Wright County Board Minutes

MAY 11, 2010
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 a.m. with Sawatzke, Thelen, Russek, and Eichelberg present. Board Member Mattson was absent.
On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Thelen, all voted to approve the minutes of 5-4-10 as presented.
The following items were petitioned onto the Agenda: Items for Consid. #3 “Schedule Closed Session Personnel Committee Of The Whole” (Thelen); Items for Consid. #4 “Lighting Rebate” (Norman). On a motion by Thelen, seconded by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Agenda as amended.
On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Thelen, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.
1. Performance Appraisals: B. Bersie, Hwy.; C. Davis, I.T.; K. Day, B. Gabrelcik, Rec.; P. Bailey, B. Baynes, A. Boverhuis, T. Halberg, J. Miller, D. Weed, Sher./Corr.
2. O.T. Report, Period Ending 4-16-10.
3. Authorize Delegation To Attend AMC District V Meeting, 5-20-10, Waite Park, MN.
4. Approve/Authorize Signatures On Memorandum Of Agreement With Local No. 49, AFL-CIO Union To Allow Donation Of Vacation Time To Employee.
1. Seasonal On Sale 3.2 Malt Liquor License (Clearwater Lions Club – Clearwater Twp.)
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, stated that Kerry Saxton, SWCD, provided an update to Russek and Mattson on 05-03-10, regarding John Nowak’s (benefited landowner) request for a repair on Joint Ditch #14. Since the 5-03-10 meeting, both Meeker and McLeod Counties have communicated that they may have additional concerns. Hiivala distributed an aerial photograph of Joint Ditch #14. The area circled in red is an area that Saxton identified as needing tile repair. The yellow circle identifies an area that Meeker County is also considering. All actions will be brought back to the County Board. Today’s discussion is informational only.
Hiivala submitted the claims listing for approval. Hiivala stated that the Allina Hospitals claim (Page 9, $2,855.01) has been pulled per the request of Jail Administration. He stated that this claim would not appear in the signature copy. Hiivala noted that Fund 34 (Page 27) is for the Jail/LEC Construction Project. The bond proceeds are paying for the claim from Spectrum Training Solution. Sawatzke asked if the County is still making payments out of the bond. Hiivala stated yes, these were outstanding on the bond, and are very close to being wrapped up. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the claims with the exception of the Allina Hospitals & Clinic claim, as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.
Lee Kelly, Special Projects Administrator, stated that the Minnesota Department of Commerce Office Of Energy Security (EOS) has issued a competitive grant for energy efficiency improvements in existing public facilities. This program has designated $4.943 million for cities, counties, and townships. The maximum award for this grant is $150,000 and requires a 50% match. Kelly stated that he is seeking the County Board’s approval to pursue the competitive grant. He noted that the grant is funded under the Recovery Act passed down through the State. The deadline for responses to their RFP is 5-24-10. Kelly stated that Administration is looking to continue with making lighting improvements. The bulbs would be changed from T-12 to T-8s. Loberg Electric will provide a bid for the work. Kelly stated that he estimates that the work will cost approximately $30,000-$40,000. If the County would be awarded the grant, the County would have to match 50% and pay its portion of approximately $15,000-$20,000. Sawatzke asked Kelly if he knows what the realized energy savings would be if we were to pursue the lighting improvement project. Kelly stated that the advertised energy savings is 25% when changing from T-12 to T-8 bulbs. Kelly stated that he has software that will assist him in determining the energy payback. Sawatzke asked Kelly if determining the estimated energy savings is part of the application process. Kelly stated yes. Since this is a competitive grant, the more competitive the energy savings, the higher the County’s chances of receiving the grant funding. Sawatzke asked Norman where the County’s share of the 50% match would be paid from. Norman stated that the match would be funded from Fund 100, Site Improvements. Thelen asked how long it would take the County to realize the gain in energy savings. Kelly stated that according to the wording within the grant, the payback amount must fall between two and fifteen years. Kelly stated that he thinks it is worthwhile applying for the grant. Eichelberg moved to approve applying for the Facility Cost Share Grant, seconded by Thelen. Sawatzke asked what the anticipated maximum out-of-pocket amount would be if the County was awarded the grant. Kelly stated that the maximum award amount is $150,000, however, with the lighting project; the County can anticipate contributing $15,000 to $20,000 toward the project. The motion carried 4-0.
