Wright County Board Minutes

JANUARY 13, 2009
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek, Eichelberg and Thelen present.
On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the 1-06-09 County Board Minutes as presented.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Item For Consid. #3, “Appointment To Regional Radio Board” (Norman). Eichelberg moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.
The Consent Agenda was discussed. Mattson referenced Item D, Information Technology, Refer To 1-28-09 Technology Committee: a.) Discuss Operational Costs Of 800 MHz System; b.) Update on 911 Dispatch Relocation; and c.) Disposal Of Obsolete/Unusable Equipment. Mattson referenced the costs relating to the 800 MHz system and inquired whether the items should be instead referred to the Technology Committee Of The Whole. Thelen moved to approve the Consent Agenda with removal of Item D, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0:
1. Performance Appraisals: L. Martie, A. Mohaupt, T. Frazier, Atty.; W.Biros, Bldg. Maint.; D.Anderson, M. Johnson, K. Mortenson, J. Niebolte, Hwy.; K. Hayes, IT; T. Piram, P&Z; R. Babler, Surv.; C. Sorheim, K. Kremer, Sher./Corr.
2. Award Re-Roofing Contract To Horizon Roofing, $521,268.00.
3. Official Notice Of Unallocated Funds, $775,624.00.
1. Approve Abatement, PID# 155-172-002020, Benjamin Krueger (City of Monticello).
2. Approve Abatement, PID# 114-500-264406, Ronald and Nancy Zwieg (City of St. Michael).
1. Approve 2009 Tobacco License Renewals: Westside Liquor, Little Duke’s, Coborn’s Liquor, Coborn’s, Geez Sports Bar & Grill (Albertville City); Holiday Stationstore #254, Coborn’s Liquor, Little Duke’s, Coborn’s (Clearwater City); Lake Region Coop, Neisen Liquors of Cokato (Cokato City); Coborn’s, Holiday Stationstore #214, Flippin’ Bill’s, Delano Legion Post #377, Holiday Stationstore #4073 (Delano City); Lantto’s Store (French Lake Township); Roger’s BP Amoco, H&H Sport Shop, Lake Region Coop (Maple Lake City); Snyder’s Drug Store #5032, Hi Way Liquors, Broadway Kwik Stop, Wal-Mart Superventer #3624, Holiday Stationstore #196, Holiday Stationstore #344, SuperAmerica #4479, O’Ryan’s Marathon, Cub Foods (Monticello City); Clark Gas Station (Montrose City); Holiday Stationstore #378 (Otsego City); Red Vest (Rockford City); Up The Creek Grill & Bar (Silver Creek Township); Hi 101 Liquor, Corner Bar, Cash Wise Liquor, Holiday Stationstore #394, SuperAmerica #4554, SuperAmerica #4267 (St. Michael City).
Mattson moved to approve Item D, referring the items to the Technology Committee Of The Whole on 1-28-09. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0:
1. Refer To 1-28-09 Technology Committee:
a. Discuss Operational Costs Of 800 MHz System.
b. Update on 911 Dispatch Relocation.
c. Disposal Of Obsolete/Unusable Equipment.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented a proposal from E-Cap for credit card merchant services. E-Cap performed an analysis of the County’s current service provided by Wells Fargo for Court Services and Human Services. E-Cap’s proposal reflects a savings of a minimum of $100/month in administrative fees plus the interchange rate is lower than Wells Fargo. Hiivala contacted Wells Fargo who indicated they cannot match the rates. There will be no cancellation fee. Wells Fargo performs the service for a $65/month administrative fee and interchange rate plus 70 basis points. This rate has remained consistent over time. Sawatzke referenced rate guarantees and said it is common for companies to increase fees. Eichelberg moved to approve the Merchant Card Proposal from E-Cap, seconded by Thelen. The contract is for a two-year period. Item #10 of the Agreement reflects that the merchant is eligible for a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason. Hiivala felt that clause may relate to the administrative fees. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, has reviewed the Agreement. The motion carried 5-0. Sawatzke asked that Hiivala review information from the vendor closely. He said it is not uncommon for rate increases to be reflected in small print on correspondence and that if the merchant complains, typically the increase is waived.
An update was provided on the ATM Machine installed on 12-20-08 in the Government Center near the License Bureau. ROI Moving, the ATM provider, has submitted a December statistical report. For the period 12-20-08 to 12-31-08, there were 49 transactions. Wright County received a check for $12.25 to help offset the costs of installing the phone line. The check was receipted into Dept. 100, Miscellaneous Revenue. This was provided as an informational item.
