (Page 53)
The project is to further develop the trails within Ney Park and extend a trail connection from Ney Park to Lake Maria Park. The $15,000 cost in 2008 was included in the Parks Department budget. In 2009, the project is #5 on the priority list with an estimated cost of $60,000. Recommendation: The request should be submitted as part of the Parks Department budget requests for 2009, Site Improvement Line Item.
J. Beebe Lake Regional Park Redevelopment, Project Years 2009 (Volleyball Court); 2010 (Group Camp, Restrooms & Shelter); 2011 (Playground); 2012 (Parking & Trails), (Page 54)
The volleyball court requires redevelopment of water away from the court. The Group Camp, restrooms and shelter are outdated and need repair. The playground needs replacement. In 2009, the project is #6 on the priority list. Estimated cost in 2009 is $7,500. Recommendation: The request should be submitted as part of the Parks Department budget requests for 2009, Site Improvement Line item.
K. Bill Anderson Park Pavement Overlay, Project Year 2009 (Page 55)
The current pavement is deteriorating requiring an overlay to prevent total pavement reclamation. Cost is $40,000 in 2009. Recommendation: Recommend funding in 2009 from Fund 34.
L. Schroeder Regional Park & Campground Redevelopment, Project Year 2009 (Parking Lot & Construction of a Fish Cleaning House); & 2013 (Renovate Campsites & Replace Comfort Station) (Page 56)
The cost in 2009 is $65,000 and is #8 on the Department priority list. Recommendation: Fund from the Campground Surcharge Fund if funding is available.
M. CSAH 12 Trail, Project Year 2009 (Page 57)
The project involves construction of a walking and biking path along CSAH 12. Cost is estimated at $92,000 with funding from G.O. Bonds and grants. This is the second and last phase of the project. A grant was obtained that will match the County contribution of $46,000. Recommendation: Defer project to 2010. Change Capital Improvement Plan to reflect the project is located in Buffalo.
At the end of the meeting, Heeter suggested that the Capital Improvement Committee schedule a meeting with the Parks Administrator, Surveyor, and Highway Engineer to discuss space and remodeling needs. Russek felt the issue may need to be addressed instead by the Building Committee Of The Whole. Norman stated that the discussion should take place when the Board discusses the vacated Sheriff Department space. Discussion would include timing of the project and the funding source. Recommendation: The Committee will meet on 5-28-08 at 1:30 P.M. with the Departments of Assessor, Auditor/Treasurer, and Recorder.
(End of Capital Improvement Finance Committee Minutes)
Tom Salkowski, Planning & Zoning Administrator, brought forth a recommendation from the Planning Commission for denial of a rezoning request for Jay W. Hickman (Franklin Twp.). On a 5/1 vote, the Planning Commission recommends denial of the request to rezone from AG to I-1. At today’s meeting, there was no one present on behalf of the applicant. Salkowski said if the recommendation is approved, the forms would be signed and delivered to Hickman. He recommended the Board adopt the Notice and Order for Denial for rezoning along with the attachments. Russek serves on the Planning Commission and said the property is not in the Land Use Plan for I-1, General Industry. The Township voted against the request and the Planning Commission followed that recommendation. Russek moved to accept the Findings and Recommendations of the Planning Commission for denial of the rezoning request for Jay W. Hickman (Franklin Twp) to rezone from AG to I-1. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0.
