Wright County Board Minutes

AUGUST 7, 2012
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Russek, Thelen, and Eichelberg present. Commissioner Mattson was absent.
On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the 7-31-12 County Board Minutes as presented.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Consent Agenda Item A5, Administration, “Authorize Signatures On 10-Month Lease Agreement With ISD #877 For Lease Of Property For wRight Choice Program” (Norman); Aud./Treas. Item #3, “Authorize Signatures On Lease Agreement With Hennepin County For M100 Voting Machines” (Hiivala); Hwy. Engineer Item 3, “Approve Professional Services Agreement Between Wright County & SRF Consulting Group, Inc., For Administrative & Technical Assistance To The TH 55 Corridor Coalition” (Fingalson). Eichelberg moved to approve the Agenda as amended. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 4-0.
On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as amended:
1. Performance Appraisals: B. Holmquist, C. Paulson, Hwy.; J. Baker, B. Cramb, R. DuBois, P. Mackie, C. Mazer, R. Nevala, P. O’Malley, Sher./Corr.
2. O/T Report, Periods Ending 7-07-12 & 7-21-12.
3. Revise Budget Committee Of The Whole Schedule Changing Court Administration To 11:00 A.M. & Court Services To 9:15 A.M. On 8-15-12.
4. Budget 100 Transfers To The Various Departments In The General Revenue Budget.
5. Authorize Signatures On 10-Month Lease Agreement With ISD #877 For Lease Of Property For wRight Choice Program.
1. Accept The Findings & Recommendations Of The Planning Commission For The Following Rezoning:
A. Cassie & Bruce Kenning (Clearwater Twp.). Planning Commission Unanimously Recommends Approval Of The Request To Rezone Approximately 55 Acres From AG To A/R.
Richard Norman, County Coordinator, presented a retirement plaque to Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, in appreciation of his dedicated service to the Highway Department and citizens of Wright County from 1975 to 2012. Fingalson was described as a tremendous Engineer with many accomplishments and a true professional with principals and values including honesty, integrity, compassion and ethics. Fingalson looked to the safety of the traveling public and worked to obtain excellent equipment for Highway crews, again keeping safety in mind. Fingalson was visionary and thought strategically. Norman spoke of Fingalson’s “down the road” approach to such things as the policies for snow and ice control, crosswalk, traffic, County highway access, and culvert installation. Norman described Fingalson as someone you would want as a friend and who would do anything for you.
Fingalson extended appreciation to co-workers and his family. Fingalson provided a history of his goal to become a Civil Engineer. He worked six years for the MN Highway Department in St. Paul and was one of fifteen Engineers that took an indefinite leave of absence from the MN Highway Department. Most took positions in counties, and some relocated to cities. Fingalson enjoyed his time with the State but wanted to work in a county where there are a variety of responsibilities. His leave of absence from the State ended last Thursday. His first position in Wright County was Assistant Highway Engineer and his most famous customer was Hubert H. Humphrey, when he met with Humphrey on the Highway 9 project proposal. Fingalson became the County Highway Engineer in 1981. Since that time, the population has more than doubled to over 126,000. In recent years, Wright County was recognized as the 47th out of 100th fastest growing County in the United States. That created challenges and opportunities, resulting in the restructure of the Highway Department. Clearing his office provided an interesting view of some of the changes which occurred in the past 30 years. New technologies are evident in business, and equipment is more automated or computer aided. Surveying has changed from hands on to computer, resulting in the reduction of crews. Design has moved from pencil and eraser to keyboards and backspace keys. Snow plows now are equipped with computer applications to aid in maintenance. Due to the development and use of digital photography, a person can travel through the County without leaving their desk. During his 31 years, he has served under 19 County Commissioners, and participated in 1200 Board Meetings and 200+ Transportation Meetings. Fingalson has been fortunate to participate in County, State, and National level meetings, as well as partnering with cities, townships, and fellow department heads. Fingalson concluded by citing the various committees at the Highway Department that work together to come up with solutions. He complimented staff members that are part of the team, other departments such as Attorney and Sheriff, and the County Board. He concluded by stating it has been a pleasure to work for the public and to deliver a product that is used every day. He said it has been a pleasure serving and working with everyone. Board members extended thanks and appreciation to Fingalson for his service and for being an advocate for the road system in the entire County.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented a Ditch Report from Kerry Saxton, SWCD, on several County Ditches:
Ditch 24
From past reports on the ditch the bogs have been moved away from the ditch and some have been tied up with ropes to various areas. In my opinion the County Board needs to decide if ditch funds can be used to remove the bogs. The County Attorney’s office should provide an opinion on the legality of this situation. If potentially legal the board then must make the decision if they wish to use the ditch authorities to do this. In talking to a contractor he stated that the cost would be about $4,500.00 to do this work and they would take the bogs to a gravel pit in Corinna Township. If a place closer to the lake could be found it might be somewhat cheaper.
