Wright County Board Minutes

JUNE 9, 2009
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek, Eichelberg and Thelen present.
The minutes of 5-26-09 were corrected as follows: Page 4, 4th paragraph, add the following as the last sentence of the paragraph, “The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0” (Russek). On a motion by Thelen, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the 5-26-09 Board minutes as corrected.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Aud./Treas. Item #3, “Ditch 34” (Russek); Item For Consid. #5, “Bertram Chain Of Lakes” (Sawatzke). Russek moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.
Eichelberg moved to approve the Consent Agenda as presented, seconded by Russek. Sawatzke referenced Consent Item A4 which is the final pay application for the Jail/LEC Project. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, clarified this is the final payment for contractors. There may be additional claims submitted for approval relating to the Jail/LEC. The Board previously set a 7-01-09 deadline for all requests for items to be purchased through bond proceeds. The motion carried 5-0. Capt. Gary Torfin, Jail Administrator, updated the Board on items which will be presented for payment in the upcoming weeks. There will be an approximate $400 cost associated with adding water hammer arresters in the Jail Laundry. There will also be claims presented relating to the noise reduction panels (soundproofing) and a glazing change order. Mattson questioned whether inmates are required to have a ride when they are released from Jail. He said there was an incidence recently where a released inmate stopped at the Historical Society to obtain directions. Capt. Torfin explained that there have been meetings held on this issue. Inmates are provided with free phone calls in the Jail/LEC Lobby to arrange for rides upon their release. They also can facilitate long distance calls if needed. However, the Jail staff cannot prevent a released inmate from walking. Some rides offered have been declined. The problem lies in that when someone is released from the Jail, they are released from custody and control. If staff were to provide rides into town, the question arises as to where they would be dropped off. Capt. Torfin said they are doing what they can to be good neighbors.
1. Performance Appraisals: J. Borrett, T. Praska, Assr.; G. Gooler, P Thompson, Aud./Treas.; C. Davis, Hwy.; L Lehmberg, IT; K. Kangas, S. Kunkel, J. Rivers, R. Smith, B. Williamson, K. Yauk, Sher./Corr.
2. O/T Report, Period Ending 5-15-09.
3. O/T Report, Period Ending 5-29-09.
4. Claim, AP Midwest LLC, $63,583.25 (Jail/LEC Project).
5. Claim, Russell Security Resource, $1,511.38 (Jail/LEC Project).
6. Refer Five Year Capital Improvement Plan To The Capital Improvement/Finance Committee.
7. Refer City Law Enforcement Contracts & School Resource Officer Contracts To The Ways & Means Committee.
8. Authorize Signatures On Revised Memorandum Of Understanding With I.U.O.E., Local No. 49, RE: Wright County Fair.
9. Approve Pay Application No. 2, Horizon Roofing, $93,732.23 (Government Center Re-roofing Project).
1. Renewal Of Annual On Sale 3.2 Malt Liquor Licenses: Whispering Pines Golf Course LLC (Corinna Twp.) & Albion Ridges Golf Course (Albion Twp.).
2. Renewal Of Seasonal On Sale 3.2 Malt Liquor License: Church Of St. John’s (Cokato Twp.).
3. Renewal Of Combination On/Off Sale Liquor License: Lake Center Bar & Grill (Corinna Twp.).
4. Final Pay Application – Jail/LEC Project.
1. Set Bid Opening For LaTour/Carlson Trail Project For 7-14-09 @ 9:30 A.M.
2. Approve Agreement No. 09-51 With City Of Annandale For The LaTour/Carlson Trail Project (SP 86-090-02).
3. Set Bid Opening For CSAH 37/CR 119 Safety Project For 7-14-09 @ 9:45 A.M.
1. Authorize Signatures On Supplemental Federal Boating Safety Grant Agreement.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, said a Forfeited Tax Sale Committee Meeting as held on 5-27-09. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke asked about situations where adjacent landowners may purchase the tax forfeited parcels and combine them with acreage. This could potentially allow the property to be split so it is then considered a buildable lot. Russek said in review of the maps, this situation will not occur. Sawatzke asked that a disclaimer be included in each of the sale documents reflecting that acquisition does not entitle purchasers to anything such as this. Mattson moved to approve the Forfeited Tax Sale Committee Minutes and recommendations, seconded by Russek, carried 5-0. On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson, all voted to establish a sale date for the parcels on 8-28-09 at 9:00 A.M.
Prior to today’s meeting, Lonnie Davis had compiled a list of 34 parcels that had forfeited to the State. This list was then sent to all municipalities and schools to determine if they wished to retain any of them for public use, which is allowed per statute. The purpose of today’s meeting is to review the remaining list of parcels, set a minimum purchase value for each parcel and determine whether the parcel should be sold by means of the highest bids from adjacent property owners or at public auction to the highest bidder. The list of parcels and aerial views of each parcel and adjacent properties were reviewed on a parcel by parcel basis.
