Wright County Board Minutes

DECEMBER 23, 2008
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Heeter, Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek and Eichelberg present.
The minutes of 12-16-08 were corrected as follows: Page 1, 2nd paragraph, 4th line, change to “Jim Povich” (Norman); Page 5, 4th line should read, “Russek said they learned at the AMC Conference that the State is $5.2 billion in debt.” (Russek). Mattson referred to discussion on the Tobacco Ordinance violation that was discussed at the last meeting. The minutes on this topic are correct as presented. However, he felt the Ways & Means Committee should review the Policy to prevent this delay in action by the County from reoccurring. Russek moved to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Aud./Treas. Item #6, “ATM Machine Update” (Hiivala); Aud./Treas. Item #7, “Ditch Grant Update” (Hiivala); Item For Consid. #9, “Refer To 1-06-09 County Board Agenda Discussion RE: Energy Reduction Seminar, St. Cloud”; Heeter moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Russek. The motion maker and second then agreed to amend the motion to include adding the following item to the Agenda: Item For Consid. #10, “Refer Tobacco Ordinance & Policy To Ways & Means Committee” (Norman). The motion carried 5-0.
Russek moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Heeter. Mattson questioned whether a contract was signed with Greenview for Collinwood Park. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said caretakers at Collinwood Park are County employees. Therefore, there is no contract with Greenview. The motion carried 5-0 to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: J. Martinson, J. Wolff, Hwy; J. Putnam, Parks; R. Darsow, A. Erickson, S. Halonen, A. Myren, J. Tester, P. Walker, Sher./Corr.
2. O.T. Report, Period Ending 11-28-08.
3. Claim, Frank Madden, $5,489.16 (Service for November, 2008).
4. Approve Labor Contract Agreement With Teamsters Local No. 320, Courthouse Unit.
5. Approve Salary Range For Legal Secretary Classification, Eff. 12-31-08.
6. Increase Employer’s Contribution Toward Insurances By $50.00/Month, Eff. 3-01-09, For Non- Union Employees.
7. Approve 2009 Non-Union Salary Schedule, 2.5% Increase, Eff. 1-01-09. Drop Step 1 Of The Salary Schedule.
8. Approve Labor Contract Agreement With AFSCME, Assistant County Attorneys Unit.
1. Claim, Jail/LEC Payment Application #19, $972,243.25.
1. Authorize Signatures On 2009 Green View Contract For Caretakers At Beebe Lake, Otsego, Clearwater/Pleasant, And Fairhaven Mill.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, said bids were opened at the last meeting for the 2009 Official County Newspaper. A bidding form was sent to all newspapers published in the County. Based on the calculations of the bids submitted, Hiivala recommended to award the bid to Herald Journal. Mattson moved to approve this recommendation, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.
Larson Allen, who performs the County’s audit, provided a comment in the Annual Financial Statements citing a material weakness in the fact that Wright County does not have an accounting policy requiring departments to make their deposits of received funds with the Auditor/Treasurer’s Office on a timely basis. Hiivala recommends that departments bring deposits to the Auditor/Treasurer as soon as the deposit reaches $1,000. Departments are encouraged to bring over deposits on a daily basis. Hiivala felt the threshold in the Policy, combined with the restrictive endorsement of checks and along with the safeguarding of the undeposited funds, is adequate for the size of Wright County Departments. Heeter moved to approve the Wright County Timely Deposits Policy, seconded by Mattson, carried 5-0.
Hiivala said that on 12-18-07, the Board approved the DNR offer price of $12,500 for tax forfeited land parcels in Rockford Township, which they will use for a trail project. On 11-21-08, the County received a request to have the Board Chair and Coordinator sign the Warranty Deed and the Affidavit of Landowner. The deed states the County is accepting the $12,500 in full consideration of the land purchase, and it further legally describes the parcels. The affidavit addresses conditions of the land and perfecting Wright County’s ownership and use of the property. Hiivala requested that the Board authorize signatures on the Warranty Deed and Affidavit of Landowner, pending review by the County Attorney’s Office. Russek moved to authorize signatures, seconded by Heeter. Mattson asked whether this will tie into County trails. Hiivala was unfamiliar with the project. Russek said the parcels are by Lake Martha. The parcels are wetland and cannot be built upon. The motion carried unanimously.