Ditch 41
The complaint here from a Mr. Kern is from flow out of an inlet under a township road that then floods his yard. The county ditch is shown quite a distance to the north of this issue. Likely the problem is with a private tile that may ultimately drain to the county tile. This water ran out of this inlet for a quite a period of time this spring so it had to be fed from water standing for a long period of time. There is a holding area to the west of Mr. Kern’s property but it appears to be too low in elevation to have caused this issue. We suspect that the water is coming from the south on a line that is plugged somewhere as it approaches the county line. It is possible that the county ditch has a problem that is causing a backup but if this was the case we would have expected additional complaints from affected landowners closer to the line. From what we know now this appears to be a private issue.
Ditch 14
This joint ditch has been looked at for some time now. A redetermination is being considered by the landowners. I have been contacted by one of the landowners to find out If work had been done here when ditch 15 was re-determined and have passed that question on to the auditor’ office. Due to the watershed being fairly small, about 5000 acres, and centered on this area it may be that many of the existing benefited landowners will gain acres and the overall percentage they would pay for repairs may not change a great deal. I thought Mr. Ringquist was going to do a quick analysis of this area and address this issue but after reviewing his report he did not. Our office is capable of doing that to give people a pretty good idea of what a redetermination would do but we would have to charge for it and it would not be official. If done it would give the people most vested in this issue a good idea if waiting to do repairs will save them much as costs are apportioned to a larger area, much of which is owned by them. Of course the question of if the ditch authority can move forward and spend more money than the original amount must be decided as repairs would greatly exceed that early 1900,s amount. If our office took a preliminary look it would likely give viewers a good starting point and should reduce their costs if the re-determination is ordered. I would guess we could accomplish this for about $1,500 and have it done in about one month. I would suggest the ditch authority decide what kind of support is needed for any course of action as I would not expect all landowners will agree. In any advent some plan to move forward should be developed so all involved know what to expect.
Ditch 38
We have put many hours into ditch 38 in an effort to determine how well it is functioning. We were able to float a string through from the manhole in the northeast portion of the trailer park to the outlet about 1200 feet. This allowed us to pull a rope through and attempt to pull a basket from the outlet up stream. We were only able to move this about 20 feet and we hit some obstruction. This is where some work was done last year and there may be additional tile problems here. We then pulled a wire through the tile with the rope and used a locator borrowed from the City of Monticello in an attempt to locate the exact location of the tile. We were able to locate about 250 feet from either end but no more thus far. We are exploring options such as better equipment or using different wire to get this done. This technique might be applicable to other public tile systems and the purchase of equipment for this purpose could be a consideration of the board. If the board is willing to consider this we will do further research into equipment and costs. If we can locate the tile then digging it up and even the use of sewer cleaning equipment will be much more efficient and cost effective.
On Monday July 23rd we had a contractor dig up the tile as the board requested at the behest of area landowners. The collapse that had occurred was not the tile but an old septic system that should have been closed many years ago. We did look for the tile and found it in three places one immediately behind the trailer where the collapse occurred. Unfortunately as I feared, the tile was under so much pressure that as the excavator got close so much water started pouring in we had to rebury it. This indicates that the tile probably was cracked and pushed itself apart as we removed the soil over it. The good news we can now excavate here with confidence to do more testing when levels drop. If we do this at the right time and perfect the use of the locator we will be able to locate the line in the park and have a better idea of how to proceed.
