Wright County Board Minutes

FEBRUARY 24, 2009
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. with Sawatzke, Thelen, Mattson, Russek, and Eichelberg present.
On a motion by Russek, second by Thelen, all voted to approve the minutes of 2-17-09 as presented.
The following items were petitioned onto the Agenda: Items for Consid. #2, “Reschedule Bid Opening Date for Compost Spreader” (Asleson). On a motion by Eichelberg, seconded by Thelen, all voted to approve the Agenda as amended.
The Consent Agenda was discussed. On a motion by Russek, second by Thelen, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. Mattson referenced Item C3, “Approve Jail LEC Draw #20 - $566,489.83.” He questioned if the payment is for current items. Norman clarified that it is Pay Application #20. Russek stated that the Owners Minutes will provide detailed information. The motion passed 5-0.
1. Performance Appraisals: D. McCalla, Aud./Treas.; R. DeBlois, R. Gongoll, K. Kramer, Sher./Corr.; M. Pooler, Surv.
2. Approve Charitable Gambling Form LG220, Church Of St. Mary Of Czestochowa, 1867 95th St. SE, Delano MN 55328 & Waive 30-Day Waiting Period.
3. Refer Nursing Mothers Room To The Building Committee.
4. O/T Report, Period Ending 2-06-09.
1. Approve Abatement, PID #107-086-002010, Warner Bldg. & Remodeling LLC (City of Delano).
2. 2009 Tobacco License Renewals: River Inn Bar & Grill (Hanover); Pete’s Grocery (Waverly).
3. 2009 Seasonal On Sale 3.2 Malt Liquor License Renewal: Church of St. Mary of Czestochowa (Franklin Twp.).
4. Approve Jail LEC Draw #20 - $566,489.83.
1. Parks Department 2008 Year End Report.
An Owner’s Committee Meeting was held on 2-17-09. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Eichelberg. Sawatzke recognized Mattson for his contribution of pictures that will be displayed during the Jail/LEC open house scheduled for 3-21-09 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mattson referenced Page 3, Item F7, “Dakota Foods Equipment Modification.” He questioned if Dakota Foods would be submitting a bid for the food contract with the Jail/LEC. Sawatzke stated that Dakota Foods was hired to install a stainless steel panel in the kitchen to avoid food from being splattered on the walls and floor. The panel would enable the splattering to go down a drain. Russek stated that Dakota Foods Equipment is an equipment supplier. The motion carried 5-0.
Torfin added the following items to the Agenda under Item F, FFE Budget: #6, “Dakota Foods Equipment”; #7, “Dakota Food Equipment Modification”; #8, “Marker Board Addition”; #9, Forms Storage Writing Desk.”
I. A&P.
Streich reported that they are working on punch lists, inspections, and closing out the project. The inspection for permanent occupancy of the building will occur next week. He did not foresee any problems.
1. Value of $566,489.83.
2. 98.34% Complete.
Blotske reported the project is billed 98.34% complete. No retainage has been billed for or released at this time. Communications is billed at 92% complete and flooring is at 98% complete. By the end of March, contractors should be billed at 100%. The retention is being held and will be released the end of March or April to assure everything works correctly
Torfin approved the following:
1. PCO #165 BP#3 Modifications To Cell Frames To Allow Key Switch Installation, $2,373.64.
The work was required as the door frames were not manufactured to accept the key switches. The repair included cutting and chiseling of the concrete.
2. PCO #180 BP#2 PR 006 Add Loop Pull On The Pull Side Of (18) Detention Doors, $3,696.00.
The change was from fingertip pulls to loop pulls on the fire doors between blocks. The problem was that they could not get enough grip on the finger pulse to open the fire doors.
1. PCO #179 BP#3 PR 077 Provide Stack Exhaust Fans At Water Heaters, $7,015.67.
The change was discussed at a previous meeting. The water heater will require a larger exhaust fan. There was no fan previously. Blotske stated the change order includes the exhaust fan and electrical and mechanical connections. Wiring was added. Streich said the change will draw more air out of the chimney allowing it to run at a better pace and it will heat up quicker.
