Wright County Board Minutes

MARCH 13, 2012
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek, and Thelen present. Commissioner Eichelberg was absent.
On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson, all voted to approve the 3-06-12 Wright County Board Minutes as presented.
Russek moved to approve the Agenda as presented. The motion was seconded by Mattson and carried 4-0.
On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: S. Marquardt, P&Z; B. Baynes, G. Eldred, K. Triplett, Sher./Corr.
2. O/T Report, Period Ending 3-03-12.
3. Charitable Gambling Application Form LG220, Church of St. Mary of Czestochowa, 1867 95th St. SE, Delano MN (Franklin Twp.).
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the January Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines. He said in January, appropriations are paid for the first quarter of the year. There is a small spike in those areas. Mattson moved to approve the January Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 4-0.
On a motion by Russek, second by Mattson all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.
A Committee Of The Whole Meeting was held on 3-02-12. At today’s County Board Meeting, Russek moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, stated that at the 5-01-12 Board Meeting, not only will a decision be made on redistricting but on what Board members will run for two-year and four-year terms. This is reflected in the Committee Minutes, but not listed under the Recommendations. Sawatzke referenced the redistricting maps which are to be submitted by 4-13-12 at 12:00 P.M. This date was set by the Committee members to allow the Surveyor’s Office to draw up formal maps for review on 4-17-12 at the Committee Of The Whole Meeting. Sawatzke stated that maps can be submitted later than the 4-13-12 deadline but prior to the 4-17-12 meeting. They will still be reviewed by the Committee but will not meet the deadline for the Surveyor’s Office to make them into formal maps. The motion carried 4-0 to approve the minutes and recommendations:
I. Redistricting Planning.
Hiivala distributed a document regarding Statutory Redistricting Timelines from the Office of the Secretary of State (see attached), along with blank calendars for March and April 2012. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the redistricting process for the County. Municipalities must establish precinct boundaries by 4-03-12. Hiivala said Commissioners may not address County Districts until after that date. He said the County must complete the final adoption of Commissioner Districts by 5-01-12. Hiivala said the State has provided publication deadlines for the County to notify residents of public hearings and proposed District changes.
Hiivala suggested holding a public hearing on 3-27-12 to allow Kryzer to explain the basic principles and guidelines for redistricting. Kryzer said the hearing would be part of the County Board meeting held the same day. He distributed an agenda for today’s meeting and a document regarding redistricting principles for Commissioner Districts (see attached). Kryzer said this is a preliminary summary and may change prior to adoption by the County Board (Board). He explained that these principles originated from the Minnesota Supreme Court Special Redistricting Panel. They provide basic ground rules for the County and the public.
Hiivala said the Board meeting on 4-10-12 would include a release of raw data from municipalities (after they have re-established their precincts), comments from the public, and a review of redistricting principles. Hiivala suggested the next two meetings be held in the evening to allow the public to see examples of proposed Commissioner Districts and to receive input from County residents. Hiivala said if a resident offers a plan or map with suggested redistricting boundaries, another meeting could be held on 4-24-12 to review the proposals and still have time to meet the 5-01-12 deadline.
Norman did not foresee the necessity for evening meetings. He said during the previous redistricting process ten years ago, the County held one Committee Of The Whole meeting (COTW). The COTW arrived at a decision and submitted a recommendation to the Board. Norman said the public will make a concerted effort to attend a public hearing regardless of the time of day if they are interested in the topic. He added that city mayors and council members attended meetings during the previous redistricting process. Norman said prior to the COTW meeting ten years ago, the former Auditor Treasurer distributed maps to the Commissioners, the County Attorney and the Coordinator. After the COTW met, they eliminated all but three proposals and made a recommendation to the Board. The COTW met on 5-06-02 during the day and completed the process in one meeting.
Hiivala said there may be no demand for public input. Norman said the County must provide an opportunity for public comment. Mattson said Commissioners have always arrived at a decision, even when there were disagreements during the process.
Thelen asked for clarification regarding the number of meetings. Norman suggested conducting a COTW meeting on 4-17-12. By that time, Commissioners will have an opportunity to develop proposals based on updated census data and maps. Commissioners would discuss their ideas at the 4-17-12 meeting, and, if necessary, also on 4-24-12 to achieve an equitable division of County Districts. Norman said this schedule should allow Commissioners to complete the process in time for the final recommendation due on 5-01-12.