PID#101-500-011300: The City of Albertville currently holds title to an adjacent parcel and at one time had title to this parcel as well. It has now reverted to the State. It was recommended that this parcel be offered by private sale at a minimum bid of $1, plus fees to any adjacent property owner(s). Later in the meeting, after further discussion, it was the recommendation of the Committee to consult with the City of Albertville one more time to give them the option to redeem the parcel for public use prior to offering it for private sale.
PID#103-113-005040: This is a fairly nice, buildable lot. After review, it was the recommendation of the Committee to set the minimum purchase value at $20,000 and to offer it for sale to the highest bidder at public auction.
PID#103-122-003210: This is a very small, narrow strip of land. It was the consensus of the committee to offer it at private sale to adjacent owner(s) at a minimum bid of $1, plus fees.
PID#103-122-003210: This small parcel has a small building on site. It was the recommendation to offer it at private sale to adjacent owner(s) at a minimum beginning bid of $100, plus fees.
PID#103-123-003230: The recommendation is to offer this small parcel at beginning purchase bid of $100, plus fees, to adjacent property owner(s) by private sale.
PID#103-123-003290: It appears from the aerial shot that this parcel was originally comprised of three small parcels and was later joined into one parcel. It appears to be a buildable lot. The Committee recommended setting the beginning purchase price at $9,000, plus fees, and to offer it to the highest bidder at public auction.
PID#103-123-004310: The Committee recommended private sale to adjacent owner(s) at a minimum purchase price of $100, plus fees.
PID#103-123-006010: The recommendation is to offer this parcel at private sale to adjacent property owner(s) at a minimum bid price of $100, plus fees.
PID#103-123-007010: The recommendation is to offer this parcel at private sale to adjacent property owner(s) at a minimum bid price of $100, plus fees.
PID#103-123-007020: The recommendation is to offer this parcel at private sale to adjacent property owner(s) at a minimum bid price of $100, plus fees.
PID#103-125-003220: This parcel was annexed from Buffalo Township. It was the Committee consensus to offer it at private sale to adjacent property owner(s) at a minimum bid price of $100, plus fees.
PID#103-500-173307: This is a small, sliver of a parcel. The recommendation is to offer it for private sale for a minimum price of $1, plus fees.
PID#’s 107-010-005060 & 005061: These are two very narrow abutting parcels. It was the consensus of the Committee to offer them jointly at private sale to adjacent property owner(s) at a minimum bid price of $100, plus fees.
PID#107-010-007090: It was the recommendation to offer this parcel at private sale to adjacent property owner(s) at a minimum purchase price of $100, plus fees.
PID#107-014-000075: It was noted that this property has an easement which remains with the parcel. After discussion, it was the recommendation of the Committee to offer the parcel at public auction to the highest bidder at a beginning purchase price of $5,000, plus fees.
Several Creekside Outlots in the City of St. Michael were laid over until later, and the meeting was recessed at this time, so that Commissioners Russek and Mattson could attend another scheduled meeting. The meeting was reconvened and review of the remaining parcels was resumed.
PID#118-052-000010: At first review, it was the recommendation of the Committee to offer this long, narrow piece for sale, at the minimum bid price of $1, plus fees, to adjacent owner(s). Later, after further review and looking at a closer, aerial shot of the parcel, it was the unanimous recommendation to hold this parcel, and to talk to the City of Otsego, as it appears that the original intended use of this narrow strip of land may have been for a pedestrian walkway, as it appears to link up with an existing marked street crosswalk and possibly a nearby sidewalk as well.
PID#118-135-002160: This appears to be a buildable lot. It was the consensus of the Committee to offer the parcel at public auction with a beginning purchase price of $10,000, plus fees.
PID#206-000-241401: There is a wetlands deed restriction on this parcel. The recommendation was to offer the parcel by private sale to adjacent owner(s) at a starting price of $100, plus fees.
PID#206-000-342201: An adjacent owner may be interested in purchasing this parcel, so the recommendation was to offer it at private sale, with a minimum purchase price of $1, plus fees.
PID#210-024-000590: This is a small lot on Ramsey Lake. After review, it was the unanimous recommendation to offer it at public auction with a minimum bid price of $5,000, plus fees.
PID#210-024-000610: Another lot on Ramsey Lake. It was recommended to offer it at public auction to the highest bidder at a starting purchase price of $5,000, plus fees.
PID#213-100-353100: This is a narrow, triangular-shaped strip of land on CR 117 near Pelican Lake. It was the Committee recommendation to hold onto this parcel and talk to Wayne Fingalson about possible use for future ROW or road easement project(s).
PID#217-000-313100: This is a landlocked 10 acre parcel. Lonnie Davis said she has received some inquiries from area property owners interested in the possibility of purchase. It does have wetlands deed restrictions. After some further discussion, it was the Committee recommendation to offer it to adjacent owner(s) at a minimum purchase price of $4,400, plus fees.
