Wright County Board Minutes

JULY 22, 2008
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present. Commissioner Heeter was absent.
Russek moved to approve the 7-08-08 County Board Minutes as presented, seconded by Mattson, carried 4-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Aud./Treas. Item 4, “Ditch 31” (Russek); Item For Consid. #5, “Set Building Committee Of The Whole Meeting” (Norman); Item For Consid. #6, “Quad County Meeting” (Norman). On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the Agenda as amended.
Mattson moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Sawatzke. Eichelberg questioned the status of Item C2, “Award Contract For S.P. 86-619-029 to Dennis Fehn Gravel & Excavating, Inc.” He had been in contact with the Assistant Highway Engineer who indicated they may have to pull the item from today’s Agenda if approval was not gained from the State. Russek understood they had received approval. The motion carried 4-0:
1. Performance Appraisals: W. Peterson, C. Phillippi, L. Thingvold, Assr.; L. Dixon, J. Paripovich, K. Tilbury, L. Winterhalter, Atty.; B. Aanerud, A. Bixby, B. Major, Aud./Treas.; J. Corrigan, T. Waldron, Hwy.; C. Nelson, IT; R. DuBois, M. Flemming, H. Gillham, T. Jorgenson, P. Mackie, R. Williams, Sher./Corr.
2. Approve Memorandum Of Understanding With International Union Of Operating Engineers RE: Wright County Fair.
1. Renewal Of 3.2 On Sale Malt Liquor License-Osowski’s Flea Market (Monticello Township).
1. Approve Agreement #08-53 With Howard Lake RE: Improvements To CSAH 6.
2. Award Contract For S.P. 86-619-029 To Dennis Fehn Gravel & Excavating, Inc.
1. Authorize Chair To Sign County Natural Resources Block Grant, July 2007 to June 2009.
Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said that in 2007 the County Board agreed to sponsor a group of employees to participate in the 2007-2008 AMC Leadership Cohort Program. The Program was sponsored by AMC in partnership with the Blandin Foundation and the U of M Extension Service to develop leadership skills and capacity within local government. The topics addressed included visioning, understanding change, managing conflict, team building, effective facilitation, and communications. Norman requested authorization for the group to continue to work on special projects the County could assign, utilizing skills learned through the program. Employees who participated in the Program extended thanks to the Board for what they have learned and the overall experience. The Wright County employees involved in the Program are: Pat Melvin (Administration), Scott Deckert (P&Z), Herb Bray (Highway), Mike Pooler (Surveyor), Karen Determan (Court Services), Heather Gerads (Jail), Linda Antl (Human Services), Richelle Kramer (Human Services), and Chris Brazelton (Human Services). Mattson moved to endorse keeping the group together so they can continue to work on projects as assigned by the Administration Department. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 4-0.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, distributed the 2007 Population & Household Estimates as prepared by the State Demographer (dated 4-01-07). The information is produced annually and includes estimates for Wright County, including all cities and townships. Hiivala provided the Board with an additional report reflecting population history. Russek moved to accept the MN Demographer 2007 Population & Household Estimate Reports, seconded by Mattson, carried 4-0.
Hiivala presented the June Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines. Hiivala said the report reflects $160,000 of miscellaneous revenue which will be corrected to reflect it in the property tax line item. On Page 8, Department 100, the County Program Aid will be received the end of July (estimated at $1 million). Mattson referenced Page 8, Site Improvements line item and questioned whether the entire $300,000 has been expended. The Building Committee needs to know the balance in this account when considering requests. Hiivala said a good portion of the balance remaining is encumbered against the remodel of the Administration Department. Hiivala will provide a report to the Board reflecting projects and capital projects. Sawatzke moved to acknowledge the June Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines, seconded by Russek, carried 4-0.
Russek provided an update on Ditch 31. Recently, a plugged culvert on Ditch 31 was cleaned by Dean Terning. Swanson Brothers were out again to the site as the culvert was plugged four days later. They completed the process of trapping the beaver. Russek will work with Dean Terning to assure the culvert is cleaned out. This was provided as an informational item.
The claims listing was discussed. Russek moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. The motion was seconded by Mattson. Norman referenced Page 1, Court Administration, and a number of payments for court appointed counsel. He questioned whether these payments relate to CHIPS cases as the dates are prior to the when the County started being responsible for the costs. Russek previously contacted the Courts Administrator who indicated that there used to be one base payment for the costs and now they are listed individually. Tom Kelly, County Attorney, stated that up to this point the payments are not for CHIPS cases. The motion carried 4-0.
Tom Kelly, County Attorney, introduced Kari L. Willis who was hired as an Attorney in the Misdemeanor Division of the Attorney’s Office. Willis previously worked for Judge Johnson who recently retired. All sitting Judges in Wright County supported the hire of Willis to this position. Willis is looking forward to working with staff in the County Attorney’s Office. Sawatzke made a motion in support of the appointment and authorized signatures on the Approval of Appointment and Oath. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried unanimously.
Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said that in January, the County Board authorized the County Assessor to bid on acreage on the east side of Pelican Lake. The County entered into a purchase agreement, post-auction, for the land with the understanding that the DNR would, in turn, purchase the land from the County. The DNR wants to obtain the land for a WMA (Water Management Area). As the closing date has approached, it appears the seller is willing to enter into a purchase agreement directly with the DNR and the DNR is at a point where they are able to purchase the land. Asleson said the County would need to agree to cancel the original purchase agreement. Advantages are not paying taxes and a double State Deed Tax (2 closings). In addition, the DNR will have acreage on the east side of Pelican Lake as a WMA. The $100,000 down payment by the County will remain in escrow until the DNR purchases the land from the sellers. The County took the risk at the onset and was awaiting the appraisal from the DNR. The appraisal has been completed but is not public information at this point. Asleson has been assured that the appraisal has a value sufficient that the DNR will purchase the land for the selling price. Sawatzke moved to authorize signatures on the Cancellation Of Purchase Agreement for PID #’s 114-500-084400 and #114-500-171200. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried unanimously.
Fred Bengtson, DNR, requested Board approval for the DNR’s proposal to purchase 83 acres in Sections 8 and 17, T120N, R23W, with the purpose of establishing this area as a State WMA. Because State funding is being used to purchase the property for this purpose, it is required that the DNR obtain County Board approval. The Pelican Lake WMA would be open for public use including hunting, trapping, and hiking. The State will make PILT tax payments to Wright County for this parcel. Bengtson said Pelican Lake is one of the largest designated wildlife lakes in Minnesota. The DNR is looking at other parcels on the Lake as well. The St. Paul DNR Office is supportive of land acquisition in this area. Mattson referenced a petition relating to Pelican Lake and questioned if Bengtson knew what it was about. Bengtson said that Pelican Lake has a long history of flooding issues and it is technically a land-locked Lake. The wildlife values have decreased over the past 20-25 years due to water levels. The Lake has increased by up to 6’ in the past 30 years. He said part of their work on the Lake will involve wildlife management. They would maintain the Lake by keeping it at 1.5’ below the ordinary high water mark, which is the maximum they can lower it. There has been confusion that the DNR is permanently draining and farming the land. Bengtson stated the last winter kill in the Lake was 7 years ago (generally occurs every 3-5 years). The fishing community would like to keep it this way. The dominant species of fish in Pelican Lake is the black bullhead. The DNR will try to control this fish as it has made the algae population explode. The SWCD has hired a part-time technician (with State and Federal Funding) who will work on the Pelican Lake watershed. An EAW has been completed for water level management and it is currently being reviewed. The notice of determination should be received by the end of the month. Bengtson is the project leader. Russek asked how the DNR can drain 1000 acres of wetland. If the Lake is lowered by 6’, that would uncover a lot of land. Bengtson said they are not lowering the Lake by 6’. They will lower it approximately 3’ from where it is now or 1.5’ below the ordinary high water mark. They may occasionally draw the water level down further but it would be short term. The water level is currently above the high water mark which would indicate flooding. Bengtson said the bottom line is that it will improve the Lake. There is a provision in the Wetland Conservation Act for State Fish & Wildlife projects to do this if the merits outweigh the loss of the wetland. In WCA Technical Meetings, the DNR has been given the green light to pursue that aspect. Pelican Lake is recognized nationally as a waterfowl and wetland wildlife migration Lake. The number of Spring and Fall birds has decreased. He said there will be wetland loss but it is due to Lake flooding. It is a technical aspect in WCA that if land is inundated for more than 10 years it is considered a wetland. The DNR recognizes that their efforts appear counter productive but feel the benefits overwhelmingly outweigh concerns. He said this type of project would be one of the reasons for the provision in the WCA. They don’t use the provision very often but when they do, they feel they have good justification. Russek responded that the water level on Pelican Lake has been high before. Bengtson said there is historical data to validate this.
The one twist that may be pushing the equation generally toward higher water is the improved ditching that has occurred since the early 1960’s. This has changed the balance of the Lake where higher water levels are more likely versus lower. This cannot be proven but they can document the new ditching and tile lines that have occurred. It has to do with small wetlands being able to hold water around the Lake. Part of the working initiative is to try to identify grasslands and wetlands in an effort to restore them. Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #08-27 approving the State Wildlife Land Acquisition, seconded by Mattson. Mattson hoped that those confused by the DNR’s actions will be brought up to date. He said first they were concerned with fishing and then they were concerned that the waterfowl was not coming to the Lake. Mattson said you can’t have both. Sawatzke was unsure whether the DNR would be successful in getting the Lake lowered but felt the acquisition is important. Bengtson has heard overwhelming support of public ownership around the Lake. Russek said that if the Lake is lowered, the concern of the County Board would be development as they do not want that to occur. Bengtson said the County deserves praise for the support in assisting the DNR and the Fish & Wildlife Service in land acquisition. There are many people impressed with the partnership and what has been accomplished. The motion carried 4-0 on a roll call vote.
A Building Committee Meeting was held on 7-09-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 4-0:
Proposal From Innovative Acoustics, Inc. RE: Lobby Noise.
At the 5-14-08 meeting, the Committee discussed acoustics and sunlight in the Lobby which is negatively affecting the reception area. Hayes contacted Innovative Acoustics from Cokato. The suggestion is to place fabric covered sound deafening boards in the reception area (6 panels behind and 3 panels on the west wall). The boards would be installed to match the reveals (sheetrock segmented). The panels would be attached to the wall and placed behind a portion of the art structure. This would be the easiest and first step to dampen the echo effect. The bid from Innovative Acoustics is $2,960.00 and excludes removal and reinstallation of the art structure. Considerable discussion followed on the placement of the sound deafening boards behind the art structure. The Committee members had concern with how the art structure may be affected. Hayes did not feel that the 1” boards would negatively affect the appearance or stability of the art structure. Other solutions were discussed including potentially hanging panels from the ceiling in the Lobby as a sound barrier. The Committee felt the boards could potentially be hung below the structure to see the results. Recommendation: The Committee recommends a trial of Intereum panels behind the Lobby reception area to see whether this has an impact on the noise. The issue will be referred to the next Building Committee Meeting for further discussion.