Jane Hennagir, MCIT Account Executive, presented an overview of the 2008 Member Report for Wright County. In 2007, the MCIT Board announced a $12.5 million dividend resulting in stable rates and positive reinsurance pricing. Wright County’s dividend share is $311,430. Over the past five years, Wright County has received dividends totaling $1,361,516. Property/Casualty rates will see an aggregate reduction of .2% in 2008, with Workers’ Compensation realizing a 3.6% aggregate increase. This is the smallest increase seen in Workers’ Compensation in five years. In review of the County’s contribution and dividend history, the combined Property/Casualty and Workers’ Compensation totals range from $651,000 in 2003 to $998,000 in 2008. Offsetting those costs with dividends, the average cost is about $550,000/year for all insurance coverage. This is a direct result of the County’s commitment to cost containment measures, managing losses, and insuring through MCIT (self insurance). Hennagir referenced the growth of the County and rates remaining stable in 2007-2008. This is partially because of the reduction in Property/Liability costs, which occurred because of Nolan and Norman’s review of deductible options making it more cost effective for the County. The Property reinsurance has softened in the past two years because of no major events. Casualty reinsurance cost was $854,500 in 2007 and is $764,000 in 2008. Property reinsurance cost was $1,507,980 in 2007 and is $1,050,000 in 2008. Reinsurance brokers have been impressed with Wright County’s risk management, education and training, and loss control efforts. Hennagir said Wright County had an average participation rate of one time per month in loss control or risk management training in 2007. The report reflects that the actuary experience modification for Workers’ Compensation averages around 1.0. Wright County’s experience modification history is very close to the 1.0 actuary expectation. The base cost of coverage fluctuates dependent on the modification factor. The claims frequency reflects that from 2003-2007, auto is the highest at 64% based on the number of claims. Wright County’s Property/Casualty claim severity from 2003-2007 reflects Public Officials Liability at 50%. Public Officials Liability includes claims related to the Board, Planning & Zoning issues, employment, civil rights violations, law enforcement, and medical professionals’ liability coverage for Public Health Nurses. MCIT will continue to provide training with up-to-date tools, including a new website. Training will be short and direct to make the most effective use of staff time. On-line training will also be offered. MCIT is introducing customized service plans. In past years, training has been geared toward membership as a whole. This year, one visit will be focused specifically on a priority important to that County. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, previously served 14 years on the MCIT Board of Directors. Hennagir and the County Board extended thanks to Norman for this service. The Board also recognized Mark Nolan, Safety Director, and Pat Melvin, Special Projects Administrator, for their safety training efforts which have helped keep costs in line.
An Owner’s Committee Meeting was held on 5-13-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, the following change was made to the minutes: Page 1, Members Present, add “Norman”. The following are the minutes and discussion which occurred at today’s meeting (reflected in italics):
Streich stated that they are installing the ceiling grid in Area A of the LEC. The walls are 90% framed and rocked. The walls in the upper and lower rooms have been taped and painted. The electrical and mechanical rough-ins are scheduled for this week and next. Installation of the ceramic tile for the shower bases has been completed in the lower level of Area A. The elevators will be onsite so that they can be installed the first week of June. The framing and rocking in Area B is also 90% complete. They are setting door frames, working on the electrical and mechanical rough-ins, and pouring the sprinkler riser room so that it can be hooked up next week. Laying interior masonry walls will be 50% complete today. The main entry and the stairway will be poured today. In Area C, the mechanical equipment slab on grade will be poured on 5-15-08 or 5-16-08. The mechanical and electrical rough-ins continue into next week. The masonry walls are 50% complete. The door frames are also being set, as the ductwork and sprinkler piping are being installed. Streich stated that the air handling units are being installed in Area F. The above grade block and electrical rough-in are scheduled for next week. The mechanical rough-in and installation of sprinkler piping are scheduled into next week. One set of footings will be set and poured next week in Area E. Underground electrical and mechanical in the chaises are being installed. The above grade block will be completed on 5-16-08 in Area E. They will be pouring the final cell base on 5-20-08. Another set of footings will be formed and poured in Area D. There is one more cell base to pour, and the above grade block will be laid this week and next week. Streich stated that they have set 91 out of 121 precast cells. He commented that one well field was completed and they will start flushing that system this week. In the north field, installation of the underground vaults and piping will be nearly complete by the end of next week. Torfin asked when the coolers and freezers are scheduled for delivery. Streich stated that they would be set during the second week of June. He stated that two small masonry walls would be completed once the coolers, freezers, and hood are delivered.
Buikema stated that the following PCO’s have been approved by Torfin:
1. PC0 #023 - BP#2 Roof Drain Openings at Precast Plank - $4,236.00.
Buikema stated that the roof drains were included as part of bid package #3, and Hanson’s work was bid as part of bid package #2. Buikema stated that Hanson claimed that they figured an 8” hole in the plank and the drains are 17” holes. The unique roof drain opening requires a special piece of equipment. Streich stated that a 17” hole is an odd size, and the contractor had to acquire a special bit to bore through the precast.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek said he did not receive an answer as to why an odd sized hole was drilled that would require a special sized drain. Sawatzke said a certain size is needed for runoff. Russek felt that the hole should have been drilled to a standard size. Sawatzke said the bid package did not reflect the hole size and as it is not a standard size, the contractor should be paid.
