Wright County Board Minutes

AUGUST 5, 2008
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present.
On a motion by Russek, second by Heeter, all voted to approve the 7-29-08 Board Minutes as presented.
Heeter moved to approve the Agenda as presented, seconded by Russek. Mattson added Item For Consid. #5, “Conference Update.” The motion to approve the Agenda was amended by Heeter and Russek to include the item. The motion carried 5-0.
On a motion by Russek, second by Heeter, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: C. Goodrich, P. Kaskinen, W. Marschel, S. Pedersen, T. Vaith, T. West, Aud./Treas.; B. Holmquist, M. Johnson, J. Wright, Hwy.; R. Borell, Parks; G. Lebovsky, P&Z.
2. Claim, KKE Architects, $21,543.01, Service For June 2008 (Jail/LEC Project).
3. Claim, Willen Inc., $4,590.00, Service Through 7-25-08 (Jail/LEC Project).
1. On Sale Liquor License Renewal For Rasset Bar & Grill (Chatham Township).
1. Change Deputy Rebecca Wirkkula From Permanent Part Time To Full Time, Eff. 8-25-08. The Permanent Part Time Position Will Remain Vacant Through The Remainder Of 2008.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, said a three-year term will expire 8-13-08 on the Clearwater River Watershed District (CRWD). Notice was recently published announcing the vacancy and requesting applications by 7-30-08. One application was received from Marvin Brunsell (Annandale) who is the current CRWD Chairperson. Heeter moved to appoint Marvin Brunsell to the Clearwater River Watershed District for another three-year term. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0.
Hiivala requested Board approval of the Summary of Designations for the Year Ended 12-31-07. The Designation of Cash Flow is calculated using half of the year’s expenses less half of the year’s revenues (outside of taxes). The Designation for Compensated Absences is calculated on vested vacation and sick leave, based on years of service. Russek moved to approve the Year End Designations, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0:
Wright County
Summary of Designations for the Year Ended 12-31-07
WHEREAS, to be consistent with prior year’s financial statement presentations, we hereby authorize the designation of fund balances in the General Revenue, Road and Bridge and Human Services funds. The designations include amounts anticipated for cash flow purposes and compensated absences for the year 2008 as stated below:
General Revenue:
Designation for Cash Flow $13,729,256
Designation for Compensated Absences
Road and Bridge
Designation for Cash Flow $3,845,636
Designation for Compensated Absences
Human Services
Designation for Cash Flow $4,094,500
Designation for Compensated Absences
We understand that the actual designations included in the financial statements will be limited to the extent that undesignated/unreserved fund balance allows.
(End of Summary of Designations)
The claims listing was discussed. Mattson referenced Page 3, Software House International ($60,180.95) and questioned whether the payment was for maintenance or approved by the Technology Committee. Hiivala explained that the claim relates to annual software subscriptions. On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.
A Committee Of The Whole Meeting was held on 7-29-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Eichelberg made the following correction to the minutes: Page 3, 4th paragraph, last line, insert, “Eichelberg stated that the St. Michael/Albertville School District used and is practicing source separating and it does work to separate items for composting.” Heeter moved to approve the minutes and recommendation, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0:
Russ Leistiko, RW Farms, introduced himself as President and Owner of RW Farms, LLC, and introduced Tim Goodman, Tim Goodman & Associates, who would speak on behalf of RW Farms. Goodman stated that his company serves as a consultant for composting operations. He presented a PowerPoint presentation (see attached booklet) describing RW’s proposal to establish a source-separated organics composting operation at Wright County’s Compost Site. RW Farms is proposing to lease County property and other assets, and operate a regional facility for the processing and composting of woody materials, yard waste, and source-separated compostable materials (SSCM). SSCM is comprised of food scraps, plant materials, non-recyclable paper wastes, and biodegradable products. RW Farms has existing operations at Carver County, MPCA, and a demonstration project