Hiivala said Wright County is required to calculate the GASB 45 liability for post-employment benefits. The County only offers COBRA to retired employees, but with that there is an implicit rate subsidy that needs to be calculated. Per the recommendation of Larson and Allen, quotes were solicited from Hildi Inc. and Miliman. Based on the quotes and referrals, Hiivala recommends contracting with Hildi Inc. at a cost of $5,200 to calculate the 2008 GASB 45 liability. This calculation is required every other year. Hiivala said those trying to perform this calculation themselves have incurred more in audit fees. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said State Law requires local jurisdictions to provide health insurance to retirees until age 65 as long as the retiree makes the premium payments. Sawatzke questioned what value this data has to the County. Hiivala said it provides no benefit but the data is required to be in the financial statements per GASB 45 requirements. Russek questioned whether all counties have to offer COBRA to former employees. Norman indicated that COBRA is a Federal Law and the State Law allows a retiree to remain on the plan until age 65. After leaving employment, an employee has a set amount of time where they are eligible for COBRA benefits. Eichelberg moved to approve the contract with Hildi Inc. to calculate the GASB 45 liability for post-employment benefits. The motion was seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.
The Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines were discussed. Hiivala said the report has been forwarded to departments for their review. There have been two adjusting entries since. On Page 8, Liability Insurance, Line Item 6353, a check from MCIT for just over $297,000 was receipted to this Line Item. Since the report was printed, the amount was transferred to the Capital Projects Fund. The revenues in the Liability Insurance Line Item are reduced by this amount. Hiivala referenced Page 47, Road & Bridge. There is a new Line Item, 5910, and will be an Operating Transfer In. Hiivala was informed by Highway staff that in April, 2007, they transferred money back to the Capital Projects Fund in error. Hiivala has since transferred the money back to Road & Bridge. Hiivala referenced Page 8 and said the Board authorized a $2 million transfer from Line Item 6975, Transfer to Capital Improvements, based on the 2007 Year-In-Review. The $2 million was transferred but there is no budget, making the figures appear skewed. Hiivala expects to hold a year-end financial meeting the end of January. He will make any adjustments provided by Departments and then provide one final report to the Board. Eichelberg moved to accept the December Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0.
The claims listing was reviewed. Russek moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. The motion was seconded by Thelen. Mattson referenced a claim on Page 17, General Office Products, $43,750.35, for chairs to be paid out of Jail/LEC bond proceeds. Mattson said bond proceeds are still taxpayer dollars. He understood that all chairs from the current Sheriff/Corrections location were being moved out to the new site. Sawatzke said new chairs and tables are being purchased for the conference rooms at the new site. The furniture will remain in Conference Room C118 at the Government Center. Sawatzke said that C118 furniture could be moved to the new site, but that would require the purchase of new furniture for C118. The training room at the new site is roughly double the size of C118. Other items in this purchase could relate to furniture which has reached its useful life. Norman, Sawatzke, and Russek felt this purchase had been discussed previously by the Owner’s Committee. Sawatzke said the claim will be approved pending notification by Norman that the purchase had gone through the official process (through Owner’s Committee and approved by the County Board). Sawatzke felt the purchase may have been approved months ago and the bill is just being paid as the Jail/LEC could not accept the furniture until this time. Hiivala confirmed the chairs were ordered in September, 2008 and the invoice was dated 12-30-08. The motion carried 5-0.
Chief Deputy Joe Hagerty, Sheriff Department, said Wright County received a check in the amount of $88,913.97 from the City of St. Paul for services provided by the Sheriff’s Office during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul on September 1-4, 2008. The contract with the City of St. Paul reflects that reimbursement is to be made within 30 days of invoice. This process took longer as additional information was required. The check will be receipted into Line Item 01-201-6106, Overtime, to offset overtime hours used. Overtime for the Sheriff Department came in at 105% for the year. Wright County’s primary service at the RNC was delegate security, but they also provided assistance with traffic and other security forces. Wright County Officers did not place themselves in harms way. An average of 35 Officers/day assisted, mostly on their scheduled days off. Reimbursement was received for the full amount invoiced.
Genell Reese, Veterans Services Director, was unable to attend today’s meeting. Reese was scheduled to present the Veterans Services Yearly Report. This item will be scheduled for an upcoming meeting.
Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said the Board adopted a generic Official Mapping Ordinance in early 2007. The Ordinance allows for mapping of either corridors or parcels of land used for future government improvements. On
10-30-07, the County Board held a Public Hearing specifically relating to the Highway 55 Corridor. There were display maps available at that Hearing covering the area from Annandale to the east County line (by Rockford). At that time, there were some issues with the maps. State Statutes and the County Ordinance call for the County Surveyor to sign the Official Map prior to it being adopted. Near the end of 2008, the maps were close to acceptable so the item is being presented for Board approval. Asleson understands that Mn/DOT will provide a final set of maps. There were some problems with some of the surveying dimensions not being legible, and staff wants to be sure that the documents are useable for all. Mattson asked if the Corridor includes areas beyond the road right of way (into the Township). Asleson referenced Section 2 of the proposed Ordinance reflecting the Corridor includes only areas that are outside of city limits. If a city wishes to adopt an official map for the Highway 55 Corridor, they can do so under a separate Statute. Mattson inquired whether townships have signed off on this. Asleson said the townships were notified of the public hearing last year and were notified of today’s meeting as well. The Official Map is referred to as an official control. Like a Planning & Zoning Ordinance, notice must be provided. In the fall of 2007, notice was provided to all property owners within 1/4 mile of the proposed Corridor.