2. PC0 #046 - BP#3 ASI#14 Modifications and Additions to Wall & Frames - $4,240.00.
Buikema stated that a design refinement was made to a wall for better soundproofing. The additional cost accommodates additional wall height, thickness, and insulation.
3. PC0 #062 - BP#3 RFI #I40 Exposed Transfer Ducts- $1,195.00.
Buikema stated that the mechanical engineers designed transfer ducts to run exposed throughout the lobby. This change order covers the cost to reroute the ducts.
4. PCO# 063 - BP#3 RFI #I35 Imprinting Required at Dish Rack - <$44.00>.
Buikema explained that the dish racks were specified in the bid documents to be imprinted with identifying characters. Torfin indicated to Buikema that staff did not need specific markings assigned to the racks. The $44 deduct is a credit for deleting the imprinting.
Buikema, on behalf of Tara Blotske, A&P, presented the following three PCO’s:
1. PC0 #003 - BP#1 PR#03 Flex-Seal Utility Sealant - $24,556.77.
Buikema explained that the catch basins, due to a change of interpretation of code, would now be sealed with a flex-seal paint. KKE’s engineers wrote letters and met with the State to discuss the code. Upon completion of the installation of the catch basins, KKE sent a letter to the State indicating that the utilities were installed per City requirements. However, the State changed its interpretation of its code, which is the cause for the PCO.
2. PC0 #048 - BP#3 PR #18 (Owner Request) Add CATV Jacks and Duplex Outlets - $26,661.57.
Buikema stated that the PCO originally had four items. Item #2 was deleted, per Hoffman’s direction. Hoffman explained that this PCO consists of three parts which collectively add CATV jacks, duplex electrical outlets, coaxial cabling, data outlets, and a 20 amp circuit. Item #1: There are six offices and a conference room that require CATV jacks, coaxial cabling, and duplex electrical outlets to review squad video tapes. Item #3: Buikema stated that a data outlet and duplex electrical receptacle is required to accommodate an inmate vending kiosk in the intake room. Item #4: Two small medical dayrooms now require data outlets, cable connection, duplex electrical receptacles, and a 20 amp circuit to accommodate inmate vending kiosks and video visitation stations. Buikema stated that these two rooms are the most expensive cells in the entire unit because they have special needs. He stated that law requires the County treat those with medical needs equally. Placing video visitation stations and vending kiosks in these rooms was not feasible until after the design process. The vending kiosk is a relatively new technology for the Jail. Torfin explained that the Department does not have the staff to devote to buying snacks and candy for the inmates. The vending kiosks are part of an inmate computerized accounting system, and are placed in each block. Much discussion occurred on determining the breakdown of costs for each of the three components making up PCO #048. Buikema stated that the three components equal $26,661.57. Three contractors are involved in the PCO and the documentation forwarded by A&P itemizes each of the three contractors’ portions (see attached). Hoffman stated that Item #1 (see attached for details) is estimated at approximately $2,694.00 for the electrical portion in the LEC. There is an additional $3,117.00 for cabling. Item #3 is approximately $592.00 for the electrical. Buikema stated that Item #4 is estimated to cost $8,480.70 for the electrical, and $2,666.00 for the data wire portion. Torfin clarified that the vending kiosks do not cost anything, as they are part of the accounting package. The PCO reflects the cost to hook up the kiosks. Buikema proposed itemizing the costs related to this PCO for additional clarity. (Attached, provided by Tara Blotske, A&P.) Sawatzke asked if there was a time element related to this PCO. Streich stated that grading for the slab will begin tomorrow and the wiring must go into the conduit prior to the pour.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke indicated that the request includes a number of items to provide six offices the ability to have power and tv. The greatest use would be for review of tapes from squads but the tv’s may be utilized for training and during other large response efforts. In addition, two small medical day rooms need data outlets (for those with special medical needs). Sawatzke felt the staff time to move inmates with medical needs to other areas would outweigh the cost. The change order also relates to video visitation. Capt. Gary Torfin, Jail Administrator, said this was an oversight in the visiting area. The kiosk is an operational item and the system was not in place when this was designed. Mattson has been visiting the site weekly and has observed materials being laid under the cement. He felt the material could be run through the underground tubes. Capt. Torfin explained that the material will not be run through the tubes but run from above down into the walls prior to the finishing of the walls. Mattson said the Owner’s Committee can approve up to $25,000 without Board approval and Capt. Torfin can approve up to $5,000. He questioned whether the process for approval when the total of the change orders on one day exceeds $25,000 (i.e., ten change orders of $5,000 each). Sawatzke said if there are 10 unrelated items, they can all be approved. If the items relate to one another, they cannot be approved. Sawatzke said the project contingency fund is running at 8/10 of 1%. At the Owner’s Committee Meeting, Buikema said their goal is under 2%. The project is approximately half complete. The amount set aside for change orders is 5% with the expectation that there will be a few hundred thousand dollars left at the end of the project. This money could be used toward the first bond payment. Sawatzke said he feels there was too much budgeted for the Furniture & Equipment line item at $1,879,000. To date, $142,000 has been spent. Sawatzke said the Owner’s Committee recommends approval.