Recommendation: Approve PCO #179 BP#3 PR 077 Provide Stack Exhaust Fans At Water Heaters - $7,015.67.
E. Project Contingency $1,110,370.00.
Current Contingency $362,651.55.
Contingency If Item D Is Approved $355,635.88.
Sawatzke asked whether the contingency will stay above $350,000. Blotske said it may be slightly under that. A couple of weeks ago, additional costs were discussed. The floor preparation for the sports flooring, $1,900, is currently being reviewed by KKE. The Intereum furniture connection costs are estimated at a not-to-exceed value of $5,834. Door and Frame S1410 were not fire rated so the cost was $1,100 to have the door and frame inspected, rated, and labeled. Blotske felt the items will total about $9,000-$10,000.
F. Project FFE Budget $1,879,314.00.
Current FFE Budget $1,096,028.61.
1. Report On Invoices Paid For Previously Authorized Purchases. (Torfin)
Torfin reported the Board previously authorized a purchase from Granite Electronics of two portable radios for transport vehicles. The radios were purchased used. Antenna kits and installation were required. The invoice totaled $694.81.
Torfin said a gas dryer was purchased for $1,099.90. A credit for the stackable unit returned was issued through the A&P billing process. The credit is just over $1,800.00.
Torfin stated that shelving was purchased from Mid America Business Systems in the amount of $2,358.98.
The invoices have been paid.
2. Signage For Parking (Evidence Pickup & Marked Squad Parking) (Torfin)
Torfin said in the property return area, they would like to place three Visitor Parking Only signs. The parking spaces will be used by those picking up property. In addition, they would like to place five Marked Squad Parking Only signs close to the building so officers can get to their squads quickly. The cost for the eight signs is $224.00. The signs will be mounted on posts installed by the Highway Department and may include a guard rail installed through the concrete. Torfin explained that this information was passed along by Lt. Greg Howell but he assumed that Lt Howell has been in contact with the Highway Department.
Recommendation: Approve purchase of eight signs at a cost of $224.00 to be installed by the Highway Department.
3. Equipment Purchase For J1028, Jail Break Room. (Torfin)
Torfin said the purchases are for the Jail Break Room and include a refrigerator ($749.88), a counter top microwave ($149.99), and a commercial coffee brewer ($349.99). The items are being purchased for the Jail/LEC break room. The break room at the current Jail facility will be used by staff that remains at the Government Center, so the items cannot be moved. Norman questioned whether the Jail Kitchen could provide coffee versus purchasing the coffee maker. Miller explained that employees purchase their own coffee so this is not an option.
Recommendation: Approve purchase of refrigerator ($749.88), counter top microwave ($149.99), and commercial coffee brewer ($349.99).
4. Equipment Purchase For Jail Pharmacy. (Torfin)
Torfin recommended the purchase of a refrigerator for medication storage ($479.00). The refrigerator is made for a lab application.
Recommendation: Approve purchase of refrigerator for medication storage ($479.00).
5. Furniture Purchase For Jail. (Torfin)
Torfin reported that furniture was not purchased for the Jail at the time it was purchased for the LEC. The furniture will equip offices, conference rooms, and interview rooms. In the original plan, sled based chairs were included in the specifications. They opted for a less expensive, multi-stack chair in some cases. The list of furniture includes: 30 x 48 tables (5), 3 x 3 tables (5), sled based chairs (10), lab stools (3), and multi-stacker chairs (30). The quote from General Office Products is $9,584.90. Russek questioned whether additional items will be needed. Torfin stated that this purchase includes the major items but there may still be some other minor issues.
Recommendation: Approve purchase of furniture at a cost of $9,584.90.
6. Dakota Foods Equipment. (Torfin)
Torfin said the request is for additional steam table pans and sheet pans for a total of $468.66. The items will be stainless steel or 16 gauge aluminum.
Recommendation: Approve purchase of equipment at a cost of $468.66.
