Wright County Board Minutes

OCTOBER 23, 2012
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Russek, Thelen, and Eichelberg present. Commissioner Mattson was absent.
On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the 10-16-12 Board Minutes as presented.
Eichelberg moved to approve the Agenda. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried unanimously.
On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: T. Erickson, Atty.; K. Bodem, J. O’Dowd, S. Poirier, Sher./Corr.
2. O/T Reports, Periods Ending 9-29-12 and 10-13-12.
3. Approve Labor Contract Agreement With Teamsters Local No. 320, Non-Licensed Essential Unit.
4. Tri County Regional Forensic Laboratory Report, September 2012.
1. Approve Settlement Agreement On Fred & Catherine Main v. Wright County.
1. Approve Memo Of Understanding With The Cities Of Cokato, Albertville, Waverly, And French Lake Township For The Storage And/Or Purchase Of Sand/Salt And/Or Salt For The 2012/2013 Snow/Ice Control Season.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented a draft resolution for County participation in the “Targeting BMP’s (Best Management Practices) in the Crow River Watershed Clean Water Partnership Project.” Hiivala said the funds in the first allocation for septic loans have been used. This includes 16 paid applications and 5 additional applications in process. Hiivala said the second allocation involves a different grant and $250,000 in loan funds. The resolution names Bill Stephens, Wright County Environmental Health Officer, as the Project Representative. Russek moved to adopt Resolution #12-58. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke. In response to Sawatzke, Hiivala stated this is an MPCA Program for sewer and septic projects. Wright County citizens who participate qualify through Planning & Zoning. Wright County requests a draw down from the MPCA and starts charging the landowner. The landowner pays the County and the County pays the MPCA. Hiivala said it is like a debt for Wright County. Thelen asked if this is a low interest loan and whether low income applicants are eligible. Hiivala responded that there is no income qualification. The loan carries a 2% interest rate and Wright County charges residents 3% (2% on the debt and a 1% for a Wright County administrative fee). The loan is paid through special assessments. Two participants have prepaid. Sawatzke asked whether these loans are to clean up systems polluting the Crow River where systems are no longer sending waste into the River. Russek said that is the mission of this Project. That is the information presented to the C.R.O.W. Board. Hiivala stated the first loan was for $300,000. This one is for $250,000. He will bring a Note Disclosure to a future meeting for approval for a $500,000 allocation. He said he will request a larger amount in case there is additional funding. The motion carried 4-0 on a roll call vote.
On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Loan Agreement for the “Targeting BMP’s in the Crow River Watershed Clean Water Partnership Project.”
The September Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines were presented. Hiivala said that $870,000 in Police State Aid was received 10-01-12. The Guidelines reflect that the revenues and expenditures are in line at this time. Russek moved to accept the September Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 4-0.
The claims listing was discussed. Russek referenced claims on Page 14, PTS of America LLC totaling $4,840.70 for three prisoner transports. Lt. Todd Hoffman, Sheriff’s Office, said that the expenditures relate to transporting prisoners from Arizona and Wyoming. The Sheriff’s Office consults with the County Attorney’s Office prior to transport to assure they agree with transporting the person. Eichelberg moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, for a total of 107 vendors, $638,881.06. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried unanimously.
Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, distributed information on a request from Stockholm Township on the condition of Rhoades Avenue and a possible partnership for improvements. Rhoades Avenue is a Township Road that is about one mile long. It services Collinwood Park, five residences along Rhoades Avenue, and eleven residences along 64th Street. In 1986, Stockholm Township and Wright County worked cooperatively on a bituminous improvement on Rhoades Avenue, to include base and pavement. Mattice has not located legal or written documentation which addresses repairs, maintenance, etc. He stated the Township may have signed something but nothing was located with County signatures. Mattice said a letter dated 10-01-12 from Stockholm Township (he received 10-09-12) reflects the Township had decided to return the road to gravel. Mattice sent a letter to the Township on 10-12-12 outlining possible options. One option was to apply for State Park Road Account funding administered through the MN DNR. Mattice understands the Township submitted an application in 2011 and was not successful in obtaining funding. The second option is a proposal for a possible cost share with the County for improvements. Mattice said that is what is being discussed today. The request is similar to improvements made to Ireland Avenue in Corinna Township a couple years ago for Schroeder Park. The handout material includes proposals from Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix, Inc. and Omann Brothers Paving, Inc.