Sawatzke noted that Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, submitted a request to adopt a Resolution for the Wright County Snowmobile Association for the 2010/2011 season. Russek stated that this is an annual and routine item. The Wright County Snowmobile Association receives funding from the State and the reimbursement of funds is handled through the County. Sawatzke noted that this has been a worthwhile endeavor. Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #10-18. The motion was seconded by Thelen and carried on a roll call vote 4-0 (Mattson absent).
Sawatzke stated that the Bertram Chain of Lakes Family Fun Day would take place on 6-12-10. Last year, the City of Monticello and a number of private sponsors hosted the event. Last year, the event was an overwhelming success with approximately 1,400 visitors. Sawatzke noted this year’s sponsors and the activities that will take place during the event. The sponsors include: FiberNet of Monticello, Xcel Energy, Wright Hennepin, Monticello Medical Center, Moon Motors, Clean Water Outfitting Company, and potentially Cargill. Some of the events include: free seedlings, canoeing and kayaking, guided horse drawn wagon rides, hiking, face painting, Miss Monticello candidates, amphitheater events, The Teddy Bear Band, fishing, swimming, free lunch, and information about the progress the park has made. Sawatzke noted that this will be a free event.
Bill Stephens, Environmental Health Supervisor, stated that the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) has approved Wright County for a $35,000 SSTS Program Enhancement Project Grant. This two-year grant requires no local dollar or in-kind match. 90% ($31,500) is disbursed to Wright County when BWSR receives the signed grant agreement and approved work plan with the remaining 10% ($3,500) disbursed when the final report on the project is received by BWSR. The goal of the project is to develop a more efficient method of tracking the required submittal of SSTS monitoring plan reports to Wright County by linking existing software programs used in the Planning & Zoning Department. Stephens explained that the standard protocol is to seek authorization from the County Board applying for this type of grant. However, the Planning &Zoning Department found out about the grant one week before its deadline. Since this grant does not require local dollars or in-kind match, the Department decided to apply for the grant. The deadline to apply for the grant was in December, 2009. It has taken approximately three months to receive official notice that the County qualifies and will be awarded the grant upon the County Board’s acceptance. Stephens noted that Planning & Zoning received the paperwork formalizing that they received the grant. Russek confirmed that this is a no-match grant. He stated that it sounds like a pretty good deal. On a motion by Sawatzke, seconded by Thelen, all voted to authorize signature on a $35,000 Clean Water Fund Grant Agreement for a SSTS Program Enhancement Project.
Thelen announced that the Friends of Bertram Chain of Lakes will hold an Open House at 7 p.m. on 5-18-10 at the Monticello Community Center. She stated that the Open House forum gives the public a chance to weigh in on park use, view the concept map, see the athletic complex map, visit with other Friends of Bertram Chain of Lakes, and discover more about the land and funding. Eichelberg stated that he attended the Parks Committee Meeting on 5-10-10 and stated that if anybody is interested in helping in any of these areas, they are encouraged to contact Marc Mattice. Thelen stated that there would be opportunities to become a member of the Friends network. Thelen noted the new website as a resource of information: www.friendsofbertramlakes.org. She also stated that they are on Facebook.
Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, stated that he is here to answer any questions that the County Board may have in regard to the 2009 Annual Report for the Highway Department which was distributed at the 5-4-10 County Board Meeting. Russek stated that he reviewed the Report. Fingalson stated that it contains all of the required information necessary in reporting the various accounts within the Road and Bridge Fund. He noted that 2009 was a busy and successful year dealing with transportation challenges. Thelen asked if Fingalson would like to highlight any of the Department’s accomplishments. Fingalson noted the Merit Award they received in regard to its construction accomplishments on CSAH 8. Sawatzke moved to accept the 2009 Annual Report for the Highway Department. The motion was seconded by Thelen. The motion carried 4-0.