Hiivala provided the October and November Revenue/Expenditure Budget Reports for review. Norman said the report does not reflect monies being spread from the Recorder’s Equipment Fund to those departments that designated at Budget sessions that they were using a portion of the Fund for 2008 activities. On page 8 of the November report under Other, General Government, there is a large credit in Line Item 6353, Liability Insurance. A good portion of that credit is the MCIT payment for storm damage that occurred earlier this year. If that rolls back to the General Fund at the end of 2008, the County needs to be aware that it may take up to two years to repair all of the storm damage. He suggested designating a portion of this amount to those activities. Hiivala recommended that the amount be placed in the Capital Projects Fund and be earmarked for those types of expenditures. Norman referenced Page 15, Sheriff Department, Police Aid. Norman questioned whether this has been spread to the cities due payment or whether the amount reflects only the County’s portion. Hiivala said the correct amount has already been spread to the cities. Russek asked whether this relates to the Republican National Convention. Norman said that payment is expected this week. Heeter moved to accept the October and November Revenue/Expenditure Budget Reports, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.
Hiivala stated that the ATM Machine was installed last Friday just outside of the License Bureau. The transaction count is higher than anticipated by the vendor, so adjustments have been made for the maintenance of the machine. The vendor has asked whether the machine can be anchored to the wall or floor for security purposes. The vendor has assured Hiivala that if the ATM Machine is pulled, they will make repairs as necessary. Sawatzke moved to refer this issue to the Building Committee, seconded by Heeter, carried 5-0.
Hiivala received notice that the County was not awarded funding through the Drainage Modernization Grant. This was provided as an informational item.
The claims listing was discussed. Russek referenced a claim on Page 8, Todd Hoffman, for $112.70 for uniform reimbursement for a dress coat. Russek said that this attire is not part of a uniform. It was the consensus to pull that portion of the claim from the claims listing. Russek referenced a claim on Page 11, Anoka County Juvenile Center, $75,000 for unused juvenile beds. Russek asked whether the County gets reimbursed for beds not rented out. Sawatzke said Wright County contracts for six beds. As the year goes on, the County pays for beds utilized, which Sawatzke thought costs about $150/day. A bill is received at the end of the year for those beds which were unoccupied. Hiivala said the claim reveals the bill is for unused juvenile placement from 1-1-08 to 11-30-08. Sawatzke said that it appears that the average bed use was 4/day or 2 beds short. Mattson referenced a claim on Page 11, Dell Marketing, $11,831.61, for five flat panel monitors and five dell laptops. Mattson asked for an explanation on whether laptops are replacing desk units, as monitors are being purchased as well. Bill Swing, Information Technology Director, said laptops are more expensive and there must be justification provided to order them. Certain job classifications use laptops due to the nature of their duties. A 19” monitor is typically purchased as the 14” monitor on the laptop is inadequate for office use. Sawatzke moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, noting that the request for reimbursement for Todd Hoffman for a dress coat will be pulled. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0.
Mark Johnson, Highway Engineering Assistant, presented for approval a condemnation resolution for unsigned parcels of right of way on CSAH 6. The acquisition of highway right of way for CSAH 6 between TH 55 and TH 24 involves 20 parcels. As of 12-17-08, about one-third of the parcels have been acquired, with additional acquisition meetings continuing. Johnson recommended approval of the condemnation resolution allowing the County Attorney’s Office to begin Eminent Domain proceedings using the 90-day quick-take procedure. This will allow timely access to the properties during the 2009 construction season and will avoid jeopardizing the $1.7 million in Federal funding for the project. Johnson said there are about nine property owners to continue negotiations with and he felt the majority of them will sign over in the next couple of weeks. Sawatzke inquired what issues property owners have. Johnson said some of the issues have related to payment amounts, septic systems, and valuable trees. In one instance, the right of way was changed due to three wells. This has caused additional time for the project. Mattson asked that in the future, they make note of the cost of the project less right of way costs. Johnson said this project came in about $50,000 lower in right of way costs. The construction costs will be unknown until late spring. Heeter was concerned with this and asked if the savings relates to people not getting what they want for their property. Sawatzke said during times when the market was climbing rapidly, the cost of right of way ended up being more than estimated. Now the market is tumbling and the opposite is happening. Johnson said the right of way costs were calculated about two years ago. Russek moved to adopt Resolution #08-50, seconded by Sawatzke. Mattson said he does not like condemnation but if this is the only route for the project, he will support this. He had issues with the CR 12 project but went along with it in the end. Heeter said she had the same concerns. Sawatzke said he would be happy to withdraw the motion and spend the money in District 2 if the people do not want CSAH 6 fixed. However, he did not feel this was the case. He felt the County Board had done a good job over the years on condemnations, only doing so when it was an essential road project. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said part of the problem they encounter is an April 15th deadline for Federal funding. Asleson must serve everyone with a notice by January 15th and this can only be done after the resolution has been adopted. Russek said the first condemnation he was involved in was with the CSAH 19 project. Residents fought the project but after it was completed, they questioned why they fought it. The perception many times is that no one wants it, but in the end, they like the improvements. Heeter did not feel this was the issue for CSAH 6. She could not think of anyone that does not want the road completed. She received as many calls on this road as any other road in her District. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Bill Swing, Information Technology Director, requested approval of the Motorola Public Safety Radio Infrastructure Contract entitled, “RF System Project 8-22-08.” The contract with Motorola totals $2,181,458 and is comprised of the infrastructure portion of the 800 MHz radio project. This is part of the $4.1 million project. The contract has been reviewed by the County’s radio consultant, Geocomm, the County Attorney’s Office, County Purchasing, Sheriff and IT staff. The Contract will be funded through the Capital Equipment Note. The reoccurring charges will be presented to the Technology Committee to discuss in 2009. Representatives from both Geocomm and Motorola were present at today’s meeting. Swing explained that the figures presented on 11-04-08 to the Board have not changed. He said the $4.1 million figure is a good number. Those involved with the project feel the planning for this project has been thorough. Mattson said the minutes reference a VHF repeater and he questioned whether the 800 MHz system has some type of repeater system in the LEC. Swing said they designed the project for the ability to support the Legacy VHF System. There will be a gradual cut over. Part of that ability will be to use the VHF system alongside the 800 MHz system. The VHF system is operable until 2013 at which time the system will become obsolete. They will continue to work on the specifics of the cut over. Swing explained that per MN Statutes, this project is tax exempt. Heeter moved to approve the Motorola Public Safety Radio Infrastructure Contract entitled “RF System Project August 22, 2008” in the amount of $2,181,458, pending review by the County Attorney’s Office. The motion was seconded by Mattson. The project will be funded by the Capital Equipment Note per discussion which occurred on 11-04-08. The motion carried 5-0.
Sawatzke said he had the pleasure of accepting the Conservationist Award on behalf of the County at a meeting he attended a couple of weeks ago. Chris Uecker, SWCD Board Chairman, attended and read the following statement:
“Wright County Commissioners have shown unusual foresight and have been instrumental in the acquisition of land around Pelican Lake in an effort to preserve the natural environment and protect it from development pressures. Pelican Lake is one of Minnesota’s largest designated wildlife lakes. This County Board took a chance in acquiring several pieces of property when the DNR and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service could not react fast enough. This property was later sold to those agencies for continued use as Wildlife Management Areas for the benefit of all Minnesotans. This award is being given to the Wright County Board of Commissioners because they have shown extraordinary support in the preservation and restoration of our natural environment.”
The award will be placed in the Government Center Lobby display case.
An Owner’s Committee Meeting was held on 12-16-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Russek. Mattson extended thanks to Sawatzke and Russek for questioning issues as they arise relating to the Jail/LEC project. The motion carried 5-0:
Blotske petitioned two additional PCO’s (PCO #s 144 and 147) under Agenda Item A.III PCO’s Approved By Captain Torfin. She also petitioned to change Item IV.A. to include the PCO number and proposed cost: PCO #103 – PB#3 Additional Roofing Required - $36,591.00.
A. A&P.
Streich provided a project update (see attached “Schedule Look-A-Head 2 Week”, dated 12-16-08). Streich stated that the project is on-schedule. Streich commented that an elevator inspection was performed in Areas A and B today. The inspector did not pass the inspection as he requires a permanently powered light within 10’ of the elevators. He will grant a 30-day temporary use of the elevator. Streich announced that he will be setting up the inspection for the temporary Certificate of Occupancy next week. A preliminary walk-through was completed on 12-11-08. The inspector’s main concern was to supply proper signage at the main entrance and interior door signage. He asked Hayes when he anticipated receiving the door signage from Indianhead Specialty Company. Hayes stated that he thought the signs would be delivered by the end of this week. Streich stated that the door signage that the inspector was most concerned about was for the Fire Suppression Room. Streich stated that the inspector also requests additional exit lighting that was not included in the drawings. The exit lighting must be installed prior to obtaining the temporary Certificate of Occupancy and the move in date of 1-07-09. Streich stated that generally, punch lists are being created and accomplished, cleaning continues, Willen continues its commissioning, and the gym equipment will be installed within the next couple of weeks.