7. Dakota Foods Equipment Modification. (Torfin)
Torfin explained that a drain tray is needed for the dishwasher to direct food and water out of the unit. The problem was discussed with representatives from Hobart and Dakota Foods. A drain tray will be mounted to allow cleaning of the rollers and the food to be directed to the drain, preventing maintenance issues. The custom fabrication with installation will cost $639.10. Streich questioned whether a drain to the floor will be included. Torfin said that it will not. The modification includes a threaded area for a tail piece. It was felt that this could be completed by custodial staff.
Recommendation: Approve dishwasher equipment modification at a cost of $639.10.
8. Marker Board Addition. (Torfin)
Torfin stated a marker board is required for the Patrol Room. The proposed board would be 10 feet in length and include tack boards on each end. The style and color will be consistent with other boards previously fabricated for the project. Sawatzke asked whether there are any marker boards remaining in the vacated Sheriff Department space. The response was that all marker boards have been removed from the vacated space and used in the new Jail/LEC. The cost is $520.00 delivered, plus tax.
Recommendation: Approve purchase of marker board at a cost of $520.00 delivered, plus tax.
9. Forms Storage Writing Desk. (Torfin)
Torfin said a quote was obtained from Ernst Construction for three units that will include two slotted forms storage cabinets and one writing cabinet with storage. The cost is $1,100. The units are needed for the various forms that officers are required to fill out in the pre-booking area.
Recommendation: Approve purchase of cabinets from Ernst Construction at a cost of $1,100.
Mattox said KKE may finish their punch lists today.
A draft of the Open House Flyer was reviewed (front/back cover). Mattox asked that the County review the names listed on the cover. Sawatzke requested that Rose Thelen’s name be added next to Karla Heeter’s name under the Board of Commissioners. The interior of the flyer will include architectural information and project facts. KKE and A&P will work on this. Mattox asked the County to provide any information they would like included on Wright County. A sample from Dakota County was distributed. Miller said visitors to the Open House will be accompanied by tour guides that will provide basic information about the Jail/LEC.
The following items were suggested for inclusion in the Flyer :
1) How many inmates the Jail will hold.
2) Number of employees who will work at the Facility.
3) Facts on the Sheriff Department including the number of people served and city/township contracts.
4) Explanation on the differences between a jail and a prison, including length of sentences and the location of secure perimeter.
5) Long-term plan for Courts.
6) Information on the geo-thermal system including cost, number of heat pumps, and wells.
7) Information relating to the planning effort that went into the current Jail facility (constructed as a 20-year solution and met that timeline). Include information as to what the planned use for the current Jail will be.
8) Total project costs with a breakdown of construction and architectural information. This should include information reflecting that the project was completed on schedule and under budget.
Norman said that Commissioner Mattson has over 200 photographs of various stages of the Jail/LEC construction. Torfin said that Tim Pippo also has a power point presentation that will be shown. Torfin will contact Mattson to obtain the photographs for possible inclusion in the power point presentation.
Torfin said a Law Enforcement Open House will also be held to allow law enforcement agencies an opportunity to tour the Facility. This is common with new jail construction. Torfin stated that the Health Department Licensing through the Department of Corrections needs to be completed. Recommendation: It was the consensus that Flyer information should be coordinated through Torfin. A draft will be reviewed at the next meeting. The Committee will meet on the following dates in March: March 3, March 10, and March 24. Miller suggested that those providing tours should meet on March 10th to go over their responsibilities.
