Wright County Board Minutes

SEPTEMBER 16, 2008
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present.
The minutes of 9-16-08 were corrected as follows: Page 2, 3rd paragraph, add a sentence at the end of the paragraph which reads, “The motion was seconded by Heeter and carried 5-0” (Norman). Heeter moved to approve the minutes with the addition, seconded by Russek, carried unanimously.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Amend Item For Consid. #1 to include, “Personnel Committee Minutes” (Norman); Add Item For Consid. #5, “AMC Award” (Russek). Heeter moved to approve the Agenda with the two additions, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.
On a motion by Russek, second by Heeter, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: W. LaSonne’, Assr.; A. Duis, C. Hohl, M. Sandquist, Atty.: K. Labo, Aud.; H. Bray, J. Coolen, C. Paulson, Hwy.; V. Klemz, S. Poirier, Sheriff.
2. O/T Reports, Period Ending 8-08-08 & 8-22-08.
1. Approve Maintenance/Construction Agreement With McLeod County For County Road 56.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the August Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines for review. Hiivala said nothing stands out as extraordinary in the report. Fees are low but interest income is higher than projected. Russek noted that tax collection appears to be low. Hiivala stated that the State funds part of the levy which will be received in November, making the first half tax collection to appear delinquent but it is not. On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the August Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines.
A County Ditch 10 update was provided. Bids were opened at the last County Board Meeting, and Mattson and Hiivala were directed to verify the bids and come back with a recommendation. At today’s Meeting, Mattson said that the low bid from Ed Rettmann Jr. Excavating (Hutchinson) of $2553.00 (1702’) and $3,520.00 (672’) was verified and will include features that the other two bids did not include at no cost. The Ditch will be cleaned so it is smooth. He extended appreciation to the contractors for bidding on this repair. Mattson moved to approve the bid from Ed Rettmann Jr. Excavating for repair of County Ditch 10. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0.
Hiivala requested the Board schedule a date for the post election review of the General Election results. This allows precincts to hand count ballots. Last Thursday, the Canvassing Board met and the following entities were selected for recount (Buffalo City Precinct #1, Monticello Township, and the City of South Haven). Three positions will be recounted (President, US Senate, and Congress). Gloria Gooler, Election Supervisor, said voter turnout is high so it may take the entire day to count the positions. Sawatzke moved to schedule the Post Election Review of the General Election Results for 11-13-08 at 9:00 A.M. in the Community Room. Gooler explained the election judges from each precinct will complete the post election recount review with the Auditor’s Office coordinating the recount. County Board members are not required to be in attendance. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0.
The claims listing was reviewed. Mattson noted that the Corrections Department has not submitted claims relating to the Jail (food, medical) for a couple of weeks so he anticipated future listings to reflect high expenditures. Mattson moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. Russek referenced Page 11, Mike MacMillan, Court Services ($1,006.44). Russek was in contact with MacMillan and learned that Wright County will be reimbursed by Sherburne County for this amount. The motion to approve the claims was seconded by Russek. Hiivala referenced Page 11, First District Domestic Violence ($195.00) for conference registrations. He said the signature copy has been corrected to $130.00 as $65.00 of this payment was pulled. The motion to approve the claims carried 5-0.