Blotske stated that the value of payment application #18 is $979,243.25. She stated that the project is billed at 96% completion. Blotske stated that she anticipates there will be two more payment applications. If A&P feels comfortable with the progress of the project, she will submit a payment application for the retainage amount at the end of February.
Torfin approved the following:
A. PCO #141 - BP#3 Conduit Enclosure of Roof - $2077.00.
Torfin stated that this PCO is to enclose and waterproof exposed conduit in the main data room.
B. PCO #140 - BP#3 PR 067 Added Circuits by Bill Swing - $4,383.46.
Torfin stated that IT needed additional outlets for their racks holding the server equipment.
C. PCO #138 – BP#3 Data Request for S2412 & S1206 - $581.00.
Torfin stated that Hoffman requested additional data cables for the audiovisual equipment.
D. PCO #047 – BP#3 ASI #015 Revise Wall and Ceiling Configuration at Room J1004 - $2,249.00.
Torfin stated that this PCO is to revise the wall and ceiling configuration in order to accommodate the back-up power.
E. PCO #143 – BP#3 Relocation of Cubicles in Open Office & Transcription Room - $1,096.00.
Blotske stated that All State had to re-pull a couple of cables because they were not long enough to route into the cubicles.
F.PCO #144-BP#3 PR068 Gas-Fired Unit Heater - $796.00.
Torfin stated that they needed to add a gas-fired unit heater in the receiving area. Originally, there was an infra-red heater but it will not work with the door configuration. Torfin stated that there is no credit for the infra-red heater, but the heater has been placed in storage for future use elsewhere.
G. PCO #147 –BP#3 Additional Vinyl Base At Data Closet - $450.00.
Torfin stated that Bill Swing requested vinyl base in the data closet to prevent dust from falling out from under the wall and collecting on the equipment.
A. PCO 103 Additional Roofing Costs – $36,591.00.
Blotske and Streich referred to the attached handout and photos in an effort to clearly convey the required additional roofing PCO. Streich explained that per McDowall’s contract, they wrapped the roof 2’ high on the precast wall. During the progression of the building, metal studs, insulation, and DensGlass were placed over the top of the precast wall, leaving the DensGlass exposed. The wall then had to be re-wrapped to ensure that it was watertight. This change order is to cover the additional trips and materials to re-wrap the wall. Blotske stated that the additional wrapping over the DensGlass was not shown in the bid documents. To keep the building envelope and schedule moving, the re-wrapping had to be completed in multiple stages. Russek asked Blotske if KKE understood the complexity of the roofing when they designed the building. Blotske stated that it was her understanding that KKE believed that the wall panels would have come all the way down from the roof, but this was not shown in the drawings or bid documents. Blotske informed the Committee that she received the cost information from the contractor on 11-07-08. The original request was for $43,605.00. A&P was able to reduce the cost to $36,391.00. She then forwarded the PCO to Cliff Buikema on 12-01-08 and has not received a response. She stated that although she has not received a response from Buikema, she thought it best to keep the Committee up-to-date on the anticipated cost. Buikema stated that he has requested a meeting with the roofer. He stated that it was his understanding that this change order is a result of the phasing of the project. Blotske stated that this is due to the DensGlass not being a part of the bid. Buikema stated that the detailed drawings did show the DensGlass and therefore should have been part of the roofer’s original bid. Streich stated that the detailed drawings did not show the DensGlass coming down to the roof line. Buikema stated that he could not justify this change order. Blotske stated that the contractor had to come out 12 times to keep up with the project schedule. Sawatzke requested that the Committee not act on the PCO today. He requested that KKE and A&P receive better clarification and report to the Committee at a future date. Buikema stated that he would appreciate more time. He would like to obtain a better understanding of the issue. Sawatzke responded that if KKE was not ready to authorize the PCO, then the Committee is not ready to recommend payment.