Kryzer cited a Court case that ruled the populations of each Commissioner District must not vary more than ten percent. Kryzer added that Commissioners should endeavor to divide their Districts with less variance in population if possible. Norman said during the last redistricting process, the Board approved a resolution that established the findings. Gooler distributed a document with language from the State for such resolutions (see attached).
Kryzer said the County must publish notice of redistricting plans and public hearings for three weeks. He said the meeting on 4-24-12 is an optional meeting in the event the Board needs more time. If there are changes to the District map, Commissioners would have until 5-01-12 for final adoption. If the 4-24-12 meeting is not needed, Kryzer said it could be canceled. Thelen said she has a schedule conflict on 4-24-12 and suggested 4-23-12 instead. It was decided to recommend a COTW meeting on 4-23-12 at 2:30 P.M.
Kryzer suggested holding a public hearing on 4-10-12 at 9:30 A.M. as part of the County Board meeting instead of 3-27-12. The COTW meeting on 4-17-12 will be scheduled at 10:30 A.M in the County Board Room. A public hearing will also be held at this meeting.
Kryzer reiterated that Commissioners will also have the opportunity to meet on 4-23-12 at 2:30 P.M. if necessary. They will make a final recommendation to the Board on 5-01-12.
Hiivala said he is hoping to have preliminary redistricting plans available on the County web site in time for the public to review and prepare their questions or proposals prior to the pubic hearings. Kryzer suggested posting submission deadlines on the County web site asking residents to send their preliminary redistricting ideas by noon on the Fridays before the public hearing dates of 4-10-12 and 4-17-12 (and 4-23-12 if necessary). This would allow Commissioners time to review them prior to each public hearing.
Pooler agreed with Kryzer, and added that he could provide pictures with the proposals prior to the meetings. Kryzer said that would give everyone time to evaluate them to make sure the Districts are contiguous. He said if a plan is submitted with noncontiguous Districts, the Commissioners will not be able to consider it. Hiivala said the goal is to only present viable plans at the public hearings.
Kryzer said it would be helpful to have the preliminary maps by 4-16-12 before the 4-17-12 meeting. Pooler said that will depend on how many maps are submitted. He said maps submitted internally could be done by the 16th.
Hiivala said the County may not break up any municipality precincts. The municipalities are required to establish precincts or re-establish them and notify the County in writing of their decisions by 4-03-12.
Sawatzke asked whether maps submitted later than the 13th would be eligible for review. Kryzer said maps presented by noon on 4/13/12 will be given full consideration. Those submitted later are not guaranteed full consideration.
Sawatzke requested getting several copies of the maps. Kryzer said he is planning to have precincts broken down with census data by 4-10-12 so the Commissioners could divide them as they wish.
Hiivala asked whether precincts will be represented by different shades of color. Kryzer said there will be five colors. Kryzer said they will create maps with enlargements of precincts that are small or have a number of “islands” or smaller precincts within them.
Kryzer said the principles for establishing Commissioner Districts will be discussed at the meeting on 4-10-12. Preliminary plans drawn by the Commissioners will be placed on the County web site. He requested Board approval to keep the plans at the top of the home page from 5-01-12 through 5-31-12 so the public may see the final District maps. Hiivala said the most recent announcements appear at the top of the home page. Sawatzke said Commissioners should ask the Information Technology Department to ensure that final District maps receive top billing on the web site. He asked whether that request will be part of the recommendation to the Board. Norman said yes.
Hiivala asked whether the County could assist certain municipalities with the cost of voting equipment. He said the County received a grant to help with election expenses. Sawatzke asked the cost of the machines. Hiivala said $5,000 for a tabulator and $6,000 for an Automark machine. Kryzer said it is beneficial to the County to have municipalities with voting equipment in the event there is a recount. Sawatzke said the County benefits only when the population of a city increases beyond a certain point.
Hiivala said the County will only provide funds to a municipality for voting equipment if they are establishing a new precinct. He said the County will not fund voting equipment for municipalities that are adding two precincts together.
Gooler said during the last election, Otsego had one large precinct with 2 precinct counters and then combined the two totals, which was not the most efficient process. Kryzer said about 6,000 people voted at Otsego City Hall that day. Sawatzke said Otsego has the largest precinct. Hiivala said one possibility is to create another precinct and then combine the polling places. He said if there are three precincts in a municipality, one precinct could vote at one location and the other two precincts could share another. Kryzer said State Statute requires that if a municipality is going to combine several precincts, they must combine all into one precinct. Municipalities are not allowed to selectively combine some precincts and not others.