at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The demonstration project was designed as an innovative approach in composting proving to be environmentally sound and economically feasible. Goodman stated that the proposed site capacity in Wright County is 200,000 cubic yards. RW Farms proposes to lease the truck scale, Hanger building, a portion of the property west of the Hanger building, and part of the office space. RW is proposing to take four categories of materials: woody materials, yard waste, SSCM only, and SSCM mixed with yard waste. Goodman informed the Committee that RW Farms would not accept municipal solid waste (i.e. diapers, glass, plastics). The compost materials would primarily be delivered from residential and commercial sources from Wright, Carver, and Hennepin Counties. The composting process would be similar to that at the Landscape Arboretum. Goodman explained that the technical composting process is based on State regulations. The active composting process is completed when Process to Further Reduce Pathogens (PFRP) is achieved (131 degrees for seven consecutive days). Daily temperature readings are taken and if the compost pile falls below 131 degrees, the process starts again. On average, the active composting process takes 10-14 days. Goodman stated that no trucks will be allowed to enter the site prior to 7:00 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m. (Monday thru Saturday). Goodman reviewed the permitting process by explaining that there are two potential approaches to permitting: Demonstration Project Program or as a Solid Waste Composting Facility. He also briefly spoke on the compensation package and its affect on the residents, host community, and Wright County. Goodman also provided three references/testimonials which weren’t included in the PowerPoint or attached booklet. Chad Martin, Operations Director, City of Moorhead, wrote that he has been doing business with RW Farms since August, 2007, and is pleased with the quality of RW’s work. Peter Moe, Director of Operations, U of M Arboretum, wrote that he has worked with RW Farms for over 4 years. The compost site is always neat and organized. His written testimonial states that he has never received a complaint regarding blowing trash or odor. Marcus Zbinden, Carver County Environmental Services, wrote that he has worked with Leistiko for the past 15 years, and highly recommends RW’s quality of work. Eichelberg asked if Leistiko could estimate the quantity of traffic once the facility begins full operation. Leistiko stated that they are anticipating truck traffic in the form of deliveries from semi trailers and trash haulers. Eichelberg asked if Leistiko has a timetable for when he would begin operation. Leistiko responded that he could start leaf collection by this fall. Russek questioned Leistiko on the type of permit RW Farms would need to acquire. Leistiko stated that he is assuming that the County has a permit-by-rule for its composting site. The collection of yard waste could start immediately; however, the SSCM would require a Demonstration Project Permit or a Solid Waste Composting Facility Permit. He stated that they are hoping to avoid the permitting process for the Composting Facility Permit. Russek stated that his concern is that the hanger facility is being used by the County for storage and collection of other recycling items. With RW’s operations, they are proposing use of to the entire hanger. Leistiko countered that the proposal could be changed to meet the needs of Wright County. Heeter stated that she has difficulty imagining the size of his proposed plant. She stated that she toured the Carver County facility and asked how his proposed site compares. Leistiko stated that Carver contained 5-6,000 yards of waste, and his proposed site is for 200,000 yards. The hanger stands 20’ high and would hold 70,000 yards of composting material inside. He assumed it would take approximately two years to reach full capacity. He thought the facility would be at 20-50,000 yards by the end of fall. It was clarified that RW’s service and operation would be provided at no cost to the County. Sawatzke questioned what the breakdown would consist of for the four categories of materials. Leistiko stated that 60% of the composting material he would take would consist of yard waste, 20% brush, 15% SSCM mixed with yard waste, and 5% SSCM. Leistiko clarified that approximately 450 lbs. of fall leaves is equivalent to one yard. He has no intention to accept non-composting materials (i.e. plastics).