(End of Owners Committee Minutes)
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented to the Board a Joint Ditch Policy that involves the counties of Meeker, Districts 3, 4, and 5 of McLeod, Renville, and Sibley. Wright and Carver Counties are being solicited to participate. Hiivala stated that Carver has not committed at this point. The policy is intended to supplement Minnesota Statutes Chapter 103E in the Maintenance and Operation of Joint Drainage Systems. Most of the drainage systems in the counties were established with the aid of federal wetlands grant monies, starting in 1890 and ending in 1925. Most of the original drainage work was done to add value to the land for agricultural purposes or to prevent diseases caused by mosquitoes. Mattson and Hiivala met with the Joint Ditch Committee last week. Hiivala was impressed to hear that the committee will address all repair bills and future projects that will be shared with neighboring counties. Mattson voiced his approval on how the meetings were organized. He noted that people with project expertise attend the meetings so that no additional outside advice is needed. Hiivala gave the example of Ron Mortenson, Meeker County, coming before the Wright County Board and requesting the clean out of County Ditch 14. According to this policy, the County Board, as host, could approve the policy and notification would be provided to McLeod County. Without this policy, a Commissioner from Wright County would have to travel to McLeod and Meeker County to review the scope of the project. This does not alleviate any of the counties from notifying the host county of a repair; however it does avoid a meeting with the Commissioners to discuss the scope of the work to be completed. The new policy would allow the host county, using a weighted average of the ditch, the ability to approve projects up to $20,000. Mattson stated that it is a simplified way of doing business. Hiivala stated that there would not be a per diem charge since Commissioners would not be required to visit each site. Counties will continue to report all repairs to the Host County. Sawatzke questioned if Brian Asleson, Chief County Attorney, has reviewed the policy and guidelines. Asleson stated that the policy and guidelines would set up a method of operations. The policy would authorize the Counties drain inspectors to find a company to complete the work if under $20,000. Asleson stated that entering into the agreement would not change the way Wright County does business. Mattson moved to approve the Policy and Guidelines for Repairs, seconded by Russek. The motion carried 5-0.
Hiivala presented to the Board the January Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines. Hiivala stated that some line items are skewed due to the payments that were made in the beginning of 2009. Russek stated that items being paid in the beginning of the year can throw off all line items. Sawatzke commented that there were three payrolls in January which also affected each department’s line item. Russek questioned if this would happen again in 2009. Norman stated that the payroll date of 1-01-10 would be made on 12-31-09. This makes 27 pay periods in 2009. He referenced that the Insurance Line Item under Budget 100 appears to be under budget. However, once the Jail/LEC obtains their permanent certificate of occupancy, the County will receive a premium notice from MCIT. He is anticipating that payment will be made sometime in March. Eichelberg motioned to approve the Revenue/Expenditures Guidelines, seconded by Thelen. The motion carried 5-0.
The claims’ listing was presented for approval. Mattson referenced a claim on Page 1, Court Administration. He questioned whether the claim for court appointed counsel ($2,099.80) should be forwarded to a Committee for discussion due to the amount and type of expense. Russek stated that the County currently has a contract with Cathleen Gabriel for cases regarding Children in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS). Sawatzke questioned why the County would be paying an additional amount if she is contracted. Asleson commented that there were three claims in connection with two mental health commitment matters. These items are not within the scope of CHIP cases and the County does appoint council for other items. Sawatzke questioned what Gabriel’s time commitment is with CHIP cases. Asleson replied that half of Gabriel’s time is used for representation during CHIPS cases. Mattson commented that the claims for court appointed council is on the rise. Eichelberg moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried unanimously.