Thelen stated that she would like to schedule a Closed Session Personnel Committee Of The Whole Meeting to consider an employment and personnel matter. Norman asked that the County Board define the subject matter a little clearer. Thelen stated that it is for preliminary consideration of allegations against an employee. After discussion of availability, the County Board agreed on a meeting date and time of 5-17-10 at 10:00 a.m. Norman asked Brian Asleson, Attorney Division Chief, if the subject matter of a preliminary allegation is entitled to be aware of and present at the meeting. Asleson stated yes. Thelen moved to authorize scheduling a Closed Session Personnel Committee Of The Whole Meeting on 5-17-10 at 10:00 a.m. Sawatzke clarified that this would be a closed session and asked Asleson if this was an acceptable motion. Asleson stated yes, noting that the agenda must be posted. Norman asked if the meeting must be recorded. Asleson stated yes. Russek asked for a second to the motion. Sawatzke seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.
Norman stated that the County received a rebate check from the City of Buffalo in the amount of $5,084.25 for the lighting improvements in the annex building. This check is a utility rebate. Russek stated that the County sends its appreciation to the City of Buffalo.
Bills Approved
Abrahamson, Brian. $328.00
AERCOR Wireless Inc. 250.00
Allina Medical Transport 500.00
American Institutional Supply 150.99
American Messaging 540.20
American Tower Corporation 3,480.00
Ameripride Linen and Apparel 208.80
B & B Products - Rigs and Sq 590.27
Bersie/Bruce 125.00
Bottiger/Shawna 150.00
Boyer Truck Parts 277.27
Brock White Co. LLC 7,291.71
Buffalo/City of 31,753.76
Catco Parts Service 113.88
Center Point Energy 161.42
CenturyLink 220.78
Climate Air 4,453.02
Cokato Township 498.33
Cokato/City of 892.00
Collins Brothers Towing 323.83
Cottens Inc. 2,253.03
Crop Prductions Services 525.59
Delano/City of 906.75
Dell Marketing LP 2.923.77
Dental Care Associates 364.00
Diamond Mowers Inc. 1,766.40
DLT Solutions Inc. 7,224.85
Eichelberg/Elmer 516.71
Elk River Municipal Utilities 108.12
Ernst/ Debbie 330.00
Excel Systems 260.00
Feddema/Tom 156.50
Fingalson/Wayne 241.41
Forestry Suppliers Inc. 335.90
French Lake Township 470.80
Frontier Precision Inc. 345.31
Gilbarco Inc. 187.03
Glunz/Raymond 240.00
Goodale Transfer Inc. 110.00
Gopher State One Call 163.85
Grainger 310.80
Hawkins/Virgil 241.41
Highway Technologies Inc. 148.56
Hillyard Inc. - Minneapolis 2,033.49
Holiday Inn - Willmar 282.71
Howard Lake/City of 1,505.80
Huemoeller/Neal 438.50
Hwy. Safety Zone 513.00
Interstate All Battery Center 186.51
Interstate Battery Systems 360.86
Jobe/Steven 850.90
Johanneck Jr/Richard G 36,469.90
Keeprs Inc. 101.98
Kelly/Thomas N 233.00
Kustom Signals Inc. 136.57
LaPlant Demo Inc. 2,229.42
Loberg Electric 102.60
Lund/Kris 108.50
MacMillan/Michael 267.33
Mankato City Center Hotel 529.74
Maple Lake Township 857.60
Marco 113.11
Marietta Aggregates/Martin 609.66
Mattson/Richard 254.00
McNamara Inc./B 3,978.42
Menards - Buffalo 289.84
Midland Corporate Benefits 997.75
MN Department of Revenue 477.00
MN State Bar Association 525.00
Monticello Auto Body Inc. 320.63
Monticello Township 1,200.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 1,922.24
Office Depot 2,799.33
Pavement Resources Inc. 1,603.13
Pioneer Rim & Wheel Inc. 249.50
Polar Chevrolet 23,643.40
Rigid Hitch Incorporated 974.18
Royal Tire Inc. 3,653.99
Ryan Chevrolet 994.65
SHI International Group 201.99
South Haven/City of 284.40
Southside Township 632.60
Spectrum Training Solution 57,157.41
Total Printing 303.74
Trane US Inc 1,224.00
University of Minnesota 280.00
Vance Brothers Inc. 9,056.58
Waste Management - TC West 1,978.74
Waverly/City of 520.67
West Payment Center 864.82
Wright Hennepin Coop Electric 230.81
41 Payments less than $100 1,712.21
Final total $238,701.36
The meeting adjourned at 9:28 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal June 7, 2010.

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