Leistiko continued to answer questions regarding his proposed operation and experience. Each of the Committee Members commented on the proposal. Mattson stated that he is not in favor of the proposal. He is satisfied with how the current facility is operated. He stated that he believes that the proposed operation would produce odor problems. Sawatzke stated that he believes Leistiko produces a good product, however, he does not feel comfortable with the volume of the operation. Russek stated that he too liked RW’s final product, however, he has concerns regarding the current use of the hanger by the Parks, Highway, and Sheriff Department. These departments use the facility for storage. Heeter commented that she toured the compost site at Carver County. She stated that RW ran a nice operation, however, she has concerns regarding the potential odor problems that could arise with this larger proposed operation. She stated that she does not believe it would be fair to the people within close proximity of the facility to endure the odor. She stated that she could not support the Board approving the proposed operation. Sawatzke stated that he would be in favor of a smaller pilot project. The project would be on a smaller scale and the idea would be to create a product with positive results. Eichelberg asked Leistiko what complaints have been made from his previous operations. Leistiko stated that he has never received complaints regarding odor. He stated that he has never had a litter or rodent problem. He stated that he would suspect that the Arboretum would have complaints if there was an issue since the compost site is located 75’ from the closest house and is located just off of State Highway 5. Eichelberg stated that he would be in favor of a smaller scale operation. Russek stated that he would like to see the schools getting involved in an SSCM pilot project. Russek stated that perhaps the new Jail/LEC could be a test for SSCM. He again stated that he is hesitant to support RW’s proposed, large-scaled, project. He stated that since the compost facility exists, he would be in favor of using the facility to its maximum capacity. Leistiko stated that he would be interested in returning before the Committee with a smaller-scaled proposal. Jean Bryant stated that she worked in the Buffalo School District food services program. She stated that food services is a self funded operation. She stated that it is her opinion that neither the school kitchen staff, nor the students, would take the time to source separate their garbage. She stated that as a neighbor of the compost facility, she is not in favor of a composting facility. During the initial operation, she was sick due to the methane odor. She stated that the citizens of Wright County are close to paying off the bond for the facility. The bond expires in 2012 and she is satisfied with how the facility is currently functioning. Eichelberg stated that the St. Michael/Albertville School District is practicing source separating and it does work to separate items for composting. Jeff Young stated that he is a resident of Wright County and lives a half mile from the compost facility. He stated that he encourages the Board to run the facility as it stands. He stated that on behalf of his neighbors, they would appreciate the support of the Board to run the facility as is. Goodman stated that he is not familiar with the Wright County school system, however, he has worked with Hennepin County on their organics program. Hennepin County has 45 schools that are doing the source separating and their contamination rate is phenomenally low. Kids at any age can learn to separate the material. RECOMMENDATION: No agreement now. The Committee will entertain hearing a future proposal, on a smaller scale, for yard waste composting only. (End of Committee Of The Whole Minutes)
An Owner’s Committee Meeting was held on 7-22-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Sawatzke. Mattson questioned whether approval of the minutes would indicate approval to purchase the items recommended. Sawatzke confirmed that this was the case. The Owner’s Committee has the authority to approve change orders up to a threshold of $25,000; otherwise approval is by the County Board. Mattson questioned the purchase of chairs and asked whether the chairs in the current Jail would be moved to the new site. Sawatzke said the chairs used in the current Jail are steel and will remain as they are secured into the cement flooring. The chairs proposed are high density plastic and moveable. Mattson questioned re-use of mattresses. Sawatzke said the current mattresses will be moved to the new site but additional mattresses will be ordered. The Committee is recommending reduced quantities of Norix items as follows:
Item; Amount Originally Requested; Amount Recommended To Order
Integra Chairs; 320; 200
Slammer Stool S562-103; 200; 140
Table, plain top XB4800PT; 24; 12
Table, plain top XB4800GT; 24; 12
Tough Chair C140; 48; 24
The products are included in the FF&E Opinion of Probable Costs worksheet distributed at the meeting. A total of $405,870 is designated for office chairs, tables, lobby furniture, conference tables, files, A/V equipment, medical equipment, etc. An update on these costs may be included as part of today’s Owner’s Committee Meeting. Mattson referenced the Motorola radio costs and questioned whether this was an added feature or included in the radio system purchased. He felt the radio system should have been a complete package. Sawatzke indicated they are relying on staff and consultants for their expertise in this area. Russek said what is being recommended for approval is what is needed to operate within the Jail. The motion to approve the minutes carried 5-0:
The following changes were made to the Agenda: Item IV was incorrectly listed as Bill Swing and should be listed as Capt. Gary Torfin (Torfin); Add Purchase Requisitions to be presented as part of the FF&E Summary presented by Buikema (Torfin); Add Item V, “Marc Mattice RE: Update on Weed Control.”
I. A&P.
A. Project Schedule Update-Rick Streich.
Streich provided an update (see attached schedule).
B. PCO’s Approved by Captain Torfin.
1. PCO #86 – BP#3 Frame J1053B At Manager’s Office - $723.00.
Torfin explained this is for a different size window frame in the kitchen prep area. The back splash was too high for the window frame so it needed to be changed.