Julie Gugin, Executive Director of the Minnesota Home Ownership Center, presented information to the Board. The Minnesota Home Ownership Center is a non-profit agency based in St. Paul. They work Statewide with a network of agencies, including Wright County Community Action. Their purpose is two fold. The first is to provide a range of services to low and moderate income home buyers looking to purchase a home. The second is to focus on Minnesota homeowners facing foreclosure. Gugin’s presentation focused on services provided to those facing foreclosure. Wright County is ranked the 6th highest in the State for foreclosures. In 2007, the number of foreclosures in Wright County was 753 and this number is projected to increase by 50% for 2008. The role of the Minnesota Home Ownership Center is to convene a network of agencies throughout the State. The Center does not provide the services directly but instead conducts outreach and education. They would like to share the message with consumers that there is assistance to those facing a mortgage crisis. Gugin stressed that those in this situation should contact the Center early in the process. The best time to seek help from a mortgage advisor is before a consumer is behind in payments. Once the process has moved to a Sheriff sale, there is little that can be done to save a home. A checklist is provided to consumers to educate them about the services that are available. Another tool used is the Telephone Seminars (telephone conferences). One of these seminars is scheduled for 10-15-08 from 7:00-8:00 P.M., 1-888-886-6603. Participants are invited to listen to the phone conversation on foreclosure information and services. Participants can remain anonymous and ask questions through a moderator. Another option is to leave a phone message for a return call the next day. There is a common misconception that a resident must leave their home at the point of a Sheriff’s sale or notice of a Sheriff sale. One of the key messages they want to get across is that in the State of Minnesota, residents have six months past the date of the Sheriff sale to remain on site. This is a redemption period where a homeowner is allowed a time period to save money providing an easier transition to a new home. The home is to be maintained during this period. Gugin said when people move down the road to foreclosure, their information and housing status becomes public record. This can bring out scam artists. Consumers may be inundated with mail and phone calls of those wanting to purchase their home at a reduced value and possibly lease it back to the consumer. She encouraged consumers to contact one of the advisors at the Minnesota Home Ownership Center with any such information. She stressed that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Gugin was thanked for her presentation.
A Building Committee Meeting was held on 9-10-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Mattson said that with regard to the proposed fitness area in the Government Center (current exercise area being vacated by the Sheriff Department in 2009), the Committee recommendation is to authorize use of the area after the Sheriff vacates as long as there are no costs involved. He was unsure whether the Administration Department had reviewed the space to determine if it is a suitable place for such activity. He understands there will be donated exercise equipment. As long as there is no cost, Mattson recommended using this area for this purpose after the Sheriff vacates. Mattson suggested this topic be referred to a Building Committee Of The Whole Meeting to discuss use of the entire Sheriff Department area once vacated. Mattson moved to approve the minutes as written and said he hoped the Board would approve of his discussion. Eichelberg said the motion included approval of the minutes and recommendations and called for a second. Russek questioned whether the motion included the recommendation to fix the lighting in the Administration Department. Mattson then provided an overview on that issue. Eichelberg asked for a motion on the minutes and both recommendations. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, indicated that there was a motion on the floor, which was made by Commissioner Mattson and that there was no second to the motion. Sawatzke said Mattson had not finished review of the minutes so that motion was not accepted. Sawatzke said with regard to the fitness area, he had some concerns that were not addressed in the Committee Minutes. He felt that an exercise area at the Government Center for use by employees may be viewed as a different standard by employees at other locations (Public Works, HS Center). The new LEC will have a fitness area for deputies. He questioned whether an employee injured on a break would be eligible for workers’ compensation. Norman responded that if an employee is on break, they are on a non-work status. This is not any different than if an employee were injured doing some other type of activity during their break. Sawatzke questioned whether the building inspector has approved the area for occupancy by staff. Sawatzke felt it fair to assume that if a new facility were to be built with a fitness room similar to this, it would not be deemed acceptable by the building inspector. Norman said the area has not been reviewed by the building inspector to address this question. Sawatzke referenced the comments made by Mattson and a portion of the Committee recommendation that reflects the Committee recommends approval as long as there are no costs involved. He then cited 3-4 areas in the Minutes which suggest that the County may incur costs in the future. Sawatzke felt this issue should be referred to a Building Committee Of The Whole Meeting. He wanted an opportunity to tour the area to see how it fits in with the rest of the building and to address whether doing something would result in problems for the future. Once the space has been approved for use in the suggested manner, it will be difficult to take it away. Since the space will not become available until May, 2009, he felt this issue should be laid over to a future Building Committee Of The Whole Meeting. Heeter said she participated in the tour of the current fitness area. She was willing to put County funding toward a fitness area for employees. She had concern with use of donated equipment that may be sub-standard and not under warranty. If an employee is injured, it would then be hard to work with the manufacturer if the equipment was donated. Although this may not be a desirable place for this purpose, the space is not being utilized for anything else. She understood Sawatzke’s concern with fitness space for other buildings. However, she felt the County needed to move in this direction. Exercise impacts the health of staff, the cost of insurance, and it is the direction in which companies are heading. She restated that she was willing to spend dollars toward this cause. Mattson said the motion he made previously included sending this issue to the Building Committee Of The Whole. Heeter said she agreed with this recommendation. Sawatzke moved to approve the content of the minutes and recommendation to send Item #1, Discussion RE: Employee Fitness Area, to the Building Committee Of The Whole. The motion was seconded by Russek. Mattson said he had included that in his motion originally so he would vote against the motion. The motion includes approval of Item #2, Lighting in the Administration Department.
