Wright County Board Minutes

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek, Thelen, and Eichelberg present.
The minutes of 8-28-12 were discussed. Mattson asked that the minutes be amended to include comments he made at that meeting. The Administration Office was asked to review the comments made at the last meeting and insert them into the minutes. Russek moved to approve the minutes with the additional language, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0. The minutes of 8-28-12 were corrected as follows: Page 7, insert second paragraph which reads, “Mattson said he has been Chair of the District Three Eleven County ATP, and the safety expert there will always say when we argue about different areas of driving, “How much is a life worth?” and nobody will say another word. One mistake-is it worth a million dollars? How much is a life worth? This Ordinance is a tool to try to say that.”
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Consent Agenda Item A3, “Claim MPCA, $400.00, Permit to Repair the Parking Lot at the Human Services Center, Funding from Budget 100, Site Improvements” (Norman); Aud./Treas. Item #7, “Bid Tabulation & Repair, Joint Ditch 15” (Hiivala). Mattson said prior to his being out on personal leave, the Board authorized review of a beaver dam problem on property owned by Donald Streich. While out on the personal leave, he was unable to contact Streich. However, Mattson contacted Swanson Brothers to look at the problem and went to the site yesterday. Swanson Brothers will take care of the beaver dam problem. On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Agenda as amended.
On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Russek, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda with the one addition:
1. Performance Appraisals: C. Nelson, I.T.; N. Aarvig, E. Adams, S. Berg, L. Cleaveland, C. Curtis, S. Doyle, B. Rausch, M. Silbernagel, Sher./Corr.
2. O/T Report, Period Ending 8-18-12.
3. Claim MPCA, $400.00, Permit to Repair the Parking Lot at the Human Services Center, Funding from Budget 100, Site Improvements.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented four draft resolutions for approval:
1. On a motion by Russek, second by Sawatzke, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #12-44 conveying tax forfeit PID #103-122-009010 to the City of Buffalo for street right-of-way.
2. On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Russek, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #12-45 conveying eight tax forfeit parcels by quit claim deed to the City of Buffalo per development contracts for Copper Creek and Buffalo Ridge Second Addition. The eight parcels are as follows:
PID # 103-169-000010 Copper Creek
PID # 103-169-000020 Copper Creek
PID # 103-169-000030 Copper Creek
PID # 103-173-000010 Buffalo Ridge Second Addition
PID # 103-173-000020 Buffalo Ridge Second Addition
PID # 103-173-000030 Buffalo Ridge Second Addition
PID # 103-173-000050 Buffalo Ridge Second Addition
PID # 103-173-000060 Buffalo Ridge Second Addition
3. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Eichelberg, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #12-46 conveying three tax forfeit parcels to the City of Monticello. The three parcels are as follows:
PID #155-010-072100 for a city utility easement
PID #155-109-000010 for a trail system link between River Mill Park and River Ridge Lane
PID #155-126-000030 for the entrance monument for River Forest Addition
4. On a motion by Mattson, second by Eichelberg, all voted to adopt Resolution #12-47 conveying tax forfeit PID #115-010-011022 to the City of South Haven for street right-of-way.
Hiivala said Ted LaFrance, Wright County Economic Development Partnership, sent a Subordination request on behalf of Cinch Systems. Cinch Systems is participating in the Economic Development revolving loan program and is looking for additional funding. The request is for Wright County to accept this loan being in a subordinate status. Cinch Systems needs the loan in order to expand. Sawatzke clarified that the original loan (State money) was granted to Standard Iron in Monticello and Wright County acted as the sponsoring agency. That loan was paid back and the interest was placed in a pool for Wright County to loan out. Sawatzke asked whether Cinch Systems has been current on their loan. Hiivala said this is the case. Sawatzke asked for the current principal balance and time remaining on the loan. Hiivala did not have that information available. Sawatzke stated that Cinch Systems is not asking for more money from the fund. They are obtaining a line of credit for a better interest rate, which was approved by the Economic Development Partnership Committee. Hiivala understands Cinch Systems will not be altering their payments to the County and will follow their current debt schedule. Sawatzke moved to approve the request, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0.
Hiivala stated that at the last Board Meeting, bids were opened for Joint Ditch 15. A bid tabulation sheet was provided reflecting the following bids received:
Bidder; Base Bid; Alternate Bid; Total Bid (with 2 Alternates)
Fyle’s Excavating, Monticello MN; $18,195.00; n/a; $20,695.00
*Option: Remove only trees in way for cleanout, landowners burn trees. Reduce quote by $2500 ($15,695.00)
Wuetherich Drainage, Norwood, MN; $18,480.00; $14,256.00; $32,736.00
*10,560 feet at a total of $1.75/ft.
Ed Rettman, Jr. Excavating Hutchinson, MN; $30,925.00; $4,500.00; $35,425.00
*11,300 feet at an average of $2.74/ft.