PID#203-000-194200: Lonnie Davis requested that this parcel be discussed at this time. She reported that it is an old cartway and she was looking for direction as to whether it could be placed on the list for either private or public sale and whether a notice of redemption needed to be published in the newspaper. Asleson said that he would research the statutes and report back.
Creekside Outlots: Discussion returned to disposition of these narrow strips of lots on the perimeters of several lots in the development. After further discussion, Brian Asleson said that he would research the statutes to determine what the legalities are with respect to either assigning them tax exemption or offering them for private or public sale.
The Committee gave authorization to handle private sales by sending notices to adjacent property owners and requesting that they return a sealed bid by a date specific (to be determined).
(End of 5-27-09 Forfeited Tax Sales Committee Minutes & discussion)
Russek provided an update on Ditch 34. Ditch 34 has been a tile ditch since approximately 1910. There are areas in the tile which have been lifted and moved out of place. The City of Delano would like to develop a farm into an industrial park and the Ditch will need to be cleaned so they can discharge water into it. Russek said the SWCD is working with the DNR and Corp of Engineers on this cleanout. It is proposed that where the tiles are lifted, they could be removed which would create a swale. A meeting will be required with all landowners on the Ditch. Russek asked for Board approval to work with the City of Delano. The cost cannot be assessed to anyone on the Ditch and the County cannot pay as it is not the County’s Ditch. Since there will be a change in use of the Ditch, the City could be assessed a fee to make the improvement to the Ditch. He restated that a meeting needs to be held with all involved and a written agreement will be required with the City indicating they will fund this. It was the consensus of the County Board that Russek move forward on this. Russek said the SWCD feels that a permit can be obtained from the Corp of Engineers because it is somewhat of an improvement. The City has a plan to limit the speed of the water to pre-development rates.
The claims listing was presented for approval. Mattson referenced a claim on Page 14, Carlson Greenhouse ($661.11). Capt. Torfin explained that this claim is being funded through professional services and is for the design, product, and potting of all greenery at the Jail/LEC. Sawatzke noted that a bill will be presented in the near future for sod. On a motion by Russek, second by Thelen, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.
Capt. Torfin introduced Dan McDonald as the new Sentence-To-Service (STS) Crew Leader. McDonald has been the STS Crew Leader for about three weeks. He previously worked as the STS Crew Leader in Scott County. Prior to that he was a carpenter for 23 years, served in the National Guard for just over 23 years (including 2 deployments), and was a Deputy Sheriff in South Dakota for a couple of years. He envisioned being able to save money for the County through STS projects. He has worked with several County Departments and the Fair Board thus far. McDonald was welcomed.
Genell Reese, Veteran Services Director, provided an update on office activities. A letter was sent to Wright County from the State of Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs commending the activities of the Veteran Services Office. Included was a summary of benefits received by veterans and dependents in Wright County for the period of 2008-2009. Reese provided additional information on the summary of benefits. The “Total Veteran Population” figure relates to the population of veterans that registered for the military while residing in Wright County. Benefits are also provided to anyone who has moved to the area. Reese said many veterans come in for assistance (medical, disabilities, educational). They are seeing many veterans with head injuries. These individuals are provided with transportation and may be unable to communicate effectively with staff. They are also working with veterans who need assistance in society or have family issues. Staff also works with family members of veterans. Mattson inquired whether veterans are able to return to their jobs held prior to deployment. Reese stated that most employers act correctly in this regard. The Veterans Services Office works closely with the Workforce Center and colleges. Some veterans may need to go through vocational rehabilitation. Norman said the letter from the State Department of Veteran Affairs references an enhancement grant that is available annually. Reese said they apply for the grant but do not always receive it. A grant was received this year. Grant funding is used to purchase items needed at the office or the County Fair. Information is provided to veterans and also to teachers who instruct students on veterans, military personnel, government, and the Pledge of Allegiance. On 6-13-09, the State of Minnesota is hosting a Welcome Home for Vietnam Era Veterans. The event will be held at the State Office at the Veterans Building. All Wright County Vietnam Veterans are welcome.
At 9:30 A.M., Sawatzke closed the bid process for the Countywide Intersection Lighting Project.
Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, brought forth discussion on the formation of a Citizen Advisory Group for the Lake Charlotte/Lake Martha Sanitary Sewer District (SSD). Lake Charlotte is an area where previously people had problems selling/remodeling homes due to the inadequate area for septic replacement. With the help of the Lake Improvement District (LID), the County Board undertook the Sewer District Project in 2000. At the time, discussion included formation of a Citizen Advisory Group. With a Sanitary Sewer District, all decisions are made by the County Board but funding is through those who reside in the SSD. Asleson said it seems natural they would have an advisory role relating to such things as monthly service charges, future replacements of lines, or the expansion of the SSD. Russek said that when the SSD was created, the County Board felt there should be a citizen advisory group. He supported the request. Tom Larson, LID President, was present for discussion. He said residents would like a voice in decision making and rule implementation. There were two phases involved with the SSD and he felt that there are some property owners unaware they are in Phase 2. There was also discussion at the time of the project that if a property was not connected to the system, it would need to be prior to being sold. He was unsure this was being followed. He supported rules moving forward. Sawatzke questioned what areas would be included in the Advisory Group. Russek said the entire SSD is located within the Township and is connected to St. Michael’s system by an agreement. It was felt that a meeting should be held to discuss the formation of the Citizen Advisory Group. Tom Larson said that both Lake Charlotte and Lake Martha have active Lake Associations and he could inform them of the meeting. He did not feel the Lake Improvement District Board would want to be involved. Russek felt the entire SSD should be invited. Asleson will invite the City’s contractor and will schedule the meeting at Rockford Township. Sawatzke stated that when the SSD was created, there was overwhelming support for establishment of the Citizen Advisory Group. However, there were some residents that brought forth rationale as to why they were opposed. This was taken into consideration by the County Board and some residents were exempted. There were guidelines established on what could and couldn’t be done in the future. At that time, the majority didn’t agree with some of the exceptions but were willing to accept them in order for the SSD to be established. Sawatzke wanted to make sure that by creating the Advisory Group, some of those restrictions will not be undone. Russek said the SSD has greatly improved the quality of both Lake Charlotte and Lake Martha. Sawatzke said the consensus of the County Board is to continue to work toward the formation of a Citizen Advisory Group and that the suggested method be brought back to the County Board for review.
At 9:45 A.M., Sawatzke closed the bid process for the CSAH 6 Improvement Project.
Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, opened the bids for the Countywide Intersection Lighting Project. This project will install cobra-head street lighting poles at seven rural County highway intersections (Contract, #0902). The Engineer’s estimate is $115,500. Fingalson received an email from one contractor who brought their bid to the Public Works Building instead of the Government Center. The contractor planned to deliver the bid during the Board Meeting. The County Board discussed the situation. They determined that the bid will not be accepted as the bid specifications indicate the bid should be brought to the Office of the County Coordinator at the Wright County Government Center. Russek made a motion to recognize the bids opened and refer awarding the contract until 6-16-09 upon recommendation from the Highway Department. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried unanimously:
Bidder; Bid Bond; Bid Price
Egan Companies, Inc. (Brooklyn Park); Yes; $103,495.00
Design Electric, Inc. (St. Cloud); Yes; $92,770.00
Granite Ledge Electrical (Foreston); Yes; $80,490.00
Kilmer Electric Co., Inc. (Crystal); Yes; $118,955.00
Starry Electric, Inc. (Foley); Yes; $83,923.00
Electrical Installation (Maple Grove); Yes; $114,000.00
The bid opening occurred for the CSAH 6 Improvements (Contract #0904). This is for intersection improvements and reconstruction of CSAH 6 from TH 55 to TH 24, just west of Annandale. There were two addendums. Engineer’s estimate was $3,300,000. Fingalson suggested laying the bids over to a future meeting as this is a Federal project and must meet DBE (disadvantaged business enterprise) certification. Mattson questioned R/W costs for the project. Virgil Hawkins, Assistant County Highway Engineer, stated the estimate was budgeted at $700,000 and is currently at about $570,000. However, one case is still pending with a golf course. Eichelberg moved to acknowledge the bids and lay them over until the Highway Department places them on a future Agenda, seconded by Thelen, carried 5-0.
Bidder; Bid Bond; Acknowledge Addendums 1 & 2; Bid Price
Knife River Corporation (Sauk Rapids); Yes; Yes; $2,472,345.10
Dennis Fehn Gravel (Albertville); Yes; Yes; $2,398,492.08
Mathiowetz Construction Co. (Sleepy Eye); Yes; Yes; $2,581,601.25
Duininck Bros., Inc. (Prinsburg); Yes; Yes; $2,890,831.83
R. L. Larson Excavating, Inc.; Yes; Yes; $2,800,109.75
Central Specialties, Inc.; Yes; Yes; $2,556,715.49
Park Construction; Yes; Yes; $3,407,390.93
Fingalson requested the Board schedule a Transportation Committee Of The Whole (TCOTW) Meeting. In addition to the list provided of Agenda items, he requested that the following be added: Request from City of Albertville RE: Update on I-94 Project, and Discussion RE: McNamara and Chouinard Properties. It was the consensus to add the request from the City of Albertville. Sawatzke inquired as to why the McNamara and Chouinard properties need to be discussed. As this is not a good time to sell property, Sawatzke felt the County should not do anything at this time. He did not want to waste time at the Committee Meeting. Fingalson said that people are unaware the McNamara property is for sale. After further discussion, it was the consensus that the TCOTW Meeting will include discussion on the McNamara property and signage for the Chouinard property. Rumble StripE concerns are another proposed Agenda item. There is a Transportation Committee Meeting scheduled for 6-10-09 to discuss this item. The consensus was that this item should be moved to the TCOTW Meeting Agenda. Eichelberg moved to cancel the 6-10-09 Transportation Committee Meeting, seconded by Russek. Eichelberg will contact those from his District who were possibly going to attend. The motion carried 5-0. On a motion by Russek, second by Thelen, all voted to schedule a TCOTW Meeting for 6-22-09 at 9:30 A.M., Public Works Building. The Agenda is as follows: 1) Request from Otsego for Kadler Avenue; 2) Rumble StripE Concerns; 3) Speed Zoning on CSAH 37 in City of Maple Lake; 4) Project Updates; 5) Discuss 5-Year Hearing and Road Tour; 6) Request from City of Albertville RE: Update on I-94 Project; and 7) Discussion RE: McNamara Property & Signage for the Chouinard Property.