C. PCO-Request For Approval.
1. PCO #081 – BP#3 PR #037 Additional Paint At Rooms - $8,037.00.
Buikema and Torfin re-evaluated a list of rooms that were originally cut from the list of those being painted. Typically storage rooms, electrical rooms, stairs, and unfinished block are not painted. The change also relates to some sheet rock that should have been painted (two rooms on the 2nd Floor, LEC). Buikema purposely omitted rooms that were unoccupied to keep costs down. Mechanical rooms are generally not painted. After review of the list, it was decided to paint the electronic equipment rooms and storage rooms for dust control. The list reflects critical areas that need paint and includes about 10 rooms.
Recommendation: Approve and proceed with PCO #081 – BP#3 PR #307 Additional Paint At Rooms - $8,037.00
2. PCO #084 – BP #3 PR #033 Add Card Control To Doors S2507 & S2218 - $7,280.00.
This item is being requested by Information Technology and includes doors to data closets.
Recommendation: Approve and proceed with PCO #084 – BP#3 PR #033 Add Card Control To Doors S2507 & S2218 - $7,280.00.
3. PCO #059 – BP #3 PR #021 Furnishing Keying Of Permanent Cylinder Cores - $10,988.00.
There are 262 cylinder cores. This will be added to the Tekton contract and will not be a change order.
Recommendation: Approve and proceed with PCO #059 – BP #3 PR #021 Furnishing Keying Of Permanent Cylinder Cores - $10,988.00.
D. Project Contingency $1,110,370.00.
Current Contingency $745,517.00.
The project contingency balance is $719,212. KKE has a 3% contingency and is currently running at 1.12%. The goal is no more than 2%.
E. Application For Payment #13.
The application for payment totals $3,863,824.58 and is approximately 73% billed out. It is A&P’s policy to request close out information from contractors at 70% complete so they can compile warranty issues, training, etc. Information will be communicated to Torfin on training schedules. There is also work completed on site that hasn’t been paid out as payments are 30 days behind. The site security is budgeted to 9-01-08. Streich said the store fronts will be delivered the first and second week of August which will secure the buildings. The glass may not arrive until the third week of August. The exterior doors were delivered yesterday. Sawatzke noted there was a large balance in the temporary stairs and ramps line item. Streich said they are still using the temporary stairs and ramps and will probably continue to until around the first part of September. Sawatzke was optimistic that there may be sizeable savings at the end of the project.
Recommendation: Approve.
F. Project FFE Budget $1,879,314.00.
1. Purchased Items w/FFE.
A. High Density Storage $142,183.00.
B. Relocating & Adding Evidence Storage $2,451.00.
C. Dispatch Furniture $121,981.43.
2. Current FFE Budget $1,612,698.57.
Blotske stated the project FF&E Budget is at $1,612,698.57. Blinds are not included in this figure. At the last meeting, it was decided that Buikema would bring information to today’s meeting on the base bid and the alternate.
G. Building Lifecycle Management.
Debra Gondeck-Becker, Associate AIA, A&P Construction, provided information on the Building Lifecycle Management Services offered. The services include electronic delivery of all close-out documentation, streamlined warranty call-backs during the standard warranty period, initial forecast of asset lifecycle costs, and inventory of assets to support maintenance management. During the lifecycle of a new facility, the owner can expect to spend between two and three times the initial construction cost to operate and maintain the facility systems and components. With a $40 million project, it will cost about $80 million to operate and maintain the facility for the next 50 years. If the building maintenance is properly managed, a savings of 10-20% may be realized. This would equate to potential savings of about $4 million or $150,000-$200,000 year for the next 50 years. Gondeck-Becker said that they have services available that would provide the County with information gathered throughout the project. With Building Lifecycle Management, information would be provided electronically on drawings, specifications, etc. With regard to warranty management, A&P would provide services for the first year. A&P will provide services beyond that point if desired. With Building Lifecycle Management, the inventory will be received during construction. A&P will meet with the County during the close-out process and will provide an 11-month walk through. Streich and Blotske will review the warranty management process. A&P can work with the County thereafter on management of the data and systems. Hayes said the County currently does not have a computerized building maintenance system and the new Jail/LEC may provide an opportunity to move into a new generation of building management. Gondeck-Becker said gathering the data during construction is the most beneficial method. Norman questioned whether the Building Lifecycle Management was part of the contract with A&P or whether it is something that is proposed as an addition to what services are included. Gondeck-Becker said as part of the current contract, they are required to do submittals. Blotske explained that all submittals for the project have been scanned upon receipt from the architects and engineers. As a requirement for each contractor, the specifications reflect that they are to provide one paper copy of their record drawings, an O&M manual, and three CD copies. Blotske felt it was important for the County to receive one hard copy book. Gondeck-Becker said the electronic documents are part of the contract. The warranty process is part of the contract and provides a one-year warranty. However, the way they do it is not part of the contract. A&P revamped their warranty management system this year and have seen great response times with the electronic system. It is much more efficient. Hayes questioned whether A&P will want work orders submitted electronically. Blotske said it is more efficient that way. Blotske stated that A&P will always be a contact for the County on the project, even after 20 years. They will retain all the same information that the County has. The Project Manager and Superintendent will continue to be the contacts which is beneficial as they know the building. Facilities Asset Management is not a part of the contract but A&P provides this to owners as a way to forecast what is needed to repair and maintain the facility during different periods. The Computerized Maintenance Management System is also optional and depends on the needs of the County.
