Wright County Board Minutes

AUGUST 26, 2014
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Daleiden moved to approve the 8-19-14 County Board Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 5-0.
Sawatzke commented that he preferred receiving the Agenda packet clipped versus stapled. The other Commissioners concurred.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Timed Item #3, “Approve New Tobacco License For Cardinal Enterprises, LLC DBA Super America, City Of Albertville” (Hiivala); Timed Item #4, “Approve July Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report” (Hiivala); Consent Agenda, Item C, “Refer Jail-Law Enforcement Center (LEC) HVAC To Building Committee” (Kelly); Items For Consideration Item C, “Refer Discussion Of Front Lobby Receptionist Position To Personnel Committee” (Daleiden). Borrell moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
On a motion by Sawatzke, seconded by Daleiden, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda as amended:
1. Claim, Madden, Galanter & Hansen, LLP, $3,924.21.
Position Replacements.
1. Mental Health Professional – Social Worker III.
2. Social Worker.
1. Refer Jail-Law Enforcement Center (LEC) HVAC To Building Committee (Kelly).
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, said his first two Agenda items are resolutions related to tax forfeiture sales. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, reviewed them. Hiivala said there are a few minor changes to the documents in the County Board Meeting packet.
Asleson said there were two substantive changes related to the first item to approve the Public Sale Listing and adopt the resolution. On the first page of properties under the City of Albertville, the third property at XXX Mackenzie Ave. NE, the minimum bid price should be $30,000 rather than $100. (The listing in the 8-26-14 Wright County Board Meeting packet incorrectly listed the minimum bid price as $100). The listing will be corrected prior to publication.
Daleiden asked about the second property under the City of Albertville at XXX Kyler Ave. NE. The minimum bid or basic sale price is listed at $100. Asleson said that amount is correct due to the amount of the assessments. Potter noted that there is $175,167.21 in special assessments levied against the property.
Asleson said the second substantive change is on the last page under the Township of Rockford. Sawatzke asked whether minimum bids include the basic sale price plus any special assessments. Asleson said no, however, the city is allowed to reassess special assessments after the purchase transpires. Borrell said buyers should be made aware of that fact. Asleson said sometimes buyers are able to negotiate on special assessments against a property, especially in conjunction with a development proposal. The city makes the final determination regarding payment of assessments.
Asleson said they are requesting to remove the first parcel under the Township of Rockford, listed as Outlot A, from the Public Sale List. This was an outlot in Trumpeter’s Pass in a small subdivision of larger lots. Asleson said one of the landowners is organizing the other property owners to form a homeowners association, which was the original intent. If they do, Asleson said they may be able to apply to acquire this parcel for the cost of the State Deed Tax and recording fees. The minimum bid is $11,500. This item will be removed from the Public Sale List. Asleson said the parcel contains a large holding pond and is not buildable. He said it would benefit the neighborhood. The Attorney’s Office is attempting to follow through with the original intent of the developer.
Sawatzke asked how the value was set, considering it is just a holding pond. Asleson said the value would be much higher if the parcel were buildable. The County Assessor’s Department set the value. He said the parcel is five or six acres. The pond comprises approximately one third of the parcel. Asleson said that summarizes the two substantive changes to the resolution.
Sawatzke asked if the parcel would become taxable if it becomes part of the association. Asleson said yes, a tax statement would go to the homeowners association. Potter moved to adopt Resolution #14-56, seconded by Borrell. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Asleson said the second item is a request by Marsh Run Townhomes Association (Association) to acquire a tax-forfeited parcel in the City of Rockford. Potter moved to approve Resolution 14-57, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Asleson said this parcel was originally a common area in the Association. A glitch in 2002 prevented the parcel from being transferred to the Association by the developer. The Association applied for the parcel and will pay the State Deed Tax and recording fees upon transfer.