3. PC0 #057 - BP#3 PR#20 (Owner Request) Single Phase 120 Volt Supply to Vending Kiosk - $5,983.37.
Sawatzke requested that Torfin be present at the 5-20-08 Board Meeting to answer any questions the Board may have regarding this change order. RECOMMENDATION: Approve and proceed with PCO #’s 003 and 057.
The Committee recommends Board approval of PCO #048. (Required for PCOs over the amount of $25,000.)
The current contingency amount of $857,107.00 includes the written change orders to date. The contingency value, if the above items are approved, would be $799,905.29. Buikema stated that KKE accounts for a 5% contingency on its project. He stated that in terms of change orders, KKE has a current contingency of .8%. He stated that he is confident that the project will come in under 2%.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke said the project is about half way to completion and there is just under $500,000 left in the contingency fund. He felt the Board would be disappointed if there was not at least a few hundred thousand left to possibly use toward bond payments.
E. PROJECT FF&E BUDGET $1,879,314.00.
1. Purchased Items w/FFE.
a. High Density Storage $142,183.00.
2. Current FF&E Budget $1,737,131.00.
Norman stated that the current amount available in the FF&E budget is $1.7 million. He stated that he would like to see a list of the budgeted items encumbered against the FF&E. He reminded the Committee that items for the Maintenance staff have not been purchased yet. DeCoster reminded the Committee that any moving costs would be FF&E.
Buikema stated that KKE is proceeding with its normal contract administration and answering questions from the field and assisting with pay requests. DeCoster presented two drawings (see attached) which delineate proposed window covering locations for the new facility (marked in orange). She stated that KKE has reviewed three options: horizontal mini blinds, vertical louver blinds, and roller shades. She stated that she recommends a vertical louver blind system. The blinds would be 6” wide and can be pulled shut, opened partially or completely, and tilted. Buikema stated that the windows are bronze tinted and provides a 20% reduction from sun exposure. Buikema explained that the building faces the southwest, and some low sun would come in on the main office level. He stated that portions of the facility would be prone to east sun in the mornings. Norman and Sawatzke asked for a cost estimate for the blind system. DeCoster stated that she is seeking direction from the Committee to pursue cost estimates on plastic and fabric blinds. She will be able to provide pricing at a future meeting. A&P will obtain bids from vendors. The window coverings would be funded from FF&E. RECOMMENDATION: Recommend that A&P obtain bids on plastic and fabric vertical louver blinds for 47 windows.
Hoffman stated that the Sheriff’s Department is trying to utilize as much of the Evidence storage items as possible. However, some storage items were custom built and are immovable fixtures. The Department currently uses Mid-America storage systems. Hoffman presented a price quotation from Mid-America Business Systems in the amount of $2,451.00. Mid-America proposes to relocate three existing sections of shelving and five storage cabinets for handgun storage. The quote also includes purchasing two additional sections of shelving with 22 additional shelves. The shelving is commercial grade. Torfin stated that this product has served the Department well. Sawatzke questioned whether the quote included the cost of the new product and labor to install the old and new product on site. Hoffman stated yes. Sawatzke requested that Hoffman get itemized pricing on the labor portion of moving and setting up the shelving. RECOMMENDATION: Approve purchase of the shelving units and fund out of FF&E.
