Wright County Board Minutes

DECEMBER 31, 2013
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, and Potter present. Borrell was not present.
Potter moved to approve the 12-24-13 County Board Minutes as presented. Husom seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Consent Agenda Item B.2, “Board Of Water And Soil Resources FY2011 Drainage Records Modernization Grant Agreement Amendment, Amending Grant Agreement Expiration Date to 12/31/2014” (Hiivala). Hiivala informed the Board that the County has been awarded a one-year extension on the Grant, which was originally due to expire on 12/31/13. Husom moved to approve the Agenda, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 4-0.
Daleiden will bring an Agenda item to the next meeting regarding appointing someone to the Planning Commission. Sawatzke said there was plenty of time since the Planning Commission does not meet until the third Thursday in January. Sawatzke said Borrell will appoint someone at the 1-14-14 Board meeting as well. Sawatzke asked Kelly to add the two appointments to the 1-14-14 County Board Agenda.
Potter moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 4-0:
1. Claim, Madden, Galanter & Hansen, LLP, $994.77 (November, 2013 Services).
2. Authorize Continuance Of The Voluntary Leave Without Pay Program For 2014.
3. O/T Report, Period Ending 12-21-13.
1. Approve Renewal Of 2014 Tobacco License For: Grand St. Paul CVS, LLC DBA CVS/Pharmacy #5311, City Of Delano DBA Delano Wine & Spirits (City Of Delano); City Of Monticello DBA Hi-Way Liquors, Monticello Smoke Shop, Inc. DBA Monti Smoke Shop (City Of Monticello); Napa Valley Liquor (City Of Otsego); Grand St. Paul CVS, LLC DBA CVS/Pharmacy #5920 (City Of St. Michael).
2. Board Of Water And Soil Resources FY2011 Drainage Records Modernization Grant Agreement Amendment, Amending Grant Agreement Expiration Date to 12/31/2014.
1. Appoint Jerry Durst To Wright County Parks Commission Representing Commissioner District #5, For A Three-Year Term (January 2014 – December 2016).
1. Refer Request To Hire A Temporary Survey Technician to Personnel Committee.
2. Refer Surveyor Department Staffing To Personnel Committee.
Hiivala presented the November Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report. He said the Budget for the first eleven months of 2013 looks acceptable. The County transferred $1 million from the General Fund to the Capital Projects Fund. Hiivala said that is a non-budgeted line item. Overall, the County is turning back more than $1 million in Personnel Services. Some investment income is under budget. Conversely, the County boarded a lot of prisoners in 2013.There are positive revenues and negative shortfalls, but overall, the General Fund, Human Services and Road & Bridge Funds are in good shape. Potter moved to approve the November Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 4-0.
The claims listing was reviewed. Daleiden asked why the expense for the Anoka County Sheriff Regional Forensic Lab Expenses is under General Government instead of the Sheriff’s Office. Hiivala said the physical exams are part of Professional Services in Department 100. Sawatzke clarified that the expenses are for crime lab services. Kelly said that is the amount the County pays to the Regional Crime Lab which is housed in Anoka County. Daleiden said it should be billed under the Sheriff’s Office since they are the only ones who use those services. Sawatzke said the County Attorney’s Office also utilizes the Regional Crime Lab.
Joe Hagerty, County Sheriff, said the categorization of this bill is similar to the way the County processes expenses for the Medical Examiner. Daleiden said the Regional Forensic Lab Expenses could be included with charges to municipalities that contract with the County for law enforcement coverage. Hagerty said that could be discussed.
Sawatzke asked regarding the item listed as “MRA Management Association Comp Service Class Forensic INV.” Kelly said that item is related to the new Computer Forensics position in the Sheriff’s Office for 2014. Since it is a new position, the County has not had any other similar positions. The County’s Human Resources consultant, MRA (formerly Trusight) had to classify the position to get it on the salary schedule.
Husom asked for the background information about a claim on Page 11 for four SANE exams at Buffalo Hospital. Lt. Todd Hoffman, Sheriff’s Office, said the SANE exam is a Sexual Assault examination. They are expensive. He said the Sheriff’s Office consulted with both the Cities of Buffalo and Monticello and got the rates reduced to $1,000 each. Hiivala said he has the bill for background information, but it is private data.