Blotske stated that with Torfin’s PCOs, the contingency amount is $520,466.00.
VI. PROJECT FF&E BUDGET $1,879,314.00.
Blotske stated that the current FF&E Budget is $1,184,166.00.
Buikema stated that he does not have a project update, but would like to meet with Hoffman after the meeting to review the lobby signage.
Torfin introduced John Williamson of Willen, Inc. Williamson stated that it is with great disappointment that he has to request a contract extension. He stated that his work was delayed 60 days due to the problems with the geo-well field, the water quality, and the inaccurate piping configuration. The start date of the heat pumps was scheduled for 10-15-08 and did not start until 12-10-08. All of the testing and activities he planned for the end of October and November have been pushed out 60 days. He stated that he would like to request a contract extension and associated costs to cover his time and testing. Sawatzke stated that it was his recollection that Willen’s contract was a not-to-exceed amount, not dependent on time or schedule. The County Board understood that they would have to reimburse any additional expenses incurred due to out-of-State travel or overnight stays. He stated that the Committee acknowledges Willen has done good work on this project. He stated that if Willen had completed its work ahead of schedule, the County would not have asked for a rebate. Therefore, since this was a not-to-exceed contract, he did not find it justifiable to pay extra costs because the project is running behind schedule. Russek stated that he was not on the Owner’s Committee at the time the contract was negotiated. He stated that he recalled that the contract was presented to the County Board as a not-to-exceed agreement. Williamson stated that the contract does not speak to unforeseen situations. The well field was an unforeseen delay of no fault of Willen. The well field delayed Willen’s work. Sawatzke stated that he does not think that the Owner’s Committee can recommend payment of the additional costs. He stated that for a project of this size, it is not uncommon for a project to get behind schedule. He informed Williamson that the Committee could present the request to the County Board at the 12-23-08 County Board Meeting and he would be welcome to speak at the Meeting. Williamson stated that if the Owner’s Committee would not recommend the approval of the additional cost associated to completing his commissioning duties, he would withdraw his request. Hatfield stated that Willen was able to identify the problem with the well field, not the contractor. He credited Willen for the geo-system operating successfully today. Sawatzke stated that he does not dispute Willen’s good work, however, a not-to-exceed contract was agreed upon. Sawatzke acknowledged that Willen withdrew his request for the additional funding.
Blotske and Hoffman provided a tour to the Owner’s Committee group, Commissioners Mattson and Eichelberg, and two members of the Historical Society. The tour included the Women’s and Men’s Locker Rooms, Jail Administration, Video Visitation Room, Sheriff Administration, Civil Warrants, Records, Dispatch, Mechanical Room, IT Office and Equipment Room, Training Room, Master Control, High Density Storage, Jail Kitchen, Laundry, Library and Classrooms, and the Direct and Indirect Supervision Cells.
(End of Owner’s Committee Minutes & discussion)
A Personnel Committee Meeting was held on 12-16-08. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 5-0:
The Personnel Committee meeting of 12-02-08 was reconvened. The purpose of the meeting was to establish salaries for Sheriff Gary Miller, County Attorney Tom Kelly, and Auditor/Treasurer Bob Hiivala. Norman stated that once the Committee has made a recommendation, he will draft a separate resolution for each Department Head to be presented for approval at the 12-23-08 County Board Meeting. Russek said the argument was made last year that increases should be based upon the positions. He felt the positions have not changed over the past year or only slightly, possibly adding some additional city contract hours. At the AMC Conference last week, County officials learned that the State’s financial status is not good and that counties may lose State Aid. Based on this, Russek suggested that the compensation for the Sheriff and County Attorney be increased by a total of $3,000 (to include a 2.5% increase in base salary with the remainder as compensation for the extra work they do associated with contract cities). Sawatzke said that when the Committee last met, he stated that $3,000 was the highest he would support for increases for the Sheriff and County Attorney. He will support Hiivala’s request to move to the next step on the Salary Schedule. Information was presented previously by each of the Department Heads supporting their requests. However, there are some limitations on what the County can spend. In summary, Russek and Sawatzke stated they would support compensating the Sheriff and County Attorney for a total of $3,000 added onto last year’s total compensation (2.5% base salary increase plus the remainder as other compensation). Mattson said at the meeting on 12-02-08, he suggested an increase of somewhere between 2.5% and 3.5%. Mattson referenced the Ruth Ouverson murder case that was tried by County Attorney Kelly. He feels that if Kelly had not served as the prosecuting attorney, the County would have had to hire outside legal counsel as Kelly is the only staff member qualified to do so. Mattson said that Kelly is one of the very few county attorneys that prosecute in Minnesota. Sawatzke did not agree and felt that county attorneys prosecute on a daily basis in small counties. In larger counties, they may prosecute only high profile cases. Mattson supported a 3% increase for both the Sheriff and County Attorney, and he supported the request for the Auditor/Treasurer to move to the next Step of the Salary Schedule. Russek said that yesterday, a vote was passed by one of the County unions to settle for a 2.5% compensation adjustment. Eichelberg questioned the monetary difference between 2.5% and 3.0%. Sawatzke said this would equate to about $500. Eichelberg felt this would split the difference between a 2.5% increase and what was requested. Sawatzke felt going to 3% was too high based on the condition of the economy. Eichelberg did not have a problem with 3% but Sawatzke stated he would vote against 3%. Heeter said to avoid being arbitrary and capricious, the Committee needed to review each request individually based on performance, qualifications and experience. The Committee then reviewed each Elected Department Head position separately.