The motion carried 4-1 with Mattson casting the nay vote.
DISCUSSION RE: EMPLOYEE FITNESS AREA. Mattice stated that he was appointed by the Leadership Team as the department head to chair the Wellness Committee. A Sub-committee formed to discuss the future of the current fitness center, located in the basement of the Sheriff’s Department. Brazelton and Adelmen are the co-chairs of the Sub-committee. A Memo was distributed at the 8-26-08 Board Meeting, which Brazelton read aloud. Brazelton stated that with the Sheriff’s Department vacating the space currently allocated to it at the Government Center early in 2009, the suggestion has been made to the Wellness Committee to consider preserving the basement workout area and first floor showers and locker room for a County-wide Fitness Area and locker room. The basement workout area is currently being used by the Sheriff’s Department as an exercise area. Upon completion of the L.E.C., the exercise equipment at the Government Center is planned to be moved to the L.E.C. Brazelton stated that the exercise equipment was purchased by the Sheriffs Department. The basement workout area is accessible from the first floor of the Sheriff’s Department and through a basement hallway coming in from the outside. The locker rooms are located on the first floor of the Sheriff’s Department accessible through a short hallway located off the main public hallway and easily accessible with little interruption to the existing offices and cubicles. Brazelton added further comment that since the long range plan for the Sheriffs space is not known, the Wellness Committee did not feel that the use of the locker rooms and fitness center would be disruptive to any department that takes over the space. The Wellness Committee would like to equip the Fitness Room with some basic exercise equipment. The Committee would consider accepting exercise equipment donations from employees so long as it is in satisfactory condition. Brazelton added comment by stating that she has a neighbor that has volunteered to donate her treadmill and other equipment. Employees will be encouraged to work out, at their own risk, before, during or after work on their personal time. Brazelton stated that employees would be required to sign a liability waiver. In addition, having showers and a locker room available at work would encourage jogging or biking to work because of the availability to shower and change after a physically exerting activity. This concept requires no additional County expenditures. The Wellness Committee would rely upon the County for cleaning and maintenance of the Fitness Area and locker rooms as it is currently doing. This idea would be tested on a trial basis before any equipment is purchased to gauge employee interest and project feasibility.
Having these facilities available to employees would encourage a more active and healthy lifestyle. The 2008 Medical and Dental Renewal Analysis presented by B & C Consulting, LLC, revealed that Wright County’s use of health insurance was 101.60%. The desired rate is 84%, demonstrating a need for Wright County employees to take a more active role in managing their health. The Wright County Wellness Committee’s mission is to provide educational activities and programs that contribute to the overall health and wellness of employees. A Fitness Area and locker rooms available to employees at work is a perfect match with the Wellness Committee’s mission. Brazelton listed the following benefits in supplying a fitness center for County employees: 1) Encourage and make leading an active and fit lifestyle more convenient for employees lowering the County’s health insurance costs; 2) Provide employees an opportunity to get away from their workstation during their breaks reducing repetitive motion injuries; 3) Encourage and promote employee interaction across department lines better enabling employees to do their job; 4) Enhance employee recruitment and retention by recognizing this benefit is available to all employees; 5) Enable employees to choose another option, other than the vehicle, for commuting to work, i.e. bicycle, jogging; 6) Create more productive employees by enabling them to break up their day with a few exercises; 7) Develop a culture of health conscience employees that will influence existing and new employees joining the organization, and 8) Provide