Husom also referenced the claim on Page 16 for the Pleasant Lake Improvement Association and asked whether the County paid that annually. Sawatzke said the Board has discussed this project previously and evaluated the size of the project. Since the County campground is located there, the Board felt it fair to contribute some funds to them. Hiivala said he included supporting documentation regarding the Aquatic Vegetation Survey.
On a motion by Potter, seconded by Daleiden, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, for a total of $419,659.13, with 160 vendors and 246 transactions.
Virgil Hawkins, Highway Engineer, requested approval of a Resolution Of Final Acceptance For The 2013 Overlays, Contract #13-02, With Knife River Corporation Of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, And Authorize Payment Of $25,005.14.
Hawkins said the project included Highways 10, 75, 112, 18, 133, 119, and also Grand Castle Estates. Highways 10 and 75 earned Pavement Awards for workmanship. Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution 13-61, seconded by Husom, and carried 4-0 on a roll call vote.
BE IT RESOLVED that, all work having been satisfactorily completed and Engineer’s Certificate of Performance having been submitted, the Wright County Board of Commissioners does hereby accept Contract #13-02 for the 2013 Overlay Project with Knife River Corporation of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and does hereby authorize final payment.
(End of Resolution #13-61)
Bills Approved
AGC Networks Inc $1,067.45
Allina Health EMS 190.00
Allina Health System 217.06
Ameripride Services 199.31
Anderson/Conrad 175.00
Anoka County Sheriff 29,324.67
Aramark Services Inc 6,807.81
Bigelow/Tamara 102.00
BMC Software Inc 2,003.91
Borrell/Charlie 1,449.41
Boyer Truck Parts 106.51
BP Amoco 976.49
Buffalo Hospital 168.20
Buffalo Hosp.-OTPT Comm. 4,000.00
CDW Government Inc 18,820.62
Center Point Energy 1,788.59
CenturyLink 987.79
Chatham Township 796.90
CLAM Corporation 1,084.50
Climate Air 1,005.19
Commissioner of Transportation 526.76
Constellation Justice Systems 7,712.50
Cottens Inc 5,834.41
Croteau Plumbing 7,693.03
Custom Towing LLC 133.59
Dell Marketing LP 10,415.41
Design Elect. Inc-Cold Spring 1,047.03
Diamond Mowers Inc 55,735.31
Donald Salverda & Associates 600.00
Edocument Resources 20,111.21
Emergency Automotive Tech Inc 588.10
Envirotech Services Inc 14,746.11
H M Cragg Co 5,044.94
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 1,455.18
Houston Engineering Inc 19,499.86
Independent Emerg. Serv. LLC 1,373.23
Jerrys Towing & Repair 309.92
Keaveny LTC Pharmacy 1,396.83
Knife River 25,005.14
Kris Engineering Inc 5,576.89
Laplant Demo Inc 600.76
League of MN Cities 203.55
Lifeline Training LTD 357.00
Marco Inc 1,824.37
Menards - Buffalo 277.02
Metro Group Inc/The 942.64
Midwest Protection Agency Inc 324.47
MN Assc of Asphalt Paving Tech. 310.00
MN Onsite Wastewater Assn 295.00
MRA The Management Assoc. 150.00
North American Salt Co 67,963.37
Office Depot 3,387.41
Office Essentials 513.50
Pakor Inc 289.79
Persian Business Equipment 295.00
Pleasant Lake Improve. Assn 1,000.00
Ratwik, Roszak,& Maloney 2,438.92
Royal Tire Inc 854.27
Safelite Fulfillment Inc 365.21
Schneider Corporation 4,197.00
Scuba Center 163.98
Sherburne Cty Assessor 116.25
SHI International Corp 399.50
Sprint 6,514.74
Sprint 2,073.98
St Croix Vly. Sex. Assault Res 1,426.00
Stearns Co. Auditor-Treasurer 320.00
Suburban Emerg. Assoc. PA 193.53
Syntax Inc 374.06
TASC 1,095.00
Timekeeping Systems Inc 324.91
Towmaster 2,833.34
Unlimited Electric Inc 3,044.81
Voss Lighting 1,431.31
Walmart Store 01-1577 1,337.47
Waverly/City of 146.88
Wright Co. Highway Dept 42,004.16
Wright Hennepin Electric 538.33
Wright Soil & Water Cons Dist 10,000.00
Xcel Energy 1,356.84
25 Payments Less Than $100 1,297.90
Final Total: 419,659.13
The meeting adjourned at 9:16 A.M.
Published in the Herald Journal Jan. 20, 2014.

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