Discuss Sun Film On Lobby Windows. Hayes obtained a quote of $5.32/sq. ft. for a total estimated cost of $900, including installation. Recommendation: Approve use of the sun film on the Lobby windows. (End of Building Committee Minutes)
A Capital Improvement/Finance Committee Meeting was held on 6-25-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 4-0:
A. Remodel Courtrooms #1 and #5.
Project Year 2008 (Page 27).
Nordeen stated that at the recent Building Committee Of The Whole, this item has been laid over until after the Sheriffs Department has vacated its space in 2009. Recommendation: Defer this discussion to the 2009 Capital Improvement/Finance Committee Meeting.
B. Security Remodel in Courtroom #5.
Project Year 2008, 2009, and 2010 (Page 28).
Nordeen stated that the County Board initially denied this project. Since then, she has not pursued pricing information on this project. Russek noted that Nordeen did not assign a Department Priority to the project. Nordeen stated that it should have been assigned a “1”. The judges were disappointed with the Board’s decision. Nordeen stated that this issue would continue to reappear in the five-year Capital Improvement Plan until it is addressed. Security is always a concern. Heeter stated that the security remodel should be considered a part of the Remodel for Courtrooms #1 and #5 (page 27). Nordeen responded that security was originally part of the project scope for the remodel of Courtroom #5, but was cut out. Discussion progressed into the current security measures. Heeter stated that she has been in the courtrooms and personally feels the current security system works. The defendants are shackled together. She added further comment that she did not see this as a high level need. The current system appears to be functional. She stated that if the Courts were to remain in the Government Center for 15 years, she would see this issue differently. Russek proposed adding this project in the 2009 Capital Improvement Plan. Norman explained to Nordeen that this Committee hears all requests, and then makes its recommendations to the Budget Committee of the Whole. The Budget Committee then considers these recommendations when they look at the total budget and all the costs they have to pick up during 2009 when looking at the levy limit. Hayes stated that if the Board approves the bench remodel project in Courtroom #5 to accommodate the two clerks, it would be judicious to complete the two projects (pages 27 & 28) at the same time. RECOMMENDATION: Include this project in the 2009 CIP.
C. Records Storage.
Project Year 2009 (Page 29).
Nordeen stated that she is surprised that records storage is not being handled as a centralized County issue. Nordeen stated that by 2009, they will not have any space available for storage. They currently use off-site storage for Court Reporter notes. This type of service provides “next-day” delivery service on requested records. Russek stated that every department is running out of room. Nordeen stated that the current Sheriff’s Evidence Storage area would be suitable for storage of court records once the Sheriffs Department is vacated. Discussion ensued on the future of County-wide records storage. Russek stated that Departments have been in need of a centralized records management system for years. Heeter proposed looking at a records management system as part of next year’s budget. Russek stated that the Board cannot keep ignoring the need for a managed storage system. Kelly stated that this type of system would meet the needs of every Department. Russek agreed by stating that this is not unique to Court Administration. RECOMMENDATION: Present the request to the Budget Committee of the Whole for the 2009 budget.
D. Remodel Court Administration for Additional Staff and Judge.
Project Years 2012-2013 (Page 30).
Nordeen stated that they have looked at options that would not involve remodeling the courts. She stated that as a whole, they would make do with the space they have now until the Courts move to the new Jail/LEC site. Heeter asked if she could foresee getting another judge. Nordeen stated that they did not, however, the 10th District is underjudged and has the highest need for a judge. The County is growing, and when the economy worsens, court business grows. Nordeen inquired as to whether this would be addressed as part of the whole plan after the Sheriffs Department vacates their space. Russek stated yes. RECOMMENDATION: Discuss as part of the County’s overall space needs.
A. Expansion Of Administration Department.
Project Year 2008 (Page 10).
Norman stated that this project is being completed.
B. Data Imaging of Documents.
Project Year 2008 (Page 11).
Norman stated that this project is being completed.
C. Government Center Roof Membrane.
Project Year 2009 (Page 12).
Hayes stated that a recent analysis was completed on the Annex and Courthouse Buildings and the analysis indicates that the buildings will require a new roof in 2009. Yearly examinations and repairs have pushed out the life of the current roof membrane. Norman stated that it is their opinion that a new roof should be completed prior to future building remodeling. Hayes stated that $150,000 is the early cost estimate to replace the current membrane system. However, he would like to see the County upgrade the roof system. Both Russek and Kelly stated that they understood Hayes to say that a new roof is needed now. Norman stated that he would place the new roof in next year’s budget. Russek stated that the Board would need to plan for the bonding. The replacement of the roof has been a topic of discussion for years. Hayes added that in line with the new roof, he would like to see replacement of the lighting system. The current light system was installed in 1989. A new light system would be 40% more energy efficient and provide better lighting. Russek proposed that the lighting and new roof both be considered for bonding. RECOMMENDATION: Present the request to the Budget Committee of the Whole for the 2009 budget.