Asleson requested that the Board authorize signatures on a Donation Agreement between Wright County & Hasty-Silver Creek Sportsman Club. This matter was discussed by the Board briefly in 2008 and then referred to the Ways and Means Committee. He explained that there is a separate request for this Board item, as there were a couple of changes that were requested by the Hasty-Silver Creek Sportsman Club. The Ways & Means Committee recommended approval of the Agreement with a donation that would go towards paying real property taxes on the Hasty-Silver Creek Sportsman Club with a cap of $4,000. The requested change would raise the cap to $5,000. Asleson referenced Page 2, 1st paragraph. He stated that the second sentence was added as follows, “In the event that tax classification of the Club’s property is changed in any way, thereby affecting the property tax rate, the County agrees that the maximum annual donation amount may be renegotiated.” The proposed amount was raised because over the last ten years the taxes have increased approximately $1,500 to $2,000. This Agreement would cover a ten-year period. The current taxes are $3,000 per year. Sawatzke stated that the County is entering into a rental and maintenance agreement with Hasty-Silver Creek Sportsman Club. The County would pay $3,100 a year; in exchange the Sportsman Club would allow a Wright County archery range on their property. The Sportsman Club would provide the necessary upkeep and maintenance. Asleson stated that the County would be involved with the publicity of the archery range; however, the County would not be involved with the daily management. Sawatzke clarified that the annual fee could increase each year with a cap being set at $5,000. Eichelberg is in support of the archery range and stated that the Parks Commission has been working toward this for some time. Asleson stated that Mark Mattice, Parks Administrator, has indicated that he would move items around in the Parks budget to cover the $3,100 rental/maintenance fee. Norman referenced the discussion that took place on Page 3, No. 9, regarding the initial costs of the archery range. Sawatzke clarified that the initial equipment and construction costs would be approximately $6,000. There is a 12-month termination clause that enables the County to end the Agreement if not satisfied. Eichelberg moved to approve the authorization of signatures on the Donation Agreement, seconded by Thelen. Mattson questioned if the County would be able to take over the Sportsman Club. Asleson stated that in the Agreement. There is a right of first refusal clause if the Sportsman Club decided to sell. Sawatzke feels that this is a great opportunity for the County to have an archery range which would be maintained by the Sportsman Club. The motion carried 5-0.
Asleson requested that the Board reschedule the Bid Opening Date for the Compost Spreader. Norman suggested 3-24-09 at 9:30 a.m. Russek moved to approve the Bid Opening Date for 3-24-09, seconded by Eichelberg. The motion carried 5-0.
Asleson referenced the Ways and Means Committee Meeting Minutes, Item II, Tobacco Ordinance Policy. He received positive feedback from Carol Schefers, Public Health Department, regarding how the County handles charges and violations. The Public Health Department would be responsible for issuing violations instead of Gloria Gooler, Auditor/Treasurers Office. The Public Health Department is in contact with the retailers and offers classes to their clerks. Asleson stated the following changes will be made to the Action Plan, adopted in 1998, under Section IV: Item number A-1 would be changed to, “Notice to the retailers, employees and others will be issued by the Public Health Department.” Item B, changed to, “The Auditor/Treasurer will be responsible for collection of the administrative fine.
If there are no problems collecting the fines, the County Attorney’s Office may be enlisted to assist in the collection.” Asleson stated that if Court Services is still issuing violations to minors, they will be responsible to collect the fines. After 30 days of no payment, the Attorney’s office would send out additional notices to try and collect payment. Sawatzke questioned who would collect the fees once submitted. Asleson replied that all payments would be submitted to Auditor/Treasurers Office. No public notice is required at this time. Asleson suggested making changes and reviewing at a later date. Eichelberg commented that these are internal decisions being made. The County Board will review this item at the 3-03-09 County Board Meeting.
A Ways and Means Committee was held on 2-11-09. At today’s County Board meeting Mattson stated that presenting the minutes would be confusing as the Agreement language is going to be changed. He questioned whether the changes should be made and the Ways and Means Committee minutes reviewed in one week. Norman stated that the minutes stand as written and changes would be made to today’s Board minutes. Russek stated if the minutes are accurate, we need to approve the minutes and not approve the recommendation. The Board is not approving the recommendation, but wishes to lay the item over for one week for further discussion and review. Russek moved to approve the minutes and Item I, and lay over for one week further discussion on Item II, seconded by Mattson. The motion carried 5-0.
Asleson stated that the new draft is similar to the original draft Agreement. The term “Lease Agreement” was changed to “Donation Agreement”. Asleson stated that he looked at a Statute regarding the County’s enabling authority. The Statute indicates that if the County wishes to provide a park related activity in a non-County park setting, the County has the option to fund the activity. He stated that he does not have an issue with the County funding an archery range.