At last week’s meeting the board discussed the meeting we had with a representative from the railroad and potential options that might arise to reroute this tile. I have not heard anything as of yet. The landowners have expressed that they would like a redetermination before this extensive work is done as the costs will be substantial. This will take time and this tile needs to function until an alternative is found as potential flooding could occur. Currently the tile is flowing at about one cubic foot a second (about 7.5 gallons a second) and has almost all summer. We will be continuing to work on locating this line for additional excavation and testing.
(End of Ditch Report submitted by Kerry Saxton, SWCD)
The following discussion occurred at the County Board Meeting on the County Ditches outlined in Saxton’s Ditch Report:
County Ditch 24: Hiivala stated that a recommendation was received from Rinke Noonan on the floating bogs on Locke Lake. Hiivala said the summary reflects that since the bog is impeding the Ditch system and that with current policy, it would be the right thing to do to remove the bogs and assess it against the Ditch system. Hiivala recommended ordering the removal of the bogs on County Ditch 24. Sawatzke questioned whether quotes can be obtained for this work. Saxton stated that as reflected in the Ditch Report, there is a $4,500 cost estimate from the contractor but it is not a bid. The estimate does not include moving the bogs to where they will be removed from the Lake. This action will need to be coordinated with Lake residents. Russek moved to authorize proceeding with obtaining quotes and with the proposed action on the work required. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg. Thelen questioned whether there is urgency to the situation and the timeline. Saxton said Lake residents have tied some of the bogs to the shoreline. The Lake level has dropped some so the bogs are not moving much. This should be fine until the next high water event. Saxton plans to ask for bids assuming Lake residents will move the bogs to the removal location. If the bogs are moved by the contractor, he feels the costs will increase dramatically. The cost estimate did not include moving the bog and that is why a coordinated effort will be required. Lake residents could tow the bogs to the removal site and anchor them. Sawatzke said an alternative location for the bog material, once removed from the Lake, would be the Compost Facility. Sawatzke said Saxton could speak with Bill Stephens, Planning & Zoning, on that alternative. He was unsure whether there will be a cost to deliver it to the Corinna Township gravel pit. Thelen asked Saxton to coordinate the moving of the bogs with the Lake Association. The motion carried 4-0.
County Ditch 41: Hiivala said there was a request from Chris Kern on water backing onto his property. Mattson and Saxton visited the site. It appears the problems relate to a private tile and ditch, so there will be no further action needed by the County.
Joint Ditch 14: Saxton said Joint Ditch 14 is a tile system that is located in Stockholm Township. Last year, Brad Paumen (one of the landowners) dug and a survey was completed. The survey indicates that the tiles were not laid properly. Half of the tile is useable. Tile was found collapsed in a number of areas. It is old and starting to fail. A meeting was held with landowners. Saxton said it needs to be determined how to proceed. Discussion has included a possible redetermination, which would take 18 months to start. There are about 5000 acres involved, with most of the acreage being owned by a few people. If the watershed method is used in redetermination as opposed to what was used in the past dealing with physical land that could be drained, it may not change much on who would pay for things. The uplands are not treated the same as lowlands. Some work would need to be done to determine that. Saxton offered the idea of having the SWCD look at what a redetermination will entail so that information could be provided to landowners. He estimated about 40 hours of time involved and that time would need to be charged. The other option would be to complete a redetermination. He estimated repair cost for the first leg at about $60,000. That repair will not help with other tile problems. Other minor fixes could be completed. He anticipated costs every year for some time in order to get things in shape. Saxton stated this is a Joint Ditch so there are other counties involved. He suggested a meeting to lay out options so landowners can provide an indication to the County Board on how they want to proceed. He did not feel a unanimous decision would be reached by landowners.
Thelen asked whether a meeting should be scheduled with landowners. Russek said a meeting was held in the early part of summer. At that meeting, landowners present had mixed feelings on how to proceed. Some wanted to proceed with a redetermination and some wanted repairs completed. Russek feels if another meeting is held with landowners, the same input may be received. He questioned whether the Board feels authorizing the SWCD to complete a preliminary look would provide information on what might be gained through a redetermination. Hiivala advised the Board that this is a Joint Ditch matter so the County Board does not make the decision on redetermination. Ultimately, if the County Board decides that the SWCD should do a detailed preliminary engineering report on a redetermination that the ditch viewers could use, that is what would be recommended to the Joint Ditch Authority. Hiivala was unsure whether repairs would be limited to $60,000. The repair cannot exceed the original benefit. A redetermination may not be just to identify new properties but to bring up the land values to their current levels so repairs can be completed. Hiivala said the County Board could make a recommendation to the Joint Ditch Authority to authorize the SWCD to complete preliminary engineering, especially if the ditch viewers could use that. They could communicate back to the petitioners that the Joint Ditch Authority is going to look to a redetermination to bring land values current, allowing the repairs that need to be done.