C. Remodel Sheriff’s Vacated Area.
Project Year 2009 (Page 13).
Not open for discussion until the space has been vacated. RECOMMENDATION: Recess until 7-14-08 at 2:30 p.m. to review the 2009 CIP which will be submitted to the Budget Committee of the Whole.
(End of 6-25-08 Capital Improvement/Finance Committee Minutes)
A Capital Improvement/Finance Committee Meeting was held on 7-14-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Mattson. Mattson referenced painting of the Marysville Township Hall, which is one of the projects on the Parks Department plan. He said there never seems to be adequate funds to purchase paint yet the large projects keep being presented. He said STS can scrape and paint the building. Russek said such requests must be presented to the Budget Committee Of The Whole. The motion carried 4-0:
Melvin presented a summary listing, “2009 Capital Improvement Finance Committee Recommendations”, of the recommendations made by the CI/F Committee during their meetings with Department Heads. Melvin reviewed each of the individual recommendations by Department (see attached). He stated that he divided the estimated costs into one of three categories: Bonding, Budget, and Capital. He stated that most of the big ticket items were allocated under the Bonding column. The Budget column includes the projects that the Department Head included in their 2009 budget. The Capital column is derived from turn-back (surplus) funds. Norman discussed how the $580,000 proposed project cost for the replacement of the Government Center roof does not include the figure for replacing a portion of the lighting system. He reminded the Committee that the lighting system would have a short payback period of less than four years. He stated that once the estimate for the new lighting system is received, it will be brought forward to the Budget Committee Of The Whole. Melvin stated that he noted the roof replacement under the Bonding column. Russek stated that the Board has talked about the condition of the roof for the past five years. He stated that he is in favor of replacing the roof this next budget year. Melvin stated that the projects total $11,500,630.00. Parks’ projects and I.T.’s purchase of the ARMER/800MHz radios and equipment make up the majority of the $11 million project total. Melvin stated that Marc Mattice made a change to his Parks project list. Mattice informed him that a private developer has taken over a project initially set aside for Ney Park. Since the developer has assumed the costs, Mattice replaced that project with two other projects: Mud Lake pavement overlay and a pavement overlay/reclaim at the east Maple Lake access. The two projects are valued at $58,100 and are allocated under the Budget column. The Ney Park project was a trail development project from 73rd St. NW to the Nature Center (phase 2) estimated at $60,000. Melvin stated that the Mud Lake project was assigned an “8” in priority and was not scheduled until 2010. The east Maple Lake access was a 2012 project with a priority ranking of a “9”. Russek stated that he would be interested in hearing how Mattice will budget the projects within his 2009 budget presentation. Hiivala asked Norman which committee should address the surplus discussion. Norman stated that he believed it would take place at the first Budget Committee Of The Whole Meeting. RECOMMENDATION: Approve recommendations for the 2009 Capital Improvement Plan and forward it to the Budget Committee Of The Whole for their consideration during the 2009 Budget review process.
(End of 7-14-08 Capital Improvement Finance Committee Minutes)
An Owner’s Committee Meeting was held on 7-08-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke stated that with regard to the Window Treatment bids, the Committee decided to accept all bids as the overwhelming majority of those that submitted bids did so incorrectly. With regard to weed control on the property, it has been determined that because of pipes and utility placement it is hard to mow. The Highway and Parks Departments have been working on this effort. Mattson referenced the fuel for the emergency generator. Fuel has a shelf life and he questioned the quantity and how long it would be on hand. Russek was unsure why a 3500 gallon barrel was selected but it is diesel fuel, which should not get old prior to using it. Russek moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Sawatzke. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said the backup generator will have to be tested monthly and during the test, it will be run for a period of time. Russek asked whether the City has been contacted on potential savings of power by use of the generator. Sawatzke said this had been discussed at the onset of the project but he understood this is now not an option. Capt. Gary Torfin stated that the City’s capacity is such that they don’t offer the program anymore. The motion carried 4-0:
Hoffman added agenda item “MCIU Equipment”, and Norman requested adding an Agenda item to discuss the “August Meeting Schedule”.
I. A&P.
Mahowald announced that today is the 44th day that no incidents have been reported. Mahowald provided a summary of the project schedule (see attached schedule, dated 7-08-08). He also stated that the generator was successfully installed. Blotske clarified that the generator has not been tested yet. Hayes inquired as to the name of the elevator vendor. Blotske stated that the elevator was manufactured and installed by Minnesota Elevator, Inc.
A. PCO #072 – BP#3 PR#031 Add Fire Damper - $2,577.00.
B. PCO #082 – BP#3 RFI#161 Security Bar at Duct in Gymnasium - $840.00.
C. PCO #083 – BP#3 Door and Frame Changes - $3,114.00.
A. PCO #016 – BP#3 Structural Bearing Changes - $5,374.00.
Buikema stated that this additional charge is to extend the structural steel so that it can sit within beam pockets. This change is required for snow load requirements. RECOMMENDATION: Approve and proceed with PCO #016 – BP#3, Structural Bearing Changes for $5,374.00.