Sawatzke said he previously brought up concern with the fairness of a property owner having to pay a variance fee if they propose to build within the Corridor. This would include such things as a garage, bedroom, or deck. The Ordinance would direct the Planning & Zoning Administrator to deny any expansion and require them to ask for a variance through the Board of Adjustment. The Planning & Zoning Office would deny application for a brand new home within the Corridor. Sawatzke did not feel that a property owner should have to pay a variance fee for a small remodel or have to wait 1.5 months to remodel. Sawatzke questioned whether this process has been corrected in the Ordinance so there is no fee associated. Asleson said the Ordinance adopted in 2007 is generic and has not been amended. This could be reviewed. The Ordinance being considered today is for the Official Mapping of Highway 55. Sawatzke asked whether approval today would require an applicant tomorrow to follow the variance procedures. Asleson confirmed this and said there have been situations that have occurred over the past year. However, the applicant has voluntarily worked to avoid the Official Mapping area. Tom Salkowski, Planning & Zoning Administrator, said there may be cases where paying a fee for a variance is unjust but he did not favor a blanket exemption. Like any variance, the situation can be easily remedied if the structure is moved. In those cases, he did not see any difference from other variance applications. Salkowski said Ordinance language indicates that even if a variance is granted, the project is on hold for six months after the variance is granted in order to provide Mn/DOT time to purchase the right of way and put an end to the project altogether. He anticipated that most of these would involve brand new construction rather than additions. Much of the area included in the Corridor is 20-30’ in addition to the existing right of way. In some areas, there is new right of way which will be acquired to straighten curves. Sawatzke said traveling to the west of Buffalo, there are a number of homes close to the road. If these property owners apply for an addition (deck, garage or bedroom), they will be required to apply for a variance. If a new home or building is involved, he felt the applicant could move the building 15-20 feet to avoid the Corridor. He was concerned with pre-existing farmsteads west of Buffalo. He felt the applicants will be asking for something that is simple and did not feel the $300 fee was appropriate. Sawatzke suggested that the County Board give discretion to Salkowski to waive the fee as well as the six month provision.
Salkowski said his concern is that he has not seen a map that reflects the location of current buildings and how they will be affected. The map Mn/DOT produced appears to be of plat quality. However, there is not a map in the GIS System good enough to address those questions. Sawatzke felt it was important to have the map available when approving it. More importantly, he wants to see how the Corridor relates to the current homes/structures. He understands why the project is needed due to accidents and he is not opposed to the project. Mattson said he wants to see a map prior to the Ordinance being approved. Asleson said the map he reviewed last week did not include existing structures but included such things as centerline dimensions, etc. The Official Map is not an overlay of aerials and that would not be part of the adoption process. The maps reviewed last week were in adoptable form but are being reprinted so they are more recordable. Adoption could be laid over until the maps are available. Sawatzke questioned how the Planning & Zoning Office can comply with the Ordinance if they don’t have a map to follow. Asleson said this is one of Salkowski’s concerns. Once the maps have been inserted into the GIS System, they will have a more workable product to use. Part of the problem is this is Mn/DOT’s project and the Map produced is not what the County would produce if they were in charge of the Corridor. Eichelberg felt time was not an issue and that adoption could be laid over to a future date after staff has overlaid the Map with the aerial photos. Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, understood that the County Surveyor was going to be present at today’s meeting with the Map. He felt adoption could be delayed for two weeks. Salkowski said that once the Official Map is in a format agreeable to the Surveyor in the GIS System, it could be brought to the Board Meeting for review. He did not feel that there would be much construction in the next few weeks. Asleson stated that the Public Hearing on this issue was closed on 10-30-07. The notice for today’s meeting reflected the Board intends to adopt the Ordinance. The County could take public comment today but it was not characterized as a public hearing.
Commissioner Sawatzke asked for public comment on the adoption of the Official Map and Ordinance. John Jones, Silver Creek Township, said it would be hard to approve the Official Map without having the Map to review. Without the Map, he questioned how staff will accomplish the things that the County wants them to do.
Eichelberg moved to re-agenda the adoption of the Official Map and Ordinance for TH55. Staff can determine the date dependent upon when they have the information necessary. Sawatzke questioned whether a specific date should be set for notice to the public. Russek said the County Board Agenda will reflect when this will be discussed again. Asleson said he was fine with leaving the date indefinite. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 5-0.