Sawatzke asked whether there is $60,000 in value to the properties if $60,000 is spent on repair. Saxton replied that there would be $60,000 in value to some landowners but there are a number of branches that need repair. Repairs to one branch would help those landowners. It will not help the other branch. Sawatzke said they need to be sure they are not spending $60,000 to save $10,000 in land. Saxton said it needs to be determined whether the County has the ability to spend over the original benefited amount. There are conflicting legal opinions on that. He stated that should be cleared up first. He feels there would be no use in just looking at a redetermination if they can’t spend over the original benefited amount as they would not be able to spend enough to do anything. Saxton said the tile line is from the early 1900’s and the entire line will need replacement at some point. There are certain repairs that can be done to make the ditch functional; however, problem areas need to be identified. The question is can it be done and how to proceed from there.
Thelen asked whether some of that would be identified with the preliminary engineering. Saxton said they are not suggesting preliminary engineering but rather a preliminary redetermination. The ditch will not be re-engineered. They will look at the land that is benefited under a new method of review. The cost for individual landowners will be broken out if they do spend that type of money on this first project. More input could then be obtained from those landowners if the redetermination is going to change much. If the acreage is increased quite a bit but the percentage of landowners remains about the same, the redetermination results on benefited property owners will be close to what they currently are. The question is whether landowners want to wait 18 months for the work to be completed. The land owned by Meeker and McLeod has not really been looked at. Saxton said that one of the landowners that will benefit first pays a large chunk of the ditch assessment on the Wright County side. When other areas are fixed, that landowner may not receive the same benefit as this repair but will still pay a large share of that cost. Saxton felt that landowners will provide similar input to that provided at the early summer meeting. The landowner with the largest share of land was not at the last meeting. One landowner wants a redetermination and other landowners want to move forward with repairs right away.
Thelen asked for clarification as she felt Hiivala had provided an engineering recommendation. Hiivala stated that what Saxton is offering is similar to what would be provided by preliminary viewers. The watersheds will be looked at to determine what lands will be benefited. An outside viewer would be required to assign values. Hiivala said the opinion they have received is that if repairs are petitioned, the repairs are limited to the original benefits. Hiivala said they are at the point of advising the petitioners that the best thing that can be done is a redetermination. The process can be expedited with the help of the SWCD. Russek said this is a tough situation. He questioned how to proceed if the repairs can’t exceed the original benefits. Hiivala said the repairs can not be completed without a redetermination. Sawatzke asked for the estimated cost of the redetermination. Hiivala responded that would be $3-$5 per watershed acre or $15,000. With legal costs of having to defend it, Ringquist provided an estimate of $15,000-$25,000 to complete the redetermination. Something to consider would be SWCD’s help to possibly bring the timeline up faster and also to reduce costs because of data collection. Hiivala said the County Board is being updated that this action needs to be presented to the Joint Ditch Authority. This was provided as an informational update.
County Ditch 38: Hiivala stated that Commissioner Mattson contacted him yesterday to let him know there is some headway being made with the railroad to replace the culvert under the railroad tracks. Saxton said that last year, some minor repairs were completed on the Ditch 38 inlet and near the Ditch outlet. Wenck & Associates also looked at the Ditch and discussion has included the use of a sewer jetter. That is still a possibility. Saxton said he voiced concern previously with opening up the Ditch due to the high water levels. However, they did this and the water flowed greatly into the hole they were digging. It appeared they were near the tile in a couple of places while they were probing, because water was rising through the hole. A collapse occurred where they initially thought the tile was. They felt it was the tile but upon investigation, they found it was an old septic system that had never been emptied. A septic pump was used to remove 3000 gallons and the system was closed down properly. The septic system was directly tied to the tile line but that has since been fixed. Unfortunately, that did not allow them to locate the tile. They had been digging on the side of the trailer park which had an empty lot and they could not find the tile. A hole was dug behind the trailer park as Saxton wanted to see the tile and its orientation. Saxton feels that the tile is probably broken in that area. As they got closer to the tile, the water pressure probably moved the tile a little because it was flowing so heavily. The water started flowing so much that the contractor said they could not continue. The contractor was able to fill the hole. Upon returning to the area last week he found the hole is redeveloping, which means the tile is starting to suck in dirt. Saxton feels the good news is that they have an access point to work from.
