Wright County Board Minutes

JUNE 17, 2014
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, and Borrell present. Commissioner Potter was not at the meeting.
Daleiden moved to approve the 6-10-14 County Board Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 4-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Item F, “Refer To Ways & Means Committee Discussion RE: County Property North and Northeast of the LEC” (Daleiden). Borrell moved to approve the Agenda as presented, seconded by Daleiden, carried 4-0.
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Borrell, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
A. Administration
1. Authorize Continuation Of Weight Watchers Program.
B. Administration
1. Re-appoint Laureen Bodin to a three year term on the Wright County Personnel Board of Appeals effective 7/1/14.
C. Administration
1. Refer Employee Use Of Showers/Lockers In Former Sheriff’s Office To Building Committee.
D. Attorney
1. Refer Discussion Of Employment Status Of Wright County Law Library Staff To Ways And Means Committee.
E. Auditor/Treasurer
1. Approve Renewal Of Combination On/Off Sale Liquor License For “Up The Creek Grill & Bar” (Silver Creek Township).
F. Human Services
1. Position Replacement. A. Child Support Officer, Child Support A-K Unit.
(End of Consent Agenda)
As requested by Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, Sawatzke moved to approve the hire of a temporary Office Assistant for no more than 67 days at Step 1 of the Salary Schedule. The Office Assistant is not authorized past the time the incumbent returns. The motion carried 4-0 on a second by Borrell.
Hiivala stated the Board took action last week to direct Ron Ringquist, Minnesota Ditch Viewer, to assign benefits to DNR land on the south side of County Ditch 38. This is because the property is benefited by the drainage system, and that removing the property from the drainage system will prejudice the property owners and property remaining in the system. Ringquist has asked for clarification on how these benefits should be assigned. Daleiden made a motion to assign benefits to the DNR on County Ditch 38. The motion was seconded by Borrell. Sawatzke asked whether the DNR will have an opportunity to comment. Hiivala said after the Viewers Report is received, public hearings will be held and the DNR will have the opportunity to comment. The assessment roll for the Ditch will not be approved until after hearings. Hiivala has asked the viewers to look at the body of water south of Hwy. 12 to see if there should be benefits assigned. There are not original benefits assigned because there is not a parcel. If it is suggested that benefits should be assigned, a parcel will be created for that purpose. Hiivala wanted to inform the Board of this action as he does not want to bring that back for Board consideration. The motion carried unanimously.
A Wright County Viewer’s Work Group Meeting was held on 6-06-14. At today’s County Board Meeting, Borrell moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0. The minutes of the Work Group Meeting follow:
The following attendees met at 10:00 AM in the Community Room for an educational meeting regarding the Preliminary Viewers’ Report on County Ditch 38; with Wright County Commissioner Borrell, Husom, and Potter, Meeker County Commissioner Larson, and McLeod County Commissioner Terlinden.
Others Present: Ron Ringquist, MN Viewer; Bob Hiivala, Auditor Treasurer; Kurt Deter, Rinke Noonan; Kerry Saxton, SWCD; Steve Jobe, Surveyor’s Office; Mike Pooler, Surveyor’s Office; Ron Mortensen, Meeker County; Cindy Schultz, McLeod County Auditor; Roger Berggren, and Dillion Hayes McLeod County; and Jan Edmonson, Auditor’s Office
The meeting was called to order by Bob Hiivala at 10:00 AM. Hiivala gave an overview of the agenda and introduced Ron Ringquist, MN Viewers Association.
Ringquist gave an overview of the Viewers’ Report on County Ditch 38, located in the Waverly/Montrose area, which his viewer team had just completed. Ringquist discussed:
• The history of County Ditch 38
• The 4 classes of land assigned
• Land use, productivity and value
• Drainage outlet potential
• Run off units
• Efficiency rate adjustments
• Gross Benefits verses Net Benefits
• Estimated Maintenance Costs
Commissioner Borrell brought up the fact that the land on the south side of the drainage system, which is DNR land, was not included on the Viewers’ Report. Ringquist stated he did not include the land owned by the DNR, because he did not want to interrupt the MN. Statue in a incorrect matter. The determination to include the DNR land would need to come from the direction of the Ditch Authority, which would be the County Board. Kurt Deter, from Rinke Noonan, stated that the DNR land should be included as a benefited landowner, if the ditch does serve some stabilization to that land. After much discussion, it was decided that the County Board would take action to direct the Viewers to include the DNR land on the Viewers’ Report at the next County Board Meeting, on Tuesday, June 10th.