Asleson reviewed the Donation Agreement (see attached) as follows:
1. The paragraph was changed to reflect “donation” versus “lease” of the property. The paragraph simply states that the County can make improvements to the property for the establishment of an archery range at the County’s expense. He noted the last sentence of the paragraph reads: “ The County shall not advertise or encourage any use of the Club’s property, other than that which is usual and customary with archery activities, without the prior written consent of the Club.” Mattice confirmed that the County would not advertise the club property as a public lake access, picnic grounds, etc. The only mention of the property would be on the Park’s website stating that a public archery range is available at the Hasty-Silver Creek Sportsman Club.
2. Asleson noted that this paragraph allows the County the right to extend the length of the Agreement. He changed the terms of notice of the County’s intention to extend the lease from twelve months to six months.
3.Asleson stated that the County’s obligation is to pay an amount equal to the yearly “real” property taxes on the entire Club property. This wording is the same as the original Agreement. Asleson stated that the Agreement could define whether the payment should be made in an annual lump sum, or in two equal payments. Pribyl responded that if the County were to pay a lump sum amount, the property tax would in turn be paid in one lump sum amount. Mattice clarified that the donation would come out of levy dollars.
Sawatzke stated that he would encourage the Committee to recommend the terms of the Agreement. The County Board could then determine the amount of available funds to build the archery range.
Asleson stated that the last sentence would allow for the County to designate a capped donation amount. Mattice stated that the Committee previously discussed a cap. Sawatzke stated that he would be in favor of a capped amount in case the Club decided to construct a new facility on the property, causing the property tax value to increase. Sawatzke stated that he thinks $4,000 is a reasonable cap amount. Mattson stated that the amount could be reevaluated by the County Board at a future date.
Pribyl stated that the Club may be concerned with a capped amount. He stated that the current County Assessor has the property assessed at a value that is lower than typical lake properties. He stated that a new assessor could make a different determination that exceeded the County’s capped donation amount.
Sawatzke stated that the County essentially is renting an acre of the Club’s property for an archery range. A $4,000 cap amount seems to be a fair rent amount for an acre. Pribyl stated that the point of the Agreement is to offset the burden of the property tax. Sawatzke stated that the County would be offsetting the property taxes. If the property taxes were to increase, the County would still be doing its part in supplementing a generous portion of the total.
3B. Asleson stated that this paragraph describes how the County would cooperate with the Club in the design of the range. If the County makes improvements, it becomes part of the real estate.
3C. Asleson stated that the language does not change from the original Agreement.
3D. This paragraph refers to 4B. The Club would do its own mowing, turf maintenance, and replacing target cores. The County would provide the general maintenance of the range. If cores and backstops need replacement, the County would provide that at no cost to the Club.
3E. Asleson stated that the Club has the option to have the County bid out its toilet and disposal services. The Club would pay for those services. The Agreement could be changed to describe how the Club would pay for the services if they opt to use the County’s vendors.
3F. Asleson stated that this paragraph simply states that if the County expends
additional dollars, they will seek prior approval from the Club.
3G. This paragraph satisfies the Club by stating that the County would not take over the Club’s property.
3H. Asleson stated that this paragraph allows the Club to offer concessions.
4A. Asleson stated that this paragraph is a repeat of the above language regarding the purpose of the Agreement.
4B. Again, this paragraph is a repeat of the Club’s maintenance duties.
4C. Asleson stated that this paragraph is identical to the previous draft. It states that the Club would be responsible for special assessments. However, if there was a special assessment due to the County use of the property, the County would be responsible for the assessment (i.e. LID).
4D. Asleson stated that this paragraph meets the requirement of the right of first refusal. The last sentence of this paragraph was in the earlier draft. He stated that this could be all subject to negotiation.
4E. This paragraph states that the Club would provide assistance if they are able to do so.
5. Asleson stated that this paragraph was changed and describes that the County would back away from the Club’s actual day-to-day activities. The Club would hold the County harmless. Asleson stated that this paragraph is a broad hold harmless clause. The Agreement simply states that the County is funding the archery range, advertising that it is open to the public, but is not a County park, or a County activity.
6. The Termination Clause has not changed from the original Agreement.
7. The Improvements paragraph has not changed. The paragraph states that if there is movable property that the County installed, the movable property could be removed by the County upon termination of the Agreement. The second sentence of the paragraph states that any permanent structures attached to the real estate would remain property of the Club.