The 2008 Highway Department Annual Report was distributed earlier today and approval will be placed on the next County Board Agenda.
The meeting recessed at 10:06 A.M. and reconvened at 10:17 A.M.
Lee Kelly, Special Projects Administrator, and Craig Hayes, Purchasing Agent, presented information on the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Proposal (EECBG). Wright County has been allocated $471,200 under the formula-funded grant. There is no matching requirement and funding must be committed within 18 months and spent within 36 months. The application deadline is 6-25-09. The DOE provided the following direction on how funding should be used: To increase energy efficiency, to create and retain jobs, to reduce emissions, and to realize sustainable and measurable outcomes. The DOE also recommends a project with a quick turnaround to realize the benefits. Upon review of data (energy & fuel), it was determined that the Government Center should be targeted for improvements. The following projects have been identified:
Variable Speed Drives. The variable speed drives are located on the air handling units. The proposal is to install 12 speed drives and install 5 premium efficiency motors. Digital controls will be used for motor speed. The electrical demand will be reduced on startup and operation. The cost is $64,079 with a 1.8 year payback. Sawatzke questioned electrical usage for the Government Center. Kelly stated this is projected at $12,000/month. Sawatzke did not feel the County could realize the projected savings in 1.5 years. Hayes indicated that the figures are based off of information supplied by Climate Air. An estimated 1/3 of the electrical bills relate to the demand sector and that is where the savings will be realized. Mattson felt that when lower motor speeds are used, the motor can burn out faster. Russek said motors are designed for multiple speeds. Mattson said that is the case but that doesn’t always happen.
Replace Dampers. The dampers on the Government Center would be replaced. Outdoor air leaks have created inefficiencies. The proposal is to install 2 new dampers and seal 5 air handling units in the Mechanical Room. The cost is $7,473 with a 2.79 year payback.
Kewanee Boiler Replacement. The Kewanee Boiler is about 30 years old and is operating at 68-70% efficiency. There is no backup if the system goes down. The proposal is to replace the Kewanee Boiler with two Fulton Pulse Boilers at a cost of $131,480 with a 6 year payback. Sawatzke questioned the annual gas bill. Hayes estimated this at $500,000-$600,000 for the Government and Human Services Centers. Russek supported the opportunity to replace the Boiler.
Annex 3rd Floor Heat Pumps. The proposal is to replace 17 heat pumps on the 3rd Floor at a cost of $153,470. These are the last 17 heat pumps that have not been replaced. A 15-20% annual savings is estimated. The pumps will be added to the County controls and will allow for adjustments on weekends. Hayes said both gas and electric savings will be realized.
Lighting Updates. The proposal is to update Lobby and Courts light fixtures (approximately 265), replacing T12 with T8 fluorescents. The update comes at a cost of $34,000 and will provide a 20% savings. The cost to dispose of bulbs was not available at the meeting.
Steam Boiler. The steam boiler would be replaced with a Fulton Pulse Boiler. The cost is $84,980 with an 11.3 year payback.
Additional Opportunities. Additional rebates may be available from various utilities, estimated at about $12,000. CenterPoint Energy may have gas rebates as well.