Deter pointed out, due to the fact that MNDOT benefits the most from this drainage system, it would be a good idea to meet with them in the future to discuss repairs or possible abandonment of the ditch system. MNDOT might be willing to work with the County in regards to repairs, as the road is currently the structure that holds the water back.
Deter then asked if Joint Ditch 14 could be discussed, as he had another meeting to attend. Borrell pointed out that the landowners that petitioned for an improvement on JD 14, are discussing backing off to a repair and dismissing the improvement. Deter stated that the engineer work, done by Bolton & Menk, would be used by the engineer for a repair, therefore the Drainage Authority can determine the amount of benefit that was derived by the subsequent proceedings from the former survey. The new list of benefited landowners, from the redetermination, would then pay for the repairs. Deter would like to get confirmation from the landowners, who petitioned for the improvement, that they do want to dismiss the improvement project and petition for a repair on the system. After Deter receives confirmation from those landowners, he will then let the Ditch Authority know that they can proceed with conducting a hearing where Duane Hensel, from Bolton & Menk, would present the Engineer’s Report.

6-06-14 Wright County Viewer’s Work Group Meeting (cont.):
Ringquist then continued discussion on the Viewers’ Report process. Once the final Viewers’ Report is submitted and received by the Board, a property owners’ report will be prepared and mailed to the landowners. The viewers like to hold one meeting prior to a public hearing, with the owners of property affected by the ditch, to answer questions on a one on one basis. The ditch authority is required to hold a final hearing on the report and confirm the benefits 30 days after the property owners’ report is mailed. The hearing is set not less than 25 days, or more than 50 days, after the date of the final hearing notice. The auditor is responsible for mailing out a final hearing notice and property owners’ report to all interested persons within 10 days after the notice is first published. The final hearing notice must be published for three successive weeks in a legal newspaper in each affected county.
(End of 6-06-14 Wright County Viewer’s Work Group Meeting)
A Tax Forfeit Committee Meeting was held on 6-10-14. At today’s County Board Meeting, Daleiden moved to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 5-0. The minutes of the Tax Forfeit Committee Meeting follow:
The committee met on June 10, 2014 at 8:00 am in the Auditor/Treasurer conference room, with the following individuals present: Bob Hiivala, Denise McCalla, Brian Asleson, Charles Borrell, Michael Potter, Shawne Lindenfelser, Alicia Gillham, Tony Rasmussen.
The purpose of the meeting was to consider four items:
1. 155-500-101402 Subdivision request
2. Set Fair Market Value for City of Albertville
3. Set Private Sale Minimum Bid Prices
4. Review dwellings for public sale
1. 155-500-101402: Asleson provided background on the parcel that was left over from a previous sale. A church is interested in the property, but they are only interested in purchasing 2 acres of the 6 acre parcel. The City of Monticello said that this parcel would need to be platted in order for the sale to occur. The board could authorize Bob to subdivide the parcel into 9 lots at $15,000 per lot. We are currently selling the 6 acre parcel for $135,000. The tax forfeiture committee decided that they would not approve the Subdivision as it had no economic gain for the county.
2. 101-103-001010 thru 101-103-001150(15 parcels): The City of Albertville is requesting these parcels be sold to the city for fair market value because of the large special assessments for each parcel. The tax forfeiture committee agreed to sell each parcel to the city for $100 each. 101-103-002350 & 101-103-002370: These 2 parcels are also being requested by the City of Albertville to be sold to the city at fair market value because of the large specials for each parcel. The tax forfeiture committee agreed to sell each parcel to the city for $5000 each.
3. The tax forfeiture committee set the following private sale minimum bid prices:
The Tax Forfeiture Committee adjourned at 8:45 am & will reconvene June 24, 2014 at 8am.
(End of 6-10-14 Tax Forfeit Committee Minutes)
The claims listing was discussed:
• Daleiden referenced Page 4, Corporate Payment Systems, for a $100.00 payment from the Administration budget for publications and brochures for MN Assessing Officers. Daleiden learned that this payment relates to advertising for an Assessor.