B. PCO #027 – BP#3 PR#009 Revisions to Doors, Frames and Hardware - $15,580.36.
Buikema stated that in review of the shop drawings for doors, frames, and hardware, they found that adjustments were needed. The shop drawings were reviewed with O’Malley, Torfin, and Hoffman. Adjustments to the hardware, removing card readers, adding card readers, and related electrical work are all part of this change order amount.
RECOMMENDATION: Approve and proceed with PCO #027 – BP#3 PR#009, Revisions to Doors, Frames and Hardware for $15,580.36.
Russek questioned whether the change order was due to the doors not being designed correctly. Buikema explained that design is a continuous process. KKE has reviewed the shop drawings a minimum of three times. The mistake is when the door, frames, and hardware are delivered to the jobsite prior to being corrected during the shop drawing review. Buikema reminded the Committee that it is for this reason that KKE carries a contingency.
Hayes asked if the commissioning agent has been on site. Blotske stated that Willen, Inc. has been on site and frequently attends meetings. Hayes proposed inviting Willen to an Owner’s Committee Meeting, particularly since the County is in the process of hiring a Building Maintenance Supervisor. Torfin stated that he would contact John Williamson, Willen, Inc., and request that he attend the 7-22-08 Owner’s Committee Meeting.
The current contingency amount is $746,219.00. Sawatzke asked Blotske what the percentage of project billables is. Blotske stated that she believes the project has been billed out at 68-70%. She explained that the more pricey change orders occur during the start of the project because structural changes typically result in substantially higher change order values. Now that the project is winding down, the value of change orders will be less. Buikema informed the Committee of a few outstanding potential change orders. The IT Department has requested additional card readers. The current estimated price is $10,000. Buikema stated that KKE is still working on signage and the keying of the door cylinders. Blotske stated that the vendor will provide A&P with a proposal for the keying. Buikema explained that once A&P receives the quote, KKE will review the proposal. The vendor is only allowed 10% overhead and profit. Buikema stated that KKE has also been alerted that they will also see PCOs for security electronics, and additional channels for recording and programming.
Norman stated that there was a misunderstanding by the vendors in regard to the bidding process for the window treatments. Blotske submitted the advertisement for bid for the Committee’s review. Blotske stated that the advertisement for bid was quite clear as she read the posted advertisement as follows: “Wright County will receive sealed bids for VERTICAL BLINDS for the new Jail and Law Enforcement Center, located at 3800 Braddock Ave, Buffalo, MN.” The advertisement instructs the vendor on how to address their bid. Blotske continued to read the attached advertisement, “Bids to be opened and read in public at the Owner’s Committee meeting, July 8th, at 1:00 p.m.”. Two bids were received properly (format and met the deadline). Four bids were faxed. Norman stated that it is the discretion of the Committee on whether they would accept all bids. Discussion ensued and the majority felt that it would be to the advantage of the County to take the lowest bid from all those received. Members commented that they did not feel the competitive bidding process negatively impacted any vendor.
The bid results are as follows:
Bidders; Base Bid; Alternates accepted YES, No; Alt. A1 PVC Grovers
Kustom Blinds; 9,970.00; Faxed & sealed bid; YES; 18,770.00
Neil’s Floor Covering; 12,958.00; Faxed; YES: 26,700.00
The Vineland Group; 11,481.77; Faxed & Sealed bid; YES; 21,241.43
Home Solutions; 10,343.00; Sealed bid; YES; 23,500.00
Erdman & Associates; 18,300.00; Faxed; NO; N/A
Rob’s Custom Upholstery; 11,576.89; Faxed; YES; 26,566.28
The Committee will view samples at the 7-22-08 Owner’s Committee and make their decision on whether to purchase PVC or fabric blinds.
VI. PROJECT FF&E BUDGET $1,879,314.00
Sawatzke noted that the current FF&E budget is $1,734,680.00.
A. Purchased Items w/ FFE.
A. High Density Storage - $142,183.00.
B. Relocating & Adding Evidence Storage - $2,451.00.
Norman stated that he believes there are other encumbrances than what is listed above. Hayes stated that the modular furniture and Dispatch station furniture has been ordered. Sawatzke stated that the blinds would come out of FF&E.
A. Weed Control.
Mattice stated that the Parks Department equipment is not large enough to handle the terrain of the Jail/LEC site. He suggested that the Highway’s ditch mower would probably be the better suited equipment. Mattice stated that without seeing a site plan, his initial thought would be to mow the area, evaluate the regrowth, then seed for prairie grass. Russek asked if Mattice would suggest seeding in the spring or fall. Mattice stated that the area would need to be seeded before June 30th. Russek proposed that the Committee have the Highway Department disc the area, and start leveling the site so that it is ready for seeding next year. Mattice stated that Parks would let the area green up in the spring, apply a weed-control product, then seed. Discussion then turned to the possibility of having a farmer plant hay in the area and maintain it free. Sawatzke noted that care should be taken to not encroach into the area that has been bid out for landscaping.
A. Microwave & Connectivity.
Hoffman stated that Swing would like to address this topic at the 7-29-08 Owner’s Committee Meeting.
A. Fuel For Emergency Generator.
Torfin stated that the generator has been installed and the initial testing has yet to be completed. The 3,500 gallon fuel tank has to be filled. Once the testing has been completed, the vendor will top off the tank. The test run will take approximately four hours. The County is to provide the initial fill. He estimated that the initial fill would cost $14,000. The fuel is not included in the construction budget. Torfin also informed the Committee that weekly checks are also performed which takes approximately an hour and a half. Torfin stated that he has researched options on where to purchase fuel (i.e. Cenex, Centra Sota Co-op, etc. Committee consensus was reached. The fuel will be purchased out of the FF&E budget. Blotske asked that a copy of the purchase order/receipt be forwarded to her as she will note the purchase as part of the FF&E.