Sawatzke noted that some updates will be made in operational offices. Hayes explained the largest impact will be on 3rd Floor and may require staff to be out of their office space for a day. Sawatzke questioned whether the work could be completed on a Saturday. Hayes said the work will be completed in one area at a time. Mattson asked whether the grant is guaranteed. Kelly explained that Wright County will receive the grant. Thelen moved to approve the grant application for EECBG Funds, seconded by Mattson. Sawatzke inquired whether high mileage vehicles are allowed as part of the grant. Kelly said the County could look at incorporating hybrid vehicles into the fleet. There may also be competitive funding opportunities available in the fall from both the State and the DOE. Mattson asked if funding was received based upon a formula. Kelly responded that the County has been allotted $471,200 by a formula. Norman added that Wright County received funding as it is one of the10 largest counties in the State. In response to Sawatzke, Hayes confirmed that there was no cost associated with the quotes provided by Climate Air. Sawatzke asked whether the projects could be competitively bid. Hayes explained that the County Attorney’s Office does not feel there would be an advantage to competitively bidding. In fact, it will cost the County to bid. The County would be required to hire an engineer to draw up specifications. Hayes said the systems need to fit within the current controls and he was unsure whether other companies could bid. The lighting does not involve Climate Air. Sawatzke had a concern with only receiving pricing from Climate Air. Hayes felt a fair price was submitted. They did consult with Climate Air on labor hours and sources of material. Competitive bids are required on projects over $100,000. However, the law provides for sole source bidding if there is a product involved that others cannot reasonably bid on. The County has a long history with Climate Air. When the County originally contracted with Climate Air, it was done through the competitive bidding process. It was with the intention that they would work on the energy efficiency of the Government Center and that they had the design build capabilities to come up with new ideas. Climate Air also competitively bid and was awarded the LEC project (for the controls). He was unsure who could bid as the County is looking for compatibility of systems. Sawatzke asked whether it was the intent to bid. Hayes said it would be possible but restated that an engineer would have to be hired to write specifications. Whoever bids would have to guarantee that they would have the same compatibility with the County’s current systems. Sawatzke did not desire to hire an engineer to write specifications. He asked whether an engineer would be required for all six projects. Hayes said three electricians were contacted for pricing on the light upgrade. It is important that the bids for the boilers are comparable. Rose questioned whether the County needs to know who they are contracting with when applying for the grant. Kelly stated that is not required. The information must include how the project will be completed and an estimate of cost. Sawatzke said the Board could ask Hayes to see if he could create some competition in some of the categories. Norman said staff previously met on this. It was the consensus that any potential savings by going to a formal bid process would be used toward hiring an engineer to develop the specifications and drawings. The motion carried 5-0.
On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to recess and enter into Closed Session to discuss pending litigation with the Department of Labor and Industry, and Corinna Township. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said the minutes should reflect that outside counsel will update the Board on both the litigation that is before the Department of Labor and Industry and District Court action.
The meeting reconvened at 12:17 P.M. Commissioner Thelen was absent.
A Labor/Management Loss Control Meeting was held on 5-27-09. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 4-0 (Thelen absent):
Nolan stated that the Labor Management Loss Control Committee has not met in over a year. He would like the Committee to start meeting regularly. According to OSHA standards, a public safety meeting needs to be established and meet regularly. Nolan requested representation from each Union group. The following will be representing their Unions/Departments: Brian Lutes, AFSME-Attorneys; Grace Baltich, AFSCME-Human Services; Larry Anderson, 49ers-Highway; Bobbie Olson, WCDA-Deputies; Donita Martin, Teamsters Courthouse Unit-IT; Pat O’Malley, Sheriff Supervisors-Sheriffs; Joe Hagerty, Chief Deputy Sheriff; Steve Berg, Emergency Management Coordinator; and Dick Norman, Administration. Nolan stated the goals are to establish meeting dates throughout the year, be a place for employees to pose problems or concerns, and for Unions to address safety and health issues throughout the organization.
A. First Reports of Injury.
Nolan explained that when an employee has a work related injury or illness, the first point of contact is the immediate supervisor. The supervisor then contacts Nolan to start the First Report of Injury paperwork that needs to be submitted to worker’s compensation. Minor injuries are also reported to Nolan for documentation. Nolan stated that a majority of the claims filed in 2008 involved no money. He stressed that it is important to complete the appropriate documentation to assist employees if the injury presents itself in the future. Nolan referenced the “Claims by Incident Type” (see spreadsheet). Slips and Falls ranked high due to employees slipping during the winter months. There were three Holding/Carrying/Lifting claims which resulted in injury lost time and a reserve fund set aside for future anticipated or potential problems. Nolan then referenced “Claims by Department” (see spreadsheet). The Sheriffs Department, including Deputies, Jail and Communications staff, reported the highest amount of claims. Norman stated that the County should be proud of their safety record. Only 49 claims were filed and with approximately 680 employees, it is a pretty good record. Nolan stated that out of the 49 claims submitted only 9 remain open. The open claims include employees needing surgeries that will be paid out of a reserve fund. The most common type of injuries reported involved knee, back, eyes, and hands. Mattson questioned if a County employee is bitten by a dog during working hours, does the County get reimbursed by the owner’s property insurance. Nolan replied yes, however, it may not cover all of the costs. Nolan explained that an employee must use his/her sick time for the first three days following an injury/incident. Workers Compensation will cover day’s three to 10 and refund the employee if time off goes beyond 10 days. OSHA guidelines state that to be a recordable injury it has to involve more than basic first aid. Samples of not recordable injuries are flushing of eyes and if ones back is pulled and not seen by a doctor. To be recordable, the injury has to result in the employees’ current job being restricted, or involve a loss of time/days. Norman commented that if OSHA walks into the office to perform inspection, the first thing request is to see an updated record book. Fines are applied if the record book is not up to date. Nolan stated that the County’s experience modifier for 2009 is 0.799. Nolan stated that Wright County has a good safety record. Based on review over the last three years, Wright County received the 2008 Governor’s Safety Award of Honor For Excellence in Occupational Safety.