the Wellness Committee with a tool for playing a more active role in employees’ health by sponsoring events and scheduling fitness training and sessions. She stated that overall, this will enhance employee retention. Adelman stated that it is her opinion that it is the employee’s responsibility to have an interest in their health, and the County needs to play a part in providing healthy alternatives. Norman asked if the Wellness Committee is aware of how often the fitness center is currently being used by non-Sheriff employees. Brazelton stated no, however, the fitness center is not widely known or advertised. Mattson asked whether the County still has a corporate relationship with Gold’s Gym. Brazelton stated no. When Gold’s took over the ownership of the gym, the Wellness Committee attempted to negotiate a contract with them with no luck. Heeter stated that she feels it is to the County’s benefit to encourage its employees to pursue healthy activities. The Committee then took a walking tour of the fitness area and locker rooms. It was noted that each of the bathrooms have one shower and many lockers. Brazelton stated that the fitness area is contained in the basement where no office could be placed. The space is readily available as a fitness facility. Norman pointed out that the area has two exits, however, is not wheelchair accessible. Mattice asked if wheelchair accessibility is a concern. Norman stated that he did not believe it would be for an existing basement fitness facility. Melvin proposed that the area be used on a trial basis to gage the level of interest and monitor potential problems. Heeter stated that she would be in favor of allocating funds from the Site Improvements line item for an elliptical machine and treadmills. She stated that participation and interest can depend on the quality of fitness equipment. Mattson asked Brazelton if there would be any expense involved in the new fitness facility. Brazelton stated that to make the idea attractive, no expenditures are expected. The fitness equipment would be donated. The Wellness Committee would appreciate funding, and will be selective on its donated equipment. Mattson asked who would arrange the schedule for the area. Brazelton stated that the area would be self-policed, and would be available during lunch break, breaks, before, and after work. If the equipment became popular, a sign-up sheet allocating ten minute time-slots would be made available. Mattice asked Melvin if he saw non-Sheriff employees using the facility in his presence. Melvin stated no. Brazelton stated that the access is limited to Sheriffs employees. In her experience, she has not heard of the area to be advertised for other department use. Norman asked if the Wellness Committee has compiled a donated equipment wishlist. Brazelton stated that the Committee is waiting to pursue this until it hears of the Board’s decision. She stated that it is a small space, so it would need to be organized thoroughly to determine what is needed. Melvin stated that the Evidence Processing room is located next to the fitness facility which may address growth needs if the area becomes popular. Mattson proposed that unwanted donated equipment could go to County auction. Melvin asked when the room would become available. Norman stated approximately May, 2009. Mattice asked if the current exercise mats would be brought over to the new facility. Hayes stated that he is assuming that the fitness center at the new Jail/LEC will be completed with appropriate flooring to accommodate a fitness center. He stated that he did not think the mats would be moved to the new building. Heeter stated that she feels a fitness center is in the best interest of County employees. She stated exercise promotes productivity, lowers insurance costs, and is what companies are doing today. She stated that she is willing to make an investment in the County’s employees. Heeter stated that she would be willing to allocate money from the Site Improvements line item to the project to purchase good quality equipment. Mattson stated that he would be in favor of an employee fitness center as long as there are no costs involved. RECOMMENDATION: Authorize use of the current fitness area as an employee Fitness Center after the Sheriffs Department vacates the building in 2009, as long as there are no costs are involved.