• Daleiden referenced a claim to BLR and said it is for training that will be implemented for employees.
On a motion by Borrell, second by Daleiden, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, for a total of $884,384.43, with 187 vendors and 257 transactions.
Fred Bengtson, Area Wildlife Manager, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), said the DNR is proposing to purchase 9.36 acres in the City of St. Michael (Section 15, T120N, R24W) for the purpose of establishing the area as an addition to the St. Michael Meadows State Wildlife Management Area (WMA). County Board approval is required (M.S. 97A.135) as State funds will be used to purchase the tract. In addition to wildlife habitat conservation goals, WMAs are open for public use including hunting, trapping, and hiking. This particular WMA will only be open to archery deer hunting and physically challenged hunter use. The parcel will have limitations because of the future potential for waterfowl refuge. The State will make PILT payments (M.S. 477A.11) to Wright County for this parcel. Borrell asked whether the request is so that drainage for Pelican Lake can be controlled. Bengtson said that the main purpose is to allow water flow or water management through a private ditch. Husom has concern with private land being turned into public property but also knows that buildable property is being lost because of Lake levels. Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution #14-39, seconded by Sawatzke. Borrell questioned what will happen if the DNR is unable to come to an agreement with one of the landowners. Bengtson said they have temporary authorization to use Ditch 31 for up to five years. The primary goal is to utilize the private ditch. Although he cannot guarantee what will happen, negotiations with landowners have been going well. They do have other options such as easements. In this case, the fee title acquisition was the best route. The motion carried 4-0 on a roll call vote.
Virgil Hawkins, Highway Engineer, presented for approval Amendment No. 1 to MnDOT Agreement No. 05575 with MnDOT for exchange of Federal Funds for State Aid Funds, Wright County and Morrison County. Hawkins explained that the Amendment is needed because of a numbering error by MnDOT on the original agreement. The Agreement allows Wright County to receive an additional $391,286 of federal funds (from Morrison County) for the CSAH 33 Federal Overlay Project (SP 086-633-002) in exchange for $391,286 of Wright County State Aid regular funds which will go to Morrison County. Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution #14-40 approving the Amendment, seconded by Borrell, carried 4-0 on a roll call vote.
Hawkins requested approval of Agency Agreement No. 06124 with MnDOT for the TH 55 Corridor Coalition (SP 086-596-002) NCPD 0055(210). The Agreement allows MnDOT to act as Wright County’s agent in accepting federal aid for the TH 55 Corridor Coalition. Work will continue with SRF, Inc. to manage the activities of the Coalition under contract that runs through September, 2015. Borrell moved to adopt Resolution #14-41 approving the Agreement, seconded by Daleiden, carried 4-0 on a roll call vote.
Hawkins said bids were accepted on 6-06-14 for Contract #1402, CSAH 33 Pavement Preservation Project (SP 086-633-002):
Hardrives Inc.; $2,193,950.17
Knife River Corporation, North Central; $2,194,654.79
Duininck Bros. Inc.; $2,605,271.74
Hawkins recommended award to Hardrives Inc. subject to approval by MnDOT Civil Rights Office. The project will be funded with a combination of federal funds ($720,000) and state aid funds ($1,473,950.17). Daleiden moved to award Contract #1402 to Hardrives Inc. in the amount of $2,193,950.17 based on approval from the State. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried unanimously.
Tim Dahl, Risk Manager, requested the Board repeal and replace the Employee Right To Know Policy. The Policy has been updated to be in compliance with new rules. Dahl also recommended removing 511 Employee Right To Know from the Wright County Personnel Policy and for the Policy to be independent for annual review. The Right To Know Policy is a safety policy not typically found within an employee handbook. Daleiden moved to repeal and replace the Policy, to remove 511 Employee Right To Know from the Wright County Personnel Policy, and for the policy to be reviewed annually. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 4-0.
Capt. Pat O’Malley presented two contracts with the MN DOC (Department of Corrections). The first is a Work Release Contract which includes a $55/day fee per offender housed in the Wright County Jail. This is the statutory rate. The Contract has been in place for three years and there are no revisions. In response to questions raised by Sawatzke, O’Malley indicated that no staff will be added as a result of the contract. Direct costs will be food and laundry; however, the food contract costs per meal reduce when the jail inmate count increases. O’Malley said the benefit realized is those under the Work Release Contract will potentially be employed when they are released. Sawatzke moved to approve the Work Release Contract, seconded by Daleiden, carried 4-0.