At the other end of the tile is the outlet (through the manhole, out the northeast corner of the tile to the outlet) which goes under the train track. In that area, they were able to place a basket into the tile (about 15’ out of 2000’) before it became stuck. They switched from a rope to a wire and decided to use a locator (borrowed from the City of Monticello). They were able to track 200’to 250’ from both sides and then signal was lost. Saxton has since been in contact with Bill Cordell of the Highway Department, who has a stronger locator available. The plan is to meet Thursday on site with the Highway Department. Saxton said it appears the tile goes a different direction than what they thought and that may be why they are having trouble moving things through it. Saxton said they would probably want to dig up the area where the tile turns (the junction) if they can locate it. Challenges they are encountering include corn fields that are 10’ high. The corn will not be out until late October or November and they do not want to wait that long. If they can locate the tile, a GPS System may be used.
Saxton said about $1,500 has been expended thus far for the work. If the locator from the Highway Department works to locate the tile, they will be able to do the same thing in the trailer park to find the line in the trailer park. In talking with the locators, he learned there are many theories on how to locate tile, how it should be hooked up, and troubleshooting why it is not working. The train tracks throw everything off due to magnetism and that might be part of the problem. The locator used said it was 15’ deep and it is only supposed to locate to 13’ deep. If the Highway Department’s equipment works, they may be able to locate problems in the tile line and aid their efforts if a jetter is hired. Saxton estimated expenditures of another $1,500. If the County’s locator does not work, they could hire for use of a 10-watt machine (three times stronger than the County’s machine). Use of the machine would result in cost, whether or not the tile is located. Sawatzke asked how much it would be to purchase the larger machine. Saxton estimated $4,500. Sawatzke felt the County may want to look into purchasing a 10-watt machine if the County’s equipment does not work, as it could be used in other ditches. Hiivala said Modernization Grant funding could possibly be used for this purchase. Thelen questioned whether the Ditch Policy recently adopted would allow for the expenditure of up to $1,500 without County Board approval. Hiivala said that the Policy would allow a Commissioner to authorize this expenditure. Hiivala said the Board should be aware that additional work will be completed on Ditch 38.
Hiivala presented for approval a Lease Agreement with Hennepin County for lease of four M-100 voting machines. Two years ago, Hennepin County allowed Wright County to borrow some M-100 machines. Hennepin County is now asking for a Lease Agreement and Wright County will be charged $25/machine. The Lease Agreement states Wright County is responsible for the machines while they are leased. Russek moved to authorize signatures on the Lease Agreement by the Board Chair and either the Coordinator or Auditor/Treasurer. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried unanimously. Hiivala will require assistance from Building Maintenance to pick up the machines from Hennepin County. Sawatzke asked why Hennepin County has extra machines and if they are not using the machines, could they be acquired. Hiivala said it appears Hennepin County will move to new technologies in 2013. He will ask whether they would be willing to sell their machines to Wright County. They now use them as emergency backups. Sawatzke said if Wright County has a Lease Agreement with Hennepin County, those machines will not be available as back up machines. Hiivala said Wright County previously assisted Otsego with acquiring a machine. M100 machines cost about $5000 each.
On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Russek, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.
Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, said the Highway Department 2011 Annual Report was distributed at the last Board Meeting. He asked for the Board’s position on the level of detail in the Report in the future. This could be summarized and not include all of the data required by the Auditor’s Office. The media was offered a condensed version this year. Sawatzke felt the person creating the document should make that decision. Fingalson said the Report includes some tables that are required to be submitted to the State. However, the summary version may be adequate for the Board. After discussion, it was felt that the summary version would be adequate if the larger version was available online. Russek moved to accept the 2011 Annual Report for the Highway Department. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 4-0.