At today’s Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the Owner’s Committee minutes and recommendations, seconded by Russek. Russek questioned the cost of the window treatments. Sawatzke felt they were approximately $500/blind. A formal bid process will occur for window treatments. The motion to approve the Owner’s Committee Minutes carried 5-0.
(End of Owner’s Committee Minutes)
A Personnel Committee Meeting was held on 5-14-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Mattson. Mattson referenced the purchase of items over the Internet and return policies with those vendors. He felt products may be hard to return when purchased over the Internet.
Sawatzke felt purchasing items over the Internet would be a unique situation where the product either cannot be found elsewhere or because of the price. The motion carried 5-0.
Credit Card Policy. The State Auditor’s Office recommends the County adopt and follow an Accounting Policy and Procedures Manual. Hiivala presented a draft Credit Card Policy (attached). He recommended approving three separate policies. The first is a VISA Credit Card Policy that will be utilized only by the Purchasing Agent to purchase items for departments. The purchase will follow the regular requisition process to ensure proper documentation. The second is a Fuel Card Policy. The third is a Store Card Policy (i.e., store specific such as Wal-Mart). Sawatzke suggested that the Personnel Committee review all policies which will be made part of the Accounting Policy and Procedures Manual. Hayes contacted Stearns County. They have one VISA type card and only the Purchasing Agent is authorized to use it. They follow regular requisition procedures. Hayes explained that employees now research products on the Internet and a credit card may be required for purchases. Most vendors accept purchase orders. Hayes provided a copy of a 6-28-07 memorandum sent to Department Heads outlining the County’s current procedures for use of credit cards (attached). Hiivala said the County could consider Procurement Cards (cards issued to specific people with limitations on what can be purchased). Hayes did not feel this was required. The Purchasing Agent and County Coordinator are the only employees authorized to apply for a County credit card. Recommendation: Adopt the VISA Credit Card Policy (attached). Hiivala and Hayes should draft a Fuel Card Policy and a Store Card Policy for review at a future meeting. They should inventory all credit cards (store specific, fuel) to be reviewed by the Committee at the same time.
(End of Personnel Committee Minutes)
There will be an Owner’s Committee Meeting today at 1:00 P.M.
Correspondence was received from Anoka County announcing a Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office County Consortium Meeting on 6-13-08 at 12:00 P.M., Ramsey City Hall. Russek moved to authorize attendance, seconded by Sawatzke. Sawatzke supported all Board members attending. However, he thought they should discuss prior to the meeting who will attend as he wanted to assure that at least one Board member attended the meeting. The motion carried 5-0.
Correspondence was received from NACO relating to voting credentials for the 73rd Annual Conference. The Conference will be held July 11-15, 2008 in Jackson County, MO. Registration is due 6-27-08. Wright County holds three votes for the Association’s annual election of officers and policy adoption for this year’s American County Platform. In order to participate, the County must have one paid registrant for the Conference. Russek inquired whether voting can be done on line. Norman replied that Wright County can authorize Jim Mulder of AMC to cast votes. Sawatzke said AMC requires one paid registrant in order to vote. Norman suggested attendance by Board members. Eichelberg said in the past, the Board has not supported attendance. Eichelberg would consider attendance at the Conference. Sawatzke moved to lay this item over. If a Commissioner has a desire to attend, it should be placed back on the Agenda. The motion was seconded by Heeter and carried 5-0.
Russek announced that the RC&D has $10,000 available to use toward a small project (i.e., Eagle Scout project, City project). Anyone interested should contact Russek or Jim Onstadt at the SWCD.
Heeter said a Wright County Futures Project Meeting was held on 5-15-08 at the Rockford Township Hall. The meeting was hosted by Wright County in an effort to provide information on foreclosures to representatives of cities, townships and school districts. Wright County Department Heads were the presenters of topics relating to foreclosure issues. The Survey Department provided maps of foreclosed properties to the entities to assist with security measures. Heeter said about 80 representatives attended. She thanked Susan Backes and Liza Donabauer for all the work they did to help make the meeting such a success.