Hiivala brought forth the request for approval of a new tobacco license for Cardinal Enterprises, LLC DBA Super America in the City of Albertville. He said his office has received all appropriate fees and documents related to this request. Daleiden moved to approve the request for a tobacco license for Cardinal Enterprises, LLC DBA Super America, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Hiivala asked the Board to approve the July Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report. Not all of the new line items are incorporated in this report. He will make additional journal entries. Daleiden moved to approve the July Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Hiivala presented the claims listing for approval. On a motion by Borrell, seconded by Daleiden, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, in the amount of $303,384.14, with 138 vendors and 201 transactions.
Asleson sought approval for a resolution authorizing seizure and sale of abandoned personal property on specified tax-forfeited land. Daleiden moved to approve Resolution 14-58, seconded by Borrell. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote. Asleson said the County has a list of properties on the resolution that contain personal property. This resolution is a formal step in authorizing the County to seize the abandoned personal property and sell it. He said the fourth parcel listed on the resolution, property identification number 115-010-007100, may be stricken as it was administratively combined with the parcel above it. This is a South Haven property comprised of two lots which are covered by one building. It did not make sense for this property to have two tax identification numbers.
Asleson said these tax-forfeited properties are a problem, as at least five or six of those listed contain junk that will need to be cleaned out by the County or the purchaser. The County Attorney’s office will set conditions regarding removal of abandoned personal property. This resolution will prevent former owners from coming back to claim abandoned personal property.
Borrell asked if a generic resolution could be drafted that would address any tax-forfeited property that contains abandoned personal property. Asleson drew attention to the fourth whereas clause that states, “…including but not limited to the following parcels…” He said he named parcels with buildings on them. Asleson said there may be other vacant parcels where a former owner buried something in the ground. The intent is for this resolution to cover that situation. Borrell asked whether this resolution would be ongoing. Asleson said he thought the County should adopt a resolution whenever there is a public sale of tax-forfeited land.
Sawatzke asked whether a day would be set aside for public viewing of the properties, or whether prospective buyers could only view them from the outside. Asleson said the locks are changed on these buildings. The Attorney’s Office arranges for someone to meet interested parties on-site. No formal viewing time has been set.
Husom asked if it was standard practice to establish viewing times. Asleson said that would make sense depending on how many calls his office receives. When people view properties that could be rehabilitated, it may increase their interest as well as bidding prices. Potter suggested that someone contact the cities or townships in which the properties are located and advise them of the viewing times and dates.
Sawatzke said there needs to be some kind of security on these properties as well to prevent any items of value from being stolen. Daleiden said the majority of the properties are vacant. Not many have buildings on them.
Asleson requested authorization to retain appraiser Kevin J. Casserly to perform appraisals on a property in the City of Monticello for the purposes of Tax Court. As he noted in the background material, all the previous cases Casserly appraised for the County have settled without needing full appraisal reports. The property under consideration is the former Maus Foods building in Monticello. The property has been divided into a number of other businesses. Appeals are pending for 2012, 2013, and 2014 with a trial ready date of early December.
Mr. Casserly quotes $6,000 for a price to perform the service, which is similar to previous proposals.
Daleiden asked if the property could be reassigned one property identification number in the future. Asleson said that request has to originate from the property owner. It would make it simpler for the Auditor/Treasurer’s Office and for property tax appeals. Daleiden suggested including that requirement as part of the negotiations. Asleson said there are a lot of parcels like this out there. Daleiden moved to approve retaining Kevin J. Casserly to perform appraisals of property in the City of Monticello for purposes of Tax Court. Potter seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
A Ways & Means Committee meeting was held 8-13-14. Sawatzke read the minutes regarding a proposed County Motor Pool. Sawatzke said the Committee recommended a County Motor Pool be established with six existing vehicles, and creating a Motor Pool budget line item in the amount of $40,000. He said the County has not had a Motor Pool in the past. Some Departments would retain the cars already assigned to them, but would also be able to use additional vehicles in the Motor Pool as needed. Other Departments that have no vehicles would be able to use vehicles through the Motor Pool. Sawatzke said Court Services said they could reduce their inventory of two vehicles if they could access the Motor Pool.
Borrell asked how the Departments would be charged back. Sawatzke said they would be charged actual mileage. Kelly agreed, saying that is the tentative plan. He is working with Hiivala to make sure this method meets the State Auditor’s requirements.