Mattice said the entire road is in disrepair and needs a complete overlay. The thought is to band aid the road this fall. Stockholm Township has proposed milling the material and turning the road back to gravel. Mattice did not view this as being good for the residents or the Park with the volume of traffic experienced in the summer. A map was provided reflecting areas that need repair. Area 1 involves a frost boil and was described by Mattice as the worst part. Mattice said it needs to be ripped up, the aggregate replaced, and an asphalt patch applied. Areas 2-6 could be pothole patched. The road could be monitored through the winter for safety issues. The goal would be to overlay the road in 2013. Discussions with the Township at the Committee level would include the overlay, engineering work and responsibilities, future responsibilities, and maintenance. Mattice said the overlay should be included in the Highway overlay bid next year to obtain better pricing.
Mattice attended a recent Township Meeting where this was discussed. He said the Township is okay with patching at this time. Mattice estimated a complete overlay of the one-mile stretch to cost about $195,000. He said some of the landowners in the area support the road improvements and also being assessed, as they would like to keep Rhoades Avenue as an asphalt road. Mattice estimated the cost to patch Areas 1-6 would be no more than $10,000 split equally between the County and the Township ($5,000 County/$5,000 Township).
Leonard Wozniak, Stockholm Township Supervisor, said Rhoades Avenue was tarred when he had been a Supervisor for about two weeks. A call was received by the Township one day before the road was tarred. He understood that Township Supervisors wrote up an agreement reflecting that if the County would tar the road, they would shoulder it, plow it, mow the grass, and plow the snow into the Park. He said this was because of the high usage of the road because of the Park. When the call came in 24 hours before the work was completed, there was no mention of the agreement being signed or if it had been agreed upon. Wozniak said the road probably wasn’t prepared like it should have been. He said the Township is not trying to hold this over the County. The Township tried to obtain various types of Legacy funding with no results. The estimated cost of overlay is the entire Township budget for the year. The Township obtained a bid for about $18,000 to mill and repack the road. That is the option they will go to if there are no other funds.
Wozniak said if the County and Township move forward, it would be nice to have a formal agreement to reflect who is responsible for what and associated costs. Thelen asked whether Wozniak feels the Township is amenable to patching. Wozniak thinks the Township would be amendable to anything, including the $5,000 Township cost for the six patches. Sawatzke asked if the $10,000 cost includes use of Parks and Highway staff, equipment, and purchase of material. Mattice stated that it does include those costs. He was in contact with Steve Meyer, Highway Department Maintenance Supervisor, who feels the work can be completed with staff from Parks and Highway. The estimated maximum cost of $5,000 County/$5,000 Township includes product, labor and equipment.
Wozniak asked whether Mattice had traffic counts for Rhoades Avenue. Mattice explained that the traffic counter broke during the last count. Prior to that, the last traffic count completed on Rhoades Avenue at the Park entrance reflected 38,000 vehicles. That count was completed in summer months. Mattice stated that day use at the Park has increased as well with the improvements that were made (new beach and shelters). Sawatzke said if it weren’t for the Park, the road probably would not have been paved. Wozniak said that at the time the Park was established, this was the only County Park that did not have a tarred road to it.