The second contract relates to housing up to 20 MN DOC release violators on an as-needed basis. This is strictly for release violators with under one year left to serve and will be used only with available bed space. Sawatzke moved to approve the Joint Powers Agreement for FY 15 Overflow Offender Housing. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 4-0.
Capt. Todd Hoffman introduced Peter Behnke from Elert & Associates (E&A) and Zac Bradish from Zuercher Technologies. A presentation was given on the Wright County Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Software System (CAD/RMS). Behnke stated that bids for the system were presented to the Board in March, 2014. Since that time, contract negotiations have occurred. The contract has been reviewed by staff from the offices of Sheriff, Attorney, and Administration. Behnke said the contract does not include the police departments of Buffalo, Howard Lake, and Annandale. Those entities would contract individually with Zuercher. Hoffman said that the contract includes a six-month window where those agencies can enter into a contract with Zuercher under the pricing the Sheriff’s Office received. The Sheriff’s Office is in a situation where their system needed replacement, which is not the case with the police departments. Those entities may complete a cost/benefit analysis. Hoffman said the projected cost of the project in 2013 was $1.3 million. With the third party vendor costs, project management costs, and a $70,000 contingency, the total cost is expected to be about $1 million. The total amount of the contract with Zuercher is $785,731. Daleiden expressed concern with warranty, especially because of the different software packages. Hoffman said he is confident they selected a vendor capable and willing to work with third party vendors. It is anticipated it will take approximately one year to implement. Bradish said this process involves a 9-12 month timeline on average. Zuercher will try to expedite this for the Sheriff’s Office being the current software is out of date. Daleiden moved to approve the Contract with Zuercher Technologies for the Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Software System, seconded by Borrell, carried 4-0.
A Building Committee Meeting was scheduled on 6-11-14 but was not held due to the lack of a quorum. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said the cellular coverage for the employee lunchroom and new Assessor’s Office is scheduled for discussion later on the Agenda because of the need to move forward on these items.
A Personnel Committee Meeting was held on 6-11-14. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Daleiden, carried 4-0. The minutes from the Personnel Committee Meeting follow:
I. Backfill Request for Sheriff’s Deputy Leaving On A One-Year Military Active Duty Beginning June, 2014.
Hoffman said the Sheriff’s Office received notice this spring that a deputy will leave for active military duty from 6-11-14 until 6-14-15. He said the Sheriff’s Office is currently fully staffed at 137 authorized deputies. Hoffman said the request is to backfill one deputy position. They do not anticipate an increase in authorized employees when the employee returns from military duty due to retirements.
Recommendation: Approve backfill of one full time deputy position.
II. Deputy Assessor Wage Placement.
Rasmussen said he was aware of the County Salary Schedule when he accepted the position of Deputy Assessor. He asked the Committee to consider increasing his salary by an additional Step. Rasmussen distributed a document entitled, “Summary Of Wage” (see attached).
Rasmussen said he was a non-exempt employee as Senior Property Appraiser, and earned overtime when available. During the last five years, overtime was consistently available. Rasmussen said he earned from 42 to 100 hours of overtime annually, depending on the projects. The document shows typical overtime income of 60 hours per year. His income as a Deputy Assessor is $1,197.50 less per year than his income as a Senior Property Appraiser with 60 hours of overtime.
Rasmussen said the actual hours of overtime in 2013 averaged out to an additional $2.14 per hour. He referred to past grievances, such as one in 2011. His situation is somewhat different from that one, Rasmussen said, because his Department Head is not present, and the current Deputy Assessor is retiring. In the future, the Assessor Department will be implementing new tax and Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) systems. All of the above will present challenges and require extra work time from the Department. Rasmussen asked for the Committee to consider his request.
Sawatzke asked Rasmussen’s Step on the Senior Property Appraiser Salary Schedule. Bigelow said he is at Step 8 of 9 Steps, or $37.11 per hour.
Sawatzke asked what Step Rasmussen will receive as Deputy Assessor. Bigelow said Step 6 of 9 Steps. She confirmed that he will go to Step 7 on 6-14-15. Based on the 2014 Salary Schedule, Step 7 for the Deputy Assessor position is $39.48 per hour.