B. MCIT Automobile/Property/Casualty Claims
Nolan referenced the “Coverage: Property/Casualty” handout (see attached). Some claims involve other parties bringing a claim against the County. These claims occur, for example, if there is a fight between inmates, there is property damage, medical costs with a claim, squad cars involved in accidents, and people claiming their car was damaged while being impounded.
1. Human Services Air Quality
In January 2007, there was property damage resulting from water entering the building. Building Maintenance was contacted immediately to clean the carpets. Many employees were concerned about mold. This was addressed quickly and an industrial hygienist was hired to inspect the Human Services Center. Recommendations were made which resulted in purchasing a carbon monoxide tester and replacing entry way carpet with tile.
2. Compost Facility / County Parks Claim
On May 25, 2008, storms came through Wright County resulting in $40,000 worth of damage to two park facilities. The properties were appraised and no additional costs were accumulated. The damaged parks were fixed in the Spring of 2009. The County Compost Facility was hit the hardest resulting in approximately $380,000 worth of damage. Heating and cooling units were fixed, locks replaced, and roofs replaced. In addition, there were over 40 County vehicles that received hail damage resulting in over $35,000 worth of damage. An appraisal was performed and 13 vehicles were repaired.
Nolan provided updates on the following Department activities:
A. Public Works & Parks: Monthly meetings, OSHA training, Right to Know Chemical Training, Blood Borne Pathogens and Body Fluids. Hearing testing are performed due to the equipment that employees use on a daily basis.
B. Building Maintenance: Right to Know Chemical Training. All employees are required to wear reflective vests while on the roadways.
C. Human Services: Most claims are ergonomically related as employees are doing repetitive motions.
D. Emergency Procedures/Drills: Severe weather drills are held in the spring and fire drills are held in the winter throughout all County buildings.
E. Automated External Defibrillators (AED): In the Court House an AED is located on each floor. All squad cars are equipped with an AED. Guidelines for CPR have changed regarding compressions-to-breath ratios. Human Services would like to offer training and Allina Clinic has offered to conduct training at no cost.
F. Panic Buttons / 911 Calls: Dispatch has moved to the Jail/LEC, and all panic buttons have been deactivated. Currently, monitoring is being done by Wright Hennepin Electric. Employees have been instructed to dial 911 for any emergencies. Wright Hennepin will be notified where the call is coming from within the Court House and this information will be sent to Dispatch. Dispatch will then notify the City of Buffalo and on-site Bailiffs. The panic buttons at the Human Services Center will continue to be monitored by Wright Hennepin.
Nolan stated that he would like to have another meeting in late summer to address individual and union issues. Mattson explained that the fire department has provided great demonstrations at the County Fair. Berg stated that he has been working with the Fair Board on an Emergency Operations Policy Manual. He stated that mock car crashes have been held at local high schools and he has been approached to see if a mock crash can be available to the public. Berg stated that he is checking into the possibility of having a mock crash at the Fair. AEDs will also be available throughout the Fair Grounds in addition to the ambulances. Russek stated that the Fair is also considering upgrading their intercom system throughout the grounds to notify attendees of severe weather or emergency situations.
(End of Labor/Management Loss Control Minutes)
There will not be an Owner’s Committee Meeting today.
Commissioner Thelen joined the meeting at 12:22 P.M.
Correspondence was received from the City of Buffalo requesting that the County consider selling the western most lane of parking in the south parking lot to the City. The request is to accommodate increased parking needs caused by increased use of the library by citizens of this area. The City Council plans to do a major remodeling of the library and would like to include the possibility of this purchase in with the project. The County Board discussed the request and felt that selling land near the Courthouse may not be in the County’s best interest in case of future expansion. In addition, there are times when the west parking lot is full, especially on Court days. Discussion included the handicapped spots the City installed on the County’s land and whether approval had been gained for that action. It was the consensus that no action will be taken at this time on the request. Norman will send a memo to the Board on how the lot is currently signed.
The Board reviewed correspondence from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Office of Energy Security, relating to an Advisory Task Force (ATF) for the proposed Monticello to St. Cloud 345 kV Transmission Project. The County is being asked to appoint one person to represent Wright County on the ATF. Russek moved to appoint Thelen to the ATF, seconded by Mattson, carried unanimously.
Sawatzke announced the Bertram Chain of Lake Family Day on 6-13-09 from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. He invited Commissioners to volunteer or just come to enjoy the day. The event is being offered to the public free of charge and associated costs are being covered by donations from TDS Telecom, Excel Energy, and Cargill/Kitchen Solutions.
Russek attended a recent Fair Board Meeting. At that meeting, the Fair Board extended thanks to the County for allowing them to come into a County Board Meeting to explain plans and activities for the Fair Ground.