A Transportation Committee Of The Whole (TCOTW) Meeting was held on 1-12-09. Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, said at that meeting Federal Funding Projects for TY 2013 were discussed. He distributed three draft resolutions for review. One of the resolutions relates to the City of Annandale’s Southside Trail Extension Project. Wright County acts as the sponsoring agency for any city with a population of under 5000 and a resolution must be adopted reflecting this. The resolution reflects that the City of Annandale has agreed to assume full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the property and facilities related to the project and is responsible for associated costs. This resolution will be submitted to the ATP for funding in 2013. The TCOTW also recommends that three County highway projects be submitted for funding including CSAH 6 (TH 55 to 30th St); the CSAH 35 Bridge (#90697); and CSAH 75 (W. Co. Line to Monticello). The projects must be eligible and included in the 5 or 10 year work plans. As CSAH 75 is not in the work plan, the recommendation of the TCOTW is to add it to the 10 year work plan.
Resolution #09-02: Russek moved to adopt Resolution #09-02, adding CSAH 75 to the 10 year work plan. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg. Mattson referenced the 10 year work program. For example, he said the 10 year plan does not specify the status of the CR 3 project. He understood that would come forward next year. Fingalson said that project is scheduled for State Aid funding next year (specifically the right of way in 2010 and construction in 2011). He said the project was listed as they had submitted it for Federal Funding previously. They were unable to obtain Federal Funding. The project is still on the work plan even though it is State Aid funded. Mattson said it only involves a stretch of 3.5 miles between two 10-ton roads. Fingalson said the project is on the 5 year plan to use State Aid money. Sawatzke questioned whether it should be included in the 10 year plan. Fingalson said the portion of the project from Cokato south to 85th St. is included in the 5 year plan. From 85th St. south is another segment which should be included in the 10 year plan. Both will be State Aid funded. Thelen referenced the 10 year work plan and the I-94 implementation projects. She inquired whether the action included just adding CSAH 75 to the list. Fingalson confirmed this was the case. Thelen asked whether the I-94 implementation project includes the I-94/Hwy. 10 interchange. Fingalson said it does not but includes projects in the easterly portion of the County including the intersection of Hwy. 19 and I-94 by the Albertville Outlet Mall, Naber Avenue in St. Michael, and Kadler Avenue. Those would be partner projects with those cities and hopefully Federal funding will be obtained to make those happen. These are specific projects that involve County roads. The motion to adopt Resolution #09-02 carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Resolution #09-03. On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #09-03 authorizing the Highway Engineer to submit an application to Mn/DOT for FY 2013 Federal funding for the following projects:
Project; Description; Total Cost; Federal Funding Request
CSAH 6 (TH 55 to 30th Street); Regrading, Base, Bituminous; $3,100,000; $2,480,000
CSAH 75 (W Co Line to Monticello); Preservation; $3,500,000; $2,800,000
CSAH 35 Bridge (#90697); Bridge Replacement; $556,000; $444,800
Resolution #09-04. Thelen moved to adopt Resolution #09-04, Resolution of Support from Sponsoring Agency, City of Annandale, Southside Trail Extension. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Greg Kramber, Assessor, requested that the 2009 County Board of Appeal and Equalization Meetings be set. Statutes now require that the meetings either include a Saturday or an evening. If a Saturday is not selected, one meeting may not end prior to 7:00 P.M. The Board must convene on a meeting date after the second Friday in June and allow for ten consecutive meeting days including the day the Board initially convenes. The Board may not allow for more than ten consecutive meeting days without approval from the Commissioner of Revenue. The Board may not meet after June 30th. Sawatzke felt that since the meeting(s) will be held in late June, an evening meeting would be preferred as residents are many times busy on the weekends. Kramber said in the past, the meeting has lasted about 3-4 hours and normally was held on June 15th. However, a larger turnout may be expected with the state of the economy. Russek moved to schedule the 2009 County Board of Appeal and Equalization dates for 6-15-09 at 4:00 P.M. and 6-16-09 at 1:00 P.M. On 6-15-09, the meeting will be held past 7:00 P.M. The motion was seconded by Thelen and carried 5-0.
Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, presented for approval a Position Statement regarding the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment Parks and Trail Fund. This position statement was developed by the Greater Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Coalition of non-metro Regional Park and Trail providers for the use of funds raised through the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. The information will be included in an educational handout during the 2009 Legislative Session. It will help reinforce the position that counties and cities outside the metro area provide regional outdoor recreation opportunities and should be considered on a level playing field with the Twin Cities Metropolitan interests. The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment was passed by voters of Minnesota to increase the State’s sales tax by 3/8ths of one percent for the next 25 years (2009-2034). Funding is split as follows: 1) 33% to clean water purposes; 2) 33% to outdoor heritage; 3) 19.75% for arts, arts education; and 4) 14.25% of receipts will be deposited in the Parks and Trails fund to be spent only to support parks and parks and trails of regional and statewide significance. Russek recently attended the Buffalo City Council Meeting. One of the Council members indicated that there have been many applications made for use of the funding. Thelen moved to approve the Position Statement regarding the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment Parks and Trail Fund. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg. Sawatzke will serve on a Committee that AMC is forming to discuss this issue. He felt that Committee will be reviewing this Policy Statement to see if it is something the AMC Platform supports. Mattson thought 3/8 of 1% didn’t sound like a lot of money and questioned where a breakdown could be viewed. Mattice said the information is included on the website for the Amendment. It includes an estimate of the projected sales tax. With the economy, the revenue may be lower than projected. They are looking at $35 million annually (the 14.75% of the 3/8ths of one percent) for parks and trails. Mattson spoke of the State’s budget deficit. Sawatzke responded that this money can only be used for the designated purposes. The tax is there so he felt outstate counties should apply for it. Mattice added that the voters voted for increased open space and not for operations and maintenance. Thelen said a lot of the acquisition will be in the townships of greater Minnesota and questioned the process to involve township boards for their support. Sawatzke said the AMC Committee could possibly discuss this. The motion carried 5-0.
An Owner’s Committee Meeting was held on 1-06-09. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes with the recommendations. The motion was seconded by Thelen. Mattson referenced the additional funding of items approved by the Committee totaling $20,000. Sawatzke said it was a frustrating day for the Committee on some of the items presented. Russek said they felt some of the items should have been included when the building was designed (i.e., an outlet for the refrigerator). Sawatzke felt that the percentage of change orders compared to the project size was pretty good. The motion carried 5-0:
Blotske presented a revised agenda to add agenda items K, L, and M, under A.II. PCO’s Approved by Captain Torfin. She also requested to add agenda item B. under A.III. PCO’s Submitted for Approval. Torfin requested adding a discussion item under FF&E regarding an invoice he submitted to the Auditor for an item that was approved by the County Board. He also proposed adding three items under A.V. Project FF&E Budget. He would like to discuss lobby signage, blinds, and a clothes dryer.
A. A&P.
Streich provided a project update (see attached “Schedule Look-A-Head 2 Week”, dated 1-06-09). He stated that the Sheriffs Department is moving into Areas A&B. There are minor punch list items in those areas that will be addressed. An inspection was completed yesterday in Areas C and F. The inspector requires one more item to be addressed. The gym equipment will be installed. The concrete floors are being cleaned in Area E for the inspection scheduled for 1-07-09. Final painting, epoxy finishing in the showers, security grid, and the drafting of the preliminary punch list are scheduled to occur in Area D. They are still waiting for exterior signage. Norman asked if the final testing on the geo-well field went okay. Streich stated yes, and the strainers were removed yesterday. The system had to be drained this morning due to a leak. There is commissioning to be done on the vaults, however, the building is maintaining warm temperatures. Sawatzke asked about the status of the commissioning agent, Willen, Inc. A&P expressed their frustration regarding Willen’s performance since his request to extend his contract was declined by the Owner’s Committee. Blotske responded that Willen has canceled two commissioning meetings, however, A&P held progress meetings in lieu of those meetings. Blotske confirmed that his work is still being done, yet, the coordination efforts need improvement. Blotske stated that Willen hasn’t provided proper communication with contractors and is threatening to backcharge contractors for extra trips and additional testing. Blotske stated that she does not feel it is fair to backcharge a contractor for additional testing or field visits if the contractor was not informed prior to a visit. Streich commented that A&P sent Willen an email this morning asking that he provide ample notification to A&P and contractors of his scheduled tests. The next three weeks are vital for equipment and system testing. Hayes stated that the County would follow up with Willen if A&P does not acquire the desired response or outcome from Willen. Blotske stated that she emailed Willen today with A&P’s expectations and has not received a response.
Torfin approved the following:
A. PCO #076 – PB#3 PR 034 Infill at Mechanical Duct Penetrations - $3,790.00.
Torfin stated that this PCO is due to a fire code requirement.
B. PCO #121 – PB#3 Glass Changes at Door - $547.00.
Buikema stated that Hoffman brought to his attention that the glass type on the door in the evidence processing area should have a thicker grade security glass. This required a minor modification to the door.
C. PCO ##146 – BP#3 PR 070 Receptacle to Feed Refrigerator - $1,165.02.
Torfin stated that there was space provided for a refrigerator in Dispatch, but a receptacle was not designed for the space.
D. PCO # #153 – BP#3 Additional Fire Proofing Required Per Bldg Inspector - $3,702.00.
Torfin stated that again, the inspector prompted this PCO.
E. PCO #154 – PB#3 Paint Added Gyp. Board at Skylights - $710.00.
Torfin stated that the skylights weren’t included on the original painting schedule.
F. PCO #156 – PB#3 PR 071 Specimen Pass-Thru - $762.00.
Torfin commented that this stainless steel item was missed in the schedule of detention hardware and equipment.