Hiivala said the work would involve a one rod cleaning on both sides of the ditch, removing the trees, leveling the spoils, and cleaning the ditch. The lowest bid is from Fyle’s Excavating for $20,695.00, which includes the base and alternate bids. Mattson noted the bid from Fyle’s Excavating does not specify the total amount of cleanout. Hiivala stated that Brad Fyle indicated he knows the exact cleanout area from meeting with Russek on site. Russek is unsure of the exact length but feels Brad Fyle knows what area of the ditch needs to be cleaned out. Sawatzke asked whether the recommendation is to proceed with the base bid or the base bid plus the alternate. Hiivala stated the recommendation would be to complete the one rod cleaning on both sides for a total bid of $20,695.00. Fyle’s Excavating’s bid includes an option to reduce the bid by $2,500.00 if the landowners complete the burning. The other bids received included all of the work specified. Sawatzke moved to approve the bid from Fyle’s Excavating. The motion was seconded by Russek. Sawatzke said the County had good experience with using Fyle’s Excavating on other projects in the past. Hiivala said the County will pay Fyle’s Excavating after the work is approved. Meeker and McLeod Counties will be billed for their portions. Hiivala said Brad Fyle knows to work with Kerry Saxton, SWCD, both for planning and for review of the work once completed. The ditch will not be deepened or widened. The motion carried 5-0.
On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit.
Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, requested that a Transportation Committee Of The Whole (TCOTW) Meeting be set to discuss the Grand Castle Estate Road Assessment. Property owners will be invited to the meeting. Kryzer suggested a night meeting at the request of the property owners. Russek moved to set a TCOTW Meeting on 9-10-12 at 7:00 P.M. at the Public Works Building. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 5-0.
Virgil Hawkins, Highway Engineer, requested the Board adopt a resolution of final acceptance for the 2011 Overlays, Contract #11-02, with Knife River of Sauk Rapids, MN and to authorize final payment of $204,285.65. Russek moved to adopt Resolution #12-48, seconded by Eichelberg, carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Lt. Todd Hoffman, Sheriff’s Office, said a Prescription Drug Take Back Event will be held on 9-29-12 from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. at the Monticello City Hall. The Sheriff’s Office is partnering with the DEA and the City of Monticello on the Event. Expired, unused, or unwanted prescription drugs will be collected for disposal. Hoffman stated the Wright County Sheriff’s Office is a permanent drop off site and is open during normal business hours.
Kryzer announced the Board will be going into a Closed Session after today’s Board Meeting to discuss the Fred and Katherine Main v. Wright County litigation.
Bills Approved
A & H Contracting LLC $79,193.73
Ameripride Services 115.54
Aramark Services Inc 6,472.31
Astech 337,518.56
BMC Software Inc 2,057.34
Boyer Truck Parts 1,938.92
BP Amoco 254.40
Cenex Fleetcard 159.80
Centra Sota Coop.-Buffalo 29,201.04
Chief Supply 486.75
Climate Air 949.16
CRA Payment Center 101.72
Dell Marketing LP 1,373.68
Diamond Mowers Inc 1,873.25
Dynamic Recycling 5,124.51
Eichelberg/Elmer 394.00
Election Syst. & Software Inc 5,546.96
Elk River Municipal Utilities 126.44
Emergency Auto. Tech Inc 8,188.20
Emerg. Comm. Network LLC 12,930.00
Federal Signal Corporation 106.41
Fleetpride 527.02
Gabriel/Cathleen 100.00
Globalstar USA 369.91
Glunz Construction LLC 125.00
Grainger 334.60
Helena Chemical Company 721.70
Hiivala/Robert 310.76
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 4,230.51
Home Appliance Service 309.00
Intoximeters Inc 961.88
Keaveny LTC Pharmacy 2,854.14
Knife River 204,285.65
Kris Engineering Inc 6,085.43
LaPlant Demo Inc 1,234.35
Larson Companies LTD/W D 582.82
Lawson Products Inc 609.09
M-R Sign Company Inc 15,050.64
Marco Inc 5,414.20
Matt Legal Services 100.00
Mccalla/Denise 511.61
Menards - Buffalo 123.44
Menken/Julie A 1,749.37
MN Assn. of Co. Administrators 100.00
MN Assn. of Co. Probation Of 525.00
MN Counties Comp. Coop. 1,451.29
MN Co. Attorneys Association 190.00
MN GIS-LIS Consortium 1,520.00
Monticello/City of 10,121.81
Morries Parts & Service Group 948.10
Northern States Power Co. 2,280.54
Office Depot 2,982.17
Precision Prints of Wright Co 128.25
Ramacciotti/Frank 100.00
Royal Tire Inc 6,739.17
Russek/John 198.50
Ruttgers Bay Lake Lodge Inc 508.72
Ruttgers Sugar Lake Lodge 446.61
Ryan Chevrolet 182.55
Savance 250.00
Specialty Turf & Ag 390.09
Sprint 9,124.94
Stanley Consultants Inc 2,520.50
Stoll/Brian 205.50
Total Printing 141.61
Vance Brothers Inc 2,428.68
Verizon Wireless 179.06
Voss Lighting 173.14
Waste Management-TC West 2,734.02
Webb/Janelle 163.50
Woodland Township 889.00
Wright Co. Auditor Treasurer 111.04
Wright Co. Highway Dept 1,238.86
Zacks Inc 972.01
Zarnoth Brush Works Inc 632.70
26 payments less than$100 1,173.46
Final total $792,454.66
The meeting adjourned at 9:22 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Oct.1, 2012.

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