A. Downflow Ductless Fume Hood.
B. Evidence Drying Cabinet.
Hoffman stated that at the new facility, the Department would like to acquire a downflow chemical/fumehood and a forensic evidence drying cabinet. The fumehood is to filter particles that are heavier than air (i.e. fingerprinting powder). No venting is needed for either piece of equipment. Hoffman stated that he researched four companies and received pricing from each of them. Air Science provided the least expensive 36” downflow ductless fumehood at $3,693.00, and $4,995.00 for a 36” wide forensic evidence cabinet. The drying cabinet is for DNA purposes. It protects from cross-contamination of evidence and protects staff from the odor of drying organic matter. Hoffman stated that his staff currently lays items out on a table. Due to the DNA science, they are using DNA to investigate more crimes. Hoffman proposed paying for these items as part of FF&E. Sawatzke expressed concern regarding planned FF&E encumbrances. Buikema proposed inviting Roxanne DeCoster to the next meeting. She can provide a detailed master list of items anticipated to be funded out of FF&E. He stated that the UHF radio and repeater will be part of this list. Recommendation: Authorize purchases from FF&E.
Hoffman asked how the electrical from the modular furniture would be connected into the building. It is not part of the electrical contractor’s contract. All-State has done its part for the data lines; however, Phasor Electric has not included this in their scope of work. Hayes clarified that Intereum supplies the cable connections on their furniture. Hayes proposed paying Loberg Electric on an hourly basis to make the connections. Sawatzke proposed requesting a bid from Phasor Electric. Blotske stated that she can provide a set of the Intereum drawings to Phasor for their bid.
Norman announced that the Owner’s Committee is scheduled to meet on 8-05-08 and 8-19-08. He asked if any of the members foresee any schedule conflicts, and there weren’t any. Sawatzke stated that Owner’s Committee would meet again on 7-22-08 at 10:30 a.m. (End of 7-08-08 Owner’s Committee Minutes)
A Technology Committee Meeting was held on 7-09-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Mattson. Sawatzke referenced the portion of the minutes dealing with employees not answering calls and said Norman had a legitimate concern. Russek said that the County Board will probably hear from the public if this is occurring. The motion carried 4-0:
Discuss Phone Name Provisioning. Name provisioning provides the name of the caller and the phone number in the telephone display. County telephones with display currently show this information for internal telephone calls and show the phone number for external telephone calls. Name provisioning would add the name of the caller. Total cost would be $80/month, including the Jail/LEC, plus $525 for installation. The cost would be distributed to departments based upon usage (average usage over a 6-month period). Swing felt name provisioning is a standard in homes and businesses. Rationale for phone name provisioning was discussed. Swing thought it would assist in screening sales calls. Although it may not largely impact his department, he felt it was a standard feature and may provide some efficiency. Schwartz explained that Human Services staff received 70,000 incoming calls in the first three months of 2008. She viewed the name provisioning feature as a work management tool. It may provide case data such as a client’s work phone number in a child support case. For those that do not speak English, it will assist the employee in obtaining the correct phone number and name spelling. When an employee is waiting for a call and working with a client, knowing the name of the caller can be beneficial as they may be waiting for that specific call to assist with the case. Otherwise, the call may not be answered by the employee as they are working with a client. Employees answer many phone calls per day and sometimes it is more efficient to return the call later that day. Schwartz said employees are required to return calls either the same day or the following day. Another issue involves those callers who may have made threats to workers in the past. The call may instead be answered by a supervisor. Fingalson said the Highway Department discussed the provisioning at their staff meeting and it was felt it was not needed. He felt Schwartz made a compelling argument for the service. Jobe felt the service could be beneficial to identify what firm may be calling him. Swing said Court Services, Attorney and Sheriff Departments favor the provisioning. Parks and Jail did not feel it was a service that was needed in their Departments. Court Administration did not have a strong opinion either way but felt it made sense. Norman understood the rationale but said his concern was customer service. He did not want calls screened in a fashion where they are not answered because of who is calling. Schwartz said they are working with staff on customer service training. Norman questioned whether any units in Human Services block out times during the day when employees do not answer phones. DeMars said this does not occur at the Human Services Center. Schwartz explained that there is no protected time for Human Services employees on the 3rd Floor. There was only one instance where there was protected time designated for one unit. This is not done on a regular basis and could possibly occur during a State-wide event. The expectation is that phone calls are returned within 48 hours. Eichelberg understood the arguments on both sides. He would support the request but emphasized that it should be used as an aid in customer service, not a tool to evade customers. Mattson concurred with the approval as long as calls are not screened out. Recommendation: It was the consensus to recommend proceeding with Phone Name Provisioning. Supervisors will be responsible to monitor staff to make sure they are responding to calls. (End of Technology Committee Minutes)
A Transportation Committee Meeting was held on 7-11-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Mattson moved to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 4-0:
Fingalson announced that there was a lot of interest in this project. The Highway Department sent out 67 bid packages. The scope of the project is to make road improvements for 8/10s of a mile on CSAH 19. This urban project will require curb and gutter. There was one addendum for this project and a bid bond was required. Five sealed bids were received and the apparent low bidder is Dennis Fehn Gravel-Excavating.