Gary Miller, Sheriff. Heeter and Eichelberg support a $3,000 raise for the Sheriff. Recommendation: Sheriff Gary Miller will receive in 2009 a 2.5% increase in base salary to $107,423 plus additional compensation of $3,577 for work associated with contract cities. Total compensation will be $111,000.
Tom Kelly, County Attorney. Eichelberg and Sawatzke both supported a $3,000 raise for the County Attorney.
Recommendation: County Attorney Tom Kelly will receive in 2009 a 2.5% increase in base salary to $113,691 plus additional compensation of $4,809 for work associated with contract cities. Total compensation will be $118,500.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer. Recommendation: In 2009, Auditor/Treasurer Bob Hiivala will move to the next Step of the Salary Schedule and will receive a 2.5% COLA.
(End of Personnel Of The Whole Minutes)
Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #08-51 setting the 2009 salary for Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote:
WHEREAS, the Wright County Board of Commissioners has considered the experience, qualifications, performance, and responsibilities and duties of Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer;
BE IT RESOLVED that his 2009 salary shall be $107,423.
(End of Resolution #08-51)
Russek moved to adopt Resolution #08-52 setting the 2009 Salary for Gary Miller, Sheriff. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote:
WHEREAS, the Wright County Board of Commissioners has considered the experience, qualifications, performance, and responsibilities and duties of Gary Miller, Sheriff;
BE IT RESOLVED that his 2009 salary shall be $107,423;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Wright County Board of Commissioners shall provide $3,577 in additional salary in 2009 in recognition of the enhanced responsibilities he has for administering the city law enforcement contracts.
(End of Resolution #08-52)
Mattson moved to adopt Resolution #08-53, setting the 2009 Salary for Tom Kelly, County Attorney. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 4-1 on a roll call vote, with Heeter casting the nay vote:
WHEREAS, the Wright County Board of Commissioners has considered the experience, qualifications, performance, and responsibilities and duties of Tom Kelly, Attorney
BE IT RESOLVED that his 2009 salary shall be $113,691;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Wright County Board of Commissioners shall provide $4,809 in additional salary in 2009 in recognition of the enhanced responsibilities he has for administering the city law enforcement contracts.
(End of Resolution #08-53)
Russek moved to adopt Resolution #08-54 setting the County Board’s salary, exclusive of per diem payments, at $36,527. This salary is effective as of 1-01-09 and will continue in effect until such time as amended or otherwise modified. The increase represents a 2.5% increase. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #08-55 setting the County Board per diem rate for 2009 at $50. Sawatzke said that Norman completed a study and the proposed $50 rate is the lowest amount reflected in the study. The motion was seconded by Russek. Mattson said he could not support the increase from $40 to $50 at this time due to the economy and people losing jobs. He would support a $40 rate. Sawatzke restated that $50 is the lowest rate per the study and it is well below the average. Russek said the County Board’s salary is well below the average as well. Sawatzke said per the Star Tribune, the County Board’s salary is 30% below average. Heeter has been a Commissioner for six years. When she started, she felt the salary was appropriate due to the amount of work required. In the past 2-3 years, the responsibilities have increased with regard to committee assignments and meetings. She did not feel it was a part-time job. Mattson would not support the resolution because of the per diem rate, not because of the wage. The motion carried 4-1 on a roll call vote with Mattson casting the nay vote.