G. PCO #157 – BP#3 PR 072 Abandon Two Transfer Ducts - $424.00.
Torfin stated that this PCO was a result of an inspector’s requirements. Buikema explained that the engineers looked into this and found that in lieu of adding fire dampers, the two existing transfer ducts could be abandoned.
H. PCO #158 – BP#3 PR 073 Additional Building Automation Changes - $2,076.00.
Buikema stated that this PCO is based on a recommendation from either the commissioning agent or the inspector. He stated that the units needed more than just a temperature sensor, they also needed a humidity sensor. This PCO is to provide wiring for a humidity sensor.
I. PCO #160 – BP#3 Exit Lights Required per Building Inspector - $3,037.32.
Torfin stated that again, this PCO was triggered by the inspector.
J. PCO #161 – BP#3 RFI #221 Fire Preaction Panel - $1,772.36.
Buikema explained that in the project specifications, the sprinkler contractor was supposed to provide the panel. There is only one vendor that supplies both the fire alarm and sprinkler system. Eliminating the sprinkler panel simplifies the system and provides for the most complete UL approved system.
K. PCO #159 – BP#3 PR 074 Hardware Changes - $1,075.77.
Torfin stated that a surface mounted magnetic contact was missed.
L. PCO #162 - BP#3 Eyewash Station - $275.00.
1-13-09 Wright County Board Minutes Page 7 of 9
1-06-09 Owner’s Committee Minutes (cont.):
Torfin stated that apparently the eyewash station that was specified for the kitchen did not fit directly to the wall which is a requirement of the building inspector. Dakota Food Equipment has a fabricated box which can be mounted directly to the wall.
M. PCO#163 – BP#3 Additional Data Cable RM S1322 & S1206 - $762.48.
Torfin stated that Hoffman requested additional cabling into the conference rooms.
A. PCO #145-BP#3 PR069 Building Automation System for (3) Liebert Units - $7,074.00.
Blotske stated that Brad Hatfield requested this item. The Liebert Units take care of the electronics in the radio equipment room and security equipment room. This would be set up to be monitored within the security system. Hatfield does not have access to the security system. Buikema stated that this is a critical component.
B. PCO #164 – BP#2 PR005 Replace Detention Glass with Fire Rated Detention Glass - $6,124.00 (Per Building Inspector).
Torfin stated that this PCO is due to an issue raised by the inspector. Torfin introduced the topic by stating that in each of the housing units, there are upper and lower level panes of glass. Each are located under a sprinkler head. Buikema stated that the mullions obstruct the sprinklers from adequately reaching the lower panes of glass and does not meet fire code. The sprinkler has to wash the entire surface of the glass. This PCO would be to replace the existing glass panes with fire rated glass. Sawatzke questioned the legitimacy of the inspector’s demand. Buikema stated that KKE has been arguing with the inspector for 3 months, yet, by letter of the code he is correct. Buikema stated that the other alternative is to cover the glass with fire rated sheetrock, but the pricing would be almost equal. There are nine panes of glass that will be replaced.
The Owner’s Committee authorized the approval of PCO #s 145 and 164. Russek stated that PCO 164 was based on an interpretation by the inspector. The County does not have a choice other than to accept the required change.
Sawatzke asked if A&P had an estimate as to how many more change orders they anticipate prior to the project completion. Blotske stated that she is aware of change orders for a toilet accessory and a roof ladder. Blotske stated that A&P has given 1-29-09 as the project completion date. They anticipate that the electrical contractor will most likely have some remaining projects after that date. Hoffman stated that as the Sheriffs Department occupies the new LEC, they will find items or projects that may need to be taken care of via change orders. He stated that he wishes to caution the County Board that additional change orders may occur prior to the 1-29-09 deadline. Sawatzke asked how long KKE and A&P stay involved in a project after its completion. Blotske stated that as part of A&P’s facilities asset management service, A&P provides a warranty for one year after completion. If Hatfield were to find a warranty issue, he would submit a work order to A&P, and the contractor would be contacted by A&P. She stated that Hatfield will have copies of all warranties and a list of all contractors.
Blotske stated that the current contingency amount, prior to approval of the above PCOs, is $484,291.00. With the Committee’s authorization of the above PCOs, the contingency amount will be $441,395.53. She clarified that this number does not include the roofing PCO that was approved by the County Board this morning.
V. PROJECT FF&E BUDGET $1,879,314.00.
Blotske stated that the current FF&E Budget is $1,177,687.00.
A. UHF Radio System.
Torfin stated that he forwarded an invoice from Ancom in the amount of $9,621.71. This work is a result of a previously approved purchase requisition.
B. Lobby Signage.
Torfin stated that they received a quote (see attached) from Indianhead Specialty Co., Inc. regarding the lobby signage. He is proposing to use a brushed aluminum 6” block lettering with a 1/8” brown backing. Indianhead provided a quote for 1/8” backing and 1/2” thick letters. There is nearly a $500 savings using the 1/8” backing. He stated that he thinks 1/8” backing will be adequate. The cost for the lettering is $725.78 plus $137.07 for the double stick tape (optional).