Sawatzke asked the benefit of sharing the cost of voting equipment with municipalities. Gooler responded that the equipment simplifies the recount process and makes voting easier for constituents.
Kryzer suggested the County offer cost sharing based on municipalities that have populations of 6,000 or more. Hiivala thought the criteria should be for municipalities with populations over 7,000. He said the County could pay half of the acquisition of the M100 tabulator and the Automark machines. After that initial investment, the municipality would be responsible for maintenance and other costs. The County would only offer to help in order to facilitate redistricting. Norman asked the source of County funds to which Hiivala referred. He replied Surplus Funds could be used. Sawatzke asked how many municipalities will apply. He did not believe there was a benefit to the County.
Gooler said during the 2010 election period, Monticello borrowed an extra M100 Precinct Counter that the County had on loan from Hennepin County. She said the County also needs additional counters for absentee voting, as there are not enough extra machines to comply with new election laws.
Hiivala said if Hennepin County will not loan an additional M100, the municipality will have to find one elsewhere. He said the recommendation to the Board will state that the County will consider funding 50 percent of the cost to acquire voting equipment in order to facilitate redistricting for municipalities with populations of more than 7,000. Sawatzke asked whether municipalities may present a request to the County for the other 50 percent if they do not have the funds for their portion. Thelen asked if municipalities of any size may request funding. Kryzer responded they must do so by 4-03-12. Gooler said many have started the process already, and some will finish by 3-13-12.
Sawatzke said some communities may be concerned about dividing precincts if it results in splitting a Commissioner District. Hiivala said Buffalo may go to one precinct to stay within one Commissioner District. Sawatzke asked whether that meant everyone would vote in one location. Gooler said everyone could vote at the school and have precincts in different rooms to create one polling place for all precincts. Kryzer confirmed there is a proposal to reduce precincts to one. Hiivala said the County won’t know what the City of Buffalo decides until 4-03-12.
Sawatzke said the City of St. Michael could go back to one precinct if they wished. Russek said it would remain as one until the next redistricting. The County would need five or seven Commissioners. Kryzer said statute allows for seven Commissioners since the County population now exceeds 100,000.
Norman said another decision Commissioners must make is which one of them will run for a two year term versus a four year term. He said this decision must be part of the final findings. Sawatzke said they will work that out after they refigure the Districts. He thought terms should stay the same for Districts. Commissioners not running for re-election this year will serve two years next term. Sawatzke said the Districts will not be the same as they are currently.
Hiivala said the City of Otsego is the only municipality that expressed an interest in the extra cost to establish an additional precinct. He offered to recommend to Otsego to ask the Board for assistance. Kryzer said Otsego has two tabulators. A third tabulator would be for a third precinct. Sawatzke said he would be willing to authorize funding for 50 percent of the cost of the tabulator if Otsego adds a third precinct. He suggested that inquiries from municipalities be directed to the Board. Kryzer asked if he should email cities in the County. Thelen thought that would be a good idea.
Hiivala referenced a letter from the League of Women Voters (LWV) in the packet (see attached). Kryzer said the County is following most of their recommendations already, such as adopting redistricting principles, providing three weeks’ notice of public hearings, posting information on the web site and being open for public comment. The LWV requested one of the public meetings to be held in the evening, which the COTW decided not to do. Kryzer said the County is also going to release preliminary plans per the LWV request. Sawatzke asked whether their request carries the weight of law. Kryzer said it does not.
Norman asked when preliminary maps will be distributed to the COTW after the 4-03-12 deadline. Hiivala said the County will release data based on those maps by 4-10-12. Russek said they will make their decision by 4-17-12. Pooler said he could have a template ready as soon as 4-04-12, after he ensures updated population figures are there.
There was discussion regarding when to set the deadline for the public to submit proposed maps. Kryzer suggested the goal is to get the map to the Surveyor by noon on 4-13-12. As soon as the data is released, they will post it on the web site. Kryzer said the County will make the official public announcement that the map is on the web site at the meeting on 4-10-12, however, the data could be available before that. The 10th is the official kickoff date to release the data.
Thelen requested a review of the deadlines and meeting dates. They are as follows:
4-03-12; Municipalities must submit their final precinct numbers. No action needs to be taken by the County.