LIGHTING IN THE ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT. Norman stated that the remodeling is almost complete in the Administration Department, and there are three areas that are lacking in light. The lighting plan did not adequately address three areas: the waiting room, and two administrative cubicles. Norman stated that he is seeking authorization to improve lighting in those areas. He noted that the remodeling project came in well under budget. Hayes stated that he figures the lighting project would cost approximately $2,500. RECOMMENDATION: Authorize proceeding with lighting correction at a not-to-exceed amount of $3,000.00. (End of Building Committee Minutes)
Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, requested the Board authorize Agreement execution and signature of the Parks Administrator on the Metro Greenways Grant in the amount of $200,000 to Wright County for the Bertram Chain of Lakes. At the 3-11-08 County Board Meeting, the Parks Administrator was authorized to apply for the Metro Greenways Grant Program and a support letter for the Grant was approved by the County Board. Since that time, Wright County was awarded $200,000 from the program for their efforts. Phase I is projected at a cost of $3.6 million. Mattson asked whether approval of the Grant commits the County to purchasing the property from the YMCA. Mattice said this commits the County to a match but the Grant funding can be declined if the Board chooses not to proceed. Sawatzke provided an overview of what has transpired to date. A number of months ago, the City and County negotiated and came up with an offer of $20.5 million to purchase the YMCA property. The YMCA accepted the offer with a 1/3 split between the State, City and County. The County and City are in the process of trying to negotiate an agreement contingent upon obtaining $9 million from the State. In the near future, an agreement will be reviewed by the County Board and City Council allowing phasing of the project which would allow the City and County 4 years to come up with the $9 million. The County and City would then review whether to sign the agreement which will be contingent upon receiving funding from the State. The County and City will make up the $11.5 million split. They have found that no one has $9 million to offer at one time. They have to try to obtain funding from various sources. About $1.2 million has been raised in the past few months and they will continue to try to raise the $7-$8 million additional. Sawatzke hoped to sit down with the Board to discuss the entire plan. The process has been moving slower than envisioned but Sawatzke felt something should be presented in the next month or so. Mattson said when this process started, the economy was in great shape. Things have since changed. He said he was against approval if this commits the County. Whether or not grant funding is involved, he said it is taxpayer money. Sawatzke agreed. However, the $200,000 with this Grant and the $1 million received previously through the LCCMR came from lottery proceeds. It is State of Minnesota funding that if not used toward this project, will go to another County to apply funding toward a project in their park. Norman stated that if approved, the Board should authorize signature of the Board Chair on the Agreement instead of the Parks Administrator. The grantee is Wright County and Mattice will serve in the capacity of authorized representative to administer the Grant. Mattson questioned whether this funding effort is being done jointly between the County and the City. Sawatzke explained that the County is the applicant for the $1 million received from the LCCMR and the $200,000 from Metro Greenways. The City has been asked to be the applicant on funding requests in 2009. The LCCMR and Metro Greenways have been made aware of the fact that this is a joint project and that more funding is needed to complete this mission. They realize it may not become a reality. Heeter moved to authorize the Agreement with signature of the County Board Chair, seconded by Sawatzke. Mattson questioned whether the $200,000 was included in budget figures. Sawatzke said it will depend on how the Board decides to fund the project. He felt that since there is $3-$4 million in the Capital Improvement Fund, the match of $200,000 could be funded from there. Mattice said this amount was included in the 2008 and 2009 budgets; but it was agreed that costs would be addressed at the time grants are obtained. The motion carried 5-0.
A Ways & Means Committee Meeting was held on 9-10-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Russek. Mattson referenced the handout attached to the minutes which reflects that 15 counties have a tentative plan that had not yet been adopted by the board. Mattson asked to be provided with that information. Sawatzke recalled that Mattson asked for this information at the Committee Meeting. The motion carried 5-0:
Kelly distributed a handout prepared by Karvel, “Information on CHIPS Representation”, (see attached). The research was primarily to show how each of the counties are addressing the legislative change on CHIPS (Child in Need Of Protective Service) representation. Out of 87 counties, three counties have refused to pay for representation in CHIPS/TPR cases. Kelly stated that he has not seen any information indicating that litigation from the three counties has begun, and as of 9-10-08, there has not been a legislative fix. Kelly commented that from the perspective of the County Attorney’s Association, the Statute has always assigned the liability of CHIPS/TPR representation costs as a County function. Kelly stated that prior to the State providing aid for these mandated services, there used to be a roster of appointed attorneys and when a CHIPS case arose, an attorney was appointed, and