Fingalson requested approval of the Maintenance/Construction Agreements for Meeker/Wright County Line Roads (CSAH 2 and CSAH 21). The roadways are about 8/10 of a mile long. The Agreement would require Meeker County to be responsible for paying half of the maintenance costs completed by Wright County. This would amount to $4,000-$5,000 per year. The Meeker County Engineer supports the Agreement. The draft Agreement has been reviewed by the Attorney’s Offices from both Wright and Meeker Counties. Eichelberg moved to authorize signatures on the Agreement, seconded by Sawatzke, carried 4-0.
Fingalson requested approval of a Professional Services Agreement between Wright County and SRF Consulting Group, Inc. for administrative and technical assistance to the TH 55 Corridor Coalition. The 2004 Agreement with SRF was unable to be extended by amendment due to the length of time involved. The TH 55 Corridor Coalition sent out RFP’s for consultants and recommends SRF Consulting Group to continue in this role for a three-year period. The TH 55 Corridor Coalition Joint Powers Board has recommended that this action be taken. Fingalson said that a pre-award audit is required as federal money is involved. This involves the Consultant submitting financial information to MnDOT to check overhead rates. This should be resolved in several days. Russek moved to approve the Agreement between Wright County and SRF subject to the pre-award audit. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg. Thelen asked whether there are County dollars involved. Fingalson explained that funding is split 80% by federal funding and 20% from financial resources through the TH 55 Corridor Coalition (handled through the Wright County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office). The motion carried 4-0.
Bills Approved
Accurate USA $151.50
All State Communications Inc 400.00
Allina Hospitals & Clinic 18,358.50
Allina Hospitals & Clinics 728.40
Ameripride Services 219.04
Annandale Rock Products 1,466.17
APEX Software 175.00
Aramark Services Inc 12,728.81
Bakeberg/George 389.00
Barker Co/Bob 633.83
Bond Trust Services Corp. 450.00
Boyer Truck Parts 198.38
Buffalo Floral & Landscaping 160.00
Centra Sota Coop. - Buff 30,461.25
CenturyLink 123.54
Chamberlain Oil Co 4,911.27
Clearwater/City of 797.80
Cokato Township 523.69
Comm. of Transportation 6,023.64
Coolen/John 119.99
Croteau Plumbing 303.22
Dell Marketing LP 587.65
Denn/Franklin E 342.00
DS Solutions Inc 689.34
Elk River Municipal Utilities 130.03
Emergency Auto. Tech Inc 3,290.59
French Lake Township 487.00
Gabriel/Cathleen 100.00
Girards Business Machines 3,664.74
Glunz Construction LLC 125.00
Granite Electronics 253.31
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 14,777.92
Howard Lake/City of 2,809.80
Howard/Jolanta 300.00
Intoximeters Inc 100.60
Johnson Materials Inc 25,008.75
Keeprs Inc 142.79
Kindred Family Services 1,289.62
Knife River Corp. - N. Central 555.76
Kramber/Greg 214.60
Kustom Signals Inc 585.91
Labor Relations Info. Systems 250.00
M & M Express Sales/Service 599.49
M-R Sign Company Inc 502.85
Maple Lake Lumber Company 146.51
Maple Lake Township 858.40
Marco Inc 3,623.65
Menards - Buffalo 133.07
Midway Ford 16,994.00
Miller/Nathan 200.00
MN Office Of Enterprise Tech. 479.46
MN Sheriffs Association 200.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 485.55
National Sheriffs Association 204.00
Office Depot 771.19
Performance Kennels Inc 101.00
Royal Tire Inc 2,586.99
Russek/John 250.50
Safelite Fulfillment Inc 184.97
SHI International Corp 15,792.99
Specialty Turf & Ag 110.24
St Michael/City of 8,578.95
Suburban Emerg. Assoc. PA 429.80
Synergy Graphics 150.00
Timekeeping Systems Inc 1,025.00
Trophies Plus LLC 141.99
Voss Lighting 634.84
Waste Management-TC West 360.98
Waverly/City of 446.40
Webb/Janelle 277.00
Wright Co. Highway Dept 2,552.53
29 Payments less than $100 1,344.32
Final Total: 195,195.11
The meeting adjourned at 10:12 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Aug. 27, 2012.

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