Borrell suggested that Administration require the vehicles to be filled with gas prior to returning them. Kelly said there would be a check in and checkout process.
Sawatzke said he preferred the Motor Pool vehicles be parked alongside the former jail on the southwest side of the Government Center. He listed the Departments who currently have employees assigned to that lot. Sawatzke said they may need to use those spots for the Motor Pool instead. He felt parking Motor Pool vehicles at the edge of the west parking lot created security issues.
Regarding financial reporting for the Motor Pool, Hiivala said there could be an Internal Service Fund that could be blended into the General Revenue Fund. All the expenses of this activity would either be refunded back to the Departments who utilized it, or those Departments would be charged additional funds. Whatever it costs the County to run the Motor Pool would be allocated to individual Departments.
Sawatzke said under that concept the Departments would be paying less than fifty cents per mile. That includes the cost of the vehicles. It would have to be monitored. Some details need to be worked out, including whether the County should budget funds for next year. Sawatzke moved to approve the 8-13-14 Ways & Means Committee Minutes, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0. The Minutes of the Committee meeting follow:
I. Motor Pool.
Kelly said staff has been researching the concept of a County motor pool. Vergin distributed documents entitled “Wright County Motor Pool Proposal “and “Vehicle Expenditures and Revenues” (see attachments).
Kelly said he was waiting to see the available vehicles from the County Auction. Multiple County Departments have vehicles. In addition, Human Services requested more vehicles last fall. They have received several new vehicles, but need more. Seven usable vehicles emerged from the auction process. Kelly would like to designate three from the Auction for Human Services, and the remainder of the vehicles will become part of the motor pool.
Kelly said he discussed the concept with Departments. Some have cars that are being traded in and out, which may become a source of additional vehicles for the pool.
Recommendation: Establish County Motor Pool with six existing vehicles, creating a Motor Pool line item in the amount of $40,000.
(End of 8-13-14 Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
Kelly said he was notified last week that Wayne Rebischke is resigning from the Great River Regional Library Board (GRRLB). The GRRLB asked the County to nominate someone to take Rebischke’s place. He referred to correspondence regarding someone who was interested in the position. Borrell nominated Dan Bravinder, Cokato Township Supervisor. He said it has been a long time since someone from that area resided on the GRRL Board.
Husom said she has a nominee and recommendation for Lesley Walz. Daleiden moved to table the nomination until the next Board meeting to give Commissioners time to review information about the nominees. Potter seconded, and the motion carried 5-0.
Daleiden requested that discussion of the Front Lobby Receptionist position be referred to the next Personnel Committee. Sawatzke asked whether the Committee needs to act quickly on this matter. Hiivala said his staff can cover the position. He would like resolution.
Daleiden said he would like the Committee to decide whether the County should hire someone with an additional skill set to utilize the position to a greater extent. Borrell suggested someone with web design skills. Sawatzke moved to refer discussion on the Front Lobby Receptionist position to the 9-10-14 Personnel Committee. Daleiden seconded, and the motion passed 5-0.
Potter provided an update on the I-94 Coalition meeting held last week. He said they are moving forward with strategies for the next legislative session depending on election results. They will be inviting candidates to talk with them. He said a suggestion was made to do planning and environmental studies immediately for the section of freeway from County Road 241 at St. Michael to Monticello (instead of to County Road 19 in Albertville). Potter said the Coalition favors extending the studies to Monticello.
Daleiden said he received an email yesterday that Trailblazer Transit announced there will be a change in service effective 9-01-14. They will no longer provide service within the cities of Monticello, Otsego, Clearwater, South Haven, or any of the townships in Wright County. Daleiden said those people will unfortunately have to figure out alternate transportation since Trailblazer decided not to work with the County.
Sawatzke said Trailblazer is willing to provide service to Monticello for $40,000, in addition to receiving an 85 percent funding subsidy from the State. Monticello also has the option to go with a private vendor who will provide the service for $40,000 with zero percent subsidies from the State. Originally Trailblazer said they would provide services to all these communities through 2015. Later they backed off to promise service through 2014, and now it is his understanding that those four communities will get no service at all. Sawatzke said promises were made by Trailblazer that were not kept.