Bills Approved
Advanced Graphix Inc.. $1,507.95
Albion Township 589.40
Allina Hospitals & Clinics 3,897.69
Allina Medical 446.43
Allina Medical Laboratories 138.10
American Institutional Supply 715.21
American Messaging 632.40
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 600.06
Ancom Technical Center 388.69
Aramark Correctional Serv 20,622.79
Arrow Terminal LLC 115.36
Brian Asleson 172.65
Bob Barker Co. 395.33
Barnes Distribution 413.28
Bruce Bersie 590.80
BP Amoco 1,185.71
Breezy Point Resort Inc. 1,790.00
Jean Bresin 117.70
Buffalo Clinic 579.38
Buffalo Hospital 14,336.94
City Buffalo 64,768.67
Carlson Greenhouses LLC 661.11
Cartegraph Systems Inc. 1,800.00
Cenex Fleetcard 731.03
Center for Education & Employ 159.00
Centra Sota Lake Region LLC 4,611.16
Central MN Mental Health 2,200.00
Charter Communications 400.00
Climate Air 2,218.38
CMI Inc. 170.72
Connections Etc 572.47
Corrections Products Co. Ltd. 487.60
Cottens’ Inc. 1,916.19
Crop Productions Services 4,865.15
Cub Pharmacy 1,840.83
Dakota Food Equipment Co. 680.64
Deatons Mailing Systems Inc. 1,012.98
Delano Sports Center Inc. 435.54
Dell MaketingLP 2,000.59
Dental Care Associates of Buff 268.00
Design Electrical Contractors 135.00
Design Specialties MN 193.00
Double Circle Longhorns LLC 1,350.00
Ecolab 207.74
Elk River Ford 44,219.96
Embarq 393.62
Farm-Rite Equipment Inc. 768.36
Film It Inc. 233.72
First State Tire Recycling 616.17
General Office Products Co. 335.48
Gilbarco Inc. 186.38
Raymond Glunz 120.00
Going Under Dive Center 424.04
Grainger 1,323.81
Hardrives, Inc. 159.75
Hildi Inc. 300.00
Hillyard Inc. - Minneapolis 4,054.07
Integrated Fire & Security 750.00
Interstate Battery Systems 313.98
Chris Jahnke 195.80
Jerry’s Towing & Repair 133.13
Steven Jobe 360.00
Junction Towing & Auto Repair 133.13
Kaplan Professional Schools 1,100.00
Klatt True Value Electric 183.89
Kustom Signals Inc. 159.48
Labor Relations Information Sy 150.00
Lilia Lantto 100.00
LaPlant Demo Inc. 1,059.09
Loberg Electric 1,249.76
Carol Lostetter 100.00
M-R Sign Company 1,232.39
Maple Lake Lumber Company 462.85
Marco 3,773.15
Marco Inc. 4,572.26
Martin Marietta Aggregates 2,233.77
Marties Farm Service 129.82
Menards - Buffalo 360.36
Meteorlogix 2,112.00
Mid-America Business Systems 911.21
Midwest Safety Counselors Inc 277.37
Mini Biff LLC 522.64
MN County Attorneys Assoc 195.00
MN County Recorders Assoc 200.00
MN Safety Council 740.00
MN Sheriffs Association 280.00
MN Society of Prof Surveyors 130.00
MN State Bar Association 2,025.00
MN Supreme Court 1,085.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 1,964.15
Motorola Inc. 591.00
MTI Distributing Inc. 200.72
Margaret Munson 457.60
Nextel Communications 1,140.60
Northeast Wisconsin Technical 250.00
Office Depot 3,926.25
Olson & Sons Electric 3,066.00
Omann Brothers Inc. 5,630.53
Performance Kennels Inc. 171.19
Frank Ramacciotti 400.00
Redneck Trailer Supplies 155.50
Reed Business Information 361.62
Rockford Township 1,131.75
Royal Tire Inc. 9,841.84
RS Eden 1,146.75
John Russek 383.80
Ryan Chevrolet 5,256.42
Sherburne Co. Probation Dep 141.00
M Smith Publishers 397.00
Specialty Turf & Ag 585.75
Spectrum Solutions 231.25
Sprint 6,440.52
Stockholm Township 376.20
Streichers 339.98
Rose Thelen 702.50
Tools Unlimited 129.50
Total Printing 318.97
Unlimited Electric Inc. 423.87
USPCA Region 12 200.00
Vance Brothers Inc. 6,153.63
Verizon Wireless 1,268.54
Walmart Store 01-1577 1,185.81
Waste Management TC West 3,314.09
West Metro Opthalmology 214.32
West Payment Center 336.00
Westside Equipment 383.05
Wright Co. Human Services 5,930.80
Wright Hennepin Electric 115.59
Xcel Energy 206.77
Beverly Youness 100.00
Zack’s Inc. 922.08
39 Payments less than $100 2,262.72
Final total $305,993.77
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 P.M
Published in the Herald Journal June 29, 2009.

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