paid accordingly by the County. As of July 8, 2008, the State ceased its funding of CHIPS/TPR representation and the Public Defenders withdrew their representation of parents in these cases. The County is finding itself having to solely fund these services again. Kelly stated that he would recommend entering into a contract with a private attorney. A contractual agreement would aid in controlling the costs associated with CHIPS/TPR cases. Norman distributed copies of a 9-02-08 Star & Tribune article, “Parental-rights cases: Who should pay?” (see attached) which discusses AMC’s position and strategies. Kelly stated that AMC implies that they will go to battle with the legislature. Norman stated that given what the Statute says, the only remedy would be legislative relief via funding. Norman stated that it seems logical that since the State took over the Court Systems, this should be one of their expenses. Kelly stated that it was his opinion that the three counties will not be successful in suing the State. Norman stated that legislative relief could occur by July, 2009. Sawatzke asked how much was budgeted for representation services of CHIPS/TPR cases. Norman stated that $140,000 has been set aside to cover the cost of cases in 2009. Sawatzke stated that he thought $140,000 was high considering Ramsey County budgeted $125,000 and Dakota County budgeted $75,000 for the rest of this year and next year. Kelly stated that he hopes the recent activity will not be done at the cost of the children who truly need to petition for a court date. Kelly stated that screening has become tighter with regard to intake and filing a petition. Norman stated that the entire process begins during the intake process in Human Services. Norman proposed that training should occur in conjunction with Human Services and the County Attorney’s office regarding the intake process. Kelly stated that Karvel is in communications with the intake unit at Human Services. Over the past five years, the number of court cases has diminished due to the reassessment of the services. Karvel stated that in 2007, 127 petition requests were made. Normally, all 127 requests would have gone forward. However, last year, in conjunction with the CJI diversion program, 50% of those cases were diverted due to the family based services provided in advance of petitioning for a court date. Karvel stated that the State legislature has also cut its funding for Human Services . The screening teams determine whether a case is appropriate for court, however, she ultimately signs off on the petition. She confirmed that the number of filings has gone down, and hopefully not at the expense of the children. County Attorneys have extensive education in this particular subject. Mattson expressed concern that much of the decision making of these types of cases falls in the hands of Human Services. Kelly stated that the entire process is a checks and balances system that is maintained by his office. Karvel has undertaken the role of training the screening team in Human Services. Asleson confirmed that a petition is not filed unless the County Attorney’s office files the petition. The number of court filings has decreased because of this process. Karvel explained that new Human Services employees do not participate in the intake process. Every Social Worker is required to take continuing education classes. She stated that there are four intake workers that have all been extensively trained that she specifically works with on CHIPS/TPR cases. Karvel reiterated how the case process originates with the screening team, and ultimately, Karvel either signs off on the cases or sends them back seeking more information. She stated that in her two years at the County, she has never had a case that was dismissed due to improbable cause. Discussion ensued on whether to negotiate the current contract with Gabriel for six months or for a year with a termination clause. The termination clause would allow either party to terminate the agreement with a 30 day notice. The clause would benefit the County if the Legislature makes a change during the 2009 session. Gabriel stated that Sherburne County has the same clause within its contract and she would be comfortable with that type of contract. Asleson stated that he did not think the current contract’s language would change much. Kelly encouraged the Committee to wait on taking further action until meeting again in November to gage legislative and/or AMC action. RECOMMENDATION: Ways & Means Committee to meet again on 11-12-08. (End of Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
A Personnel Committee Meeting was held on 9-10-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0:
PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL, STEVE JOBE, SURVEYOR. Based on review of five appraisals submitted, the Committee recommends an overall rating of “Exceptional.” (End of Personnel Committee Minutes)
Correspondence was received from the Wright SWCD that the Wright County Board has been chosen as the Wright SWCD’s Outstanding Conservationist for Fiscal Year 2008 for efforts working toward a protected environment. The SWCD is requesting that the County Board select a Commissioner to attend and accept the award at the MN Association of SWCD’s Annual Meeting in St. Paul on 12-07-08 to 12-09-08. The County Board will be attending the AMC Conference at the same time. Heeter stated she will try to attend if her schedule permits. Sawatzke may attend as well dependent on what night the award is presented. Heeter moved to authorize attendance, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0. More information is expected on this event in the future.
On a motion by Russek, second by Heeter, all voted to authorize the delegates to attend the AMC Annual Conference being held 12-07-08 to 12-10-08 in Duluth.