Bigelow said in light of the 2011 arbitration award and the consistent practice of the County since that time, there would be County-wide implications if the Board grants Rasmussen’s request. Kelly echoed Bigelow’s concerns. He said he understands Rasmussen’s unique situation, but has to adhere consistently to County practice and policy.
Sawatzke said the Board appreciates efforts by Rasmussen, the existing Deputy Assessor, and the entire Department during this unusual situation.
Rasmussen said he acquired his Senior Accredited MN Assessor (SAMA) designation within a few years of his employment at the County. Sawatzke said he will support the staff position not to deviate from County practice at this point. Bigelow said the normal practice is to place a promoted employee at the next higher step on the Salary Schedule for their new position.
Rasmussen said he foresees working many hours when the new tax and CAMA systems are implemented. He is committed to the task and said the projects will require extra time for several years.
Husom said she is concerned with deviating from past practice. Rasmussen said he does not think his situation is comparable with prior arbitration cases. Sawatzke said the County needs to maintain consistency.
Recommendation: Deny request to increase Deputy Assessor compensation.
III. Performance Review, Barb Gabrelcik, Recorder. (Laid over to the 7-09-14 Meeting)
(End of 6-11-14 Personnel Committee Minutes)
Husom said the County Board has received information on proposed definition changes to the Waters of the United States and a call for action by AMC and NACo. Husom read from a NACo Policy Brief which reflects that “On April 21, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) jointly released a new proposed rule – Definition of Waters of the U.S. Under the Clean Water Act – that would amend the definition of “waters of the U.S.” and expand the range of waters that fall under federal jurisdiction.” Husom said this is of concern as it can effect at the County level. Original control is for navigable waters but is proposed to expand to bodies of water that connect to navigable waters. One of the requests was to ask the Federal Government for extended time for public input. It was originally set at 90 days and that timeline has been extended to 10-20-14. Borrell provided a draft resolution to submit to the EPA and Corps in opposition. He said the Highway Department has experienced delayed projects because of permitting. Hawkins stated that this has been an issue for the County Engineers Association. An example in Wright County is that it took over a year to obtain a permit for the Hwy. 12 construction project. Borrell said the average time to obtain an individual 404 Army Corp Permit is 788 days at a cost of $271,000. Borrell moved to adopt Resolution #14-42 opposing the new EPA regulations, seconded by Daleiden, carried 4-0 on a roll call vote.
Kelly brought forth discussion on items from the 6-11-14 Building Committee Meeting. There was not a quorum so the meeting was not held. Two items that were referred from that meeting and discussed by the Board follow:
1. Cellular Coverage in the Employee Lunchroom and New Assessor’s Office. The staff recommendation is to proceed with installation of a cell phone booster as quoted by King Com Cable Networking at a cost of $6,792, with funding from Site Improvements. Daleiden moved to approve the recommendation, seconded by Borrell, carried 4-0.
2. Site Work at the Sheriff’s Firearm Range. Discussion involved either proceeding with Jake’s Excavating at a cost of $13,895 to complete the work or to coordinate the repair with the Highway Department. Hawkins estimated a timeline of late fall or early 2015 if the work is completed by the Highway Department. Capt. Todd Hoffman said work needs to be completed on the berms as they are not the size they should be. He voiced concern on the timeline of the Highway Department, knowing that could be pushed back based on project deadlines. After discussion, Sawatzke made a motion to direct the Highway Department to complete the work by 11-30-14, seconded by Borrell. Hawkins said the Highway staff has been working on other things because of rain (trees down, flooding, culvert repairs and replacements, guard rail repairs, shouldering). He estimated it would take four days to complete the work at the Sheriff’s Firearm Range. They have the equipment and manpower to complete the work but it is a matter of priorities. He suggested potentially offering overtime hours to Highway staff to complete the work. After discussion, Daleiden said that this could be an option at a later time if needed. The motion carried 3-1 with Husom casting the nay vote.
Kelly requested the Board schedule a Committee Of The Whole Meeting to discuss the Veterans Services/Nuclear Director Position as the current Director will be retiring. It will be an opportunity to review the responsibilities of the position and how it fits in the organization. Sawatzke moved to set a COTW Meeting on 6-23-14 at 2:30 P.M. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 4-0.