4-03-12, to 4-10-12; Surveyor releases data on the County web site.
4-10-12. 9:30 A.M.: Public Hearing during County Board meeting when data is officially released, principles of redistricting are explained, and public comments are received.
4-13-12 12:00 P.M.: Deadline to submit Commissioner District maps to the Auditor/Treasurer Department, who will forward them to the Surveyor for printing.
4-17-12 10:30 A.M.: COTW meeting and Public Hearing when Surveyor distributes preliminary district maps. More than one plan may be submitted.
4-23-12 Back up meeting in the event redistricting has not been completed.
5-01-12 Final adoption of new Commissioner Districts at County Board Meeting.
Kryzer asked whether Commissioners wanted a public hearing on 5-01-12. It would have to be advertised in advance as a Public Hearing. Norman said the County will take written comment prior to the meeting on 5-01-12 as well. Mattson inquired whether the Board could make changes at the 5-01-12 meeting. Kryzer said the Board could make a motion for the change and he could redraft another resolution. Hiivala said the decision would have to be finalized on 5-01-12. Sawatzke said someone may attend the 4-17-12 meeting and have no comment, but may after they review the map. Kryzer said there will be Public Hearings on 4-10-12, 4-17-12, 4-23-12 as needed, and 5-01-12.
Pooler asked whether the maps should be generic or black and white with population numbers. Sawatzke asked that the format be larger than 8.5 x 11 so there is room to print precinct populations inside each precinct. Norman said the maps were 11” x 17” during the last redistricting process. Pooler said maps that size pose no problem. He asked whether the Commissioners want a draft map with current population numbers. Norman said yes. Pooler said the format will be landscape. Sawatzke said larger maps will allow them to determine whether smaller precincts are contiguous. Kryzer suggested Pooler use color to distinguish between precincts.
Recommendation: 1) Authorize Surveyor to post municipal precinct data due 4-03-12 by 4-10-12 on the County web site.
2) Authorize publication of the following Public Hearings and deadlines:
4-10-12, 9:30 A.M. – Official presentation of data and Public Hearing to review principals of redistricting and to hear public comments on areas of community interest. County Board will adopt redistricting criteria after the close of the Public Hearing.
4-13-12 All maps submitted by Noon on 4-13-12 are to be reviewed by the County Surveyor and drawn into formal maps using the County GIS system for review on 4-17-12, at the Committee Of The Whole meeting.
4-17-12 ,10:30 A.M. – Committee Of The Whole Meeting and Public Hearing with discussion of preliminary redistricting plans.
4-23-12 2:30 P.M. – Second review of preliminary plans (as necessary), in the event redistricting is not completed. Possible Public Hearing date.
5-01-12 9:30 A.M. - Public Hearing and final adoption of new Commissioner Districts at the County Board Meeting.
3) Authorize Information Technology Department (IT) to list final Commissioner District maps on the County web site from 5-01-12 through 5-31-12 for public review. IT will ensure the maps remain first among the announcements listed on the County home page for the entire month of May 2012.
4) Authorize the County to fund 50 percent of the cost of M100 precinct counters and tabulators to municipalities with populations greater than 7,000. These funds will be drawn from County Surplus Funds. (End of 3-02-12 Committee Of The Whole Minutes)
Steve Jobe, Surveyor, provided a Pictometry update. An aerial photo was reviewed reflecting the imagery obtained through Pictometry. The product is available for use by County offices and provides a more detailed view of properties. Final delivery of all products and services from the 2011 flight has been acquired. An area north of Maple Lake and Annandale had to be re-flown in the fall of 2011. Training was conducted for key users in the Land Records Departments and the SWCD (including County staff and local assessors). Change Analysis Software has been delivered to the County Assessor for use in comparing changes in building footprints. Further training and assistance will be provided once the Assessor is ready to proceed. The oblique images are available to the General Public on the home page of the County’s website (access through Beacon). Eventually, all of the images will be available on Microsoft Bing. Jobe said the question often arises whether there is a return on investment. In this case, he feels there has been. The Assessor’s Office is using the product quite heavily already. It provides property detail which would previously have required an on-site visit. The most recent and previous aerial flight data is compared by staff. The most recent data includes images from both overhead and from the side. Thelen asked how often flights occur. Jobe said that is something he would like to assess prior to budget discussions. The original contract allows for a discount when flights occur every two years. Following that schedule, the next flight will be in 2013. Sawatzke said the amount of activity in the County should determine when flights occur. A few years ago, the volume of building activity within the County was practically off the charts. He felt the timeline now could be 2-3 times longer because of inactivity. This was provided as an informational item.