Mattson said that the current City Representative on the River Rider Committee, Janice Severson, will no longer be able to serve as she no longer lives within the City limits. Cokato Mayor Bruce Johnson has indicated a willingness to serve. Mattson moved to appoint Cokato Mayor Bruce Johnson to the River Rider Committee, seconded by Russek. Mattson said this will be a permanent appointment but more discussion can occur at the January meeting if needed. Sawatzke said his concern is that the three appointments for the City Representative position have all come from Cokato. He felt city representatives in other parts of the County should be given an opportunity if so desired. Mattson said residents in the western portion of the County are concerned that they might not be included or recognized. The motion carried 4-1 with Sawatzke casting the nay vote. Sawatzke said he was not opposed to Johnson’s appointment, only that he felt the vacancy should be opened up to others. Sawatzke and Mattson spoke of the excellent service provided by Janice Severson on the River Rider Committee.
The Board discussed a Detour Compensation Agreement (No. 93742) with Mn/DOT for TH 12. Approval will allow Mn/DOT to pay Wright County $51,795.86 as compensation for road life consumed by the TH 12 official detour route (on CSAH 30) during the highway reconstruction and railroad bridge replacement and other associated construction on and adjacent to TH 12. Detours will take place for an estimated duration of 134 days, which will begin on the date the State designates the detour by placement of signs. Russek said the problem he has with these types of agreements is the damage to the road is unknown and whether compensation is adequate. Mattson said the unofficial detour routing should be discussed with the City, as compensation may also be obtained. Heeter moved to adopt Resolution #08-56, approving Detour Compensation Agreement No. 93742 with Mn/DOT for the TH 12 project. The motion was seconded by Russek. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Russek requested that the Energy Reduction Seminar be placed on the 1-05-09 County Board Agenda. The Seminar will be held on 1-22-09 at the St. Cloud Civic Center.
On a motion by Heeter, second by Mattson, all voted to refer the Tobacco Ordinance and Policy to the Ways & Means Committee.
Lt. Todd Hoffman, Sheriff Department, referred to the claim pulled earlier in today’s meeting relating to a request for reimbursement for a dress coat. Hoffman said the Sheriff Office has a policy relating to uniforms, dress slacks, shirts and sport coats. Russek said he is unaware of this policy and that reimbursement only applies to uniforms. Hoffman said this has been an internal Sheriff Policy since 1994 to purchase business attire. Norman questioned whether the Sheriff Department has been paying claims for civilian dress for all of these years. Hoffman confirmed this. He said that as part of the Criminal Division Policy on attire that is to be worn by detectives, they are required to wear certain clothing. Norman said that the union contract provides a grievance procedure to follow if the claim is denied. Heeter did not recall approving buying dress slacks and that all employees are asked not to wear jeans. Sawatzke suggested that if the end result is that the claim is paid it would not be applied toward the 2009 uniform allotment. Norman said if the grievance procedure is followed, a settlement or an arbitrator’s award would be the final outcome. Norman is unaware of an internal dress code in the Sheriff Department for those not wearing uniforms. Russek moved to refer this issue to the Negotiation Committee which will be held on 1-14-09. The motion was seconded by Heeter and carried 5-0.