Digital County Board packets were discussed. Daleiden said the next step will include County Board members accessing the Board packet information electronically in the Board Room.
Daleiden was approached by a business that is interested in purchasing property northeast of the Law Enforcement Center (LEC). The discussion will include possible acquisition of right of way for a road to enter their property. Daleiden moved to send the issue to the Ways & Means Committee, seconded by Borrell. Highway and Sheriff’s Office staff will be invited to the meeting. Kelly said there is currently a Space Study for the Public Works site that may result in the move of the impound lot, potentially to an area around the LEC. The motion carried 4-0 to refer discussion to the Ways & Means Committee.
Advisory Committee/Advisory Board Updates:
1. Wright County Fair. Borrell said the Fair will be held from 7-30-14 through 8-03-14 at the Howard Lake Fairgrounds.
Bills Approved
Advanced Disposal Services $ 723.80
Advanced Graphix Inc 195.00
Albertville Body Shop Inc 750.00
Ameripride Services 152.12
Annandale Rock Products 794.03
Annandale/City of 509.75
Aqua Green Lawns 135.00
Aramark Services Inc 14,267.20
Arctic Glacier USA Inc 324.43
Benson Psychological 200.00
Benton County Treasurer 330.00
Bottiger/Shawna 150.00
Bound Tree Medical LLC 17,341.31
Boyer Truck Parts 280.04
Center Point Energy 1,883.83
Centracare Health Monticello 437.00
Central Hydraulics Inc 386.76
CK Septic Serv.&Toilet Rental 368.00
Community Lawn Care 247.00
Corporate Payment Sys. 8,247.22
CST Distribution LLC 1,126.44
Databank IMX LLC 3,587.50
Delano Rental Inc 734.77
Dell Marketing LP 1,936.20
Diers/Carter 406.00
Dynamic Recycling 2,766.26
ECM Publishers Inc 119.40
Ehlinger/Michelle 117.50
Evans/Karen 225.50
Franz Reprographics 872.11
Gabriel/Cathleen 300.00
Granite Pest Control Services 594.33
Hancock Concrete Prod. LLC 6,125.88
Herald Journal Publishing Inc 235.39
Hiivala/Robert 287.30
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 1,620.19
Howard/Jolanta 200.00
Integrated Fire & Security 425.00
Intereum Inc 1,494.60
Jans/Brian 103.99
King Com Cable Networking 4,807.00
Klatt True Value Electric 219.35
Laplant Demo Inc 1,421.11
Lawson Products Inc 380.35
League of MN Cities 150.00
Loberg Electric 190.40
Marco 2,959.78
Marco Inc 462.00
Mathiowetz Construction 8,100.00
McCalla/Denise 714.98
Menards - Buffalo 741.73
Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Inc 7,498.77
Midwest Landscapes Inc 898.94
Midwest Protection Agency Inc 599.25
Mini Biff LLC 816.41
MN Dept of Corrections 29,077.88
MN Elevator Inc 14,141.63
MN Supreme Court 254.00
Moore & Moore Advantage 985.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 162.14
Neil’s Floor Covering 3,744.43
Neopost USA Inc 570.34
O’Ryans Conoco Marathon 170.00
Office Depot 2,078.28
Office of MN IT Services 2,100.00
Pearson Bros. Inc 611,775.43
Purick/Ryan 100.00
Ramacciotti/Frank 100.00
Rasmuson/Anthony 157.00
Reds Auto Electric 170.78
Richards/Thomas W 200.00
Royal Tire Inc 3,646.04
Russell Security Resource Inc 2,425.00
Safelite Fulfillment Inc 125.00
Scuba Center 406.50
Seton Identification Products 503.95
Setter/Randi 100.00
SHI International Corp 84,840.00
Specialty Turf & Ag 259.50
St Cloud Times 1,536.89
Streichers 209.97
Thrifty White Pharmacy 138.40
Total Printing 1,760.20
Uline 335.05
Vaith/Tammi 621.67
Verizon Wireless 11,857.22
Waste Management-TC West 315.23
West Payment Center 102.96
Windstream 486.52
Woodland Township 872.25
Wright County Highway Dept 5,928.02
26 Payments less than $100 1,166.23
Final total $884,384.43
The meeting adjourned at 10:44 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal July 7, 2014.