II. KKE Architects.
A. Update On FF&E Budget.
Buikema distributed a handout reflecting FF&E Opinion of Probable Costs (attached) which includes a room by room inventory of FF&E requirements through the project. The amount includes office chairs, tables, lobby furniture, conference tables, files, A/V equipment, medical equipment, etc. The amount includes $121,981 in Dispatch furniture. The remainder of the items on the list have been specifically identified or purchased. The $23,500 listed for blinds is what is recommended. Buikema stated that Capt. Torfin would provide an update on jail furniture items ordered. The total is $987,142. Items not reflected in this total are fuel for the generator and evidence drying cabinets. Sawatzke requested that an update be provided at the next meeting on furniture and equipment.
Herman Miller Work Stations. Sawatzke questioned the cost of the Intereum furniture. Hayes explained that the existing modular furniture in the Sheriff Department will be reused where possible. Discussion led to chairs for the new LEC. Hoffman explained that the Committee was provided with a breakdown of chairs a few months ago. Many of the chairs currently being used as task chairs are not task chairs. Therefore, some of the cost associated relates to upgrading to eight hour task chairs. Other chairs were upgraded as they were from the 1970’s. Hoffman thought they were reusing all task chairs in the new facility. With regard to the $405,870 figure, Hoffman felt that figure may include janitorial supplies for each custodial closet (approximately $500). Sawatzke requested a breakdown of what is in the $405,870 figure. Hayes said the Intereum order will have to be revised and a new price obtained. Sawatzke questioned whether the mattresses from the current Jail will be reused at the new Jail site. Capt. Torfin confirmed they will reuse mattresses. Only 120 new mattresses have been ordered, which will furnish two pods. They are also ordering trays, drying racks, and carts for the kitchen. They are ordering light as the Jail will not be fully occupied at this point. The costs reflected for ANCOM relate to a repeater system required for the radios in the new facility (due to the size of the building and type of construction). The system needs to be cabled prior to the installation of the ceiling panels. The omission of the Watch Tour Package was originally intentional but the Package is now needed.
Norix: The items listed under Norix include chairs, stools, and tables. The stacking chairs will be used in less critical areas and not in housing units. The same type of chairs are currently being used. The slammer stools were selected in place of the steel stools omitted in the cells. The tables include detention tables with plain and game tops. The tough chairs are dense foam. As the cost of the items combined is over $50,000, the County would be required to obtain bids. Hayes contacted the factory representative but they couldn’t identify a contract for the County to purchase under. Others may sell Norix jail equipment but the factory would be bidding direct against the suppliers. Another option would be to select another manufacturer to allow for more bidding. Sawatzke questioned why 320 Integra chairs were being purchased which will be more than is required for the next 5 years. He also felt that they could potentially order fewer tables as there will not be inmates in some of the pods. If the amount of items ordered is reduced, the cost would decrease below $50,000 and result in no legal requirements for bidding. Capt. Torfin responded that if the items are purchased at this time, bonds could be used. Otherwise, the purchase at a later date would be funded through levy dollars. Sawatzke said if the $10,000 were saved now, it could be used toward bonding costs. In the end, it will cost the taxpayers the same amount.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase of the following quantities of Norix items: 200-Integra Chairs; 140-Slammer Stool S562-103; 12-Table, plain top XB4800PT; 12-Table, plain top XB4800GT; 24-Tough Chair C140.