8. Assignments have not changed.
9. Merger and Amendments also have not changed.
Asleson stated that this Agreement has not been reviewed by MCIT. Nolan stated that he feels the changes cover the recommendations made by MCIT. Pribyl stated that the Club has their meeting tonight and would review the new draft Agreement. He forewarned the Committee that the Club may debate the capped donation amount. Norman proposed forwarding three clean copies to the Club for their authorization of signatures if they approve the changes. Pribyl asked if the County Board would be ready to take immediate action if the Club were to authorize signatures on the Agreement. Mattice stated that the County Board would have to work out what is available for funding this year due to the economic times. Norman asked Mattice if he knew how much it would cost to construct the archery range. Mattice stated that once Parks receives approval from the Club of its design, Parks would build five targets, a straight-line shooting range, markers, and maybe a broadhead sandbed. It would be completed in-house and would cost approximately $3,000, not including labor. Sawatzke stated that it would initially cost the County approximately $6,000 (donation and construction).
Asleson proposed that if the funding was tight this year, perhaps the County could make the donation amount, and delay the design/build of the archery range. This would allow the County to enter into the Agreement. Sawatzke stated that he did not think the County Board would be in favor of making a donation to a property that was not usable to residents for the purpose intended. Norman forewarned the Committee that funding for the construction and donation may be even more difficult in 2010.
A brief discussion regarding signage completed today’s discussion. Mattice stated that the County would not supply “County” signage on the property, removing all County identification to the range. Together, Parks and the Club would draft the archery range etiquette.
RECOMMENDATION: Approve and authorize signatures on the Donation Agreement between Wright County and The Hasty-Silver Creek Sportsman Club, provided the Club approves of the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
Asleson referred to Minnesota Statute 461.12 by stating that the State of Minnesota does not specifically mention the involvement of the Auditor/Treasurer office or require the County Auditor to issue the license. State Law, in general terms, requires that the County issue licenses and regulate the sale of tobacco. The County adopted an Action Plan (eff. 6-08-98) that ties the Auditor/Treasurer to certain duties. Section I.B. states that the County Auditor’s Office provides an application form, Section I.C. states that the application and related fee are received by the County Auditor, and Section IV states that a notice of violation and civil penalty will be issued to the retailers, employees, and others, by the County Auditor. Sawatzke stated that he would still be in favor of the Auditor/Treasurer’s office collecting the fines and license fees as they handle all County monies.
Asleson stated that it was his understanding that the Committee was concerned with the number of Departments involved in the process. Involving three Departments in the process could potentially delay the timing of proper issuance of violations. Hiivala stated that Public Health does collect fees and remits them to the Auditor/Treasurer for deposit. They have indicated that they would like a larger portion of the fees. Asleson stated that authorized County personnel must perform compliance checks.
Asleson stated that in speaking with Joel Torkelson, Public Health Educator, he indicated that Public Health clerical staff already do a lot of the mailings to the tobacco retailers. Torkelson led Asleson to believe that staff would be able to handle more of the paperwork duties. Sawatzke asked if the Sheriffs Department could write out the violation as they are already assisting in the compliance checks. Asleson stated that this is a civil violation and the Sheriffs Department would like to minimize its efforts in the entire process. A uniformed officer does go along on the compliance checks to provide an extra layer of authority. Mattson stated that he would be concerned for the safety of the Public Health employee and minor performing the compliance checks without the added authority of a law enforcement officer. Sawatzke stated that he agrees with Mattson. The Deputy provides an official eye witness to the situation. Asleson stated that it would be more suitable to have the Public Health Department issue the actual notice of violation since it does the majority of the work: offers classes, schedules the compliance checks, rides along with the Deputy and minor to perform the checks.
Hiivala proposed that Public Health complete the violation notices and forward it to the Auditor/Treasurer for collection.
Norman stated that it would seem sensible to have the same process for both tobacco and alcohol violations. Hiivala stated that he would be in favor of the Auditor/Treasurer office continuing its role as the recipient of the money. Any other involvement would just delay the process.