RECOMMENDATION: Authorize purchase of the Roman Classic Brushed Aluminum Laminate with Brown Backing – 6” lettering all caps 1/8” depth for $862.85.
C. Blockout System.
Torfin stated that he acquired a quote from Kustom Blinds & Draperies for a blockout shade system to be used in the Master Control room. The blockout system would block public viewing from the lobby area into the Master Control room. The blockout system is a 3 section roller shade with a color coordinated painted frame and a complimentary color shade. Via an intercom system, the public can still have access with the Master Control area. The center shade could be pulled if face-to-face contact is necessary. The quote is for $1,026.10.
Torfin stated that in association with this topic, he would also like to propose adding vertical blinds to seven office areas. Seven supervisors have offices that have a lot of glass and do not grant provisions for privacy. Miller confirmed that they do need the ability to have some privacy during personnel meetings. Torfin stated that five offices in the Sheriffs Administration area would cost $1,561.93. The two jail offices would cost $817.80. These figures include sales tax. Sawatzke asked why the offices were designed with so much glass. Buikema stated that it was part of KKE’s design and via pre-construction discussions, the desire was to provide an open air and naturally lit facility. Torfin stated that the need for natural lighting was achieved, yet the need for privacy was overlooked. Sawatzke stated that he can understand the need for the blinds. RECOMMENDATION: Authorize purchase of the blocking system and blinds for seven offices from Kustom Blinds & Draperies.
E. Clothes Dryer.
Torfin stated that due to a design issue, the Jail is soliciting authorization to purchase a clothes dryer in the women’s work release locker room. The room was roughed-in for side by side washer and dryer units. A stackable unit was purchased, however, and will not work in this space. There is a vent at floor level for the dryer and it will not accommodate a stacking unit. Torfin stated that he is waiting to hear back from the vendor regarding the restocking of the stackable washer and dryer. Buikema stated that KKE designed it for a side-by-side washer and dryer and Torfin stated that the Jail assumed it was designed for a stackable unit.
Norman asked Blotske if she knew when the sales tax refund paperwork would be submitted to the State. Blotske stated that the contractors would submit their tally as part of the close-out documentation stage of the project. The contractors are to submit their tally of the sales tax they paid on materials for the Jail portion only. Norman stated that he was concerned with the timing of the submittal of this paperwork due to the State budget crisis. Sawatzke asked if the sales tax refund has to be applied to the construction bond fund. Norman stated that he did not know that answer. Sawatzke noted that Bob Hiivala, County Auditor/Treasurer, should perhaps be involved in this process.
Hoffman stated that he has three additional topics to discuss with the Committee. He stated that he has been alerted that there remains an issue with the line of sight in both the men’s and women’s employee locker room. It was noted that from the hallway, one can see into the shower area in the female locker room, and the sinks and urinals in the men’s locker room. Buikema stated that he disagrees that there is a line of sight into the women’s shower area. He stated that an easy solution for this would be to place a toilet partition screen in the women’s locker room to prevent potential hall viewing. He stated that the men’s locker room is not an easy solution. After some brainstorming, a few Committee Members gave the idea to place a sign at the mirrors cautioning users to use discretion. Hoffman stated that this was brought to his attention and the administrative concern is that if an issue ever arises, the County has been made aware of the line of sight issue. Norman stated that the County is not required to provide showers for employee use. Hoffman stated that Norman is correct. However, if a shower is provided, something needs to be done to address the line of sight concerns.
Hoffman stated that the LEC does not have an intercom system available from the exterior of the building for public use. He stated that this is a 24 hour/7 days a week facility. If an employee forgets their key card, or if someone has a question, Dispatch can respond to the intercom. Sawatzke stated that this is an issue that can be addressed at a later time.
Hoffman asked if the vending machines have been ordered and scheduled for delivery. Hayes stated that he spoke with Jude Vending this morning about delivery of machines. Hoffman stated there are spaces available for three vending machines on the first floor and two in the lobby area. Norman stated that he would assume that Jude would offer the same deal as they have in the Government Center. They give the County a percentage of what was sold which is used toward employee enhancement activities. Sawatzke asked if any other vending companies were contacted to provide quotes for their services. Hayes stated that this went out for bid a few years ago and Jude came back with the overall best deal. Blotske asked Hayes to coordinate the vending contractor with A&P so they can make sure that the plumbers are on hand.
Buikema stated that KKE are drafting punch lists. He stated that he’ll be on site on Friday. He commented that A&P did a good job with their preliminary punch lists.