Bills Approved
Advanced Graphix Inc.. $353.58
City Albertville 2,548.60
Albion Township 654.80
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 279.09
AMI Imaging Systems Inc. 262.50
Annandale Advocate Inc. 250.00
City Annandale 711.60
Arctic Glacier Inc 184.60
Aspen Equipment Company 262.20
Barnes Distribution 396.40
Boyer Truck Parts 283.84
Brezy Point Resort Inc. 225.00
Buffalo Floral & Landscaping 160.00
Buffalo Township 863.60
City Buffalo 4,208.40
Buttweilers Do All 677.47
Nick Carlson 125.00
Center Point Energy 1,002.61
Centra Sota Lake Region LLC 27,775.45
Chamberlain Oil Co. 577.05
Chatham Township 836.80
Clearwater Township 764.00
Climate Air 2,282.06
Cokato Township 403.93
City Cokato 538.00
Community Lawn Care 185.00
John Coolen 125.00
Corinna Township 1,040.40
Cub Pharmacy 1,758.58
City Delano 1,007.00
Design Electrical Contractors 8,407.83
Donner Industries Inc. 305.98
Robert Erickson 125.00
Ernst General Construction Inc 980.00
Tom Feddema 344.41
Maria Felger Ramos LLC 190.10
Franklin Township 2,090.50
French Lake Township 393.20
Gale-Tec Engineering Inc. 533.75
GBR Inc. 325.22
GCS Service Inc. 270.33
General Pallet Inc. 415.00
Graphic & Printing Services 252.00
Greene Espel PLLP 128.50
Greenview Inc. 2,650.00
City Hanover 1,555.60
Hardings Towing Inc. 159.75
Hennepin County Sheriff 210.00
Hickmans Service Inc. 197.03
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 1,525.92
City Howard Lake 945.20
HSBC Business Solutions 149.27
Interstate Battery Systems of 312.62
JMD Manufacturing Inc. 4,010.51
JR’s Advanced Recyclers 700.00
Karels Towing 264.00
Cheryl Klingler 100.10
Kotilinek Excavatiing Inc. 2,772.00
Kustom Signals Inc. 125.10
Lakedale Communications 144.62
LaPlant Demo Inc. 918.77
Michael Laurent 139.82
Lawson Products Inc. 208.36
M-R Sign Company Inc. 1,912.69
Michael MacMillan 1,014.00
Maple Lake Township 1,585.60
City Maple Lake 549.80
Martin-McAllisters Consulting 700.00
Marysville Township 1,457.50
McCarty Water and Waste Inc. 830.00
B McNamara Inc. 3,045.67
Middleville Township 540.40
MN Assn. of Co. Probation Of 130.00
MN Counties Ins. Trust 1,978.92
MN Hwy. Safety and Research 2,651.00
MN State Bar Association 305.00
MN Trucking Association 150.00
Monticello Auto Body Inc. 159.75
City Montrose 678.00
Motorola Inc. 3,257.38
MTI Distributing Inc. 102.76
Richard Norman 592.61
Office Depot 2,935.81
Precision Prints of Wright Co. 687.71
Qwest 7,927.31
Frank Ramacciiotti 385.00
Reds Cafe 580.80
Ridgeview Medical Center 1,297.90
Rockford Township 1,375.60
City Rockford 2,444.80
John Russek 205.03
Sawmill Inn 129.22
Silver Creek Township 810.80
Software House International In 3,094.91
City South Haven 286.20
Southside Township 739.60
St. Cloud Fire Equipment Inc. 659.15
City St. Michael 4,600.20
Star Tribune-Subscriptions 237.64
Stockholm Township 351.20
Straughan Hardware Co. Inc. 778.87
Superior Striping Inc. 2,194.00
Thermal Technologies Inc. 2,390.70
Traffic Marking Service Inc. 750.00
Uline 233.03
USA Mobility Wireless 518.40
Varitech Industries Inc. 15,349.78
Viking Coca Cola Bottling Co. 221.85
Waste Management-TC West 1,587.42
City Waverly 447.20
West Payment Center 785.11
Woodland Township 1,874.05
Wright Hennepin Coop Elec As 4,063.42
Wright Hennepin Electric 837.62
30 Payments less than $100 1,343.06
Final total $166,357.46
The meeting adjourned at 10:29 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal June 9, 2008.