Sawatzke proposed changing IV.1. to state: “Notice to the retailers, employees and others will be issued by the Public Health Department.” Norman further proposed that IV.B. should state, “The Auditor/Treasurer will be responsible for collection of the administrative fine.” Sawatzke stated that since the Auditor/Treasurer distributes the license, they would know whether a vendor has paid all existing fines. Asleson stated that the recent change to the tobacco ordinance states that vendors who do not pay their fines cannot renew their licenses.
Asleson stated that the above changes would not affect the Ordinance. The action plan could be changed without public notice, as it is merely a guide for staff. He stated that he could make the proposed change, bring back to the 2-24-09 County Board Meeting, and alert Torkelson of the change so he may attend the Meeting to provide input. He stated that the feedback he received from Torkelson gave the impression that he is in favor of the change.
RECOMMENDATION: Authorize proposed changes to the Action Plan.
(End of Ways and Means Committee minutes)
There is no Owners Committee Meeting today.
Bills Approved
Advanced Graphix Inc.. $489.90
Allina Occ Med 815.00
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 215.77
Anoka County Corrections 3,698.10
Aramark Correctional Services 5,567.03
Auto Glass Center Inc. 269.70
B & B Products - Rigs and Squa 120.00
Joe Backes 189.20
Barrett Moving & Storage 10,000.00
Big B’s Towing and Recovery 133.13
Black Moore Bumgardner Magn 100.00
Catco Parts Service 110.60
Center Point Energy 8,495.81
Climate Air 966.03
Comm. of Transportation 11,418.90
Community Lawn Care 831.27
Corporate Payment Systems 1,084.53
Cottens Buffalo 619.05
Cub Foods 192.32
Dell Marketing LP 1,162.24
Elk River Ford 329,515.40
Emergency Physicians Prof 257.25
Dale Engel 1,000.00
Fastenal Company 722.15
Dennis Fehn Gravel & Exca 32,146.07
Cathleen Gabriel 300.00
Gould Towing 308.85
Kendra Greku 110.40
Hillyard Floor Care Supply 3,056.90
Paul Hines 120.00
Hot Iron 3,075.00
Interstate All Battery Center 363.10
Interstate Battery Systems 695.08
Jake’s Excavating 16,900.00
Klein Heating and Cooling 537.00
Kramer Mining & Materials Inc. 263.46
Michael Laurent 317.44
Law Enforcement Training Ser 360.00
Lawson Products Inc. 282.83
Locators & Supplies Inc. 3,919.20
Carol Lostetter 200.00
M & M Express 143.40
Marco Inc. 3,961.84
Martin Marietta Aggregates 1,995.28
Menards - Buffalo 733.09
Midland Corp. Benefits Svc 997.75
MN Counties Computer Co-op 225.00
MN Counties Ins. Trust 1,465.00
MN Surveyors & Engineers 111.00
Monticello-Big Lake Hospital 800.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 387.14
Motorola Inc. 1,049.71
North American Salt Co. 5,464.81
Office Depot 373.65
Pengo Corporation 129.80
Precision Prints of Wright Co. 340.80
Frank Ramacciotti 1,000.00
Stoffel Reitsma 600.00
Thomas Richards 500.00
Royal Tire Inc. 6,387.65
RS Eden 11,990.70
John Russek 160.05
Russell Security Resource 540.20
James Segner 20,330.00
Software House International 784.02
Claire Solien 702.00
Total Printing 578.99
Unique Truck Equipment 131.41
University of Minnesota 350.00
Verizon Wireless 720.63
Voss Lighting 404.70
Washington Co. Court Serv 330.00
West Payment Center 823.16
Michael Woodford 112.20
Wright Co. Highway Dept. 3,340.07
Wright Henn. Co-op Elec. Assn. 740.15
Xiotech 42,031.91
25 Payments less than $100 1,202.45
Final total $552,867.27
The meeting adjourned at 9:47 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal March 23, 2009.

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