Sawatzke said on 8-25-14 Husom and he attended a meeting with Central Minnesota Mental Health Center (CMMHC). The budget did not get resolved then as anticipated. The County will not be notified of the contribution for CMMHC until 9-29-14. Sawatzke said he asked the CMMHC Board why the budget wasn’t on the August agenda as usual. He was told the attorneys and the CMMHC Director no longer need to get approval from the County, and therefore do not have to meet certain deadlines. The County budget process starts in August and runs into September. Without current numbers, Sawatzke said the County may have to use last year’s contribution amount during the budget process. He may get more information at the 9-15-14 CMMHC Finance Committee. Sawatzke said it appears there will be no budget number from CMMHC in a timely manner.
Husom attended an All Safe Schools meeting on 8-25-14. She said it was well attended by principals and the Sheriff’s Office. There was a great exchange of information on 8-25-14. Daleiden commented that Court Services Director Mike MacMillan was instrumental in working with former principal Nick Miller on the Safe Schools Program.
Husom also attended a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) meeting last week. She said they discussed nuclear and emergency management. Sawatzke said FEMA came for the first time to discuss the Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program and to increase public awareness. They monitor the drills along with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. FEMA provides training and assistance. Sawatzke said they are reaching out to counties with nuclear plants.
Bills Approved
Anoka County Sheriff $30,910.11
APEC Ind. Sales & Services 248.81
Aramark Services Inc 14,970.26
Arctic Glacier USA Inc 284.60
Bound Tree Medical LLC 793.61
CDW Government Inc 161.58
Center Point Energy 184.65
Centra Sota Coop. - Buffalo 34,415.20
Centra Sota Coop. - Buffalo 16,369.50
Climate Air 838.67
Crop Production Services Inc 267.48
Delano Rental Inc 175.75
Dell Marketing LP 9,823.84
Emergency Auto. Tech Inc 21,353.75
ESS Brothers & Sons Inc 394.00
Everett & Vanderwiel 4,809.50
Forestry Suppliers Inc 100.11
General Pallet Inc 1,002.00
Gilbarco Inc 525.00
Grainger 2,302.77
Granite Electronics 1,285.44
Hancock Concrete Prod. LLC 4,512.40
Hedlund Plumbing 205.00
Herc-U-Lift 700.00
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 3,361.57
Holthaus/Melissa 113.00
Huston/Tarah 192.16
Idexx Laboratories Inc 948.47
Integrated Fire & Security 362.50
Lake Region Coop Oil-ML 227.26
Marco Inc 820.00
MCIT 728.97
Meritide Inc 5,700.74
MN Corrections Association 255.00
MN Fall Maintenance Expo 125.00
MN Secretary of State 120.00
MN Secretary of State 120.00
MN Sheriffs Association 195.00
Monticello/City of 12,873.20
Morries Parts & Service Group 528.38
Morris Excavating Inc 533.00
North American Salt Co 59,875.72
Office Depot 626.65
Olson/Dean 569.00
Pooler/Michael 104.52
Precision Prints of Wright Co 145.35
Reds Auto Electric 139.96
Ross/McKenzie 170.00
RS Eden 1,961.85
Running’s Supply Inc 258.09
Ryan/Kourtney 195.50
Savance 250.00
Schmaltz/John 101.80
Schonnesen/Alexandra 421.50
SHI International Corp 1,776.00
Shred Right 337.63
Sprint 1,226.07
Stockholm Township 430.40
Thrifty White Pharmacy 2,306.54
Towmaster 1,191.34
Trimin Government Solutions 980.00
Triplett/Keith 101.00
Walmart Community GEMB 129.88
Westside Wholesale Tire 1,089.00
Wright Co. Highway Dept 45,133.68
Wright Henn. Coop Elec Assn 5,116.13
Wright Hennepin Electric 2,534.52
Xcel Energy 878.94
28 Payments less than $100 1,494.79
Final total $303,384.14
The meeting adjourned at 9:55 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Sept. 22, 2014.