Jobe said the Survey Department has a vacant Survey Technician position in the current budget. He requested that filling of the position be referred to the Personnel Committee for discussion. Russek moved to refer the vacant Survey Technician position to the Personnel Committee for discussion. Mattson seconded the motion. He stated that the Personnel Committee can discuss and make a recommendation. Sawatzke voiced concern with opening of a floodgate of requests by departments if this is approved. There are a number of positions that have been left vacant for budgetary purposes and because of the workload. Sawatzke felt the Survey Department is a good example of where the workload is substantially down (number of plats). Jobe replied that two Survey Technicians are now working full time in GIS. The request for the position is different now than previously. Although platting may be down, the Department has acquired other workload with no additional staff. He said they cannot continue in this manner as it is overtaxing staff that potentially could be lost. Jobe feels the situation needs to be reviewed. Sawatzke said the County is offsetting the State’s reduction in funding by utilizing the $500,000 saved through positions not being filled. If the County starts the process of bringing back these positions one-by-one and filling them, that $500,000 will start decreasing. He had concern with sending the message to other departments that the Board is re-evaluating positions and filling them. Norman said he asked Jobe to place this on as a regular Board Agenda item. The Survey Technician is one of the original 13 positions that was held back in January, February, and March of 2009, when the Board met as a Committee Of The Whole to look at the State Budget crisis. He suggested there should be an order to this process. There are also position openings that occurred because of positions being vacated (resignation, retirement, etc.). Out of the over 100 positions that were vacated, there have been only 4 that were not filled (as recommended by the Personnel Committee and supported by the Board). Personally, Norman felt those 4 positions should be on the table for discussion before the other 13 positions. Sawatzke said the comments made by Norman make Sawatzke’s point (i.e., other departments will bring forth requests to have positions filled that are vacant). Russek stated that sending Jobe’s request to Committee is not an automatic approval. The Committee will review the request. Thelen said this seems like a good function for the Personnel Committee. If this action does open the flood gate for departments to express their needs, she felt that would provide that opportunity. She supported Jobe’s request being referred to the Personnel Committee for discussion. The motion carried 3-1 with Sawatzke casting the nay vote.
Nick Neaton, Wright County 4-H Program Coordinator, provided a 4-H Update. Wright County’s 4-H Program is a local branch of the national youth development organization. Researched-based programming and training is used, which sets the Program aside from other extracurricular activities. 4-H teaches practical, life-long skills to ages 5-19, promoting community service and pride. There are over 500 4-H members in Wright County. The average annual turnover is 25%. He attributed this partially to competition with other extracurricular activities. However, in the past two years the Program has been able to maintain their participation level and they are actually gaining members. Nearly all 4-H members belong to one of Wright County’s 23 4-H community clubs. Wright County’s 4-H Program is fostering positive youth development in kids of all ages. Some examples of this include the pumpkin growing contest and project bowl teams. 4-H has a holistic approach to both the child and family, as the positive youth development extends to families of 4-H’ers as well. Neaton said 4-H is more than just the County Fair. One example is the 4-H Project Day held on January 16th. More than 100 kids participated in the Project Day. One activity involved Participants designing their own draw string bags. The activity was taught by volunteers and older youth. Another activity involved using compost bins to turn food scrap material into worm scrapings. The material is then incorporated into gardens. The 4-H’ers worked with the Master Gardeners on that event. Neaton said 4-H project bowl meetings are held from December through April and include teams for rabbit,
poultry, horse, dog and dairy. The 4-H Horse Bowl recently competed at the Regional meet. The Dairy Bowl Team became State champs and proceeded to nationals where they placed third. There are a few more teams that will be proceeding to State competition next month. Neaton said that project bowls provide a great introduction to animal and veterinary science. Feedback received from universities reflects that they can tell who has participated in these project bowls. 4-H also held a Share-The-Fun & Talent Showcase in February. There were over 100 participants involving 8 clubs and 11 talent acts. One of the groups will perform at the State Fair in August. Wright County 4-H also hosted a Five-County Lock-In at the Monticello Community Center. Youth from Stearns, Meeker, Benton, Sherburne, and Wright Counties participated. The goal of the event was to promote leadership skills and team building. Participants enjoyed other fun activities as well. The 4-H Ambassadors include 18 members from grades 9-13. The Ambassadors are involved in community service, 4-H promotion, and leadership and public speaking skills. This summer, the Ambassadors will be on the KRWC spotlight show once every two weeks to discuss what 4-H is and how to get started. The KRWC show will help the Ambassadors with their public speaking skills. Neaton said the Ambassadors are working to promote 4-H to new and under-served audiences. In addition to the normally targeted groups, the Ambassadors are trying to promote 4-H to low income families. Neaton said 4-Her’s are higher academic achievers, twice as likely to contribute to their communities, 47% less likely to participate in risky behaviors, and benefit from non-parental and peer mentors. Some of the upcoming 4-H activities include Livestock Ethics Training, Wright-Hennepin Dinner Fundraiser, Dog Obedience & Agility Training, Communication Contest, Residence and Day Camps, Summer Library Programs, and Junior Master Gardeners. Neaton said 4-H is made possible thanks to a partnership between Wright County and the University of Minnesota. He encouraged input for the Program. He extended thanks to the County Board for their support, not only with the financial support but allowing the 4-H groups to meet at the Government Center. Neaton was thanked for his presentation.