Plast.O.Con. The request is to purchase the following items: 24-DHT Insulator Trays, 12-Transport Carriers POC-35-BSI, 4-Delivery Carts NUF3048, and 2-Tray Drying Racks POC-721. The items are for the Jail kitchen.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase with funding from FF&E.
Bob Barker. The purchase is for 120 mattresses and 120 pillows for two pods. The remainder will be moved from the current Jail.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase with funding from FF&E.
Time Keeping Systems. The Watch Tour Package is a software package used during completion and logging of rounds and documenting security checks. This was not included in the bid.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase with funding from FF&E.
Dynamic Imaging. This is for PictureLink equipment and software in the Jail. The existing software will remain at the current Jail site for Rule 5 bookings and used by Court Security. A booking station will be set up in front of the Jail Administration Office.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase with funding from FF&E.
ANCOM. Includes Motorola Repeater and radios. Hayes questioned whether the repeater will be able to accommodate the Building Care & Maintenance radios. Capt. Torfin responded that in 2012, they are moving to digital so it should not be a problem.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase with funding from FF&E.
LSS. The request is to purchase a platform truck with pneumatic tires for moving items through the Jail.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase with funding from FF&E.
ULINE. The request is to purchase a pallet jack.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase with funding from FF&E.
Purchase Requisitions Presented By Capt. Torfin-FF&E Budget:
2.5 Yard Stationary Compactor. This compactor is designed for the facility. Quotes were received from Waste Management ($18,100) and Wastequip ($14,900). Wastequip is the vendor the current compactor was purchased from.
Recommendation: Approve purchase of 2.5 Yard Stationary Compactor from Wastequip ($14,900). Fund from FF&E.
Fingerprint Capture Station. A quote will be brought to a future meeting for review. Estimated cost is $25,000-$26,000. The current fingerprint station would be able to be used at the new site if needed.
B. Review Of Options For Window Blinds.
A copy of the bid tabulations for the window blinds was distributed (attached). The apparent low bid for the base and alternate is Kustom Blinds. Buikema said they do not meet specifications. The advantages of the more expensive blind are esthetics, the amount of light that is let in, and the quality of the product. Buikema has concern with the plastic blind turning yellow. It was the consensus of the Committee that Kustom Blinds provide a sample of the blinds for review at the next meeting. The blinds will not be installed until October.
C. Project Update.
No update was provided.
III. John Williamson, Willen Inc.
A. Update On Activities.
Williamson submitted a letter to the County reflecting the progress of the project, which he viewed as very good. The contractors are meeting the milestones established by the construction schedule. A few minor quality issues were corrected at the onset with the contractors. Some of the issues included requiring the contractor to use conduit for thermostat wiring and ductwork not being properly protected. When the cells were shipped to the project, the plumbing components were mounted on the equipment. Some of the components are assembled with a slip joint which is a gasket joint (not threaded). Over the course of shipping, the components became loose which could create a problem. Hayes questioned the process on the circulation pumps and asked whether Williamson will test them to make sure they will be operated within the parameters. Williamson said this information is logged and the County is provided with the copy. They first go through a pre-start up inspection to review all the components to make sure everything is in place and meets specifications. The next step is to be present when the equipment is turned on to make sure items rotate in the correct direction and there are no strange noises, etc. As time goes on, he will monitor the contractors as they complete adjustments. At the end of the process, he will make sure the equipment operates properly. A series of tests are completed with a varying degree of operation. Sawatzke questioned whether the quality of work is better if a commissioning agent is hired for a job. Williamson said that many times, the commissioning agent’s work is like that of a rubber stamp, except for testing. For the most part, the contractors on this project have done an excellent job in his opinion. Hayes asked for recommendations by Williamson on the Building Lifecycle Management. Williamson felt it was a good idea to move forward with computerized maintenance. There are other sources for this service. As far as warranty, that is part of the service provided by Williamson. Sawatzke said the project is about 75% complete and questioned the status of Williamson’s work. Williamson felt it was at about 50%. In the next few weeks, they will begin commissioning meetings which are specifically designed to establish timelines and procedural elements to carry through to the end of the project. The meetings will be attended by Williamson, A&P, the subcontractors, and the County’s Building Maintenance Supervisor. Williamson said he has a great deal of experience with geo thermal. There can be a multitude of problems associated with this type of system depending on how it goes together and issues with well fields. The largest problem associated with well fields is when they are not cleaned and flushed properly. When the glycol solution is put in, foaming may result. This can prevent the transfer of heat and lock up the system. Hayes questioned when the efficiency of the field drops. Williamson said the glycol solution has a life expectancy of 5-7 years. Heat exchangers also have a period of time where they begin to have problems. Russek said that they were told that maintaining the system would be somewhat similar to maintaining boilers. Williamson said it is very similar but maintenance activities vary slightly.