Bidders; Bid Security; Addendum; Bid Total
Knife River Corp.; Yes; Yes; $3,291,096.18
R.L. Larson Excavating; Yes; Yes; $3,385,779.63
Dennis Fehn Gravel-Exc.; Yes; Yes; $3,148,133.97
LaTour Construction, Inc. Yes; Yes; $3,251,047.71
Weidema Inc.; Yes; Yes; $3,374,018.20
Fingalson stated that this is a federally funded project. Once the bids are verified, they will be sent into the State. He stated that they hope to award this project by 7-22-08. The project is to begin in early August, 2008. (End of Transportation Committee Minutes)
A Ways & Means Committee Meeting was held on 7-09-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke said the State collects a $28 co-payment from those seeking public defense representation. He did not feel that made sense as the County pays for the public defender. Apparently some counties have adopted resolutions indicating they will not fund this expense. Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Russek, carried 4-0:
Kelly stated that with the recent approval of the six month contract with Cathleen Gabriel, the contract has provided a temporary resolution until December, 2008. No action is required today, yet starting dialogue regarding the long term solution is prudent. Kelly referenced correspondence from AMC regarding their opinion regarding funding for attorney representation for parents in child protection matters. He stated that the County Attorney’s Association is also researching this topic as this is not a unique situation to Wright County. Kelly stated that his research indicates that the Statute has always discerned these services as a County function. The State has funded these activities, and now that there is a budget deficit, the funds have ceased for these services. Sawatzke clarified that there was a shift in the funding of these services. Statute requires the County to pay for these services. Sawatzke stated that it is his understanding that the County does not have any choice but to provide, and fund, these court appointed services. The County has a choice of how to provide these services. Norman stated that Court Administration has included the temporary contract and future appointed representation services within its budget. Claims will be submitted by the Court Administration Department under the Court Appointed Council Line Item. Norman noted that this line item’s budget reduced over the years because of the State’s contribution. This line item will grow significantly in 2009. Asleson stated that Gabriel is not required to submit time records. At the end of her contract period, her level of service would be evaluated, permitting the County Board the option to renew the contract. Kelly added that by December, Court Administration would be able to provide projected expenditures for additional appointed attorneys for 2009. Kelly stated that he is in favor of the contractual agreement, and this type of arrangement protects the County. Discussion ensued regarding whether a sliding scale fee could be applied to parents seeking court appointed legal representation in CHIPS/TPR cases. Anderson stated that a co-payment of $28 is required by the State from those seeking public defense representation. Anderson stated that staff actively screens every applicant to determine if they fall within the poverty guidelines and qualify for services. Anderson stated that the screening is not foolproof, but has gone a long way towards putting integrity back into the system. Asleson asked if the parents who initially apply for representation and are unemployed are required to pay for the services once they become employed. Anderson stated that she did not think this was the case. Norman proposed that the applicants file a monthly status report. Karvel noted that State Statute 260C.331, Costs Of Care, addresses the County’s right to assess a sliding scale fee in out-of-home placements. She clarified that there is not a specific rule or law in the Statutes pertaining to a sliding scale fee for court appointed attorney representation for children. Kelly proposed that the Committee meet again in two months to review the action that AMC is taking with regard to this issue. Sawatzke requested that Norman contact AMC to obtain copies of resolutions other counties may have submitted to them. RECOMMENDATION: Recess further discussion to the 9-10-08 Ways And Means Committee Meeting.
(End of 7-09-08 Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
Norman presented a Budget Committee Of The Whole schedule relating to the 2009 budget sessions. On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, all voted to approve the schedule as presented.
Russek moved to adopt Resolution #08-28, for final acceptance for the State Park Road Account Project for Silver Creek Township, Contract #0714, with Randy Kramer Excavating, Inc. The motion includes authorizing final payment of $16,298.42. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 4-0 on a roll call vote.
Mattson moved to adopt Resolution #08-29, for final acceptance for the CHSP Street Light Safety Project, Contract #0708, with Design Electric. The motion includes authorizing final payment of $8,850.35. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 4-0 on a roll call vote.
Norman requested that a Building Committee Of The Whole Meeting be set to discuss the damages caused by the 5-25-08 hail storm. Mattson moved to set the meeting for 8-11-08 at 9:00 A.M., seconded by Sawatzke, carried 4-0.
Norman said Stearns County will host the next Quad County Meeting on 9-30-08 to discuss the Courts issue, the NACo Drug Program, and future budget sessions. Norman said he should be informed if there are any items that the Wright County Board would like to discuss. Mattson moved to authorize attendance at the 9-30-08 Quad County Meeting, seconded by Russek, carried 4-0.