Bills Approved
All Wheels Recovery $125.04
Ameripride Services 164.52
APEC Industrial Sales & Serv 565.89
Aramark Services Inc 6,786.46
Association Of MN Counties 180.00
Bauman/Lawrence R 289.50
Beaudry Propane Inc 4,612.51
Bottiger/Shawna 150.00
Boyer Truck Parts 695.64
Buff N Glo Inc 145.00
Buffalo Chamber Of Commerce 105.00
Buffalo Hospital-OTPT Comm. 631.58
Buffalo/City Of 64,544.66
Catco Parts Service 176.22
Center Point Energy 592.47
Centra Sota Coop. - Buffalo 10,442.75
Central McGowan Inc 678.71
CenturyLink 203.37
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP 2,000.00
Climate Air 419.20
Cottens Inc 1,827.06
Cragg Co/H M 776.80
Croteau Plumbing 565.44
Deatons Mailing Systems Inc 546.13
Election Sys. & Software Inc 1,338.87
Envirotech Services Inc 16,527.59
Fairbanks Scale Inc 1,189.00
Fibernet Monticello 359.80
Fred Pryor Seminars Inc 149.00
Gabriel/Cathleen 100.00
Grainger 247.55
Granite Electronics 1,680.39
Herald Journal Pub. Inc 188.76
Hewlett Packard 178.66
Hiivala/Robert 104.50
Holiday 18,567.15
Howard/Jolanta 100.00
Husom/Lukas 105.50
Integrated Fire & Sec. 1,290.00
Intoximeters Inc 335.24
Kingsley/Lee E. 1,193.00
Klaphane/Bryan 250.00
Kustom Signals Inc 474.79
Lantto/Lilia 180.00
Lawson Products Inc 566.68
Lee/Tina 1,741.45
Loberg Electric 184.75
Maple Lake Messenger Inc 146.28
Marco 2,710.33
Matt Legal Services 100.00
Mattson/Richard 148.00
Menards - Buffalo 111.96
Midwest Protection Agency Inc 466.92
Minn. Conway Fire & Safety 277.50
MN Counties Comp. Coop. 8,238.53
MN Monitoring Inc. 846.75
Morries Parts & Serv. Group 1,169.84
North American Salt Co 16,328.62
Office Depot 463.97
ORyans Conoco 130.00
Palmer Johnson Power Sys. 771.01
Purick/Ryan 200.00
Qualification Targets 121.76
Quiggle/Charlotte 225.00
RTVision Inc 760.31
Ryan Chevrolet 164.61
Safelite Fulfillment Inc 180.22
Schermann/Robert D 349.00
Schmidt/Donald M 263.50
SHI International Corp 109.01
Streichers 1,166.00
Synergy Graphics 1,519.87
Tennant Sales and Serv. Co 249.33
Titan Machinery 106.60
Trophies Plus LLC 136.44
Waste Management-TC West 2,354.07
Wright County Journal Press 237.60
Wright Hennepin Electric 345.14
31 Payments less than 100 1,279.97
Final total $185,954.77
The meeting adjourned at 9:49 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal April 2, 2012

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