The Committee members agreed to holding the Open House event on Saturday, 3-21-09. In case of inclement weather, 3-28-09 would be the alternate date. The proposed time would be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Norman asked how the Committee plans to publicize the event. Russek stated that a notice in the local newspapers and on the County website should suffice. Sawatzke stated that he would assume the local newspapers would write articles about the new facility and the open house would also be mentioned. Russek stated that the local radio station would most likely make timely announcements. It was discussed that the Jail kitchen would provide cookies and punch. Norman asked that the Sheriffs Department put together the literature regarding the facility’s cost and capacity. The Committee did not think parking would be an issue since the open house would be held all day. Blotske stated that A&P has volunteered staff for previous open house events. She stated that A&P would likely assist in this event as well. Buikema stated that KKE could assist in the drafting of the literature. RECOMMENDATION: Host Jail/LEC Open House event on 3-21-09 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., or 3-28-09 as the alternate snow day. Sawatzke asked that this topic be addressed at the next Owner’s Committee Meeting.
(End of Owner’s Committee Minutes & discussion)
Norman said that during the Committee appointments at the 1-06-09 County Board Meeting, the appointments to the Regional Radio Board were not made. In 2008, Heeter served as the appointment and Eichelberg as the alternate. Eichelberg has attended the last two meetings and is interested in becoming the appointee. Russek moved to appoint Eichelberg to the Regional Radio Board, seconded by Thelen. The motion was amended to include appointing Mattson as the alternate. The motion carried 5-0.
Bills Approved
Ameripride Linen and Apparel. $286.72
Ami Imaging Systems Inc. 185.00
Annandale Advocate Inc. 204.15
Annandale/City of 956.60
Apec Industrial Sales & Service 428.96
Auto Glass Center Inc. 295.34
Bakeberg/George 713.44
Bakken/Duane A. 825.18
Beaudry Propane Inc 4,142.85
Boyer Truck Parts 576.42
Buffalo/City of 34,554.29
Catco Parts Service 867.96
Center Point Energy 1,167.95
Centra Sota Lake Region 21,635.95
Central McGowan Inc. 114.92
Christian/Mark B. 26,200.00
Climate Air 433.91
Cokato/City of 400.00
Cottens’ Inc. 453.72
CPS Technology Solutions 562.50
Dustcoating Inc. 3,322.80
Engel/Dale L. 1,043.75
Excel Systems LLC 145.83
Force America Inc 2,305.44
General Office Products Co. 43,750.35
Glunz/Raymond 120.00
Greenview Inc. 338.25
Herald Journal Publishing Inc. 226.21
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 352.52
Indelco Plastics Corp. 1,249.68
Int’l Right of Way Assn.. 236.00
Interstate Battery Systems 880.28
Jacobson/Drew S. 8,800.00
Junction Towing & Auto Repair 160.35
Kelly, Edwin J. 37,900.00
Klatt True Value Electric 114.38
Kris Engineering Inc. 552.47
Lakedale Communications 458.21
LaPlant Demo Inc. 534.36
Little Falls Machine 1,160.24
M & M Express 297.29
Maple Lake Messenger 132.84
Marco 364.00
Marco Inc. 456.89
Martinson/Jim 125.00
Menards - Buffalo 1,098.67
Mid-States Organized Crime 300.00
Millers Sewage Trtmt Solutions 500.00
MN Counties Computer Coop. 505.59
MN Co. Engineers Assoc. 400.00
MN Transportation Alliance 3,060.00
Mobile Radio Engineering Inc. 18,473.86
Monticello Auto Body Inc. 133.12
Monticello Times Inc. 175.80
Monticello/City of 10,692.20
Mooney/Jeff 6,900.00
Morrell Towing Inc. 127.80
Morries Buffalo Ford Mercury 616.03
Morries Parts & Service 395.66
Morton Salt 891.32
MPELRA 250.00
Mumford Sanitation 129.87
Nabours/Timothy T. 22,200.00
North American Salt Co. 48,904.63
Office Depot 1,388.77
Owens/Roy E. 3,850.00
Planer/Norman 9,000.00
Riebel/Augie 125.00
Royal Tire Inc. 1,800.10
Ryan Chevrolet 883.01
Senkyr/Gordon T. 3,300.00
Shadduck/James N. 9,900.00
Silver Creek Township 870.20
Software House International 3,139.62
Spectrum Solutions 5,326.51
St. Cloud/City of 2,089.54
St. Joseph Equipment Inc. 141.98
Staff/Arthur N. 5,960.00
Stratus Technologies Ireland 3,061.73
Super Express 146.97
Synergy Graphics 2,394.90
T & M Towing and Snow Plow 206.05
Uniforms Unlimited 953.96
US Bank 1,293.75
Vollbrecht/Shawna 150.00
Walker Trucking/C 9,275.00
Waste Management TC West 1,202.64
West Payment Center 1,413.67
Westside Equipment 287.65
Wright County Collision 5,381.61
Wright County Journal Press 301.44
Wright Hennepin Electric 217.53
Wright/Jim 125.00
Zep Sales & Services 396.83
29 Payments less than $100 1,410.62
Final total $391,781.63
The meeting adjourned at 9:43 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Feb. 16, 2009.

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