Eichelberg made a motion for the Parks Department, the Highway Department, and the Township to work together to patch the road, and to work toward an agreement on future improvements to the road. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke. Sawatzke clarified whether the motion includes a 50/50 split with the Township on patching and a meeting to be held over the winter to discuss how to proceed. Eichelberg stated that is correct. He said the meeting should include the Township and residents on that street. If an agreement is not reached, then the road may have to revert to gravel. This would allow a year timeline for discussion. The motion carried 4-0. Mattice inquired about the funding source for the patching. Possible sources were discussed, including Site Improvements and the Campground Fund. Richard Norman, County Coordinator, said there is not much left in Site Improvements for 2012. Sawatzke noted the Campground Fund will probably be used for the road work that is completed next year. Mattice said there is $54,821 in the Collinwood Campground Fund. Mattice said the Fund balance is high, as last year they ran into some issues with the fish cleaning shack and septic systems so they weren’t able to complete the project this year as planned. Thelen asked Eichelberg if he wanted to amend the motion to include the funding source. Eichelberg and Sawatzke amended the motion to include the funding source as the Collinwood Campground Fund. The motion is contingent upon the Township agreeing to this at their next meeting. Mattice understands that the Township may call a special meeting to take action. He asked whether they should wait for a later date to work on the remainder of the project. Thelen said yes. The motion as amended carried 4-0.
Bills Approved
All Wheels Recovery $197.71
Allina Medical Laboratories 329.20
Ameripride Services 312.38
Anderson/Dale E 750.00
Aramark Services Inc 6,458.05
Arctic Glacier USA Inc 130.60
Atrix International Inc 164.00
Aurora Pictures Inc 421.00
Bound Tree Medical LLC 305.15
Buffalo Hospital-OTPT Comm. 1,000.00
Busse/Amy 158.12
Center Point Energy 967.53
Centra Sota Coop. - Buffalo 5,244.00
CenturyLink 761.70
Climate Air 5,964.73
Contech Construction Product 3,091.28
Craguns Lodging/Conf. Ctr. 2,076.28
Deringer/Sean 104.48
EMCS Inc 450.00
Emerg. Automotive Tech Inc 662.75
Exceptional Outdoor Services 221.00
Gopher State One Call 159.50
Grainger 610.36
Greenview Inc 17,187.60
H M Cragg Co 7,434.27
Hickmans Service Inc 262.91
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 1,812.62
Holen Aluminum Products Inc 4,392.24
Intereum Inc 1,841.11
Jerrys Towing & Repair 154.97
Johnson/Mark A 161.42
Karels Towing 280.54
Keaveny LTC Pharmacy 3,305.25
Klein Heating and Cooling 107.50
Lacount Sales LLC 198.27
LaPlant Demo Inc 474.54
Lawson Products Inc 455.74
Maple Lake/City of 1,018.00
Marco 353.00
Marietta Aggregates/Martin 667.08
Mathiowetz Construction 484,839.34
Menards - Buffalo 267.69
MN Assn of Co. Probation Ofcrs 420.00
MN Chemical Company 607.03
MN Counties Ins Trust 2,500.00
MN Fall Maintenance Expo 740.00
MN Onsite Wastewater Assn 340.00
Monticello Towing LLC 160.31
Moore & Moore Advantage 150.00
Morrell Towing Inc 144.28
Morries Parts & Service Group 1,342.90
Office Depot 551.99
Olson/Dean 224.48
Pts. of America LLC 4,840.70
Rockford/City of 2,353.90
Russell Security Resource Inc 1,096.13
Silver Creek Township 1,676.50
South Haven/City of 306.80
Southside Township 1,279.90
St Michael/City of 10,466.20
State Supply Co 209.80
Total Printing 760.47
Verizon Wireless 790.41
Windstream 281.95
Wright C. Highway Dept 46,120.57
Wright Henn. Coop Elec Assn 4,302.76
Wright Hennepin Electric 618.33
18 Payments less than $100 841.74
Final total $638,881.06
The meeting adjourned at 9:27 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Nov. 19, 2012.

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