Bills approved
Allina Health Systems $1,500.00
Allina Hospitals & Clinics 15,994.97
American Planning Association 245.00
Amerigas-Cokato MN 1,015.28
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 489.51
AMI Imaging Systems Inc 5,591.25
Ancom Technical Center 258.30
Annandale Rock Products 270.61
City Annandale 923.20
Apollo Glass Company 121.46
Aramark Correctional Services 11,316.03
Arctic Glacier Inc 463.98
Brian Asleson 185.20
Kirk Asplin Travel Plaza 175.78
Auto Glass Center Inc 546.32
B & B Products - Rigs and Squa 659.85
Joe Backes 112.11
Baers Body Shop Inc 5,325.80
Bankers Advertising Co Inc 165.00
Barco Products Company 764.50
Barnes Distribution 805.23
Beaudry Propane Inc 851.80
Big B’s Towing and Recovery 159.75
Big Time Towing 255.50
Blaine Lock & Safe Inc 157.50
Boyer Truck Parts 892.67
Buff ‘N’ Glo Inc 198.00
Buffalo Country Store 421.22
Buffalo Floral & Landscaping 160.00
Buffalo Hospital 164.40
Buffalo Township 1,493.80
Bureau of Criminal Apprehensio 8,550.00
Business Ware Solutions 357.84
Center Point Energy 4,513.60
Centra Sota Lake Region Inc 40,475.13
Central MN Mental Health Cente 290.00
Century Fence Company 6,320.00
Commissioner of Transportation 125.00
Community Lawn Care 185.00
Consulting Radiologists Ltd 476.40
Cottens’ Inc 2,726.61
Cub Foods 264.80
Cub Pharmacy 4,101.58
Culligan of Buffalo 400.00
Deatons Mailing Systems Inc 214.07
Delano Rental Inc 247.44
Delano Sports Center Inc 6,438.94
Franklin Denn 688.88
Denos Excavating & Drainage In 150.00
Dept of Corrections 17,903.00
Design Electrical Contractors 12,002.58
Diamond Mowers Inc 108.50
Dingmann Marine & More LLC 375.76
E-MDS 1,629.60
E-Z Flush 522.60
Emergency Physicians PA 546.75
Experience Inc 415.00
Farm-Rite Equipment Inc 500.32
Fastenal Company 212.34
Frontier Precision Inc 5,933.33
Gateway Companies Inc. 4,924.01
Globalstar USA 541.23
Raymond Glunz 120.00
Gopher State One Call 212.15
Gould Towing 149.10
Hancock Concrete Products Co 4,187.74
Hardrives, Inc 475,969.44
Helena Chemical Company 2,012.85
Herc-u-lift 380.46
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 666.32
Holiday 17,610.39
Holt Truck Center 186.38
Horrocks Inc 102.92
Intereum Inc 6,447.39
Interstate Battery Systems of 672.66
Intoximeters, Inc 264.57
J & J Athletics, LLC 162.00
Jude Vending 124.25
Junction Towing & Auto Repair 138.45
Keeprs Inc 489.18
Cheryl Klingler 100.00
Randy Kramer Excavating 16,298.42
L-3 Communications Mobile Visi 264.92
Lake Region Co-op Oil 260.66
Lakedale Communications 560.43
LaPlant Demo Inc 556.31
Lawson Products Inc 148.63
Danielle Lee 144.44
A Leonard Inc 142.40
M & M Express 169.40
M-R Sign Company Inc 1,677.30
Marco 541.00
Marco Inc 717.83
Martin Marietta Aggregates 1,560.67
Martin-McAllisters Consulting 1,200.00
Anthony Mattson Electric 426.68
Patty McCutcheon 280.00
McDowall Company 2,547.00
McMaster-Carr Supply Co 122.09
MEADA 1,400.00
Menards - Buffalo 188.58
Merrick & Company 16,023.01
Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Inc 131,095.60
Midland Corporate Benefits SVC 997.75
Minneapolis Police Department 500.00
MN Counties Computer Cooperati 5,141.36
MN Sheriff’s Association 280.00
MN Weights and Measures 230.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 3,110.44
MTI Distributing Inc 145.95
NADA Appraisal Guides 140.00
National Business Systems Inc 1,245.99
New Horizons Computer Learning 9,000.00
Nextel Communications 1,048.5l
Office Depot 4,675.45
Penhall Company 37,772.39
Performance Office Papers 318.97
Photo 1 192.52
PMI Computer Supplies 1,013.50
Precision Prints of Wright Co 223.65
Property Records Industry Assn 125.00
Qwest 5,423.42
Frank Ramacciotti 1,000.00
Reds Auto Electric 198.71
Reed Business Information 425.88
Rhodes Lock & Glass 777.12
Scenic Signs 132.50
Donald Schmidt 196.66
Seton Identification Products 583.65
Sheriffs Youth Program of MN 5,843.20
Siegel Display Products 394.60
Silver Creek Township 1,725.10
Software House International In 821.12
Star Tribune-Subscriptions 780.39
State of MN-Office Enterprise 1,705.74
Streichers 863.58
Sunsource 791.68
Super Express 198.09
T & M Towing and Snow Plowing 181.06
Tech Depot 471.66
Total Printing 194.20
Traffic Technologies LLC 646.46
Transoft Solutions Inc 1,141.00
University of Minnesota 40,862.49
Verizon Wireless 827.57
Shawna Vollbrecht 150.00
Voss Lighting 481.68
Waste Management-TC West 3,075.27
West Payment Center 797.11
Westside Pest Solutions 500.00
Wright County Highway Dept 918.54
Wright Henn. Co-op Elec Assn 3,696.44
Wright Hennepin Electric 5,041.78
Keith Wurm Construction 3,170.00
49 Payments less than $100 2,606.79
Final total $1,012,930.92
The meeting adjourned at 10:36 A.M.
Published in the Herald Journal Aug. 18, 2008.