IV. Gary Torfin.
A. Jail Radio System – Approve FF&E Purchase Of Repeater & Antenna Installation Allowing For UHF Radio Communications.
The Committee discussed the ANCOM equipment reflected on the FF&E Opinion of Probable Costs distributed by Buikema. The ANCOM costs include the Motorola Repeater and radios. Hayes questioned whether the repeater will be able to accommodate the Building Care & Maintenance radios. Capt. Torfin responded that they need to phase out of the old equipment and into digital by 2012. He did not feel this would be a problem. Hoffman said that the repeater will only work in the Jail portion of the new facility, that there are no repeaters for that type of frequency on the LEC side. A repeater is not required outside of the Jail as it is different construction. Torfin explained that the radios purchased will be the first increment of digital radios purchased. By 2012, they will have enough digital radios to operate in a narrow band mode. It will work both for analog and digital. Torfin said this will be the case for the entire facility. Hayes said it will need to be determined how the maintenance radios will work. Torfin said they need this issue approved today prior to the ceiling being installed.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase of the repeater and radios.
Mattice explained mowing of the Jail/LEC site was completed where feasible. Trash was picked up by the STS and the Juvenile Work Crews. Mattice proposed the purchase of a disc to level the area. A used disc is available at a cost of $350 (disc $250 + hydraulic lift cylinder $100). Next year the disc could be scrapped for about $250. Mattice checked on rental and it will cost about $1200 plus parts. There are many rocks and unleveled soil. Once leveled, the land could be rented.
Recommendation: Authorize purchase of used disc and cylinder to be funded from FF&E.
(End of Owner’s Committee Minutes)
Due to the occurrence of five Tuesdays in September, Russek moved to cancel the 9-30-08 County Board Meeting. This date was selected because of the Quad County Meeting which will be held that day in Stearns County. The motion was seconded by Mattson. Sawatzke brought forth a potential issue to discuss at the Quad County Meeting. It is proposed to locate a NASCAR site just north of Wright County in Big Lake Township. Sawatzke said the largest impact on Wright County would be traffic on TH 25 and noise. He said there are already traffic problems on I-94 as well. He felt Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, should be advised of the proposed site. Sawatzke was unsure of the position of the Sherburne County Board or the City on the issue.
Correspondence was received from the City of Waverly requesting a reduction in law enforcement contract hours. The City’s contract is 4 hours/day for 8 months of the year and 6 hours/day from May through August. The request is to reduce the additional 2 hours/day from May through August (approximately 24 hours or $13,440 annually). Sheriff Gary Miller said during the mid 1990’s, there was a need for increased patrol in Waverly which was met by increasing the patrol coverage from May through August. The City is experiencing financial difficulties and has requested dropping the additional coverage. Sheriff Miller did not feel this would pose any public safety concerns. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, contacted Chief Deputy Joe Hagerty on the contract and it was verified that the City is looking for an amended contract for 2009. The current contract period is 2008-2009. Sawatzke moved to authorize amending the Law Enforcement Contract with the City of Waverly reducing the law enforcement coverage for the period of May through August by 2 hours/day in 2009. The motion was seconded by Russek. Mattson questioned whether this was approved by the City Council. Norman responded that correspondence from the City’s Clerk/Treasurer reflects that the Waverly City Council is requesting the amendment. The assumption is that the request is being made by the Clerk on behalf of the City. Russek said the City Council will still need to take action authorizing their Mayor to sign the documents. The motion carried unanimously.
Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg recently attended an AMC Conference in St. Cloud. Mattson attended transportation meetings. One of the issues discussed was bike trails within the street system including a 3’ bike trail between the curb and the two lanes. Considerable discussion occurred on this topic. A concern is that there currently is not enough recovery area without narrowing the lanes even more. The person presenting the information is going to go back to their Board and review where the bike lanes should be placed. Mattson suggested following this topic closely to prevent being forced into following inadequate requirements. Eichelberg attended sessions on General Government Public Safety. One topic was doing more with short term offenders. He felt AMC will mail more information on this subject. Another issue discussed was public defenders. Eichelberg stated Wright County signed a contract recently for this service for the remainder of this year and plans to negotiate for 2009. He found it interesting that another County was going to proceed with a contract, and a judge in that county indicated that he would make the appointment of this position instead.
Bills Approved
City Albertville. $2,634.60
Amerpride Linen and Apparel 214.73
Aramark Correctional Services 5,454.83
B & B Products - Rigs and Squa 3,237.96
Bear Graphics Inc. 417.47
Boyer Truck Parts 364.44
BP Amoco 4,107.60
Caldwell Asphalt Co. Inc. 236,849.69
Catco Parts Service 159.56
Center Point Energy 1,524.76
Centra Sota Lake Region LLC 65,851.71
Central McGowan Inc. 139.09
Chamberlain Oil Co. 2,851.01
CIT Information Services 8,495.00
Climate Air 396.20
The Coleman Company Inc. 592.31
Commissioner of Transportation 8,605.12
Continental Safety Equipment 126.37
Cub Foods 113.96
Datalux Corporation 772.96
Design Electrical Contractors 871.50
Embarq 400.08
Gateway Companies Inc. 298.19
Denny Hecker’s Monticello Ford 21,181.00
Helena Chemical Company 2,012.85
Hewlett Packard 828.57
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 2,556.00
HR Specialist Employment Law 136.00
Louis Huber 125.00
Integrated Fire & Security 1,013.34
Interstate Automotive 133.12
Keeprs Inc. 463.98
L-3 Communications Mobile Visi 153.37
Law Enforcement Targets Inc. 767.34
Danielle Lee 163.80
Maple Lake Lumber Company 459.91
Marco 142.69
Marco Inc. 3,312.37
Marysville Township 1,431.70
The Metro Group Inc. 3,025.03
Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Inc. 1,444.12
MN Attorney General’s Office 166.65
MN Sheriffs’ Association 575.00
Monticello Times Inc. 2,509.60
Morries Parts & Service Group 3,906.58
Robert Mossman 226.13
Margaret Munson 155.54
Nextel Communications 159.04
Office Depot 2,688.91
Lynn Peavey Company 412.00
David Pederson 390.30
Polar Chevrolet 29,855.60
Qwest 1,867.31
Frank Ramacciotti 200.00
Rhodes Lock & Glass 230.04
Thomas Richards 100.00
Royal Tire Inc. 2,372.01
Ryan Chevrolet 787.73
Shell Fleet Plus 549.21
Sherburne County Sheriff 20,443.16
Sherwin Williams 250.81
Software House International 60,180.95
City South Haven 1,108.75
Spectrum Solutions 14,728.00
Sprint 3,413.99
City St. Michael 5,125.60
Star Tribune 2,016.20
State of MN-Office Enterprise 1,040.00
STS Consultants LTD 697.79
Sweeney Brothers 3,735.73
Tech Depot 813.37
Tilsner Carton Co. 960.94
United Parcel Service 108.59
Voss Lighting 382.11
Walmart Store 01-1577 437.31
City Waverly 626.95
Wright Co. Highway Dept .66,480.78
Wright Hennepin Co-op Elec 630.91
Keith Wurm Construction 540.00
Xcel Energy 1,508.35
Zip’s Diesel Injection Serv. 582.40
2nd Wind 161.83
31 Payments less than $100 1,388.61
Final total $618,344.14
The meeting adjourned at 10:00 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Sept. 1, 2008.