Bills Approved
Allina Hospitals & Clinics. $762.41
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 416.19
Ancom Communications Inc. 123.27
Ancom Technical Center 1,287.07
Anoka Co. Juvenile Center 75,000.00
AP Technology 500.00
Armor Holdings Forensics Inc. 429.64
Arrow Terminal LLC 130.18
Auto Glass Center Inc. 254.36
Bachman Printing 362.14
Lawrence Bauman 222.12
Beaudry Propane Inc. 1,555.97
Darren Bjorklund 5,700.00
Braun Intertec Corporation 1,142.75
Brothers Fire Protection Co. 539.99
Buffalo Floral & Landscaping 160.00
Catco Parts Service 508.01
Center Point Energy 11,260.28
Centra Sota Lake Region 8,955.10
Chamberlain Oil Co. 216.27
Brett Christopherson 1,500.00
Climate Air 3,020.11
Community Education Dept. 135.00
Crysteel Truck & Equipment 11,285.56
CSI Forensic Supply 144.90
Cub Pharmacy 295.44
Culligan of Buffalo 200.00
CWP Enterprise Inc. 131.91
Datalux Corporation 1,167.90
Deatons Mailing Systems Inc. 305.66
Dell Marketing LP 12,714.19
Elmer Eichelberg 351.00
EMEDCO 214.24
Dale Erdmann 1,000.00
Ernst General Construction 650.00
Dale Fieldseth 13,400.00
Wayne Fingalson 290.81
Fobbe Electric Inc. 125.00
Franz Reprographics 752.10
Freestyle Photographic Supplies 209.99
Frontier Precision Inc. 11,855.58
Janet Gholson 322.33
Global Equipment Company 323.39
Grainger 3,304.64
H & L Mesabi 2,778.59
Hardings Towing Inc. 266.45
Hay Group 448.00
Hennepin County IT Dept. 1,800.00
Highway 55 Trailer Sales 9,560.00
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 10,807.74
Todd Hoffman 109.12
Holiday 23,899.37
Todd Horsch 7,400.00
Harry Hunt 7,100.00
Indelco Plastics Corp. 210.07
Interstate Battery Systems 989.59
Lovail Jankord 5,000.00
Klatt True Value Electric 219.23
Janet Klein 244.94
Kris Engineering Inc. 3,958.23
Patrick Lambert Appraisal 8,500.00
LaPlant Demo Inc. 357.00
LexisNexis 110.00
Lorene Lindstrom 200.00
M & M Express 351.40
M-R Sign Company Inc. 3,552.44
Maney International Inc. 180.72
Marco 753.53
Marco Inc. 1,079.92
Martin Marietta Aggregates 3,187.75
Market Retreat LLC 2,400.00
Denise McCalla 175.50
Merrick & Company 53,655.10
Mid America Taxidermists 612.37
Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Inc. 9,498.40
Midwest Machinery Co. 11,555.25
MN Counties Computer Co-op 7,465.20
MN Counties Ins. Trust 2,500.00
MN Co. Attorneys Association 5,065.00
Monticello Auto Body Inc. 213.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 304.56
Mountain Stream Sports & Appa 114.00
Nagell Appraisal & Consulting 3,025.00
National Business Sys., Inc. 8,921.59
Steven Nelson 7,900.00
Nextel Communications 158.08
Richard Norman 455.04
North American Salt Co. 7,842.98
Northland Business Systems 1,924.70
Rodney Nystrom 7,500.00
Office Depot 7,352.12
Performance Kennels Inc. 144.75
Daniel Pobuda 200.00
Prairie Equipment Company 1,820.09
Precision Prints of Wright Co. 402.57
Quetel Corporation 2,000.00
Qwest 1,227.71
Red’s Cafe 766.80
Duane Reznechek 5,200.00
Rockford Fire Department 123.00
Royal Tire Inc. 2,664.57
Russell Security Resource Inc. 122.30
Scharber & Sons Inc. 575.00
Robert Schermann 267.75
Michael Schmid 1,100.00
Donald Schmidt 199.31
John Schroder 3,400.00
SHI International Corp 4,536.91
Sirchie Finger Print Lab 390.49
Software House International 15,033.13
St. Joseph Equipment Inc. 586.17
State of MN-Office Enterprise 1,051.39
Stationers Inc. 523.58
Robert Steel 3,300.00
Stericycle Inc. 1,485.24
Bruce Stuhr 4,000.00
Synergy Graphics 20,953.61
Theodore Thompson Jr. 4,450.00
Total Printing 351.45
Traffic Marking Service Inc. 14,935.70
Christopher Tuchtenhagen 8,050.00
TW Vending Inc. 117.15
Uline 228.60
Uniforms Unlimited 2,994.55
University of Minnesota 40,862.49
Utility Truck Services 424.00
Veolia Environmental Serv 12,509.52
Verizon Wireless 156.92
David Wagner 227.39
Westside Equipment 113.94
Josh Wilson 125.00
Wright County Collison 1,989.98
Wright County Highway Dept. 30,502.43
Wright Hennepin Electric 156.64
Young Brown and Pagel LLP 629.10
Zack’s Inc. 3,330.77
Zee Service Company 271.26
Ziegler Inc. 1,485.68
41 Payments less than $100 .1,787.39
Final total $602,701.81
The meeting adjourned at 10:25 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Jan. 19, 2009.

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