The Board addressed reappointment of Greg Kramber, County Assessor, for a four-year term from 2009-2012. Heeter extended personal thanks to Kramber for his service. She said he has done an incredible job in a difficult market and steps out of his realm occasionally to assist the Board. Heeter moved to reappoint Kramber for another four years at Step 9, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0. Norman inquired whether Step 9 was the next step that Kramber is entitled to or whether it was something different. Heeter stated that it is something different but that the Board is appointing him to Step 9.
Russek provided an update on the AMC Conservation Award that has been discussed at the last two Board Meetings. He said Kerry Saxton, SWCD, feels that it would be more appropriate for Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, to fill out the award application materials. Saxton will assist as needed. The application deadline is 10-03-08. Russek will provide the information to Hiivala. Heeter suggested that Hiivala engage the assistance of Fred Bengtson and Scott Glupp, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. She felt they could write a letter of support. This was provided as an informational item.
There will be an Owner’s Committee Meeting today at 1:00 P.M.
The meeting adjourned at 10:00 A.M.
Bills Approved
Albertville Body Shop Inc. $2,132.52
American Messaging 818.94
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 488.92
AMI Imaging Systems, Inc. 8,833.94
Ancom Technical Center 1,117.51
Earl Andersen, Inc. 50,604.06
Apollo Glass Company 408.90
Aramark Correctional Services 902.25
Arctic Glacier Inc. 580.30
Astech 229,580.83
Auto Glass Center Inc. 241.03
Baers Body Shop Inc. 4,152.80
Big B’s Towing ANF Recovery 186.38
Boyer Truck Parts 462.92
Jean Bresin 119.34
Buffalo Country Store 188.02
Buffalo Hospital 150.00
Buffalo Quality Feed Mill 1,433.64
City Buffalo 756.32
Business Ware Solutions 503.29
Tim Cameron 150.00
Center Point Energy 2,823.12
Centra Sota Lake Region LLC 36,138.03
Chamberlain Oil Co. 2,185.45
Cottens’ Inc. 1,809.99
Adam Czanstkowski 25,516.00
Deatons Mailing Systems, Inc. 207.68
Diamond Mowers Inc. 286.41
E-Z Flush 522.60
Edens Group 600.00
First District Domestic Violen 130.00
General Office Products Company 539.01
Geocomm Inc. 4,000.00
Janet Gholson 242.19
Raymond Glunz 120.00
Gopher State One Call 185.20
Grainger 5,550.60
Hardiings Towing Inc. 106.50
Helena Chemical Company 2,084.42
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 252.92
Cynthia Hohl 150.00
Neal Huemoeller 363.29
Lilia Lantto 180.00
LaPlant Demo Inc. 556.31
Law Enforcement Tech. Gro 2,174.58
Lawson Products Inc. 191.20
Loberg Electric 1,477.83
Michael MacMillan 1,006.44
Marco 387.66
Martin Marietta Aggregates 182.47
Mathiowetz Construction 769,437.58
Midwest Machinery Co. 595.98
Gary Miller 158.44
MN Assn. of County Officers 3,000.00
MN Assn. of Co. Probation Of 420.00
MN Copy Systems 210.55
MN Corrections Association 145.00
MN Supreme Court 217.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 2,560.22
Nextel Communications 258.63
North American Salt Co. 109,170.92
Office Depot 1,740.22
Photo 1 297.83
Precision Prints of Wright Co. 200.22
Qwest 3,111.44
Royal Tire Inc. 4,879.72
Tom Simerson-Wallfred 750.00
Spectrum Solutions 8,938.37
Sprint 1,169.37
Stamp Fulfillment Services 239.60
Stationers Inc. 1,034.05
Synergy Graphics 836.59
Total Printing 269.98
Traffic Marking Service Inc. 1,562.22
University of Minnesota 509.07
Veolia ES Rolling Hills Landfi 101.31
Voss Lighting 430.15
Waste Management-TC West 266.40
West Payment Center 823.27
Wright Henn. Co-op Elec Assn. 4,240.04
Wright Hennepin Electric 212.49
Xiotech 2,598.36
Zack’s Inc. 1,159.56
37 Payments less than $100 1,988.32
Final total $1,317,314.71
The meeting adjourned at 10:00 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Nov. 24 2008.